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Issue 1. Summer 2013

Boulder Portrait Photographers

The Portrait Show


Boulder Portrait Photographers Boulder



was founded in August 2012. It is with great pride that, in this short amount of time, we are presenting our first show of work. We have come together as a group to learn and grow both artistically and professionally. As a community of portrait photographers BPP offers group members an outlet to express and share ideas, learn about and experiment with photographic techniques and processes, discuss business issues and concerns, stay up-to-date with current and future technology, and, of course, network and






professional and semi-professional portrait photographers who share our passion.

Sue Daniels BPP Organizer

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The Portrait June 14 to Sept 23 2013 Show Lean more at 2

Issue 1 Summer 2013

Dialing for Glamour By Rick Cummings 3

JUNE 2013





PHOTOGRAPHERS 08 Marilyn Stevens

www.marilynstevensphotography. com

18 Dave Engle

28 Kristine Tochtrop

20 Carol Burkett 10 Sue Daniels www.superiorimaging.smug

30 Ani Vattano www.anivattanophotography. com

12 Bill Brant

32 Jon Casler

14 Rick Cummings 16 Carlos Mata

21 Lauren Walter

24 Heather Burns Knierim

26 Brenda Taylor

34 Vince Dean

35 George Dinakar

WITH THANKS TO ALL OUR SPONSORS AND CONTRIBUTORS TO THE SHOW All images published in BPP magazine are the sole property of the contributing photographers and are copyrighted material. No image may be reproduced without the express written permission of its owner.

Head Liner Productions.


Boulder Portrait Photographers

STATEMENT Putting a Face to Portraiture What imagery does the phrase "portrait photography" conjure up for you? Senior portraits, family group shots, head shots. Perhaps you're a photographer, so you think of the work of some of the greats like Annie Leibovitz or the more avant-garde, Diane Arbus. The challenge in attempting to put a face to portraiture as a category lies in the variation that the category encompasses. The subject could be family or stranger, in action or posed, real or contrived. Whatever else the final product includes, successful portraiture invites the viewer to connect with the subject in an intimate, often unique way. Portraits strive to reveal a characteristic of the subject-- or the photographer's impression of the characteristic. This show not only introduces the Boulder Portrait Photographers group but the diversity of portraiture as a genre. These photographers and their styles range from enthusiasts to studio owners. Some adapt to the natural situation of the portrait, using available light and minimal post-processing. Others pursue the absolute control afforded by the studio and creative expression of Photoshop. Though it's difficult to reproduce in a catalog, some of the photographers even modified the material on which their images were printed, favoring metallic or wood instead of paper. Though the show takes great strides towards introducing the diversity of portraiture, it can only scratch the surface. If work here catches your eye, perhaps the next time one mentions portrait photography, you'll think differently of it.

Lauren Walter Show’s Curator

Published by Carlos Mata for Boulder Portrait Photographers

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Show Curator • Lauren Walter 303-476-8358,

Layout and Design • Carlos Mata 720.883.4801,

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On The cover Looking out of the past. By Rick Cummings

Rick is a fine art and commercial photographer in Boulder CO.


GALLERY 1 • • • • • • • •

Marilyn Stevens Sue Daniels Bill Brant Rick Cummings Carlos Mata Dave Engle Carol Burkett Lauren Walter

Quotes to Inspire you

"Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera." - Yousuf Karsh "Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph." - Matt Hardy "If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If you’re not out there, you’ll only hear about it." - Jay Maisel "One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time." - Annie Leibovitz "Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." - Imogen Cunningham


American Beauty By Marilyn Stevens Marilyn Stevens Photography 303-882-4953

Marilyn Stevens


hy am I a photographer? Because I love to help people capture special moments in their lives and preserve valuable memories, I use light, texture, backgrounds, colors, and composition to tell a story, reveal an emotion, create a mystery, or expose the beauty that surrounds us.

Troubadour By Marilyn Stevens

The Flowergirls

Ballerina By Marilyn Stevens

Devotion BPP-9

Sue Daniels Capturing the right moment in time as well as the elegance, grace and beauty of the dancer is an art as well as a challenge.


ue Daniels is a professional portrait photographer located in Nederland, Colorado. While I photograph all forms of portraiture (weddings, maternity, families and babies, high school seniors) my passion is photographing the ballet. I find the dancer’s body in movement captivating. I’m drawn to the dramatic lighting of the theater as well as the excitement and glamour.

Composer By Sue Daniels.

Sue Daniels Photography 303-258-0266 Twitter:@SueDaniels2


Jane's Dance

Baby Face By Sue Daniels Boudoir BPP-11

Bill Brant

Comfortable By Bill Brant


hotography is about capturing the light, the emotion, and the moment. Portraiture adds a degree of control that comes with a studio setting, backgrounds, and offcamera lighting that can be tuned along with poses to produce compelling images that depict important qualities. Those qualities may include beauty, intelligence, wisdom, decisiveness, fun, athleticism, and/or caring. This is often a combination of lighting and developing the expression and pose that is both natural but revealing and may be enhanced with props or just the subject.


We’ll do it my way

Tatts and Kisses By Bill Brant.

Self Portrait

The most rewarding attribute of portraiture has been the creative interaction with a variety of people as can be seen from the work displayed in this show.

Bill Brant Photography (303) 588-7834

Atlas By Bill Brant


Dialing for Glamour

Looking Out for the Past

Rick Cummings


Not Happy

ince 1988, I have spent a lot of time pointing my camera at people with and without their clothes on. My training is as a musician so I use my camera like a musical instrument, my sessions are an improvisation, the photos are scores that may become a piece of work. This series takes modern day people and photographs them in a way that refers to a different time period. By inferring a different time we see people as though they were their parents or grandparents, or a hollywood movie star, or however we read the image. It also illuminates a slice of character, often times giving them more stature than how we know them in “real life�.

Rick Cummings



My training is as a musician so I use my camera like a musical instrument, my sessions are an improvisation, the photos are scores that may become a piece of work. 720.352.4096 BPP-15

The Jester


am driven to photograph subjects that reflect the individual uniqueness of a particular place, situation or character. As a portrait photographer, I am inclined toward building an idea around the subject more like an editorial Illustration. This tendency could be expressed either in a very emotive and intimate way or as an environmental portrait that reveals the location and drama of the situation.

Samurai By Carlos Mata Romeo & Juliet

I see each photography project as a composition of visual elements that interact to create the dynamics of a particular piece. 720.883.4801

Carlos Mata


Boudoir BPP-17

Dave Engle My passion and vision for photography continue to grow everyday when I open my eyes and observe the environment.

I am the owner of Definitive Imagery Inc., a commercial photography company that specializes in promoting people, product, image and brand. I use the studio and location photography to present a conceptual vision of an idea. It is my goal as a commercial photographer to take an idea and turn it into a visual representation that demonstrates its value.

Taking Aim By Dave Engle


nvironmental portraits are one of the most dynamic aspects of photography and they continue to fascinate me beyond words. My approach to environmental portrait consists of the inconsistent, weather and lighting, and I always find myself with a location kit to solve problems. It is my intention to convey a message, feeling or emotion through imagery. I hope that my photos position the viewer as close as possible to an event, time or situation without actually being there. The visual documentation speaks about the event that happened and provides proof of existence. More importantly, there must be that sense of drama and emotion contained in the images. It is that type of vision that I utilize in order to obtain my photographic objectives.


Diety Sponsored Athlete By Marilyn Stevens

Norco Sponsored Athlete By Dave Engle

Ride Hard, Ride Fast

Dave Engle Photography (cell) 303/478/6055

Teva Games Mud Runners


Carol Burkett Carol Burkett is a local photographer who specializes in available light photography. Capturing your life as you live it!

Carol Burkett Superior Imaging Capturing your life as you live it Carol Burkett <>; 720-841-4250

Hint of Indiscretion By Carol Burkett Racing the Wave


Self Portrait in Gum Arabic By Lauren Walter


've dabbled in many genres and styles of photography since I first picked up a camera in high school. Each comes with its own set of unique challenges. As a photojournalist, one must only capture a situations using judgement as the only tool of manipulation. Studio photography, on the other hand, affords concise control over the subject in both photographing and post-production. Still yet comes the elusive archaic processes such as Van Dyke Brown printing or gum arabic printing (seen here) that only give the illusion of control. Each photo, however carefully processed, becomes a unique, unrepeatable artifact. To me it's one of the most interesting forms for portraiture, because each print is as individual as the subject.

Lauren Walter is an event photographer and artist based in Boulder, Colorado

Lauren Walter BPP-21

GALLERY 2 Heather burns Knierim

Brenda Taylor

Vince Dean

Kristine Tochtrop

George Dinakar

"Even though fixed in time, a photograph evokes as much

feeling as that which comes from music or dance. Whatever the mode â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from the snapshot to the decisive moment to multi-media montage â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the intent and purpose of photography is to render in visual terms feelings and experiences that often elude the ability of words to describe. In any case, the eyes have it, and the imagination will always soar farther than was expected. Ralph Gibson

Ani Vattano


Jon Casler


Heather B Knierim

Finger Puppets and Blue Skies

He Means Business


Heather Burns Knierim 720-328-4474

Dockside Heather Knierim

Whatever You Do, Don't Smile


n my travels to over 20 countries (never without my camera)

I have had amazing opportunities to meet extraordinary people and capture images from all corners of the world. I have learned a lot about how people work and the different ways to capture emotions and relationships.

Welterweight With Bangs


Love By Brenda Taylor


renda Taylor started her business, Brenda Taylor Photography, in Boulder, Colorado in 1982. She was trained in a classic portraiture style that pays a great

deal of attention to detail and included a lot of studio work. Over the years, her style has evolved into a more creative, casual look. She prefers placing her clients in a beautiful natural environment and working with available light whenever possible.


Dots By Brenda Taylor

Brenda Taylor Brenda Taylor

Amazon Child BPP-27

Kristine Tochtrop

Anthony By Kristine Tochtrop BPP-28

I will capture your special event in a unique and artistic way.


Bride By Kristine Tochtrop


Kristine Tochtrop 303-949-2873

Ani Vattano

Stella By Ani Vattano





orporate communicator by day, lifestyle photographer by weekend, I'm passionate about getting the perfect shot. It's the shot in which the

lighting, setting and action harmonizes to create an authentic moment. My sweet spot is capturing kids, portraits and families in available light and natural settings. Russell


Ani Vattano

Precious By Jon Casler


Jon Casler Headliner Productions


Jon C asler Progress By Jon Casler


on Casler is a fresh talent on the Colorado film and photography scene as the proprietor of Headliner Productions. A Boulder native, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s accomplishing his dreams by attending

the Colorado Film School. Jonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s preferred style is to shoot without a flash in real-life scenarios. He follows his father in a family tradition of photography and is pleased to have his first show with the Boulder Portrait Photographers Group.


Love, Courage and Hard Work By Vince Dean

Vince Dean For twenty years, I have had the honor of photographing the young women who earn their high school diploma at the Florence Crittenton School, a school for teen moms in Denver. 303-746-6048 BPP-34

Teen Mom B

eats the Od ds

Boulder Evening, Sun by the Creek

George Dinakar Lady with Indian Saree


am George Dinakar, I have shot in many countries around the world. I specialize

in portraits being shot at deep woods, parks, etc. I try to utilize natural light in my

Born in India with culturally diverse things to shoot, I picked up a DSLR in 2008.

photographs, but also use artificial lights as needed. I am very flexible in location and can try various creative ways to shoot and light the subject. I live in Westminster, CO with my beautiful wife, two kids and our dog, Jake. Contact me at: 720.560.7676 BPP-35

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