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What right hand technique are you using? Mostly free strokes, using i and m in alternation, and sometimes using the p simultaneously for block chords or just a bass line.

Was this piece originally written for the modern classical guitar? No, but close enough. It was written for the Baroque guitar. For more information about the Baroque period (music), and Gaspar Sanz please follow the following links: Baroque music Gaspar Sanz Baroque Guitar

What is the key? D major

Time signature? Cut time (2/2), although I decided to subdivide the beat into quarter notes to make it it easier to understand and count. In other words, when I play it at the beginning of the video I use cut time, but in the breakdown I use 4/4.

In what position is the piece most of the time? In second position, except in measure 14 where it plays the first chord in 3 rd position and the second chord in 1st position.

Any other recommendations? •

Remember to start with a half bar on the second fret. Keep the bar up to the 9 th measure.

Practice slowly, measure by measure.

Pay close attention to the way your right hand's fingers make the stroke and alternate. You want to move just the fingers, not the hand. The moment you notice your hand moving outward, stop and practice the free strokes exercises of episode 3 (GVP003). The idea is to transfer all the energy to the string.

Keep the left hand relaxed, and in accordance to the principles learned in episode 1 (GVP001)

GVP 004: How to play a piece-"Torneo" by Gaspar Sanz  

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