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Pine Collection IMPORTANT NOTICE - All the Pine furntiure items, Beech chairs and towel rails are shown in a waxed state. These items are supplied completely unfinished and require full finishing, ie, staining, waxing, lacquering, painting, colour washing, etc.

2/2 Chest H:820 W:1050 D:430mm.

5 Drawer Tallboy H:1200 W:560 D:430mm.

2/3 Chest H:1050 W:1000 D:430mm.

Pine Pine Furniture

SC003 Baltimore High-back Fiddle Chair

LC019 Fiddle Carver

SC006 Low Fiddle Chair

SC040B Country Chair

H:890 Seat W:405mm.

H:895 Seat W:470mm.

H:865 Seat W:395mm.

H:860 Seat W:460mm.

SC001 Amsterdam High-back Slat Chair

LC018 Slat Carver

SC004 Low Slat Chair

SC015C Bar-back Chair

H:890 Seat W:405mm.

H:895 Seat W:470mm.

H:865 Seat W:395mm.

H:890 Seat W:425mm.


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Pine Pine Furniture

SC005 Low Spindle Chair

LC017 Spindle Carver

SC002 Boston High-back Spindle Chair

SC341 Balloon Chair (For Upholstery)

H:865 Seat W:395mm.

H:895 Seat W:470mm.

H:890 Seat W:405mm.

H:990 Seat W:480mm.


HG032 Fiddle Rocker

HG031 Slat Rocker

HG026 Slat Grandad Chair

H:1140 Seat W:480mm.

H:1140 Seat W:480mm.

H:1140 Seat W:480mm.

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Pine Pine Furniture

SC028 Breton Chair Beech seat

SC023 Amish Chair Beech seat

SC031 Provence Chair Beech seat

H:1008 Seat W:483mm.

H:1065 Seat W:460mm.

H:980 Seat W:445mm.

SC027 Breton Chair Rush seat

SC022 Amish Chair Rush seat SC042 H:1065 Seat W:460mm. Parisienne Chair Rush seat

SC030 Provence Chair Rush seatSC043 H:980 Seat W:445mm. Parisienne Chair B


H:1008 Seat W:457mm.

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H:1070 Seat W:440mm.

H:1070 Seat W:440mm

Pine Pine Furniture

ANJ001 Boston Blanket Box H:480 L:930 W:510mm.

T075 Beech Towel Rail

SC043 Parisienne Chair Beech seat



H:1070 Seat W:440mm.


SC033 Leon Chair


MI020 Hall Shoe Cabinet H:865 W:800 D:190mm.

H:1040 Seat W:470mm.


01234 355 525 |

Pine Pine Furniture

COD385 Winchester 2/3 Chest H:1015 W:915 D:500mm.

W103 4 Door Wardrobe


H:1905 W:2160 D:585mm.

W442 Cottage Triple Wardrobe

COD386 Winchester 2/4 Chest

H:1905 W:1525 D:585mm.

H:1195 W:915 D:500mm.

W441 Cottage Double Wardrobe H:1905 W:1090 D:585mm.

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