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Answer Medical Solutions is a company specializing in consulting, sales, implementation and support of digital solutions to improve your specialized medical practice. Our clients range from individual physicians to hospitals and other healthcare organizations. The founders of Answer Medical Solutions have over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector. They identified a need to make it easier for physicians and hospitals to provide healthcare through the integration of their diagnostic procedures with specialized digital information systems. Leveraging our experience in various fields of the healthcare industry, we understand how the needs of each medical practice are unique. Through our experience, we have acquired practical knowledge in different digital solutions that have the flexibility to be customized for each practice. Our products offer physicians the technology to facilitate and speed the interpretation and diagnosis of their studies. We help the physician choose and implement reliable, market leading digital solutions that have a proven track record of being the best tools for the acquisition, organization, distribution and preservation of their medical information. All our products can be integrated with your existing healthcare information systems following industry standards. This ensures that your patient's Electronic Medical Record is complete and in compliance with all regulatory requirements and the healthcare industry's best practices. The first step in our consulting service is to perform a complete analysis of your medical practice. We believe that with this methodology, we can offer you a customized and integrated solution, along with improved and automated workflows tailored to your practice. We will help you achieve the transformation of your practice into a more efficient and productive one, with the value added benefit of better patient care.

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Cardiology Cardiovascular

The DigiView PACS & Structured Reporting System is a standards-based and vendor-neutral system for all cardiovascular modalities. DigiView combines high-performance image analysis, professional reporting, an integrated clinical database, and a powerful PACS into one complete Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS). We integrate seemless with yourEMR based on industry standards. 7 Cardiology

• Echocardiography • Routine/TTE (transthoracic echo) • Stress Echo (Exercise and Pharmacologic) • TEE (transesophageal echo) • Pediatric/Congenital • Fetal • Vascular • Carotid • CIMT • TCD • Abdominal Aorta-Iliac • Renal • Mesenteric • Dialysis Mapping • Dialysis Graft • Lower Extremity • Arterial Duplex • Arterial Physio (ABI) • Venous • Vein Mapping • TCPO2 • Upper Extremity • Arterial Duplex • Arterial Physio (ABI) • Venous • Vein Mapping • Arterial Treadmill • Arterial Bypass • Venous Reflux • Peripheral Flow - Fingers & Toes • Nuclear Cardiology • Myocardial Perfusion SPECT • Gated MUGA • Planar • SPECT/CTA Fusion • Cardiac Catheterization • Coronary angiography • Ventriculography • Coronary Angioplasty • Exercise Tolerance Tezst • Exercise • Pharmacologic • Cardiac CT • Cardiac MR

Cardiology Imaging

Data Mining

Review Study Images

Transform Data into Knowledge

Images from different views and different

Use data from daily operations to enhance current


performance and optimize strategic planning.





displayed and viewed together. Images can be viewed in full-screen mode with playback

Your patient database contains a wealth of informa-

options including zoom, speed, and control

tion. In today's busy medical departments, a data

over brightness/contrast, window leveling

mining tool is a significant advantage.

and inversion. Multiple images from different exams can easily be compared. Images may be saved in DICOM, or in AVI or MPG format for presentations or teaching purposes and patient data can be blinded.

Business Analytics The new Business Analytics package from Digisonics is an evolving suite of tools for Q/C, Automation, and Real Time Decision Support. Contact Digisonics to see a preview of this exciting new software.

Reporting Quick




ReportsDigisonics offers reporting for a wide variety of modalities including Echo (Adult/Pediatric, Stress, TEE, Contrast), Vascular Ultrasound, Cardiac Cath, Nuclear, MR, CT, and EKG.

Web-Based Access Anywhere, Anytime The entire CVIS system - available through the Web from anywhere at anytime. Digisonics DigiNet Pro is the only CVIS solution to enable real-time, remote image analysis with full measurement and report editing capabilities over the Web that doesn't require increased internet speeds or bandwidth. It is the ideal solution for staying connected while at home, out of office or at another facility.

8 Cardiology


Del Mar Reynolds’ rich history of innovation began nearly a half century ago with the development of Holter monitoring and analysis. Combined with Spacelabs Healthcare’s pioneering work in ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitoring and our extensive cardiology data management capabilities, we have evolved into a full diagnostic cardiology company. Sentinel The Sentinel Cardiology Information Management System coordinates and stores results from a range of noninvasive procedures. It is fully networkable and scalable, improving diagnosis and clinical workflow efficiencies through connectivity, support and flexibility.

Pathfinder The culmination of 30 years of evolution, Pathfinder Digital is a high-performance, complete arrhythmia diagnostic system. Years of refinements and technology advances assure accuracy and efficiency in its identification of abnormal morphologies. The system analyzes Arrhythmias, Heart rate variability, ST deviations, QT interval and Paced ECG.

9 Cardiology

Cardiology Holter Analyzers/Recorders

The Diagnostic Cardiology arm of Spacelabs Healthcare originated with Del Mar Reynolds, the inventors of Holter technology 40 years ago. Today we offer state-of-the-art digital Holter recorders, fast and accurate Holter analyzers, and 7-day Holter screening solutions. With our powerful information management platforms, clinicians the world over count on us for reliable, scalable and accurate Holter reports.


The new evo digital recorder combines the latest Holter technology with improved patient comfort and ease of use. The small unit weighs only 2½ oz and can be easily concealed under clothing, which may enhance compliance.

Lifecard CF

The Lifecard CF digital Holter recorder with 12-bit resolution delivers unprecedented ECG quality – even from challenging recording environments – to assure you of accurate analysis. It can record up to 7 days of continuous ECG.

Event Recording CardioCall VS20/ST80

The CardioCall VS20 can be used as a “loop” recorder, using chest electrodes, or as an event unit. It features 20 minutes of programmable memory and runs on a single AA battery. The ECG may be sent trans-telephonically to a receiving station or downloaded directly onto your PC.

ABP Monitoring Both the 90217 Ultralite and 90207 Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitors are compact and lightweight to optimize patient comfort – a key factor in successful Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring. The Ultralite monitor weighs only 9 oz, including 3 AA batteries, and fits easily in a shirt pocket. A choice of 5 cuff sizes further aids comfort while also maximizing accuracy.

10 Cardiology


Sonobed - Ergonomic exam bed especially designed for ultrasound Standard Features: • 13”x13” Imaging Drop Section • 13”x13” patient positioning Wedge Section • Custom Design Manual Foot Panel • Electric Positioning Fowler • Electric Height Adjustable from 26” to 38” • UL Listed 2601-1 in accordance with CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601 • 5” Total Lock Casters • 600 lbs. Load Capacity

TD-100 The TD-100 is the only automated TEE probe disinfector available, FDA Approval and offers many advantages over manual reprocessing.

11 Cardiology




SECTRA RADIOLOGY IT SOLUTIONS We provide radiology IT solutions, services and tools to help you maximize the efficiency in your diagnostic or functional imaging department. Our offering includes RIS and PACS solutions, management tools, archiving solutions, integration services and much more.

Diagnostic Imaging Suite

Solutions optimized for efficient radiology workflow with Sectra RIS/PACS at the core. Sectra Diagnostic Imaging Suite features solutions for efficient radiology workflow with Sectra RIS/PACS at the core. Sectra Diagnostic Imaging Suite significantly increases efficiency by coordinating all components of enterprise workflow, including efficient planning, ADT, order-entry, scheduling, optimal patient throughput and documentation, reporting, follow-up and billing.

Sectra PACS

Sectra PACS provides radiologists with the environment to perform their work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The Sectra IDS7 workstation provides instant access to all the tools in one single diagnostic workstation. Efficient planning tools and excellent overviews reduce waiting times to a minimum, supporting fast and accurate diagnoses.

13 Radiology


Sectra Cross-Enterprise Suite features products and services that facilitate cooperation between hospitals on a point-to-point, regional or even national scale. Whether you need a consolidated, central archive solution for cost-efficient image storage, tools for expanding the radiology IT infrastructure to safely and securely store any non-DICOM image; or an advanced, future-proof solution for the sharing of images and patient across the entire enterprise, regardless of RIS or PACS systems in use at fellow sites, Sectra has the answer.


Sectra Referring Physician’s Suite features product and services for top-of-the-line service to referring physicians. Functionality such as on-line ordering and full and immediate access to reports and images provide excellent support in the clinical workflow. Advanced imaging tools, including pre-operative planning, are made available at the point of care and enhance the interdisciplinary workflows between radiology and medical specialists in the fields of orthopaedics and surgery, for example.


Sectra LiteView™ improves your service to referring physicians by providing them with mobile access to images and related information on iPads as well as on common web viewers. Such full flexibility as to where and when to view images and reports enhances distribution of radiology results, and helps to make swift and accurate decisions. As LiteView easily is launched via thumbnails from an EMR, HIS or other systems, usability is further enhanced.

14 Radiology


Sectra DoseTrack is a complete solution that allows you to monitor patient radiation doses and ensure that they are kept as low as reasonably achievable. The system also enables monitoring of equipment to detect whether an X- ray device exposes patients to too much radiation, or to follow up on individual patients to avoid excessive radiation.

By gathering and comparing radiation dose values from performed radiology examinations, you receive documentation that helps you reduce radiation doses without impacting diagnostic quality. Sectra DoseTrack automatically collects, stores and monitors the data, which saves you valuable time and eliminates the risk of human error in the collection process.

SECTRA VISUALIZATION TABLE A 46-INCH MEDICAL MULTI-TOUCH DISPLAY ENABLING MULTIPLE USERS TO INTERACT COLLABORATIVELY WITH THE REAL-SIZE 3D IMAGES GENERATED BY CT AND MRI SCANNERS. Sectra Visualization Table is a cutting-edge pre-operative planning tool for the complex orthopaedic cases. Real-size, interactive 3D views of the patient, give the orthopaedic surgeon a unique possibility to become familiar with the specific anatomy prior to surgery. Without opening the patient, the surgical team can localize vessels, muscles and skeletal tissue and study their three-dimensional relation and plan the surgery. The touch interface allows the surgeon to interact with the virtual body with the hands, as in the real surgical setting, which supports his or her tactile memory. This increases quality in surgery and reduces operation and rehabilitation time as unplanned issues can be avoided.

15 Radiology




OmniRad is a powerful, versatile software system that is customized to integrate seamlessly into your work environment. This user-friendly, modular RIS does much more than improve patient care, streamline workflow and increase efficiency. It also helps you communicate with your patients and referral base to market services compete successfuly.

OmniMPM is a powerful, versatile information system designed to help you meet the demands and challenges facing your breast center. This easy-to-use, flexible and value priced program seamlessly integrates into your work environment. For more than a decade, OmniMPM has been the system of choice for thousands of breast imaging professionals nationwide, and it can work for you.

Radiology Information System

16 Radiology

Mammography Patient Manager


Preventative Care and Disease Management Easy to learn and use, OmniTrack is the flexible answer to the patient management and follow-up needs of your preventative care practice. Our consultative approach will ensure that you recieve the features you need.



The complete solution for converting to Digital Radiography!

Modernize Your Imaging Workflow With Revolutionary CR Technology Now you can easily convert your practice to digital radiography with the ImagePilot System. This single system solution is specifically designed for private practice offices and clinics. ImagePilot is the newest technology in CR imaging. It simplifies CR image acquisition to the push of a button. This is made possible by AutoPilot Image Processing which completely automates the image optimization process. With AutoPilot, you get consistently superb images with every exposure. In addition, ImagePilot pioneers the true meaning of an integrated CR system. It combines patient registration, CR acquisition, image viewing and storage in one system that is easy to use and maintain. These advanced features eliminate the need for a separate PACS.

17 Radiology

Radiology Computed Radiography


All-around system that achieves maximum productivity in various environments, succeeding the“ Super Distribution System” concept from REGIUS MODEL 170. The system offers a 43.75μm with new, enhanced console features. C-PLATE series cassette with columnar crystal phosphor is ideal for mammography and pediatric use. Introducing the New-Generation REGIUS easier to use, ever more sophisticated.



The REGIUS Nano CR is a high performance single bay CR system that can process up to 76 plates an hour (14” x 17”) for fast patient turnaround time and improved workflow. Its touch screen control station provides intuitive software tools for generating superior image quality with a few easy steps. This compact, single bay reader is designed with dependable, high quality components to ensure system reliability.

CS-7 can control not only the AeroDR detectors but also X-ray generators and Konica Minolta existing CR family. No need to operate the X-ray console to adjust X-ray exposure conditions.

18 Radiology

ImagePilot Sigma

ImagePilot Sigma delivers a compact and affordable imaging solution that maintains the superior image quality and reliability expected from our REGIUS family of products. Combined with the redesigned ImagePilot software,the Sigma provides simple operation and smooth workflow to a wide range of medical practitioners.


Aero DR Aero DR is the easiest way to Achieve Digital workflow. Faster, More Flexible and More Intelligent, with the highest Quality and Reliability! Scintillator Direct-Contact Technology We succeeded in creating a new technology whereby a CsI scintillator is made to contact directly over a TFT1 sensor panel without any protective layer in between them. This technology has made it possible to guide the light emitted from the scintillator to the photodiode without causing the light to be dispersed at the interface with the TFT sensor.

High Image Quality The optimal combination of the Aero DR detector using a KonicaMinolta CsI scintillator combined with the newly developed low noise readout ICs delivers a high DQE3. At the same time, we achieved the wider dynamic range of DR comparable to CR. This means that in radiography of shoulder joints, for example, the Aero DR permits describing the skin line accurately even when the radiographic conditions change along the way. Universal Solution for the Existing X-ray Room The Aero DR detector is the same as an ISO 4090 compliant film cassette in size so that it will fit any existing wall-stand or table bucky tray.

19 Radiology

Radiology Shared FPD Solution

Integrated Control Station CS-7

AeroDR can be used anywhere

CS-7 can control not only the

with“ the Shared FPD Solution”.

AeroDR detectors but also X-ray

As soon as AeroDR is registered

generators and Konica Minolta

to any X-ray room, AeroDR will be

existing CR family. No need to

ready to use in the X-ray room

operate the X-ray console to


adjust X-ray exposure conditions.*5

Quick Preview and Smart GUI

Reliable, Rapidly Rechargeable

After exposure, a preview image immediately appears on the

and Long-Life Battery

display of the new CS-7 console in less than two seconds. The

The lithium ion capacitor, which

CS-7 has a user-friendly graphic interface adding new and power-

charges quickly in a battery

ful proprietary functions. GUI design can be modified to customer

charger or through a tethered

preferences flexibly, succeeding the conventional console design.

connection, has a long charge and discharge cycle life that does not need to be replaced during the expected life cycle of the detector. If the capacitor gets exhausted in emergency, AeroDR gets over 10 images by the capacitor being recharged for only three minutes.

Power-saving Technology Patient safety is of primary importance, therefore the lithium ion capacitor, the world newest technology, was adopted as a battery technology which has many advantages despite of demanding a lower power consuming panel design, which has been overcome by employing low power ICs and a power-saving control.

20 Radiology


Womens Health Care


Womens Health Care


The Sectra Breast Imaging IT Suite features solutions for high-volume screening and advanced diagnostic mammography. We offer tools to give the best possible support to the radiologist in the review procedure and to streamline the mammography workflow. This way, you can focus your resources on truly serving the women without wasting time waiting for images or information. Our web-based solution, the result of 20 years of experience from delivering complete RIS/PACS solutions, ensures fast image distribution and data retrieval – even over high-latency networks and in remote environments. Furthermore, it fully supports the reading workflow of your department – single, double or triple reading – and whether or not you require blind or true-blind double reading.

23 Womens Health Care


The Sectra Breast Imaging PACS features the Sectra Mammography Workstation, a user friendly, multi-modality viewing platform optimized for high-volume screening and advanced diagnostic mammography. It offers instant access to all of the advanced diagnostic and visualization tools a radiologist needs within a single workstation to speed viewing of women’s imaging. High-volume screening is supported by the availability of priors and automatic display protocols.

"We’ve found that only Sectra’s Breast Imaging PACS delivers on the combined promise of double-read workflow, image quality and distribution speed across all of our high volume breast imaging modalities. This has improved our overall workflow and report turn-around." - Dr. Stamatia Destounis, managing partner of Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, LLC

"The quadrant zoom helps me focus on one portion of the breast while scrolling through the tomosynthesis images. Sectra’s scrolling text option makes marking images efficient, and the ability to communicate with the technologists in real-time during diagnostic work ups facilitates the day’s work flow and efficiency." - Dr. Donna Plecha, Assistant Professor and Director of Breast Imaging at University Hospitals Case Medical Center


With a single, standard X-ray image of the hand, acquired on your mammography modality, it is possible to measure women’s bone health (Bone Mineral Density, BMD). The test calculates the risk for future fractures with the highest precision in the market offering women the opportunity of a better quality of life. It takes about 30 seconds to perform and is fully integrated into the mammography workflow. Sectra has packaged this bone health assessment into an efficient service, Sectra OneScreen, that you, in turn, can offer to the women visiting your clinic. For the private clinic, this is an easy to sell add-on service for your mammography customers, delivering a direct impact on your bottom line. For public care providers, this is the most effective bone health screening solution available. This online service is charged on a cost per examination basis.

24 Womens Health Care

Womens Health Care


OmniMPM is a powerful, versatile information system designed to help you meet the demands and challenges facing your breast center. This easy-to-use, flexible and value priced program seamlessly integrates into your work environment. For more than a decade, OmniMPM has been the system of choice for thousands of breast imaging professionals nationwide, and it can work for you.

Volpara integrates seamlessly into the clinical

Volpara Software

workflow and is in clinical use around the world.

Volpara is breast density assessment software which analyzes any digital mammogram and produces objective results that can be used by the radiologist to help determine breast density. Volpara has been designed by the world's top imaging scientists to deliver the highest level of accuracy and robustness, and has been validated by comparison to expert radiologists over thousands of images. Studies estimate 35-50% of breast cancers are missed by using mammography alone (Boyd, Pisano and Berg), with women with dense breasts disproportionately impacted as cancers are masked by fibroglandular tissue. As a result, nine states have passed laws (Connecticut, Texas, New York, Virginia, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Alabama and Tennessee), mandating that women be notified of their breast density and be offered supplemental imaging, another 20 states have pending legislation and the federal Breast Density and Mammography Reporting Act of 2011 is also in progress. However, simply sending letters to women after their mammogram asking them to return for further imaging due to increased density has had limited compliance. Volpara helps radiologists in their assessment of breast density by providing volumetric breast density readings along with a BI-RADS breast density classification for each patient. Volpara is in clinical use globally and has been cleared by the FDA, HealthCanada, TGA, CE and other regulatory bodies.

25 Womens Health Care

Womens Health Care

Xpress CR

Contact Mammography Upgrade World’s Fastest Dual-Bay CR System. Xpress CR, delivers unsurpassed total performance in workflow, image quality, and configurability. No longer limited by the single-bay or multi-bay choice, you can customize your Xpress CR configuration to fit your specific clinical workflow, while meeting your throughput, redundancy and budgetary requirements. Designed with high reliability and easy serviceability in mind, Xpress CR is a major leap in CR technology.

Xpress CR Contact Mammography System combines the R210 cassette reader with the CS-3 CR Control Station to deliver a highly funtional, cost effective FFDM system.

Introducing M-Vu Computer-Aided Detection for Mammography M-VuÂŽ CAD is a computer-aided detection (CAD) system that assists radiologists by automatically identifying areas of a mammogram that are consistent with breast cancer. M-Vu CAD analyzes a mammogram using advanced mathematical algorithms to search for suspicious areas and mark them with outlines that indicate the type of potential abnormality. Solid lines indicate a possible mass while dotted lines indicate a possible cluster of microcalcifications.

26 Womens Health Care





SECTRA ORTHOPAEDIC SOLUTIONS Sectra’s orthopaedic solutions enable orthopaedic surgeons to utilize digital technology to reduce costs and increase productivity. They also significantly increase precision in choosing templates in the pre-operative planning phase. The offering comprises a complete set of pre-operative planning tools, Sectra templates service and Sectra's Calibration Unit.

AeroDR Auto-stitching System

Introducing a unique auto-stitching system with the AeroDR flat panel detector for high image quality and excellent workflow that is applicable to any X-ray system. In general, existing DR stitching process requires the patient to remain still for extended periods of time. However, using the AeroDR Auto-Stitching System allows studies to be performed in much less time due to the automatic movement of the detector and specialized slit combination.


Introducing IQue, the latest CR innovation from Konica Minolta. IQue is an intelligent, yet simple to use CR system that automatically recognizes each exam view and applies the processing algorithms appropriate for that image. IQue has a self-learning capability that routinely adjusts images to a user’s preference. Even technologists with no prior CR experience can generate optimized diagnostic images. Best of all, your busy imaging center or clinic will see added productivity and superior image quality, day after day. So just point and go . . .and leave the thinking to IQue!

CR Accessories and Options

Digital Image Stitching Software Application Used in orthopedics for studies involving scoliosis and long length bone work, the Digital Image Stitching Application electronically combines three 14" x 14" or 14" x 17" images into one continual image. This image can then be exported to a PACS for subsequent measurement and diagnosis.

29 Orthopedics



Software Answer Medical Solutions represents the best software lines for each medical specialty. Our software solutions are hardware independent. Because of that we can offer a software only solution or a turn key. Also we can offer scalable solutions making possible to the customers to start with a complete stage affordable to their budget with a well design plan to incorporate other stages when ready. At the end We ensure a complete solution totally integrated with the best productive workflow.

Integrations Our configurations are tailored to your practice. Because the requirements of each department specialty are different, we have choose the perfect product for each specialty. But have configure a complete integration between the different products. In other words, you will have the best solution for each need, integrated in the same user interface and workstation. In each solution design we consider the best workflow for you to maximize the productivity and a complete integration with your Electronic Medical Record, considering the standards requirement of today and the future.

31 IT


Storage & Back-up We offer many different libraries for storage and back-up.

Offering superior performance and value, RLS-8500 Series libraries deliver capacities up to 285 terabytes (native) in just 10U. Using typical data compression ratios, each library can exceed 712 terabytes. Multi-unit configurations can exceed 1.4 Petabytes in a single rack. RLS-8560 libraries contain 54 data cartridge storage slots and a dedicated four-slot I/O port RLS-85120 models house 114 data cartridge slots and can be configured with two I/O ports Both models house up to five LTO 5 tape drives

32 IT


Communicate with over 100 devices, from over 40 vendors in over 15 diagnostic modalities. Send diagnostic test results to your EMR from multiple modalities that include EKG defribilators, vital signs, stress test systems, pulmonary function testing, bedside and telemetry monitoring, eg sleep, holter, event monitors, mobile telemetry, space maker follow-up, cardiac rehabilitation, ambulatory blood pressure, all integrated in the same software.

Multimodality/multi-vendor report review, edit, confirmation and printing. 33 IT


Images you can trust. Every time. Everywhere. With a legacy of superior image quality and smart technological innovations, Barco has a solid reputation for delivering dependable display systems and visualization solutions that are central to the provision of quality healthcare. Our comprehensive product offering includes leading-edge displays for radiology, mammography, surgery, dentistry, pathology and modality imaging, along with clinical displays for healthcare specialists, digital OR systems, and point-of-care devices.

Coronis Fusion 6MP LED (MDCC-6230) 6MP diagnostic color display system with LED backlights

Coronis Fusion 10MP 10 MegaPixel wide-screen diagnostic grayscale display system.

Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP

Coronis Fusion 4MP DL (MDCC-4130)

5 MegaPixel display system for digital breast imaging, including breast tomosynthesis

4 MegaPixel wide-screen diagnostic color display system

34 IT

IT Coronis Fusion 6MP LED (MDCC-6230) Coronis Fusion 6MP LED can be used as two seamless 3MP heads or one wide-screen 6MP display. Addressing the needs of both grayscale and color imaging, the Coronis Fusion 6MP allows you to read CT, MR, cath and echo cardiogram images, or any other combination, side by side on a single diagnostic screen.

CareConnex for interactive patient care

Designed for operational sustainability. Offering cutting-edge hardware, software and services, CareConnex is the industry’s only completely integrated offering for interactive patient care. It enables enterprise-wide integration with your own business tools and processes and seamless collaboration with all hospital applications to ensure a patient-centric workflow.

A new era of patient care

Barco’s CareConnex solution for interactive patient care addresses the key priorities in today’s competitive healthcare industry. Turning the point of care into a fully collaborative environment, CareConnex brings a host of benefits to every stakeholder in the hospital: patients, clinicians, staff, admin and IT managers. 35 IT






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