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BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

BRANDING What’s a brand?

Building an enduring brand

Consistency is everything

More than a name or a logo.

A brand is a shorthand representation—often communicated in a single word or symbol—of everything a company is, does and stands for. That representation can be seen most clearly in promotional messages and in the quality of the customer’s experience in buying, using and servicing a branded product.

Achieving the goal of an enduring brand requires a conscious, coordinated, consistent approach to communications and behavior. That approach is based on the understanding that every choice and every decision—not advertising or collateral alone —communicates something to someone about the BREAKAWAY brand.

But the brand’s representation communicates other, less obvious aspects of the brand that are just as important. A clear promise, for example, that is important and memorable to customers. A distinctive recognizable personali y that is inseparable from the brand itself, informing not only advertising and communications but behavior as well.

When the brand’s messages are developed ad hoc, focused solely on the needs of the moment, they have no lasting impact and represent a shortsighteduse of scarce marketing dollars.

The guidelines that govern communications for BREAKAWAY products and services are part of a much larger effort — to build awareness, understanding and preference for the BREAKAWAY brand and BREAKAWAY products and services in the markets in which we compete. To build a brand that endures.

But when messages are delivered within a consistent framework and reinforce the brand’s promise and personality, their impact can be leveraged to boost awareness and heighten brand recognition and preference. Promotional dollars work twice as hard, serving short-term sales goals as well as longer-term objectives for the brand.

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013


What We Do

BreakAway’s purpose is to produce, acquire, and distribute high-quality independent content to a vast number of broadcasters, in-flight entertainment platforms, and video-on-demand across the world. We commit to provide customized distribution and marketing strategies for each and every title through analysis of trends and potential-market needs.

We do international sales of features films to airlines and the creation and distribution of television programs to airlines and TV networks.


Our aim is to build a strong reputation for acquiring and producing media that challenges, entertains and inspires our audiences both in the air and on the ground.

We are creative, specialist content producers and distributors. We work closely with our clients to understand their business, and their goals. This enables us to create or acquire content that will engage and build loyalty with their target audience. Our offerings enable our clients to shine.

Who We Are We are a television and film distribution company representing diverse television programs and international independent films. We also create our own television programs that examine the world we live in. We’re a small team of media enthusiasts who are passionate about content that can make us laugh, makes us think, and hopefully make us look at the world in a different way.

Our Aim

Client Value Proposition With a keen eye for independent content and “hidden gems”, we will be able to provide both the IFE and the international-content markets with unique and diverse programming at competitive prices. Our understanding of the opportunity to capture audiences through the provision of cultural and art house content ensures we build a reputation that is clearly differentiated from existing distributors, particularly in IFE.

BRAND ESSENCE Brand Personality We are friendly and honest We are adaptable We are creative

Brand Values Commitment/ Professionalism Creativity/Tenacity/ Agility/Cleverness Agility

Brand Attributes

Creative thinkers Strategic communicators Experienced professionals

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013



We strive to see every project through from beginning to end with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication. We invest in forming long-term relationships with our clients and aim to instill confidence in these clients with everything we do. Regardless of the size of the deal (or client) we will bring the same commitment to closing every sale. We invest in forming long-term relationships with clients and aim to instill confidence with a strong track record of customer service and on-time delivery of all materials.

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. We never give up on our clients or each other. We will be passionate about thetitles we offer, take advantage of marketing opportunities, and sell.



While we embrace individuality and expression, our highest priority is to do our jobs and do them well. We maintain a policy of honest, open communication channels, cooperating as a team to deliver our projects with seamless execution.

We admire knowledge and intelligence. Our experience in each market paves our approach – ensuring we deliver the best outcome to each client and a profitable result to the company.

Creativity We believe creativity will differentiate us, and our clients, from the competition. From the work we do to the way we do it, the team prides itself on its unique ability to blend creativity with our business objectives. We believe our service, quality of content, and our creativity (adaptability) when closing deals will set us apart from the competition.

Agility Our size and approach make us flexible and responsive. We adapt to changing circumstances and respond with solutions.

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

PERSONALITY Friendly and Honest



We are a warm and welcoming

Each member of the team

The industries in which we work

team. It is important to us to enjoy

approaches their work with

can be unpredictable, and our

our work and ensure our clients

irrepressible spirit and air.

success depends on our ability

do too! We operate through open

Applied to a brief, these qualities

to keep respond to every

channels of communication.

translate into the signature

challenging project.

This means maintaining

freshness and creativity we are

We are dedicated to drawing

a level of transparency.

so proud of.

on our own experiences so that

Each member of the team

we can be as exible as we need

approaches his or her work with

to be, and never drop a ball.

a refreshed view each day by following and reading-up on market news.


BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

OVERVIEW These are the elements we use to help people recognize us.

Our typefaces ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXWYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxwyz0123456789 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXWYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxwyz0123456789




IMAGERY Photography

IMAGERY Illustration


BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013


It has been said that the crown jewel of any business communication is its identity mark. It is both the symbol and mirror of what a company represents. The BREAKAWAY Symbol Marks represents our entire corporation. It is the single most important element in our visual identity and it must appear in every BREAKAWAY communication.

STACKED LOGO This is the original and preferred mark for all applications

The principles which will help you use the Symbol Marks correctly and consistently are summarized in the following pages.

HORIZONTAL LOGO This version may be used in instances where spatial constraints require a conďŹ guration of a more horizontal nature

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

PRIMARY LOGO construction 4x

2x 2x

x 2x x

x x 2x x


BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

LOGO minimal size 4x


BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

PRIMARY LOGO clearspace

To ensure the legibility of the logo, it must be surrounded with a minimum amount of clearspace. This isolates the logo from competing elements such as photography, text or background patterns that may detract attention and lessen the overall impact.

4x 2x



Using the logo in a consistent manner across all applications helps to both establish and reinforce immediate recognition of the BREAKAWAY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA. The provided artwork must be used at all times.

x 2x x

x x 2x x

2x security area

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

PRIMARY LOGO color variations

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

LOGO secondary



2x 2x x x



Minimal size printable 1� or 25.4mm

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

LOGO USAGE GUIDELINES 1. No elements of the logo artwork may be recreated, deleted, cropped, or reconfigured. All logo artwork is provided as Adobe Illustrator, based EPS.

To ensure a consistent and appropriate brand identity, a general set of guidelines for logo usage is outlined as follows.

2. A minimum clearspace must be maintained on the perimeter surrounding logo artwork as outlined on Logo Clearspace page. Must use the artwork provided. 3. Logo artwork must be uniformly scaled. Non-uniform scaling distorts the proportions of artwork and the relationship between the icons and letterforms. 4. Logo artwork should always appear upright. 5. EPS files are vector artwork and are infinitely scalable, thus eliminating the need to ensure proper resolution for the purpose of reproduction. 6. Logo artwork should appear against a solid background to ensure maximum and proper contrast. 7. Logo artwork may only be reproduced directly from a digital file. It should never be reproduced from previously printed materials. 8. Do not put a white box around the logo when placed on a dark background and do not reproduce the logo in colors other than those specified in these guidelines.

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

LOGO USAGE DON’TS 1. Don’t change the logo’s orientation. 2. Don’t bevel or emboss the logo. 3. Don’t place the logo on a busy photograph or pattern.

















4. Don’t change the logo colors. 5. Don’t crop the logo in any way. 6. Don’t add “glow” effects to the logo. 7. Don’t present the logo on “vibrating” colored backgrounds. 8. Don’t present the logo in “outline only” fashion. 9. Don’t place the logo on similarly-colored backgrounds. 10. Don’t outline the logo in any color. 11. Don’t add “drop shadow” effects to the logo. 12. Don’t put a white box around the logo when placed on a dark or busy background. 13. Don’t reconfigure or change the size or placement of any logo elements. 14. Don’t stretch or squeeze the logo to distort proportions. 15. Don’t recreate elements or replace with something else.


BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

COLOR PALETTE inspired by the colors of RGB dots that make up the video screens our color palette is strong and striking and brings a connection to the world of visual media.

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013



C46 M00 Y100 K00

C100 M00 Y00 K00

C12 M100 Y36 K00

RGB: R169 G212 B45 Pantone: 375 C HEX: A9D42D

RGB: R0 G172 B236 Pantone: Process CYAN HEX: 00ACEC

RGB: R183 G23 B101 Pantone: 214 C HEX: B82067



C46 M00 Y100 K00

C100 M00 Y00 K00

C12 M100 Y36 K00

RGB: R169 G212 B45 Pantone: 375 C HEX: A9D42D

RGB: R0 G172 B236 Pantone: Process CYAN HEX: 00ACEC

RGB: R183 G23 B101 Pantone: 214 C HEX: B82067



BREAKAWAY has an extensive colour palette which allows for more exibility than most other visual identities. The BREAKAWAY colour palette contains samples of all the colours available along with their Pantone, RGB, CMYK and HTML colour codes. No other



colours should be used. Designers and colleagues producing materials will need to receive a copy of this.

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013


RGB stands for red, green and blue and refers to a colour mixing system combining those three colours to produce other colours. Used for online display. CMYK refers to Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black and is a colour model in which each colour is described using a mix of these colours. This is because offset printing uses these four basic inks to produce all other colours. Used for high-end printing.


C30 M30 Y 30 K 100

C0 M0 Y 0 K 0

C0 M0 Y 0 K 0

RGB: R0 G0 B0 Pantone: P rocess Black C HEX : 000000

RGB: R255 G255 B255 Pantone: P rocess – HEX : FFFFFF

RGB: R255 G255 B255 Pantone: P rocess – HEX : FFFFFF



C12 M100 Y36 K00

C12 M100 Y36 K00

RGB: R183 G23 B101 Pantone: 214 C HEX: B82067

RGB: R183 G23 B101 Pantone: 214 C HEX: B82067

BLUE TEXT C100 M100 Y33 K36


HEX stands for Hypertext Markup Language and refers to codes that are inserted into the design of web pages to instruct them how to look. In this case, referring to specific colours. Used for web design.



Pantone refers to a set of standard colours for printing, each with their own unique number. Used for printing.



Explanation of the different colour codes

RGB: R36 G29 B80 Pantone: 274 C HEX : 241D50


BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

TYPEFACES Our typeface was determined using strict criteria. Treat it with respect and let it make our message clear.

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

TYPEFACES Our typeface was selected to make a clear and powerful message. We have two different weights for Futura Mdt BT – medium and bold.

Futura Mdt BT Medium Futura Mdt BT Bold

• Use Futura Mdt BT medium and bold for headlines and subheadings • NOT use for body copy

Typefaces • BREAKAWAY typefaces can be downloaded here

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXWYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxwyz0123456789

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

TYPEFACES Our typeface was selected to make a clear and powerful message We have five different weights for Open Sans – light, Regular, Semi-bold ,Bold and Extra-bold. • Use Open Sans regular and bold for body copy • Use Open Sans light or regular for small print • Keep the number of different sizes to a minimum

Open Sans Light Open Sans Regular Open Sans Semi-bold Open Sans Bold Open Sans Extra-bold

Online • Use Futura Mdt BT Medium (28px on 29px leading) for the text box in the hero space • Use Open Sans regular and bold for all other live text

Typefaces • BREAKAWAY typefaces can be downloaded here

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXWYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxwyz0123456789


BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

IMAGERY Bold and single-minded. Our imagery shows the possibilities our products hold, and how using them empowers people.

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

IMAGERY Illustration The aim of an illustration is to elucidate or decorate a piece of textual information by providing a visual representation of something described in the text. The use of illustration makes ideas more concrete and speciďŹ c; it's a clear and simple way of portraying meaning. As all BREAKAWAY illustrations need to communicate the company's values and aims, close consultation with the Communication team is vital.

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

IMAGERY Photography Photography is a powerful and dynamic tool. Every picture tells a story, so careful consideration ofphotography when producing promotional materials for BREAKAWAY is important. Our values and ethos are reflected in the images we use. They should communicate the diversity, energy and personality of what we do. For this reason, you must always contact the communications team if you need to source photography or illustrations. As a general rule, try not to use images that have come from a wide variety of sources on the same project. It can be glaringly obvious when you have one professional high resolution image and another taken by a disposable camera. There are some examples (right) of the style of photography we encourage. BREAKAWAY is best represented in a way that reflects our values of commercialism, integrity and stewardship. Try to avoid using images that are obviously ‘staged’, clinical or just plain meaningless. Professional photography is commissioned on a regular basis by the Communications department and the images are stored in an online photo library. This library is available for publications and web use. Search Shutterstock for BreakAway branding images.Please contact the communications team for more information. We are planning to make this libraryavailable to everyone via the Internet.

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013

IMAGERY Image quality

Royalty-free imagery

Imagery selected for use must be of a suitably high quality to represent BREAKAWAY and uphold our image and reputation. Imagery dragged from the web is NOT suitable for quality printed material. Similarly, out of focus, poorly composed or otherwise visually sub-standard or inappropriate images should not be used.

A flat fee is charged for buying an image and this allows its unlimited use. Images are often available in a range of sizes, with the largest size being the most expensive. There are many royalty-free CDs available covering a range of subject areas; these may have between 50 and 200 images on them, a few of which will normally be of higher quality and the rest more pedestrian. It can often be as economical to buy a whole CD as it would be to buy 2 or 3 separate images. Remember though that you don’t have exclusive right of use, so you may see the same image used elsewhere.

Sourcing imagery Some projects need imagery which is not part of the image library. In these instances contact the Communications department, who will source appropriate images, either commissioning or buying photography or illustration.

Rights-managed imagery A fee is charged for using an image calculated on the print run, how large the image is printed (full page, half page, quarter page) and its position in the document (cover, inside page). The fee must be renegotiated if there is a reprint or different use of the same image. This is the most expensive and administrative time-consuming way to buy imagery but gives access to the highest quality images.

Resolution It is important that you are aware of resolution and file size when you are dealing with digital images. Digital images are measured by width and height in pixels. Printed images are measured in dots per inch. Images used for websites need to be of a lower pixel resolution than those used for printed materials. Website images are usually in the range of 100 x 300 pixels wide and high. For printed materials, the larger the digital image the better. These simple principles can be applied to all images that you source or are supplied to you. Apart from these basic rules there can be a lot more than meets the eye when assessing digital imagery needs.

For example, exhibition panels can require huge image sizes to achieve the right quality. We recommend that if you’re in any doubt you should seek advice from the communications department who will be able to advise. • Images supplied for use on printed promotional material must have a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch) at the physical size they are to be printed. • If a digital camera is being used it should be set to the maximum resolution. • Images downloaded from the web usually have a resolution of only 72dpi which is not suitable for use on good quality printed promotional material. • If you are supplying images for print purposes please bear the above guidelines in mind and if possible supply either high quality digital images at a resolution of 300dpi, transparencies or prints.

Copyright Most imagery for use in a publication or on a website requires either the owner’s permission or the payment of a fee. Take care to check the position regarding copyright and acknowledgements before publishing. This is equally true for images downloaded from the Internet.

BREAKAWAY Identity Guidelines - Summer 2013



• contact the Communications department if you need images, either from the library or outsourced

Don´t • use blurred edges

• place text over image(s) where possible • use a single photo or a montage with a solid edge • use tints if necessary

• use artificial scenarios with models in clearly staged surroundings

• ensure photos are clear and accessible (is the subject of the picture easy to understand?)

• ask participants to smile unnaturally for the camera

• use professional quality images (is the quality, focus and exposure of the photo the best it could be?)

• artificially emphasize the positive so that it looks unnatural or unreal

• ensure images are relevant to the content (text) and audience • use modern images (do they portray BREAKAWAY as a modern commercial organization?) • do they show different jobs, roles, ethnicity, age, sex, locations and situations?) • use straightforward and honest images (do they avoid gimmicks and over-complicated design? Do they accurately portray the situation? Do they portray actual people, places and events?) • show respect

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BreakAway Brand Guidelines  

BreakAway International Media is a California-based company specializing in international content distribution for inflight screening includ...

BreakAway Brand Guidelines  

BreakAway International Media is a California-based company specializing in international content distribution for inflight screening includ...