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PIEDRA PLAYA Piedra playa is a big beach in the north of the island of Fueteventura that belongs to the municipality of La Oliva in the north of the island too. It’s a fantastic place for swimming, walking along the sand, going body boarding, surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. The beach is really quiet but, when the big waves arrive, it’s not quiet any more. Behind the beach there are some big mountains and you can hear the sound of the wind going through the mountains and pushing the waves. That gives them more strength. I really like it because the sand is a mix of white and black sand and there are few rocks. In some rocks also there are mussels but it’s prohibited to take them. In the mountains there is a house with a colour flag. Every day, a person looks at the sea and changes it if the sea is rough. If the sea is quiet: the flag is green; if the sea isn’t too quiet: the flag is yellow and if the sea is rough with big waves: the flag is red. The colour red means danger, the yellow means warning and green means quiet.

This is Piedra Playa.

This is the wave of Piedra Playa.

Iván Castilla Chico 2

ALMÁCIGA Almáciga is a beach of Anaga, a Natural Park that belongs to the municipality of Santa Cruz, in the North-West of Tenerife. Almáciga is a beach with very beautiful sand. There are stones at the beginning of the beach, but all the beach is of fine sand. In the sea, the sand also is fine, but only in summer, because in winter there are many stones on the shore and that’s why I like it in summer. We usually spend the night there, because it’s allowed. It’s my favorite place because it’s very beautiful and green.

África Prieto Martín


CRUZ DEL CARMEN It is in Anaga Natural Park (La Laguna) in the North-East of Tenerife. It is a big forest. There is a mountain, many animals (different kinds of birds) and many kindss of plants and trees (viñatigo, laureles, follao, cedro, falla and many others) The forest is of “Laurisilva” You can go hiking, running and see the animals, plants, trees, flowers… I like Cruz del Carmen because it’s a natural space, it´s mesmerizing. There are many animals I like.

Aitami Martín Siveria



El Pinar is a small village in the centre of the island of El Hierro. This village is near the woods. There are small shops, squares‌ It’s a very quiet village with few inhabitants. The woods nearby are very beautiful and there are mostly pines. You can walk and run in the woods. You can contemplate the nature of the woods too or visit the village. Besides, you can go to the beaches nearby. I like this place because it has got beautiful woods and animals too. I like its peace and because I fell free too.

Some photos:

Jorge Febles Quilis


El Charco Azul The Charco Azul is a small lake in the municipality of Los Sauces in the north of La Palma. It’s one of the most popular places for both natives and tourists. The Charco Azul has got a small swimming pool, a small lake called “Las Damas” and the main lake: The Charco Azul. There I swim and I sunbathe. I like it because I go every summer and I have fun with my friends.

Ángel Rodríguez Padrón


GARAJONAY Garajonay is a National Park in La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands. It’s in the north of the island. In this Natural Park there aren’t any towns or village because it’s prohibited in order to protect the animals, plants and trees. Garajonay is famous all over the world by its forest. The forest called “ Laurisilva” is an example of the prehistoric forests on earth. In the centre of the park there are some spectacular mountains and creeks crossing the wet forest. You can walk along the paths in the forest and you also can visit the Information Centre and its small museum. I really like it because it’s very beautiful and its mountains are amazing.

The famous forest

A map of Garajonay

The amazing mountains

A map of La Gomera

Jesús Navarro Hernández 7

Igueste de San Andrés Igueste de San Andres is a small village in Anaga, a Natural Park that belongs to the municipality of Santa Cruz in the North-West of Tenerife. It’s a small village with about 1000 inhabitants. There are many small houses. There is a beautiful beach. It’s very good for surfing. It has got the best left waves in Tenerife. I can go to Igueste for surfing and walking. It’s my favorite place in the Canary Islands.

David Moreno Pérez


JOVER Jover is a beach in Tejina (north of Tenerife) Jover is small and beautiful. Jover is a beach of stone. The water is clear and salty. It’s a beach of fishermen. You can´t play football or run, but you can fish. I like it because it`s small and sometimes there aren´t many people.

Diego Rodríguez Garrido


LA CALETA La Caleta is a small villagee in Adeje, that belongs to the municipality of Adeje in the south of Tenerife. It’s a small port, but it’s a beautiful place. Running along the promenade is in the morning is incredible. In La Caleta there are small houses and a beautiful park. The restaurants are excellent, it’s the perfect port for summer. I like going there to play basketball with my friends.

Pilar González Hernández


LA FAJANA La Fajana is a tiny villaje in Barlovento, in the island of La Palma. In la Fajana, there are some old houses, and of many different colours. The climate is warm. The flora is very diverse. There are many different kinds of trees: acebuche, jor贸n, azufrado and many more. The fauna is very diverse, you can find, for example, large lizards. One of them is the tiz贸n lizard. But, apart from reptiles, there are species of birds. For example, the graja that is a colorful bird. In this island, you can do several sports, one of them is hiking. But, you can also dive and go fishing. La Fajana, is a place very special because, in that island, everything is very quiet, and at night, you can ever hear the crickets.

Esther Shadai P茅rez P茅rez


Las Conchas Beach It’s a big beach, in La Graciosa. It’s beautiful because it’s made of pieces of shells It’s really beautiful, you can swim but it’s dangerous because there are strong currents. It’s a natural place, You can see others tiny islands ( Alegranza and Montaña Clara). It’s in La Graciosa , a tiny island next to Lanzarote. You can go and camp, you can hire a bike. It’s really funny, in Las Conchas beach you can swim but it’s dangerous because there are strong currents. I like it because it’s very beautiful. It’s really calm. If you are in Las Conchas beach you can see other tiny islands.

Sergio Guerra Arencibia


MESA DEL MAR Mesa del Mar is a beach in the north of Tenerife in the municipality of Tacoronte. Mesa del Mar is a beautiful and small beach. There are a lots of rocks and high reefs. In the beach you can see beautiful fish. You can see the mountains and you can swim in the beach. The sand is black. In the beach, you can play different sports: you can go bodyboarding, footing and running. I like because it because I go running and bodyboarding and it’s a beautiful beach.

Jorge García León


Ocadila and Pachila Ocadila and Pachila are beaches in Anaga (Natural Park) They belong to the municipality of La Laguna in the north west of Tenerife. It’s a remote beach in Punta del Hidalgo. It’s a perfect place to learn surfing, the sea is blue and wonderful, the waves are perfects and the sand black You can play volley, surf, fishing, go diving etc… In summer I always camp in Ocadila with my family.

Héctor Martín Suárez


PLAYA DEL INGLÉS Playa del Inglés is a big beach in Maspalomas, a natural beach that belongs to the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana in the south of Gran Canaria. It’s a very long beach. The beach’s sand is white, and there are dunes with white sand. Playa del Inglés is a big town, there are many houses. There is a lighthouse, also there is a small lake. I go to the beach to play on the sand. I also go to the beach for swimming. I love it because it’s a natural beach and beautiful. Also because there are many amenities.

Ana Clara Martínez 15

TAGANANA Taganana is in Tenerife (North – East), in the Anaga Natural Park, surrounded of trees with small houses and few people. It´s a nice quiet beach, uncrowded. The sand is black with a few stones, the sea is usually rough. It’s surrounded by mountains, there is plenty of fish, there is a large rock in the water, on one side of the beach there is a place to go camping, In the water people usually surf. You can also swim, sunbathe and play ping-pong and football, also I usually go bodyboarding and play volleyball. I like it because I have a great time there and I do a lot of exercise. It is usually very quiet and there is usually very good weather.

Aitor Rubio Gutiérrez


TENO LIGHTHOUSE The Teno lighthouse is in the North-West of Tenerife, it’s in the Teno Natural Park. It’s a very nice lighthouse and one of the oldest in the Canary islands. There is a tiny port and a small beach next to it. It’s a popular place for fishing and diving. The water there is crystal clear and very clean. I usually go there on family trips. I like it because the views are amazing and you can walk along the coast and the sunset is so beautiful!

Loreto de la Rocha Figueruelo 17

The Fire Mountains The fire mountains are in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands. They are located in the Timanfaya National Park. They are between the municipalities of Yaiza and Tinajo. If you visit them, you can learn a lot about the volcanic eruptions. These mountains are the result of volcanic eruptions . This happened in Lanzarote betweed 1730-1736 and later in 1824. This is important because it changed the landscape of the island. These mountains impressed me because the volcano is active and the different shapes of lava are amazing.

Xiomara Gonzรกlez Hernรกndez.



The Garoé tree is a millenary tree. It is in El Hierro island, in Valverde town. It is tall and big, and it has got a wide trunk. It has got a lot of long leaves. This tree is very famous in the Canary Islands. According to a Guanche legend, this tree provided water to the population.

I went to see it, in 2008. It is incredible, and I love it! It’s a very

mesmerizing place and I like it because it’s a very relaxing place. It’s a natural place and it’s very beautiful. Also, in the Garoé tree, you can enjoy the sound of the water and also the wind.

Carolina Ramos Díaz 19

TISCAMANITA Tiscamanita is a small village the Northeast of Fuerteventura. It´s one town with many festivals and parties. It´s a colorful town, with white houses and one square where children play. There is a park where you can play every day. Also you can go shopping in the street market. I like Tiscamanitas because it´s a beautiful town. I also like it because there is a basketball court.

Besides, there is an old nice wind mill which is a museum now.

There is a very old white church.

Elena Cabrera Rico


TORRE DEL CONDE This place is in San Sebastian de La Gomera. It´s one of the best places in the Canary Islands. It’s a historic building. It was declared Historic Monument in 1990. This tower is 15 metres high. It has got many red and white bricks. It has got a staircase up the tower. It was built in 1447. When Christopher Columbus arrived in La Gomera, he stayed in this tower before discovering America. It was reformed by Jacome Pelearo Fratin y Leonardo Torriani. In this tower you can see the park. You can walk around the tower. Next to the tower there are many benches and you can walk and read with your friends there. I like it because it´s a special place. It’s really quiet. And I had a great time there with my parents and my brother when I was eight years old.

Adriana Jerusalén Martin Rodriguez 21


La Tejita is a beach, it’s in the south of Tenerife. It’s a beach with white sand and big waves. You can go surfing and swimming. I really like it because I can surf, swim and play football. I love “La Tejita ”

Carlos Jorge González


VALLE GRAN REY Valle Gran Rey is a small town in the west of La Gomera. In Valle Gran Rey there are some beaches and some hotels and apartaments. The weather in Valle Gran Rey in the summer is hot and in the winter is warm. In Valle Gran Rey you can swim in the beaches and fish in the sea. I like Valle Gran Rey because there are some beaches and goods hotels.

Diego RodrĂ­guez RodrĂ­guez 23

THE ARENAL BEACH The Arenal beach is a beach that changes much depending on the period of year we are For example, in winter it’s perfect for water sports like surfing due to strong waves, so it is common to find surfers in the area. But on the contrary, in summer, the sea is usually much calmer, so we can swim. However, what never changes is the charm of being an unfrequented beach, so we can relax and be quiet without anyone bothering us any day of the year.

Sirlie San Blas PĂŠrez


VALVERDE Valverde is the capital of El Hierro. It is situated in the northwest of the island. This town is very quiet and cosy, there are places with lots of nature. Valverde is located on a mountain at 600 meters altitude. It has few inhabitants, it’s the only capital of the islands that is not on the coast. In Valverde there is only one school, a hospital ... not much more, it’s a very small town.

Manuel Ramallo Rocha


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