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Weathered Oak The latest trend in the fashionable furniture world. Natural Oak with a stylish weathered/washed finish bringing back to life the light and airy look reminiscent of the '70s stripped pine success story. Top quality solid timber with traditional designs to stand the test of time.


Weathered Oak

RNG052 Weathered Oak Display Cabinet L.H.

RNG045 Weathered Oak Display Cabinet R.H.

RNG055 Weathered Oak Bookcase with Drawers

H:2200 W:820 D:470mm.

H:2200 W:820 D:470mm.

H:2050 W:1130 D:470mm.


Weathered Oak

RNG061 Weathered Oak Ext. Dining Table

RNG057 Weathered Oak Coffee Table

H:750 D:1100mm.

H:460 L:1250 W:800mm.

extended L:1700mm.

RNG058 Weathered Oak Dining Table H:760 L:1900 W:950mm.

RNG059 Weathered Oak Trestle Table H:680-1100 L:1800 W:900mm.


Weathered Oak

RNG019 Weathered Oak Armchair Linen

RNG021 Weathered Oak Dining Chair Linen

RNG065 Weathered Oak Farmhouse Stool

H:900 W:540 D:550mm.

H:930 W:460 D:450mm.

H:810 W:420 D:360mm.

RNG063 Weahtered Oak Kneehole Desk H:810 W:1400 D:755mm.


Weathered Oak

RNG046 Weathered Oak 2 over 3 Chest H:1040 W:1050 D:550mm.

RNG047 Weathered Oak Large Mirror 1210 x 1000mm.

RNG056 Weathered Oak Sideboard H:900 W:1340 D:500mm.

RNG054 Weathered Oak 3 over 2 Chest H:1000 W:1050 D:510mm.


Weathered Oak

PRT014 Weathered Oak 4 Drawer Cabinet H:550 W:550 D:420mm.

PRT015 Weathered Oak Writing Desk H:760 W:1200 D:550mm.

PRT016 Weathered Oak Campaign Chest

PRT013 Weathered Oak 7 Drawer Tallboy

H:800 W:750 D:450mm.

H:1050 W:450 D:420mm.


Villeneuve Oak Another heavily influenced Louis Philippe collection, but this time using top quality American white oak. Gorgeous details with intricate hand carving and a beautiful hand waxed finish.

INT2762 Villeneuve Oak Heavy Carved Mirror H:1250 W:600mm.


INT2736 Villeneuve Oak Sideboard

INT2760 Villeneuve Oak Large Mirror

H:850 W:1350 D:500mm.

H:1350 W:870mm.

Villeneuve Oak

INT2766 Villeneuve Oak Oval Coffee Table

INT2740 Villeneuve Oak French Chair

H:460 W:1200 D:600mm.

H:995 W:530 D:620mm.

INT2763 Villeneuve Oak Desk H:735 W:1240 D:580mm.

INT2741 Villeneuve Oak French Armchair H:995 W:600 D:670mm.

INT2735 Villeneuve Oak Dining Table H:800 L:1910 W:1010mm.


Villeneuve Oak

INT2761 Villeneuve Oak Cheval Mirror H:1700 W:850 D:500mm.

INT2731 Villeneuve Oak Mirrored Armoire H:2360 W:1080 D:590mm.

INT2730 Villeneuve Oak 5ft. French Bed H:1460 L:2100 W:1780mm.


Villeneuve Oak

INT2739 Villeneuve Oak Bench Stool H:630 W:1330 D:485mm.

INT2729 Villeneuve Oak Dressing Table H:1500 W:1190 D:510mm.

INT2738 Villeneuve Oak Dressing Stool H:470 W:580 D:360mm.

INT2734 Villeneuve Oak Night Stand

INT2732 Villeneuve Oak 3 Drawer Chest

H:620 W:500 D:380mm.

H:915 W:1200 D:530mm.



INT2764 Limoges Natural Oak Chaise H:980 L:1860 D:750mm.

INT2765 Limoges Natural Oak Armchair H:970 W:730 D:730mm.

INT2768 Limoges Natural Oak Footstool H:500 W:720 D:500mm.

INT2767 Limoges Natural Oak 2 Seater Sofa H:970 L:1430 D:730mm.



PRT007 Limoges Natural Oak Carved Mirror H:1640 W:1300mm.

PRT006 Limoges Natural Oak Bookcase H:2300 W:1700 D:430mm.

PRT008 Limoges Natural Oak Console Table H:840 W:1350 D:520mm.




YNT009 Gascony 3 Piece Screen

YNT007 Gascony Oak Bookshelves with Cupboard

YNT006 Gascony Oak 6 Layer Cabinet

H:2200 W:550mm. (each panel)

H:2250 W:1000 D:470mm.

H:2300 W:1200 D:450mm.


YNT010 Gascony Oak Bureau H:1020 W:1070 D:600mm.

YNT003 Gascony Oak 2 Door Bookcase H:2400 W:980 D:450mm.

YNT001 Gascony Oak 4 Door Bookcase H:2100 W:2500 D:460mm.


Limed Effect

DEC106 Limed Effect Nest of Tables

DEC085 Limed Effect Round Lamp Table

H:580 - 460 W:450 - 310mm.

H:800 D:460mm.

DEC077 Limed Effect Small Hall Table H:830 W:620 D:340mm.


DEC080 Limed Effect Hall Mirror

DEC102 Limed Effect Writing Desk

H:1150 W:610mm.

H:1080 W:850 D:500mm.

Limed Effect

DEC098 Limed Effect 3 Panel Screen

DEC079 Limed Effect Console Table & Mirror

H:2080 W:1800mm.

Console - H:830 W:990 D:370mm. Mirror - H:1220 W:1000mm.


Limed Effect

DEC096 Limed Effect Towel Rail H:950 W:530 D:350mm.

DEC086 Limed Effect Display Cabinet H:1330 W:750 D:350mm.


DEC100 Limed Effect 5-tier Shelf Unit

DEC081 Limed Effect Long Case Clock

H:1400 W:920 D:450mm.

H:1910 W:320 D:240mm.


Oak Furnishers


Oak Furnishers