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Choosing A Shotgun For Deer Hunting First of all, you need to take into consideration the area where you plan on hunting. Open or lightly wood areas generally mean that you will be taking your shots from greater distances. On the flip side, a heavily wooded area/location that has limited fields of fire like canyons for example will require that you make the shots from a significantly shorter range. This issue will have an effect on the shotgun that you plan on purchasing because of the various barrel types and slug types.

There are many options to choose from: you can get a smooth-bore slug barrel, a smooth-bore slug barrel with a screw-in rifled choke tube or a full-length rifled slug barrel for the slug gun. Variation is also available in the ammunition compartment as you can fire sabot-type slugs, non-sabot-type slugs or foster-type slugs.

You will have to figure out a budget as there are many types of slug gun systems and the prices vary with manufacturers and types. It is very important to choose a shotgun that fits you. With other words, pick one that feels comfortable and should fall smoothly into place on your shoulder. The shotgun's weight should feel very easy to handle when it is in your hands. The weight and feel is crucial because in addition to just the shotgun itself, you will also want to have a scope or rifle-type sights. In addition, you will also have to carry the ammunition as well as other accessories for the shotgun system. Needless to say, if you carry too much weight or you are uncomfortable, you will tire yourself much faster.

When choosing the shotgun/slug gun system you will have to consider the type of the barrel as well as the type of the ammunition together in order to obtain the highest level of performance out of your weapon. We advise you to know your limitations with this type of system. The vast majority of the people that use a shotgun, fire the slug the way they fire shot shells, which is not the best way to handle a slug gun. Also, take into consideration that will certainly not be able to make the long-range shots that you can with a rifle. Even with the best system available, a range of 100-150 yards is about the maximum range you could get.

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Choosing a shotgun for deer hunting  
Choosing a shotgun for deer hunting