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N e xt Level M agazi ne J anuary 2011

s ta rt t h e ne w y e a r rig h t w i t h

S ara h A M a n’s gui de to f lirt ing hip hop ’s all s ta r C.J. R e e d

WOmen - Fas hion - f e at u r es - mu s ic and mor e

Ar i e l h as ste p p e d up . . . WIl l Y o u?

n e x t L e v e l Magazine: T i m e t o S t e p Up.

Con t en ts


S a ra h As awe s ome i n front of the c a m era as s he is behi n d it

4 - L e t t e r f rom th e e di tor

6 - Anjel ic a : T he

E ye C an d y of Americ a

10 - Fe at u r e: A M a n’s gu i de to fl i rti ng

20 - fas h ion corner 21 - Musici a ns to Watc h : C . J . R eed

25 - M ac a i a h: all a m e r ic a n mu s e

Co ver a n d curre n t page: P hotography by R. S cot t An ders on H a ir and M akeup by Ang fx WWW.NLMONLINE.COM

J a n ua ry 2011 - NLM


Let te r f r om t h e e di tor

Welcome to the first issue of Next Level Magazine; a magazine dedicated to profiling rising models and musicians. When I started my first magazine, The Mangazine back in March of 2009, it had started out to be a source of fun and entertainment to deployed soldiers who were without decent reading material while serving their country. In July of 2009, an idea came up that would have me expand on my magazine to include movies, games and bands similar to MAXIM, FHM and other men’s magazine. While I felt my magazine was superior in terms of content, the one thing I found myself lacking was the stunning cover models that graced cover after cover of thes e established magazines. How was I going to compete with that? Then in April of 201 0, an idea hit me to use local models that needed a medium to get them established. 4

N LM - Ja nuary 2011

The idea worked, however a fatal computer crashed in August killed my momentum and my magazine. Now, thanks to a new staff and a new computer, my dream is back! Under a new name, Next Level Magazine will still contain the wonderful feature stories and models (still known as the “Girls you know”) that made The Man-gazine successful. What’s new are features on rising musicians, fashion and whatever else we add as the magazine grows. So enjoy NLM, a little less “delightfully offensive,” a bit more class and refinement. The next level has arrived and it’s time to step up. Carlos M. Burger II Editor in Chief, Next Level Magazine


Staff E di tor i n c h i e f

C arl os M. B urger II S e nior E di tor

s a m antha ciara mitaro p ho to g h a p h y Edi tor

h. eliz abeth burger mode l ing cons ul a nt - Ka ns as c i t y

angel a oel ke g ra p h ic de s ign e r

garret c as ados con t r i b u t in g p ho to g ra p h e rs

r.Scot t anderson, joel peav y, C arlos B urger, Patryk Choinski, Richard Davenport con t r i b u t ing H a i r S t yl is ts

M ac aiah Spe nc e, AnG FX cont r i b u t in g M a k e Up A rt i s ts

AnG FX con t r i b u t ing Wr i t e rs

Scot t Pat terson, S a m antha ciara mitaro N LM Ad v e rt is e me nts p r o v i de d by

CM B Photography Studio, K Gl a m Photography Pu b l i s h e d by

M agcloud Publi shin g 3000 Hanover St, MS 1240 Pal o Alto, C A 94304 January 2011 iss ue, Volume 1, Number 1. NLM:Next Leve l M agazin e is pub li shed monthly by Innovator Entertai nmen t Inc ., 8484 Allworth Ct, Fort Meade, Md., 20755. Copyright pen di ng. 2011 Innovator Entertai nmen t Inc . NLM:Next Level M agazine i s a pendi ng trade m ark own ed by Inn ovator Entertainment, Inc . All rights res erved.

NLM’s “ Th e G i rls You Know ”

Anjelica P ho to g ra p h y by joe l p e av y

When your aspirations are to become the “eye candy of A merica,” you definitely need to be drop dead gorgeous. With that said, when you meet Anjelica you immediately know she has the looks to carry her bold claim. “I’m very versatile, easy to work with and I have a look and drive to advance in this industry,” says the vibran t and sassy 22-year old. Whether or not this confident model can rise to superstardom is unseen however, one thing is certain; this Puerto Rican diva knows how 6

N LM - Ja n uary 2011

to get attention. When this Clarksville, Tenn., native walks down the street, heads turn from her sultry walk and ever swaying hips. She coyly admits that she loves turning on the sex appeal wherever she goes. Her quick wit and fluorescent smile makes a deadly combination for any man she sets her sights on. But Anjelica admits that she really turns it on when the lights are shining bright on her, no matter if its studio lights for a photo or video shoot or her personal favorite, the dance f loor. WWW. N LMONL I NE.COM


J a n ua ry 2011 - NLM


Model SpotLight Name :Anjelica Age: 22 Ht: 5’5 Wt: 130lbs Hometown: Puetr o Rico 8

N LM - Ja nuary 2011

Job : Dancer Hair: B ro wn Eyes: Br own Measurements: 34B-25-34


I h av e the lo ok an d t h e dr i v e . . .


J a n ua ry 2011 - NLM


F eatu r e s tory

A Man’s guide to Flirting S tory by S co t t pat t e rs on P ho to g ra p h y by Pat ry k C hoins k i

Are you a flirt? If you said ‘no,’ then it’s important that you learn the secret to flirting with women in order to increase your self-confidence and enhance you r dating life. Learning how to flirt effectively with women is simple ‘ you need only think through the proce ss, set your mind on a cour se for success, select a target to practice on and before you know it, you’ll have more dates than ever before in your life. Flirting is an art ‘ there’s a certain finesse to it that you have to master to get over looking and feeling awkward. Luckily, mastering this art will take you only 10

NLM - Ja nuary 2011

moments, with results that last for a lifetime. Remember that flirting is all about the attitude you present. If you are nervous or shy or give off a creepy vibe, women are more likely to run away than give you their phone number. But if, instead, you exude confidence and positively interact with the woman of your dreams, she’ll feel more comfortable setting a date with you. Once you’ve taken the initial steps to put her at ease, it’s time to start a conversation with her. You can discuss almost anything you want ‘ ask he r questions WWW. N LMONL I NE.COM

S h e ’ ll never be this into you if y o u aren’t reading her s i g n s properly.


J a n ua ry 2011 - NLM


I f s h e v o l u nteers to show y o u w h e r e her new tattoo is, t h e n y o u r i n.

about herself, make a comment about wherever you are , or tell her a funny joke to get her laughing. She’ll love that you sta y lighthearted when you’re together, as long as you can also show her that you have a serious side. One of the easiest ways to begin flirting with fabulous women is to have something eye-catching or attention-getting with you at all times. If you approach a woman in the park while walking your dog, she’s sure to fuss over you both, and leave you an opening to strike up a conversation. If you are wearing an unusual tie while attending a formal event, you may get her attention for more than just a moment. If you see a woman you are interested in sh owing attention to any of your features, take the opportunity to approach her and take the first steps in flirting. Be careful not to go over the top when you are flirting w ith women - it’s impo rtant that the y aren’t left wonde ring ‘are you a flirt’ and instead are left feeling like you 12

NLM - Ja nuary 2011

have made them the center of attention. Sincerity is rule number one for successful flirting. By actively listening to what they have to say while consistently maintaining eye contact, they’ll see that you are really into them and that there is potential for more. Remember that in paying compliments, a little goes a long way. Do not go over the top in flattering the woman of your dreams; she’ll see through you and shut you down. Instead, only make sincere compliment about striking features. Most importantly, smile, smile, smile. If you are happy and you show it, your flirting will be successful. Before long, her thoughts will shift from wondering ‘are you a flirt’ to asking ‘are you available.’

How to Te l l W h e n a Wo m a n i s Flirting

Nearly every man has had one simple conversation with their best friend or wingman while they are out at a bar or a club: ‘Dude, do you think she is flirting with me?’. ‘I don’t know

man, I think she might be’. This conversation is borderline embarrassing for anyone who is trying to pick up on the signals of another. Knowing the answer to ‘Is she flirting?’ can help you to understand who is into you, and who isn’t. By following some of these simple tips as a guide, you can help yourself answer that ever important question of ‘Is she flirting?’. #1- Is She Smiling At You? Smiling is important, but knowing the type of smile can be even more important when trying to answer the question ‘is she flirting?’. Someone can smile when they are uncomfortable. Someone can smile when they are confused. By knowing the type of smile, you can know if she is flirting. Notice is she is smiling at you. If she is looking right in your eyes and smiling or grinning, you know that you have caught her attention, and in a good way. Continued on page 22 WWW. N LMONL I NE.COM

K G lam p h otogr aph y has s t e p p e d up ...W Ill You?

next L e v e l Magaz i n e : T ime t o S t e p U p .


NLM - Ja nuary 2011


NLM’s Cover gir l of the month

Fl as h in g Ligh ts : S ara h Moor e Photography by R. S cot t An derson and r ichard davenport H a i r a nd M akeup By A Ng FX


J a n ua ry 2011 - NLM


When you think models, you think glamorous, sexy women. When you think about photographers, you think talented and creative, but neither glamorous nor sexy tend to spring to mind. Well, when you see Sarah, a photography student at the University of Central Missouri, your image of a model and photographer are instantly melded together. This fun loving Kansas City native, is a host when she’s not taking pictures for school or her photography business. Although she lists taking and editing photos as two of her favorite activities, it’s not all business for the stunning 22 year old. “I love going out and having a good time,” Sarah says. She’s also a big fan of playing and watching sports, especially volleyball and football.


NLM - Ja n uary 2011


To See S a ra h ’s work v is i t Sarah Moore Photograph y on Facebook


J a n ua ry 2011 - NLM


I lov e going out a nd having a good time...


NLM - Ja n uary 2011


Model SpotLight Name: Sarah Age : 22 Ht: 5’ 1/2” Wt: 100lbs


Ho metown: Kansas City Jo b: host /student Hair: B londe Eyes: green

J a n ua ry 2011 - NLM


NLM’s Fas h ion Corn e r

Don’t know what to get your diva? With NLM’s fashion corner, you can upgrade your babe and not break your bank! Take a look at the lovely Kristin Gregory: P.S. - Be sure to check out Kristin’s sexy pictorial in next month’s issue! Jacket: Forever 21-$25 Shirt: LVL 10-$5 Jeans w/chain: Forever 21-$30 Silver neck chain and peace earrings: Icing-$18 Photography by Carlos Burger Hair and Makeup by Kristin Gregory


NLM - Ja nuary 2011


Mu sicians to watch

C.J. R eed S tory by s a m a n t h a c i a ra m i ta r o

While most musical artists from Alabama have showcased their talents either locally, or next door in Atlanta, Georgia; the very talented Calvin Reed, better known as C.J., took his gift to the East Coast. Besides the likes o f Alabama rapper Rich Boy, there hasn 't been a successful hip-hop artist from this state. Welldres sed and well-connected, the humble, yet electrifying 28-yea r-old rapper is on his grind to change that statistic. The child of military parents, C.J. moved constantly, WWW.NLMONLINE.COM

sometimes even to international locations. Early in his childhood, he embraced music into his life. C.J. would sneak around the house at late hours to listen as his parents would spin their old records. Though his household was structured, C.J. stayed in the streets. "I would be out all hours of the night getting into everything: drugs, sex, gun play, you name i t!" While in the streets, C.J. would try to freestyle, and FAIL MISERABLY. J a nua ry 2011 - NLM


was placed on hold again. Instead, C.J. was casted in a leading role for the full length feature film Angels Among Us. In between shooting days, C.J. began to record his first mixtape entitled Forever, "I made the style of music that I like to hear..…but it has variety, something for every race, every gender, everybody." Due to lack of help from close friends, C.J. was forced to record and mix all the tracks. The long and tedious process nearly derailed the completion of the project. Good thing he finished….the mixtape has become an instant success. Upon the completion of the film and his mixtape, he joined forces with his colleagues Richard Morgan and Chris Nicholas to co-own the production company Low Biz Productions. "I'm trying to be the Russell Simmons of my era in reference to the business endeavors," he says. "I'm not trying to be hood nor preppy, just crazy ass C.J.; as for the music and acting, you can't touch me b*tches!!!!" Find C.J. at the following Site s: www. WhoIs eed Twitter @WhoIs CJReed Flirting, Continued F ROM page 22 "I would be on the block and my big brah Chris and Tony B. would battle rap for hours. My mind would move too fast, and my mouth couldn't keep up," says C.J. Instead, he wanted to pursue being a producer and making beats. After high school, C.J. attended the University of Alabama, where he received a bachelors degree in Business Management and Marketing. In between classes, he would write snippets of songs, never completing them; yet honing his skills as a writer. Shortly after graduation, he ventured to New York. Initially residing in the Bronx, financial strains made him move to Far Rockaway, and eventually to the slums in Flatbush. While in New York, he was accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he was learned the art of acting. C.J. left the school early to begin his creative career. After nine semisuccessful months, financial woes hit again and C.J. joined the military. In June 2009, he deployed to Iraq to fight the war. While in Iraq, C.J. purchased a laptop and headphones with a headset mic attached. "I would get done with my missions late as hell, and stay up till sunrise writing and recording on my laptop. I would be extremely tired, but it was all worth it," said C.J. After a 10 month tour, he returned to the states with a full portfolio of music. With the help of his close friend William Brown, better known as hit producer, OhSo, C.J. was able to purchase equipment and make a home studio in his closet. Ready to make his music career a reality, his dream 22

NLM - Ja n uary 2011

#2- Fidgeting is a Good Thing Some people will think that fidgeting is a sure fire sign that someone is disinterested in them. If a girl is playing with her hair or tapping her foot, you can know the answer to the question of ‘is she flirting?’ Women, just like men, do things unconsciously. If a woman is twirling her hair around her finger, or is play ing with a small strand, you can know that she may be a little nervous, but is flirting none the less. #3- Did She Come to You First? This may seem like an obvious way to answer the question of ‘Is she flirting’, but is unfortunately missed by many confused men. If a woman comes up to you to talk to you first, this should be seen as an obvious sign that she is flirting. Women do not step to a guy who they do not want to flirt with. If she walks up to you and strikes up a conversation, you can know that she is flirting with you. #4- The Final (and Easiest) Sign There is one sign, above all else, that is an obvious answer to the question of ‘is she flirting?’. If a woman is talking to you, and touches you, you know that you are being flirted with, without question. If you are sitting, and she touches your knee, she is flirting. If you make a joke and she slaps your arm, she is flirting. Woman will not just touch or hit anyone; they only do that to the men that they are interested in and want to flirt with. There are multiple ways to figure out if a girl is flirting with you or not. By looking at these simple signs, you will be able to tell if that girl you are trying to flirt with is flirting back with you or not. WWW. N LMONL I NE.COM


NLM - Ja n uary 2011


NLM’s “ T he Girls You Kn ow ”


P ho to g ra p h y by r ic h a r d dav enp ort Ha i r by M ac a i a h S p ence M a k e u p by AN g fx

Meeting a woman as gifted as Macaiah is rare indeed. The Lawrence, Kan., native holds a degree in art history and admits that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it com es to her creativity. “I love art and anything to do with it!” she says. She uses that resourcefulness to pay the bills as a cosmetologist, where she says she can create her own works of art to help others look their best. WWW.NLMONL INE.COM

The 26-year-old beauty also loves music and is interested in expanding her talents to singing in a band. Macaiah is also an exercise nut; she enjoys weightlifting, however her passion is anything that involves the outdoors such as running and biking.

J a nua ry 2011 - NLM


I love art a n d an y t h i n g to d o wi t h i t. . .

NLM - Ja n uary 2011



Model S p o t Light Name : Macaiah Age: 26 Ht: 5’ 3” Wt: 110lbs Ho metown : Lawrence, Kansas Job: C osmetol ogist Hair: Blonde Eyes: green Measurements : 36-35-37


J a nua ry 2011 - NLM


See You N ext Iss u e !

NLM - January 2011 Issue