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me + me = ME




“If You Meet Your Double, You Should Kill Him� Maybe takes time the trick is believe and keep doing never too late, keep focus on you Dream

I am mostly concerned with Design that as the ability to touch the viewer sensibility. There are so much good Designers and Artists making and remaking beautiful and good staff mostly think about the money before the idea I do understand because we have to survive and we live in a very competitive Word where everything goes to fast in this world of increased acceleration and complexity. But what about the meaning of Design? Creativity, Meaning, Context, Believe... What means innovation? Without one basic understanding of identity one designer can not identify is work as an identity because the fighting to find the unswer to the questions above creates in my believe a powerful identity to the work.



I’m here now


WHAT IS MY WORK ABOUT? A good work should be between two others, a previous one and another to come. wI don’t want my Work to be decorative Design I definitely want to create work with sense from the point of view that they comment on different aspects of the society without assuming design as a purely commercial tool. I want to respond to one idea, using my knowledge and doing always lots of research to present it in the most seductive engaging manner possible, wile making work that is visually exciting. I feel my self like if I was a camera, because I record everything what surround’s me… everything.




Identity is the answer to the questions who I am, what I am, where I come from, where I go. But the concept of identity also points to what I want to be.




on the self

who I am what I am

of the self

I love you little or nothing?


I know where I manage I want to be and evaluate

where I come from?

how they the results?


The portrait of identity

The inner eye of the mind creates the identity information that comes from experience in a process that lasts a l ifetime.


Mind reinforces the identity interconnecting experience, vocation and the philosophy of life.

Expected have more power over the dentity then the past: if the willingness is great the obstacle becomes small. But the self-fulfilling prophecy self-esteem requires a high.

Self confidence But the self-fulfilling prophecy requires a high self-esteem.




Loss of identity If not resolved the identity crisis it can accept an identity created by:

The false identity is something contrary actions, thoughts and emotions, eliminate the passion and lowers self-esteem.

Parents Friends or Authority


My self-directed project will be Identity I will have few artists as a reference to make my work seccesful in the end, I will look at their work , methods and influences. Starting from photographers such: Lorna Simpson, Claud comin, Robert Mapplethorpe, Yasumasa Morimura. Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea... My main gool is exploring the creative processes used to develop


visual brand identities to undertand the meaning of Identity. I will collect all my work from the past to create my Identity as a creative Artist Designer. My final peace will be a book foleo devided in diferent parts from Photography, Illustration, Paintings, Graphic Design and Motion. The final peace will be presented with pacaging.


IDENTITY To affirm the identity of education should take in the potential we bring to birth. The brain is a blank page to fill with the knowledge and experience that builds their reality with the limitations of their perceptual system.


ONE PROJECT I DID LAST YEAR Last year I did the project everything about one thing, this project was definitely a big challenge not just related to my personal point of view but essentially the way approach analyse the things a around me. After this project I realized that I could create and communicate with Design. The pressure I had with dead lines helped me to develop my skills on different aspects: 1- software I used (Photoshop and in design as a main toll). 2- the way I research the info. (Books and Web). On Internet you can go as fast you can, the Information is all there, including speed if I have the knowledge to use the tools. But internet is not everything but can be a useful starting point to get some directions. I have look at work and philosophy of diferent Artists, Designers and Photographers such Lorna Simpson one photographer from United States, she was a great reference to my work last year and will be a great reference to use in this project I’m starting now “Identity”.


So, what I’m trying to say is there are no simple solutions -no cookie-cutter tricks that fulfill the real requirements of design. For each project carries its own rhythm, tone and attitude. One must be fully receptive to letting the message itself dictate the font and face.

In reality all you actually have to do is practice the simple act of “Opening My eyes to listen.”

Passport/ Immigration BOOK 1- 2



FontShop offers an extended version of this typeface called FF DIN, which has become very popular for corporate design and advertising.

Which font? Voice of Typography “Which typeface should I use” is a very frequent question. A ‘simple’ guide simply doesn’t exist but some very simple concepts do. For years I’ve made only two points about headline or display fonts in my Creative layout techniques workshops: 1) use typography voice, and 2) exploit typography message For instance, what does the following line of type say to ME?

Bas·ker·ville, John 1706-1775 British printer and typographer. He produced a notable edition of Virgil in 1757 and designed the typeface that bears his name. His type faces introduced the modern, pseudoclassical style, with level serifs and with emphasis on the contrast of light and heavy lines. This style influenced that of the Didot family in France and that of Bodoni in Italy. He created the widely used Baskerville typeface, which is still used and prized for its clarity and balance.

Last year with the project A&AD I have learned that as visual communicators we should be careful not to become too enamored by reading. Yes, we need to have a solid copy platform, carefully combined word sets, and a thorough understanding of the message. But the message and concept should already be established. So how come so many designers today ignore what happens in the first few moments of the initial visual gulp. ”Type is speech made visible, with all the nuances, inflections, tonalities and even dialects of the human voice. It is one of humanity’s most precious possessions.” This quote inspired me to follow the idea of Identity. As a designer my clients often gonna ask me to create them identity, so now I ask my self: how can I create some one Identity if I don’t know what, is my Identity. My Identity start whit the type face I’m using now.

Is not part of my ambition using is type face for all my entered career, but at this stage I’m really proud to be able to use it and understund the meaning. I’m very ambitious and as a ambitious person I always put my self on the same level as a any other big Designer or Artist. This type faces gonna follow my work for the next few months, baskervile for the clarity and balance. DIN, large realist sans-serif typeface family Though Bauhaus used a DIN- inspired logo in catalogs and in a periodical during the 1930s, DIN did not become popular in print until the 1960s. Traffic Sign Typefaces: DIN 1451 (Germany)’ Even in this improved design it is still apparent, that these fonts were never made for traffic signs and reading at high-speed in the first place. The weight and the tight spacing is only working well at a close distance.

helvetica - baskerville - din








Thursday 24 June to Tuesday 29 June

The Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Lane London E1 6QL

New blood & student awards the use of helvetica made me think and and research about the type face language and concept.


Ed Fella (born 1938) is an artist, educator and graphic designer whose work has had an important influence on contemporary typography. He practiced professionally as a commercial artist in Detroit for 30 years.

His first published book “Edward Fella: Letters on America, Photographs and Lettering” gives insight into his idiosyncratic world by combining and juxtaposing examples of his unique hand lettering with his photographs of found vernacular lettering. His latest book is the catalogue for the show “Two Lines Align: Drawings and Graphic Design by Ed Fella and Geoff McFetridge

Ed Fella


This two designers Ed Fella and Stefan Sagmeister are great references on my work from the begining of my design career, both very ambitious and talented.

He began his design career at the age of 15 at “Alphorn�, an Austrian Youth magazine, which is named after the traditional Alpine musical instrument. Stefan Sagmeister proceeded to form the New York based Sagmeister Inc. in 1993 and has since designed branding, graphics, and packaging for clients as diverse as the Rolling Stones, HBO, the Guggenheim Museum and Time Warner.

Stefan Sagmeister


Evaluative belifs about Consequences Of behavior

Attitude Towards behavior

Relative Importance of attitudinal and normative considerations

Normative beliefs Of now others would View performance of The behavior and the Motivation to Comply with these views

Subjective norm


Subjective norm

The relationship between knowledge and attitudes, attitudes and intentions, and intentions and actual responsible behavior, are weak at best. There seem to be many more factors that infuence pro-environmental behavior. Hines et al . (1986 –87) called these ‘situational factors’ which include economic constraints, social pressures, and opportunities to choose different actions. 1. Persons with a strong selfish and competitive orientation are less likely to act ecologically; 2. People who have satisfied their personal needs are more likely to act ecologically because they have more resources (time, money, energy) to care about bigger , less personal social and pro-environmental issues.

Ecologically 1. The branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. • (also human ecology) the study of the interaction of people with their environment. Attitude • Informal truculent or uncooperative behavior; a resentful or antagonistic manner. • Informal individuality and self-confidence as manifested by behavior or appearance.


The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, esp. toward others : good behavior | his insulting behavior toward me. • The way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation or stimulus : the feeding behavior of predators. • The way in which a natural phenomenon or a machine works or functions : the erratic behavior of the old car. Motivation The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way : escape can be a strong motivation for travel. • The general desire or willingness of someone to do something : keep staff up to date and maintain interest and motivation. Egoistic an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality. Beliefs • something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction



Egoistic words derive from Latin : ego (‘I’), the first-person singular pronoun. Egotism, the more commonly used term, denotes an excessive sense of self-importance, too-frequent use of the word ‘I,’ and general arrogance and





Egoistic Orientation

the determination of the relative position of something or someone (esp. oneself) : the child’s surroundings provide clues to help in orientation. • the direction of someone’s interest or attitude, esp. political or sexual : a common age of consent regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Individual Barrier

Individual Barrier in

Social context

Social/Institutional Barriers


I think initiatives highlight the underlying need to do more in demonstrating the value of design to clients and the general public.


I need to communicate that design is not just making pretty pictures, but rather a strategic process that can have a significant impact on the success of a business.



Just as from a contemporary perspective there is no one “history,” there are many Hitchcock’s, too many Picassos…

- One Designer never speaks laud -



GOALS • • •

To become a source of information for client To provide a source of inspiration for identity designers. To impart to young designers starting out, the value of the creative process

AMBITIONS Understand the meaning of Time and make it productive for me and not for others. I don’t want to make fluff staff or simply work for one small printer company. I don’t want to have a flexible conscience. I want to use my Design not just to make money but as essentially to make the difference and talk laud very laud with knowledg...
























Unfinished project  

This project is a self evaluation and analyze on my work and working methods ... project not completed, with reference to Identity...

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