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Podzols or Spodosols

Spodosols Spodosols Is one of the eleven soil major orders in the world.

Typical Soils of: Eucalipt


This soils are found in areas: Wet & cold (Northern Ontario or Russia)



They are also found in: Warm Areas (Florida)

Is a‌ Poor soil for Agriculture

Some of them are: Sandy

Excessively Drained

Main process of spodosols Podzolization

Podzolization Complex preocess in which organic material and soluble minerals are leached from the A and E horizons to the B horizon.

Subsoil Subtrata or subsoil is the layer of soil under the topsoil.

In podzols, translocation has meant the eluviation of:




A horizons

E horizons

By: Mariana & María José.

2.-Podzols or Spodosols mariana and maria  
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