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N e xt Level M agazi ne M ay 2011

8 Great Pl aces to Meet S om eone Ne w Have Sex for your hea lth Of f ic e fas h ion No-Nos


is M ay ’s ho t t e s t fl o w e r

Int e rv i e w w i t h Hi p hop a rt i s t L ou i e B oy ROc k Ou t w i t h b u rnin t i de

T im e to st e p up with n e xt Le v el magazine! M i s s e d an is s u e ! ge t you r fav or i t e pas t cop y ! no w ava il a bl e at M agclou d .com

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L ILY nlm’s you n gest cov e r g i rl i s s moki n g!

6 - jAn ic e : rocky moun ta i n b eauty

10 - Fas h ion Corner w / Kr i s t in s choen

12 - De s ign er of the mon t h : Inner Hippie

14 - i n t e rvie w with l ou i e b oy

17 - mo t i vational mi n u t e

24 - mu s icians to

watc h : B u rning T ide

27 - G en e t te strong a n d s il e n t

32 -

H av e sex for you r h e alt h

35 -

8 g r eat pl aces to m e e t s omeon e ne w

Cover an d curre n t pag e : P hotographed for N LM By S a mira G eorgi WWW.NLMONLINE.COM

mAY 2 011 - NLM


Let te r f r om t h e e di tor

Three issues are now in the books and Next Level Magazine has grown faster than even I have anticipated! In the first 90 days, we went from a small local magazine in Maryland to one of the hottest little magazines spreading nationwide. With the additions of Angela Oelke, our Kansas City modeling consultant and Heather Morissette, our social media and marketing director, we have increased the number of our readers big time. We’re all over the social media scene with our own Facebook, Twitter an d Youtube pages. We’ve also acquired an exclusive partnership with High Demand Internet Radio, in Baltimore, MD and Let’s Ro ck the 4

NLM - M ARCH 2011

Ribbons, a non-profit organization that sp ecializes in raising disease awareness through early detection and prevention. What’s next for NLM? Who knows, but at the rate we’re going you can expect big things from the little magazine for rising models and musicians nationwide. Carlos M. Burger II Editor in Chief, Next Level Magazine


Staff E di tor i n c h i e f

C ar los M. Burger II S e nior E di tor

s a m antha ciara mitaro p ho to g h ap h y Edi tor

h. eliz ab eth burger Fas h ion cons u l an t - s ou t h w e s t

angel a oel ke Fas h ion Cons u ltant - N ort h e as t

Kristi na Schoen M a r k e t in g an d s o c i al me di a di r e ctor

Heather Morisset te cont r ib u t ing p ho to g raph e rs

A hm e d Almod o va r , Dannie Dan-I rabor, Chris n a Louw, S a m i ra Ge or g i , Wi ll ie Parks, Steve gi b son cont r ibu t i ng H a i r S t yl i s ts

ANG FX cont r ib u t i ng M a k e Up A rt i s ts

AnG FX cont r i b u t i ng Wr i t e rs

Kristina schoen, Ange l a Oel ke, Chris Bolton, C arl os Burger, C raig Harper, Nicole Forrester P ubl i s h e d by

M agcl oud Publishi n g 3000 Hanover S t, MS 1240 Pal o Alto, CA 94304 M ay 2011 iss ue, Volume 1, Number 5. NLM:Next Level M agazine is published monthly by Innovator Entertai nmen t Inc., 8484 Allworth Ct, Fort Meade, Md., 20755. Copyright pending. 2011 Inn ovator Entertai nment Inc. NLM:Next Level M agazine is a p endi n g tradem ark owned by Inn ovator Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Visit us online at www.nlmonli

NLM’s “ Th e G i rl s You Kn ow ”

JANICE P ho to g rap h y by A hm e d Almod o va r

A true star on the rise, Janice comes to NLM hailing from the Mile-High City of Denver. Having appeared in Man-gazine and So Fine magazines, Janice is no str anger to being a cover girl and is now expanding her horizons and moving into video shoots. “I have been featured in music videos for local artists in Colorado. I love being in front of the camera,” Janice told us. This 25-year-old vixen is devoted to her craft. She has plans to become famous in the modeling industry. “I want to eventually write a biography and create my own stilettoes!” she said. 6

NLM - M Ay 2011

Janice brings a down-to-earth attitude and addictive smile with her to every shoot she attends. She is also more than willing to do whatever ’s asked of her in shoots. “I’m very comfortable with myself and my body even though I have a flaw that was a medi cal mistake on my body,” she said. In her spare time, Janice enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, shopping, and spending time with the family. Besides modeling, she’s also going to school to become a veterinary technician. WWW. N LMONL I NE . COM

N LM ’s G ir l You K NOw


Photographed for nlm by Ahmed Almodovar M ay 2 0 1 1 - NLM


I’m v e ry com f orta b l e wi t h mys e l f a n d my b od y. . .

Model Spo t Light Name: Janice Age : 25 Height: 5’3 Wei ght: 120 Hair Color: brown E ye Color: brown Measurements: 34-29-38 Job/Occupation : M odel Hometown : Den ver , CO 8

NLM - M aY 2011



M aY 2 011 - NLM


FASHION Corn e r

O ff ice Fas h ion no- nos S tory by Kristi na Sc hoe n

Heading to work? And you are wearing that? You’re kidding me ri ght? Look, I know work can be a zoo sometimes but let’s NOT dress like the circus people? Fashion catastrophes happen all the time, especially when were rushing to work; don’t have anything clean to wear; or have no fashion sense at all. Some of the fashion choices co-workers make are best des cribed in one phrase, “OMG!” Bright shirts, sweat pants, colorful stockings to ripped jeans are common mistakes on casual Fridays. Some everyday mishaps include brown suit jackets; t-shirts you clearly wore yesterday; and all brown ensembles such as skirts with cargo pockets, and knee-high, high-heeled boots. Props for color coordination but, if you want attention , you’re gonna get it and not the good kind! Let’s face it, we’re all not fashion connoisseurs with exceptional taste, but if you keep it simple, you can’t go wrong. You don’t need expensive taste nor do you have to go into thrift stores disguised. Believe it or not, you have plenty of proper office attire right in your closet. Try putting on a spring top and add a nice light colored buttoned-down shirt over any knee length skirt or slack. Now put the hair up 10

NLM - M Ay 2011

neatly and slip on a one-inch closed toe shoe. What you’d see is someone who is comfortably and fashionably ready for work. It’s easy to keep an eye out for proper dress clothes for the office. We have been brought up into a society that clearly makes statements all over the place that being beautiful is beneficial. For people who are as stunning as others; we hide those inadequacies and tend lean more toward clothes that make us feel beautiful. This is where poor decisions can be made. Understand that by simply buying “PINK” does not make you a Victoria Secret model. Choose simple colors not patterns, Clean lines, not textured fabrics like those old curtains you tried turning into a fashion statement. When accessorizing, remember less is more. Stay away from your party heels; you will get plenty of attention by keeping it short and sweet. When in doubt, think of colors you see outside your window. Earth tones are safe colors. If you’re feeling crazy; add small colored items. Silk scarfs as a belt or shoulder sash. A necklace with colorful beads is also safe. Be the talk of the office, not the butt of every joke! Good Luck! WWW. N LMONL IN E. COM

N L M ’s c o o r e s p o n d e nt Kristin S c h o e n w i l l p r o v i d e you the best advice on fashion.


M ay 2 0 1 1 - NLM


FASHION Corn e r

D esigne r o f t he M ont h : I nne r hipp ie c l ot h ing S tory by A NGE L A OELKE Pho togra phy by Dann i e Dan -Ira b or

Inner Hippie Clothing was founded in June 2010. Sold from Miss Marie’s, a tea shop also owned by the designer, their motto is, “Embracing a nd expressing the ‘green’ way of life through wearable art.” Sharlene didn’t always dream of making tie-dye but when customer after customer came into the tea shop commenting on the hippie feel to it, she decided to give it a try. Each piece is created by hand and is wearable art that cannot be duplicated. “It’s kind of like carving a totem pole, the artist knows there is something there, and it just has to be revealed,”Sharlene said. An unlikely source of inspiration came to Sharlene when a guy pulled down his pants on the streets of downtown Kansas City to show his underwear and asked her to make them tie-dye. Ever since then, Inner Hippie undies have been made and sales have continued to increase. If you are interested in the one of a kin d wearable art, look for Inner Hippie label clothing and products at You can al so search for “Inner Hippie by Miss Marie” on Facebook and lastly at 12

NLM - M ay 2011


Mus ic i ans to watc h

Lou ie bo y S tory by C ar los Bu r g e r

NLM: Tell us about your history and what got you into music. Louie Boy: Well, I’m from St.Louis, Mo. Born and raised. I grew up to a lot of R&B but my first love for Rap / Hip-Hop was Oochie Cochie La La La by MC Breed in the 80’s. The way it made my mother feel when she heard the lyrics mess me up inside. I had never seen her react to music like that. Next thing you knew I was listening to MJG & Eight Ball, Master P, Cash Money, and anyone who started trends. I love that fact that music can make you feel different emotions in a single beat and single word. I’ve actually been perfecting my craft on music for the last 10 years. I am not comfortable to say that I’m ready for the flashy lights, and moments with the stars. NLM: Tell us about your latest project. LB: Well, I’m currently working on a mix tapes for a couple of people and only wish to impact the CD to make the listener only want me. I’m working on my own album as well and do not plan to release until I’m signed to a Major Record Label. NLM: What do you think makes your style different than other artists? LB: I believe my outlook on delivery makes the people listen closely. I try to lead the person on to believe I would say something thing typical, but I change it up, for a lyrical monstrosity. NLM: Do you have any inspirations for your 14

NLM - M ay 2011

music? Like I said before MC Breed was really the first I actually listen to. Other than that I grew up to the oldies, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, 112, Boys 2 Men, Master P, Mystikal, 2 Pac, just to name a few. These artists influenced me to join the art and make the art. NLM: What are your goals? LB: My Goal is to be sign to a major record label, create my own label, start my chain of studios, and perform on stage one of my song for the G rammy’s. NLM: Who are your favorite Artists? LB: Favorite artist changes with time, but right now my absolutely favorite would have to be Lil Wayne. His non-stop mentality about music keeps me on the edge of my seat awaiting his next song. NLM: Do you have any Social Media Fan pages (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)? LB: Well, of course I do. I also have my own website,, here you can connect to all my social demanding media fan pages. See recent pictures and videos, upcoming events, and links to your boy Louie. NLM: Anything else? Last thing that I have to say is that I am here to make a deep impact on the music community, so be prepared for a vast amount of music of mines coming your way very, very soon. WWW. N LMONL I NE . COM


M ay 2 011 - NLM



NLM - M ay 2011


Motivational m inute

Be bo ld and relentless! By Ch r i s B olton

What do you want from life right now? How do you plan to get it? I know you wouldn’t mind having one of these beautiful women who are blessing us with their presence in NLM. (Thank god for NLM!) Have you ever been out and seen the world’s sexiest woman? Watching her float around the room you probably wondered why she was alone, imagined the amazing sex you would have with her and even tried approachin g her in some half hearted way, only to be turned down. Everything was perfect except the way you approached the new object of your affection. Nothing worth having comes with half hearted desire. History WWW.NLMONLINE.COM

is only favorable to those willing to be bold and relentless in their pursuits! This is the man that women dream of being with and lesser men dream of being! I will ask you again. What do you want and how bad? Are you willing to make a bold action and be relentless in the pursuit of your coveted goal? Think of five bold and relentless things you can do to show life that you sincerely intend to receive your objective. After you have a bold and relentless list, take action immediately! Time waits for no man and history won’t be kind to the coward or procrastinator. Act fearlessly! Be bold and be relentless.

M ay 2 011 - NLM


NLM ’s Co v e r g i rl of t h e month

M AY Flo w e r L ILY Ambe r g P hotogra phy by S a mira G eorgi


NLM - M ay 2011



M ay 2 0 11 - NLM


Lily is one ambitious and feisty girl. The 18-year-old knockout likes to live her life drama-free. She loves a good sense of humor. “I absolutely love to laugh and just hanging out with my friends,” she said. The mechanic from Germantown, Maryland doesn’t mind getting dirty whether it is working in the garage or playing her favorite game, paintball. Some of Lily’s other hobbies include rock and roll music and she loves going to concerts. Along with paintballing and cars, Lily also works as a lifeguard, artist and model. “There is pretty much nothing I can’t do, except cook and lose! I love to have fun and dominate,” Lily said. 20

NLM - M aY 2011


N LM ’s G ir l You K NOw


Photographed for nlm by S a mira Georgi

M aY 2 011 - NLM


Model SpotLight Name: Lily Age: 18 Height: 5’6 Wei ght: Not telling! Measurements: 35-25-35 Hair: Blonde


NLM - M ay 2011

Eyes: A mber Hometown: Germantown, Md. Job: Automotive Mechanic


I love to h av e fu n a n d dominate...

“ To See mor e of l i ly v i s i t: Lily Amberg on Facebook


M ay 2 0 11 - NLM


Mu s ic i an s to watc h

B ur nin g Tide

S tory by Ang e l a Oel k e P ho to s by Wi ll i e Pa r ks

Sometimes it’s just fate. Burning Tide is a young, pop rock band that came together from chance meetings and ads on craigslist. The four members of this band, Sutter Wayne, Roxxxi Quinn, Tim “Spankie” Moberly Jr., and Connor “Thor” Askren, each have their own story to tell. Wayne had been in a band who had signed w ith an 24 NLM - M ay 2011

Indie label from LA. When they broke up, he decided he was going to get a new band together. He ran into Roxxxi’s mother at an open mic night and found out that Roxxxi also happened to be transferring and coming into town. He linked up with her and then put an ad on craigslist for other members of the band. Thor answered the ad and they went through a few WWW. N LMONL IN E. COM

embarrassing auditions before finding Tim, who fit the band perfectly. Living by their motto, “Let’s f*ck Sh*t up,” the band release their newest CD, Guilty Livin… Story of Sex Drugs and Debauchery a few months ago. “As a band we thrive on that. Rock has gone emo, sometimes. We wanna get away from the shitty lives and have fun. Let’s kill some Jaeger and have sex with a stranger!” Wayne said. Whether driven to music by parents, jealousy, or a primal instinct to bang on stuff from birth, each member of this band has a passion for music li ke no other. They chose the name Burning Tide to reflect the intense passion and conflicting backgrounds. They feel the name fits. Becoming a well-known musician generates it’s fair share of moments. “I realized I had blossomed from that jazzy band geek I was in high school to being a rock starat my first great show,” said Roxxxi. “When I was with my first band, I opened at a bike fest, which was his first concert in front of more than 50 people,” Wayne said. “I was walking backstage at the Uptown when I realized I was walking the footsteps of the greats that


had gone before me,” Thor added. “I had a rush of excitement when I was playing at the Beaumont Club and the crowd was cheering and a mosh pit was going. It was the greatest feeling I’ve ever had,” said Tim.

M ay 2 0 1 1 - NLM


N LM ’s G ir l You K NOw

Genet te 26

NLM -M aY 2011

Photographed for nlm by S teve Gi bson Hair an d M ake up by AN G FX


NLM’s “ The Girl s You Kn ow ”

Gene tte P ho to g rap h y by S t e v e g ib s on

The lovely and alluring G enette was a bit shy when she first sat down for NLM. “What is anyone really supposed to say? Either w ay, you will know me no more then I know you!” she laughed. The 2 8-year-old mother is an aspiring model. She describes herself as a hard worker and admits her major priority is her daughter The Stanley, Kan., WWW.NLMONLINE .COM

native likes to spend her free time boxing, diving or watching football. “I live my life full. If you catch me not working or with little miss thing then hopefully I’m by a pool with a Pina Colada on vacation, dancing in the middle of the floor, or fighting one of the poor fools who claims me as a friend!” she said. M aY 2 0 11 - NLM


i live my life full...


NLM - m ay 2011


Model Spo tLight Name: Genette Ag e : 28 Height: 5’8 W ei ght: 128 H air Color: Blonde E ye Color: Green Measurements : 34-28-38 Job/Occupation : UP S Sorter and C ocktail Waitress Hometown : Stanley, Ks.


M ay 2 0 11 - NLM


F eat u r e S tory

Why You Sh oul d Have Sex Fo r Yo ur Health S tory by C ra ig H a r pe r

What's in a Name? Making love. Sex. Shagging. Bonking. Banging. Screwing. Rooting. Call it what you like but if it wasn't for the no-pants dance, you and I wouldn't be here. Sure, we all have our own quirky rules, beliefs and personal issues about sex but when we can find a way past all our religious, moral, mental and emotional barriers, science tells us that (yep, science!) the occa sional roll in the hay can reap some healthy rewards. Although, I can think of better places to roll than hay. And if there's one thing we men need, it's more incentive to have sex. Here's Why You Should Have Sex For Your Health: 1. Stress Management. The no-pants dance lowers blood pressure, relieves anxiety and helps us manage our overall stress levels. A study published in the journal of Biological Psychology found that frequent shagging was associated with lower diastolic blood pressure. Giddy-up. 2. Calorie Burning . Could there be a more enjoyable way to increase one's heart rate, raise a sweat and give our metabol ism a boost? I think not. While it's not the most effective calorie-burner of all time (especially if you work in three-minute bursts like... one of my close friends), you can expend some serious energy by getting a little.. er, creative and, ahem, athletic... shall we say. 3. Cardiovascular Health. Nothing says healthy heart like some regular coitus (and you thought 'screwin g' was a horrible term). Research has 32

NLM -M Ay 2011

discovered an inverse correlation between the frequency of sex (especially in older males) and the likelihood of a life-ending heart attack. You're welcome fellas. 4. Immune System. People who bang like a barn door are less likely to get crook (to a point). Having sex once or twice a week has been associated with increased levels of certain health-protecting antibodies (compared with people of the non-banging variety). Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) teaches us that happier people have stronger immune systems, so if sex makes you happy then the above theory makes complete sense. 5. Improved Sleep. When we orgasm (squirming in your seat yet?) our body produces higher levels of a hormone called Oxytocin - a neuromodulater in the brain. One of the numerous benefits of this is that we are more likely to sleep like babies. Nighty, night... zzzz... 6. Bigger Muscles. Okay Fellas, this one is a stretch but here's my optimistic reasoning. More sex means greater testosterone production. Higher testosterone levels equal less muscle wasting (atrophy), greater recovery from injury and illness, greater feeling of well-being and more overall muscle mass (bringing with it greater strength and power). Makes sense to me. So, what are you waiting for? After all, it's therapeutic! WWW. N LMONL IN E. COM


M ay 2 0 11 - NLM



NLM - M ay 2011


Feature S tory

8 G r ea t P l aces t o M eet Someone New S tory By N icole F or r e s t e r

Meeting someone new is actually a lot easier than it may seem. The world is literally a well-spring of many possibilities to be discovered. However, you have to believe YOU (the product) are incredible. You cannot carry any hint of desperation or your attempts will be futile. You just need to be open to the possibility of meeting new people, without any expectations. Learn how to make small talk. This is essential! And always take care of your appearance. You never know when someone may be giving you a second glance. 1. Church - Possibly the best place to meet someone, esp ecially if you engage in community events, outside of church service. 2. Gym - This is literally a meat market. I can attest to being in the change room and seeing women primping themselves as they are about to begin working out. The gym is the day version to the bar scene, especially if you go after work hours. Don’t be afraid to use manl y machine exercise equipment. Women tend to use these equipments more than the free wei ghts. 3. Supermarket - S ay no more. Especially, if you linger in the fruits and vegetable sections. However, do not a ttempt to talk to a woman in the feminine protection aisle. That could be awkward. 4. Air port - This might also be a strong day contender to the gym, as another meat market. People are super friendly, nosey and have plenty of time to WWW.N LMONLINE.COM

kill. Your job is to make small talk while you wait for your flight. Even if you are an elite traveler with lounge access it’s better to spend your time outside of the lounge. Fewer women may be found in the lounge area. 5. Bookstore - Bookstore - A great plac e to get an understanding of people’s interest. A book can tell a lot about someone. However, try to stay away from the “Self-Help” section on this outing. 6. Mall - Great place for men, but, do not go into Victoria Secret and act as if you are shopping for your sister. Perhaps, a better alternative is to walk by Victoria Secret and catch women as they are leaving or entering. 7. Salon - Say no more. A haven for wo men and a place where open conversations are as c ommon as nail polish. Don’t be afraid to go to a salon to get a pedicure. GUARANTEED to engage in a long conversation with an attractive woman.... GUARANTEED! P lus, we women enjoy seeing the rare appearance of a man in a salon! 8. Coffee Shop - The coffee shop is a sure place to meet new people. People are really friendly in this environment for some reason, and eager to engage in short conversations. Also, if you look up from your book every now and then you might catch the eye of glancing stranger, possibly checking you out for the last hour. M ay 2 011 - NLM


NLM: May 2011 Issue