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Aroa García Carlos González Judit López

1.- Introduction 2.- Flag 3.- Geography and interesting places 4.- Food 5.- Humans of Italy 6.- What did I learn?

A) Country Name: Italy. B) Language: Italian. C) Population: In Italy the population in 2016 is 59,809,459. Italy is number 23 on the list of countries ranked by population in the world.

The Italian flag has got three colors. On the left, there is a vertical green stripe. On the center, there is a vertical white stripe. On the right, there is a vertical red stripe. Napoleรณn created the disposition of the stripes.

It’s in Europe. There are three islands off the coast of Italy. In the middle of the country there are big mountains named the Apeninos. Italy has long beaches.

Interesting places: In Italy there are a lot of interesting places: ·The tower of Pisa, in Pisa’s city. ·The old coleseum of Rome. ·Milan’s cathedral. ·Venecia, it’s an interesting place to visit, it has the Grand Canal.

The most popular foods in Italy are: pizza, pasta and tomato sauce. Cheese is an important part of the italian cooking. There are more than 400 types of cheese made in Italy.

They always eat pizza They often eat pasta with tomato sauce. They sometimes eat lasagna. They never drink orange juice.

He’s young. He’s medium sized. He’s slim. He’s got short, brown hair. He’s wearing a blue T-shirt, blue shorts and white shoes.

We learned many things about Italy. The most important thing that we learned about Italy is the geography and interesting places. We learned to work in a group.


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