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Moulin Noir This collection continues to appeal to the discerning decorator requiring a luxurious black painted finish and sumptuous black velvet upholstery. Handmade Chateau designs following the classic Louis Philippe theme, create a fashionable European look that was so prominent in the roaring 1920s, especially within the glamorous world of the Hollywood Stars of stage and screen.

Moulin Noir

2/2 Chest H:820 W:1050 D:430mm.

5 Drawer Tallboy H:1200 W:560 D:430mm.

2/3 Chest H:1050 W:1000 D:430mm.

Moulin Noir

2 Drawer Chest W/Marble Top

Bedside Table W/Marble Top

H:870 W:1030 D:510mm.

H:620 W:500 D:400mm.


3 Drawer Chest W/Marble Top

2 Drawer Bedside W/Rattan Shelf

H:990 W:1250 D:550mm.

H:710 W:500 D:400mm.

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Moulin Noir


Mirrored Armoire

2 Door Mirrored Armoire

H:2360 W:1080 D:590mm.

H:2370 W:1250 D:600mm.

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Moulin Noir


Carved Bed 5ft.

Carved Bed 4’6”

H:1560 L:2100 W:1700mm.

H:1500 L:2100 W:1600mm.

Carved Bed 6ft. H:1640 L:2140 W:2040mm.

Rattan Bed 5ft. H:1470 L:2170 W:1630mm.

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Moulin Noir

Velvet Bench H:770 L:1320 D:470mm.


4 Poster Bed 5ft. H:2240 L:2210 W:1730mm.

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Moulin Noir

Writing Desk H:740 W:1200 D:670mm.


Hall Table H:830 W:1000 D:390mm.

Dressing Table W/Mirror H:1730 W:1200 D:570mm.

Velvet Small Stool H:470 W:530 D:400mm.

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Moulin Noir

Overmantel Mirror 1010 x 950mm.


Console Mirror

Console Table W/Marble Top

End Table W/Marble Top

1400 x 900mm.

H:820 W:1400 D:490mm.

H:640 D:550mm.

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Moulin Noir


Triple Bookcase W/Ladder H:2450 W:2800 D:470mm.

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Moulin Noir

Escritoire H:1090 W:890 D:540mm.


Gentleman’s Valet

Bookcase W/Drawers

H:1250 W:450 D:320mm.

H:1570 W:1000 D:400mm.

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Moulin Noir

Velvet Carver

Velvet Armchair

H:1000 W:620 D:550mm.

H:1000 W:600 D:600mm.

Velvet Dining Chair

Velvet Wing Chair

H:970 W:450 D:450mm.

H:1070 W:690 D:700mm.


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Moulin Noir

Square Coffee Table H:460 L:1070 W:1070mm.

Coffee Table W/Marble H:450 L:1200 W:600mm.


Drum-top Dining Table H:770 D:1200mm.

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