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Carlos Allen Tudela Cutting “Performative Oscillation”

Carlos Allen Tudela Cutting / Contact

_ Phone 972.965.1933 _ Site “Performative Oscillation”

/ Contents _ Living [BIO]Pump Living Place International Design Competition; Vermont, USA

3rd Place of 220; To Be Built 2015

University Exhibition for excellence; UT Arlington

_ Performance Arts Center

_ Trinity Boating Club All aspects of nature transform through a series of University Exhibition for Excellence; UT Arlington dynamic & responsive movements. The rise & fall of _ [Dynamo]River Circuit these changing movements are dependent on the Louisville Waterfront Riverboat Pavilion Competition; Kentucky, USA parameters of their environments & the long-term performance requirements.

Museum Exhibition for Top Designs; Results In Progress

_ Early Works Architecture has evolved into performance-based El Movimiento de Acuario interventions that are directly responsive to the Bio-Mechanic Animal Pavilion Competition; San Antonio, TX USA Human Experience & the parametric environments that allow adaptive change throughout time.

Integration, Feasability, & Technological Adapation to perform multiple systematic requirements are crucial for further advancements in creative design. Design has become Performative Oscillation.

1st Place of 20; Built & Donated to Charity

Homeless Veteran’s Center

AIAS Homeless Veteran’s Center Competition; San Antonio, TX, USA

Honorable Mention of 60

_ Visualizations & Sketches Dallas Street Art 361 Architecture Identity Postcard Competition; Mumbai, India

Honorable Mention of 225

Living Place International Design Competition Vermont, USA

3rd Place of 220 Exhibition, 1 Year To Be Built 2015

Professor: J. Maruszczak

Pre-Existing Site Conditions

Living [BIO]Pump Design teams are tasked with creating a ecological design for a system that integrates stormwater management, sustainable food production, & community engagement. The final design needs to address to one of the 3 designated sites. The aforementioned sites with particular attention to their ecological & urban setting while allowing for it to be transferable to other locations. Consider the following elements in the design: - Stormwater impacts (runoff, erosion, urban pollutants, etc.) - Sustainable food production (urban food systems for people, wildlife, etc.) - Community engagement (long-term viability, maintenance, ownership, etc.) - Material choices (locally sourced, re-used/recycled, handcrafted, etc.) - Biomimicry (natural & ecological design, systems-thinking, etc.) - Mobile projects (how can this project be transferable to other locations—either physically or otherwise) - Project response to designated sites and creation of enhanced sense of place.

Utlilizing the pre-existing structure’s roof & plumbing, water is filtrated, stored, & distributed into the landscape for a vegetable garden for the students.

Staged Construction

Integrated System Performance Overview The key idea is the integration of multiple systems to the site conditions allowing the intervention to become performative as needed in the future. Adaptability to Economic, Ecological, Programmatic, & Community Desirability issues allow the Intervention to become an all-inone viable option. In this particular site, the university courtyard, it becomes a water filtration, storage & disbursement system for a food garden in the form of a pavilion that the community can enjoy. The [BIO]Pump is the integrated utilization of rain runoff, grey water purification from existing structures, self-supplied water storage, independent power generation, & food production.

Fabrication & Production

Performance Arts Center “Celebrating Traces of the Past� The city of Salamanca, Spain is rich in historical culture that spans almost 1000 yrs. & several important Spanish battles. The University of Salamanca is the oldest institution in Spain & is looking for expansion to its already prestigious instution. The site is located in the massive park in the heart of Salamanca. This allows the opportunity for a community centralized program that will display the University’s talented students as well as celebrate the history of the city itself. This development will be used as a social gathering realm for the city, allowing all citizens & vistors to celebrate the historical battles in the form of theaterical plays & events.

The performance Arts Center of Salamanca Salamanca, Spain

Awarded Exhibition 6 Months

Professor: B. Boswell

Historic Salamanca, 1853

Current Site Conditions, Present Day

Urban Resolution, Parti

Public Realm


Urban Fabric

e r f o r m

Historical Theater

a n c e


Collision of Earth & Water Throughout mankind’s history, there has been an inherent struggle between Human development & Nature. The innovation of mankind consistently overcomes the challenges that each environment presents. This overcoming of Nature’s obstacles can be represented by the collision of a Wave into Earth. As the city of Dallas continues to grow at ever faster rates, more opportunities for the challenging Trinity River are coming into realization. With the new Urban Lake Proposal in full effect, the conceptual idea of a fluid rise & fall over the banks of the Trinity River’s levee allows both dynamic Architectural solutions, as well as complementing Engineering marvels. With the new Balanced Vision Plan creating a new Urban Lake on the banks of the Trinity River in Dallas, TX, an opportunity for a new Boating Club development that can accommodate the high urban traffic of Downtown Dallas has been proposed. The proposal calls for a Restaurant, Vistor’s Center w/ Black Box Theater, Amphitheater, Public Restrooms, & a Rental Facility & Storage for Kayaks & Pedal Boats. The main challenges presented in this development are NO PUNCTURING of the levee may occur, as well as the development must accommodate the yearly flooding of the Trinity River.

Urban Boating Club of Dallas Dallas, USA

Awarded Exhibition 6 Months

Professor: C. Kuhner

Metaphor of the Collision of Earth & Water

Oscillating Organization Lines Created

Integration of Elements Into Performative Design As ever-changing site conditions fluctuate the rise and fall of different solutions, secondary supporting concepts of structure, circulation, zoning, program, etc. connect & combine themselves to eachother to form a performative flexible design . The issues of 30’ floods, proximity to water for commerical use, & circulation are developed through multi-level platforms on a linear pier. The lower levels are slightly detached to allow for vertical movement as needed for water levels & are furthur reflected in the dynamic roofing structure.

Zoning & Spatial Sectors

The roofing structure addresses Dallas’s desire for an Iconic intervention as well as a cross-referenc for the metaphor of the Collision of Earth & Water. The fluid motion of the roof channels wind off the lake into the main circulation path for relief in the hot Texas heat.

Dynamic Roof Transformation & Fabrication

Louisville Waterfront Riverboat Pavilion Competition Kentucky, USA

Currently in Museum Exhibition for Top Designs; Results In Progress

Professor: J. Maruszczak

[Dynamo]River Circuit The Festival Committee invites designers to participate in the Centennial Festival of Riverboats through the design of a small-scale, temporary & multipurpose pavilion to be used in series throughout the Waterfront. Actual uses may include music performance space, seating, bourbon tasting space or areas for vending & exhibitions. Because of its repetition along the event grounds, the winning pavilion will play a major role as a visual and programmatic cue for the festival. Entrants must clearly represent the form, material & fabrication strategy of the proposed structure while communicating the design’s relation to the site & event. The scale of the pavilions should be seen as that of a small gallery or stage area (roughly 750 sq. ft each).

Energy Generation Systems

P r o g r a m m a t i c

DJ Concert Great Lawn cinema electrical Exhibition Mobile Food Truck

Belle of Louisville 100th Anniversary Plant & Lighting Attachments

F a b r i c a t i o n

Visualizations & Early Works

AIAS Homeless Veteran’s Center Design Competition San Antonio, TX, USA

Honorable Mention of 60 Exhibition In AIAS Headquarters; Pearl Brewery 7 Months

Professor: N. Reisen

El Movimiento Movimiento de de Acuario Acuario El Ananalysis analysisof ofthe themovement movement and and biomechanics biomechanics of of An thedolphin, dolphin,development development of of conceptual conceptual process process the tomechanical mechanicalmovement, movement, && the the incorporation incorporation into into to anoutdoor outdoorstructure structure w/ w/ areas areas of of group group & & private private an seating seating

Biomechanical Transformation

Transformation Into Full Scale

Mechanical Movement

Rolling Mechanical Louvers

Group Seating Private Seating

Winning design/ build project out of 18 proposals

Currently resides in a public park in San Antonio, Texas where children enjoy the

structure everyday. Bio-Mechanical Animal Pavilion p 1st Place of 20; Built & Donated to Charity

Dallas DART Stop p Trinity River DART Stop Dallas, TX, USA

Revit, 3DS MAX , Photoshop

Dallas Street Art u

361 Architecture Identity Postcard Competition; Mumbai, India Honorable Mention of 225

Salamanca, Spain

Carlos Allen Tudela Cutting

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