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Glossary absorption - the movement of a drug from its site of administration to the bloodstream active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) - the chemical in an administered drug that is responsible for its biological activity adverse effect - an undesired effect of a drug alkaloid - a molecule found in a natural source with a basic nitrogen and a level of structural complexity allosteric site - a site on an enzyme or receptor that is not bound by a substrate or response-causing ligand. Noncompetitive inhibitors (enzymes) and noncompetitive antagonists (receptors) bind at allosteric sites. alpha-helix (Îą-helix) - a type of secondary structure in which the protein backbone assumes a spiral conformation amide linkage - the amide bond formed between individual amino acid residues in a protein backbone analgesic - pain killer analogues - compounds related to a lead and prepared in an attempt to optimize the desired properties of the lead API - see active pharmaceutical ingredient apparent volume of distribution (Vd) - a hypothetical volume of plasma that is required to contain a specified drug dose

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