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Impresario Symphony Holter Analyzer


Symphony - The Versatile Prospective Scanner Del Mar Reynolds’ rich history of innovation began nearly a half century ago with the development of Holter monitoring and analysis. Now the Diagnostic Cardiology part of Spacelabs Healthcare, we are proud to continue this tradition of connecting innovation with care. The Impresario® Symphony Holter analyzer is the result of over 40 years of dedicated development from Del Mar Reynolds Medical. It is a combination of a PC based Windows® platform with the speed and accuracy of interactive analysis. Interactive analysis allows the user to ‘teach the beats’ of each patient’s ECG. Retrospective editing tools and full disclosure are also included to provide a valuable review of the ECG.

Control Symphony offers many editing tools to the operator. These tools include: • Event Stops prompt the operator to store significant arrhythmias for future review. The ‘respond to prompt’ methodology allows the user to see every beat in the context of the surrounding ECG. • Variable parameters can be changed and applied prospectively to make Symphony adaptable to the widest range of ECG’s. • The Arrhythmiagraph enhances the operator’s identification of abnormalities it’s display of rhythm, rate and beat classification. • Beat to beat superimposition with A-V separation aids in the identification of subtle morphology changes. Flowing page mode offers a clear view of the ECG rhythm and beat relationships.

Atrial Analysis • The Arrhythmiagraph and RR interval histograms guide the operator to the onset and offset of episodes of atrial fibrillation. • Symphony provides a comprehensive calculation and reporting of the duration and percentage of time in AF. • Artifact rejection enables operators to inhibit sections of ECG, making atrial analysis more accurate.

Interactive scanning methodology

Pacemaker Analysis


The PacerAnalyzer® provides a complete summary report of pacemaker activity when used with the Aria or Lifecard CF recorders. This technology provides an analysis of patients with pacemakers by identifying pacing events within complex ECG’s. PacerAnalysis provides a thorough examination to determine pacemaker failures to sense, capture or output.

Symphony’s ST-Analysis provides tools to visualise and verify ST changes: • ST superimposition scan mode with measurement points • ST graphs and trends with direct links to the ECG

QT-Interval Analysis 24-hour continuous QT interval analysis is standard. Extensive automatic artefact rejection is used to produce a reliable measure of QT changes. Results are presented in graphs of QT and RR intervals against time with hourly and 24 hour values of QT, QTc in tabular form and QT:RR scatter plot.

Heart Rate Variability Symphony provides the tools and results to meet any HRV analysis requirement: • Configurable time domain HRV trends, tables, histograms and scatter plots

Data Security Symphony has a SQL secured database to protect patient data confidentiality including nonnetworked stand alone devices. • Password protected user log-in • Password expiration • Administrator defined audit trail • Electronic signature on reports

Network Integration Solutions Electronic Transmission of Digital Recordings from Remote Centers Symphonet® software is Spacelabs Healthcare’s solution to enable secure, centralized scanning using an FTP connection. Remote sites download the ECG and patient details. This information is transmitted to a central analysis system via FTP server. Once analyzed, a summary report is automatically sent to the remote site for review. PDF Reports Report storage in PDF format with electronic signatures is provided as standard. The Web Presenter option allows reports to be viewed across the LAN using standard Web browsers. Option: HL7 Interface Symphony can be interfaced with hospital information systems (HIS).

Symphony - Standard Features

is Modes Symphony Interactive Holter Analyzer ECG Display Arrhythmiagraph Page view / scan Superimposition ST segment VE display Multiforms Pacemaker Analysis Yes Event Confirmation during scan (autostops) Yes Beat Confirmation Yes A-Fib Detection and Edit Yes Variable Parameters Yes

Additional Options Analysis Options Enhanced HRV Analysis Symphonet Web Presenter Sleep Apnea Screening with Holter 12 Channel Viewer

Symphony – System Requirements Processor Intel Pentium® IV (1 Gb RAM) Hard Disk Drive Capacity 80 Gigabyte minimum Data Archive Media CD Reader / Writer Operating System Windows 2000 / XP Pro Ports 1 Parallel, 1 Serial & 2 USB ports Modem Speed 56k internal Network Interface 10/100 Base-T Monitor 17’’ high resolution 19’’ optional 21’’ optional Printer Hewlett Packard laser printer System Dimensions 37.5w x 51.6h x 53.5d’’ Operating Temperature 50°F to 90°F (10°C to 32°C) Relative Humidity 20% to 80%

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