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Friendly Fire: Graffiti Documentary

Student accused over face suicide ‘art project’ 1

2 Off-Line Life Style

ADMINISTRATION EDITORS’SNOTES Editor-in-Chief: Marie Mercedes Marshall Art Director : Carlos Moore Advertising Director: Ashley Polikoff Public Relations: Johnathan Gibson Off-Line Magazine, M-JAC 1234 3rd Ave, #5 Brooklyn, NY 11223 Contact: Johnathan Gibson Public Relations. 347.355.7299

Around our office, the smell of a freshly painted mural is known as the smell of success. You can put it up anywhere, anyhow, anytime and call it art. And within a minute or two this art piece will have rounded the globe through our extensive far reaching community network of integrated media. Permit me to introduce OFFLINE as the arbiter of all things good to come. Off Line will be published quarterly and globally. Our aim will always be to blend high brow expectations with low brow grit and authenticity. Off Line was formed because there is a void in the community that we know we can serve. Are constituents come to us through myspace, twitter, our live events ... Basically we are introducing street artists to people with deep pockets full of money! Or something like that! The pages of Off Line are brimming full with art and news from around the world. No corner of globe is out of reach for us. Our premiere issue will feature muralists from Stockholm and Sao Paulo ... Stencilists from London and Berlin to Tokyo. We have a special correspondent in Paris this week to cover the largest gathering of street artists on the planet. Get the inside hard core lowdown on street art laws all over the world, graffiti in Gaza and Hong Kong, school kids tasered and sentenced to hard labor in diamond mines for graf protests in Johannesburg, and the billboard liberation front dressing up in gorilla suits and charming the cops. We’ve also got the exclusive on the tragic epidemic of the IPOD DEATH SQUADS that have reeked havoc on young people. Okay .. not really but the visual of police tape in profile on the pavement is always hot! Like Whatever! Our Launch Party will start the season. Our invites have been sent out and we are planning a night of live DJs and an open bar sponsored by “insert sponsor here”. Our special feature will be a canvas were we’ve invited our audience and friends and artists to tag ... at the end of the night our canvas will be cut up into a billion pieces and you can take it with you. Yes People. We are giving you a piece of history. Our first commissioned piece will be mounted during the party and you can participate. The Offline Launch Party will be a special feature in a future issue of offline. And lastly ... don’t throw that match book away. The cover contains a special Q-barcode that will take you to our website and into the world of Offline.

3 Off-Line Life Style

Dodo shadow spotted in Stockholm

4 P.6

I recently discovered this dodo graffiti on the basement wall of the ... If you are in Stockholm and have nothing seriously better to do, the ‘dodo graffiti’ ...


rt Or Vandalism? A History Of New York Graffiti New York City street art from the 1960s to the present, providing insight into the underground world of graffiti and the artists themselves.

Street art comes in from the cold New York - Megan Wilson, muralist: “I don’t even think of them as murals when they’re in a museum ... “They’re just wall paintings,”




E SUPREME COURT JESTER: Graffiti in Spain: Insane Gain for the Vain?

Street art gets biggest global outing to date: PARIS — Toxic, Seen, Quick and Rammellzee: the mythical heroes of New York’s 1970s subway system graffiti scene hit Paris this week for the biggest outing to date of aerosol art from around the planet.



rt Liberation Fighters: Swedish graffiti artists kidnapped a fiber-glass cow from the National Musee... “We have taken the animal hostage. We demand that the cows be declared Non-Art”



Art International:

Ruas de São Paulo: A Survey of Brazilian Street Art from São Paulo ...Choque Cultural is based in São Paulo, Brazil — a city known for vibrant street art, talented graffiti artists, and cultur-


tencil graffiti solo show opening at Lower Haters Nearly thirty years ago, stenciling shifted from the realm of typography to the streets when Blek le Rat -- considered the progenitor of modern stencil art ...



Off-Line Life Style


Art International:

Ruas de São Paulo: A Survey of Brazilian Street Art from São Paulo ...Choque Cultural is based in São Paulo, Brazil — a city known for vibrant street art, talented graffiti artists, and culturally expressive art. ...




e will kill you and you’ll like it! Ok, for a moment, let’s forget that “The Banksy Effect” has come to refer to the inflated market value of salable street art.

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Art Exhibition Helps bridge the genre gap

BUDDING artistic talent has been given a boost via the Joshua Levi Vs For Twenty Street Art on Canvas exhibition at the Boerum Hill Gallery, 58 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn.

Student Accused over fake suicide”art project” An art student in Stockholm is facing prison after faking madness and getting herself admitted to a psychiatric hospital as part of an art project. The fake suicide was depicted in an award winning Mural .





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op Art: Warhol-esque Lichtenstein With A Slight Case Of Basquiat” …If there’s a cure for this I don’t want it

Artist of the month: “the female bansky”

10 year old Russian graffiti Artist rules the f**king planet with her crew of stencil fellons


ool Kids: Party Pictures Check out the Street art scene

In the world of tag, Mister Cartoon is it

Mister Cartoon eyeballed a blank spot on the giant graffiti mural and rattled his can of spray paint. An aerosol hiss filled the air

Off-Line Life Style

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From Tokyo to New York, from bathroom scribbles to commissioned public works, Off-Line is an international street art catylist. While other street art media is primarily photo-based, Off-Line literally hits the streets, keeping in touch with the street art community on a global scope through the internet and on the street. We believe, as does our audience, in countering the polished mainstream ideal with our raw, expressive, thought-provoking voice. Even before our official launch this early spring, when it was still too cold to hit the street with our paints and stencils, our parties and our website Offlinemag. com stirred things up on Bboy Social Network, Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. We heard it all first-hand. “Dear Off-Line, how can I go to one of your parties?” or “Check out this tag” or “Feature my graffiti-inspired shoe line!”Of course, we were ecstatic. This is a project from our hearts and a project we are passionate about. Throughout this process, we have built a devoted, targeted subscriber list and audience.


Off-Line Life Style

Off-Line is Revolutionary “This generation of designers, thinkers, and artists has been increasingly difficult to reach. Off-Line has done so and has not only gained trust, but has done so in the most innovative and exciting ways. “ –Advertising Age

Off-Line Life Style



Off-Line Life Style

DEMOGRAPHICS A LOYAL, INVOLVED AUDIENCE 80% Save/collect an issue after reading it 60% pick up every issue 50% read it more than 3X 29% read it more than 8X 46% mail/post online art or photo to be considered for the following issue 5.4 readers per copy average

WHAT READERS THINK OF US 87% love the artwork 79% think the writing is unlike any other magazine 74% are visually inspired after reading 69% Enjoy the advertisements 91% find our articles knowledgeable and thought-provoking

Off-Line Life Style


MAGAZINE RATES (IN US DOLLARS) Back Cover Front Spread Inside Back Page Spread Full Page Half Page

12,000 12,000 9,000 8760 5046 3089

Quarter Page


DISCOUNTS AD BUY RATE 4x . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10% 8X . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.5% 12x . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15% Worldwide buy . . . . . . . Available Upon Request

DEADLINES ISSUE DATE STREET DATE AD CLOSING DATE March 3/1 1/23 June 6/1 3/23 September 9/1 6/23

ART CLOSING DATE 2/1 4/1 7/1

PARTY EXPOSURE Exclusive Bash DJ Izzy Iz Music and Markers Skate and Paint



Fashion show, open gallery holiday themed



OUR READERS ARE INFLUENTIAL AND DARING 86% tell friends about products they like 78% want to know about brands before anyone else 66% try products because of an innovative, visually appealing advertisement


Off-Line Life Style

OUR READERS ARE TRENDY AND WORLDLY 83% purchase clothing/accessories every month, 38% every week 81% buy music every month, 41% every week 83% eat out at least once a week 88% go to a bar or club at least once a week 84% purchase alcohol every week 79% go to the cinema every month, 37% go every week 90% have a mobile phone 39% buy movies, videos or DVDs every month, 11% every week 40% shop online every month 40% intend to travel overseas in the next 12 months 80% own a Mac 70% own a video game console 81% use a digital camera 94% have a credit card 98% use the internet daily 100% use email daily MEAN INDIVIDUAL INCOME 48,000 MEAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME 67,000


DIMENSIONS 8.375”w x 10.875”h 8.625”w x 11.125”h 7.875”w x 10.375”h 16.75”w x 10.875”h 17”w x 11.125”h 16.25”w x 10.375”h 7.75”w x 4.875”h 3.75”w x 10.25”h 3.75”w x 4.875”h

Off-Line Life Style



Media Kit for Off-Line Magazine

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