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central compartment - blood plasma Cheng-Prussoff equation - an equation that can convert an IC50 value to a Ki value

classical isosteres - isosteres that specifically preserve steric bulk when one group is exchanged with another clearance (CL) - the removal of a drug from the bloodstream, normally by either excretion or metabolism. The variable CL has units of either mL/min or mL/min/kg. clinical candidate - see investigational new drug combinatorial chemistry - a method, often automated, for making large collections of molecules using varied building blocks around a molecular scaffold compartment model - a method for describing how a drug distributes into the various tissues of an organism competitive inhibitor - an enzyme inhibitor that binds at the active site of an enzyme. Competitive inhibitors decrease the affinity of an enzyme for its substrate, and therefore increases Km. composition of matter - a type of patent that covers new chemical substances, especially drugs compound library - a collection of molecules that can be used to test for biological activity against a protein target concensus scoring - the use of multiple scoring methods in an in silico screen to increase the relability of the resulting hits Cp - see plasma concentration CYP - see cytochrome P-450

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