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Case Study: Rotterdam

Rotterdam WaterCity 2035 Studio Marco Vermeulen


Rotterdam WaterCity 2035 Studio Marco Vermeulen Perspective 1

Perspective 2

The first perspective proposes a new maritime defensive work which acts as a barrier defined by dikes. These dikes become the threshold between distinguishing what is the meaningto be inside or outside the city

In the second perspective, the tidal fluctuation is treated with a welcoming gesture rather than a apocalyptic problem. The Maas River becomes an urban strip for riverside floating housing typologies.

Typology A Housing being mounted on large boats


Carlo Hernandez Case Study Sea Level Rise - Miami River

Typology B Map of Dikes set along the Maas River

Web of linear public realms

Rendering of the New Border Typology C Row of floating houses

Typology D Web of Institutional Citadels

Typology E

Dike Diagram

Suburban Sprawl



Masters Studio Project: Miami [2100]  
Masters Studio Project: Miami [2100]  

A studio project led by Marilys Nepomechie focused on the issues of Sea Level Rise in Miami. The project suggests a rather extreme yet logic...