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which quality do you consider to be the most important for a good boss? ●

Have good communication relationships with its employees

Feedback and motivate their employees when they perform their job

Must be proactive to make good decisions for their employees

Possess character, emotional and human capacity to treat their employees

Listen to the suggestions of its employees and reconcile their views with them

● ●

Establish strategies to grow and maintain the good performance of the company or job Aims for the welfare of their employees.

TEAM-BUILDING I think that the ability of teamwork is the most important characteristict for a "good" boss, because it must have a leader in promoting the work that requires cooperation and effort of all employees to maintain production and growth of the company. The establishment of good teams is an essential component to motivate, engage and bring up a good performance and an opportunity to highlight the capabilities that have employees for internal development as well as the welfare of his own work.

Good boss  
Good boss  

s a description of what should be the most important quality you must have a boss