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In this interview we are going to ask from one of the most important persons of Ford about his life and how it feels working in the most important cars deliver company of the worlds. 1.- How did you feel in working on Ford?. R: It feels really confortable, because the environment with the other workers are very good. 2.- The daily salary of this work can apport for the daily needs of your home?. R: Yes, the salary can use it for the daily needs and I have a half for entertainment and other things. 3.-How you and your company make the disegn for his cars?. R: We start from cero, from the inside, and then the desing from the outside, the color and the preferences of our clients. 4.- What kind of ideas you have for the future? R: We have a lot of ideas for the future, we are working in a car without tires, cars that can fly, and spend less gasoline, but that kind of inventions will be for many years in the future when technology allows us

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