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Chapter 3

Since the part of the SR 836 highway being intervened is built in a linear fashion, it builds a strong edge condition within Miami. But the linear condition does not resemble the time or phase in which Architecture is changing into. The form wants to mimic a time which architecture branches from a post-modern style and stems onto more intricate branches, these branches resemble the interdisciplinary alignment that Architecture and different professions are producing. This is being achieved by the technology driven age that we are living in. In this case, an Arduino board, which is a single board microcontroller, is used as an example of the new nature of Architecture. The board is designed to make the process of using electronics in multidisciplinary projects more accessible to the public, it even pushes the envelope of communal entities by establishing an open source market. The connections of the Arduino are abstracted and mimicked by the underground water piping system being engineered at the bottom part of the highway. In the upper part, program is adopted in a layered fashion. This gives chances for different typologies to occur by the given width of the highway.

River Edge Bicyle Path Stormwater Retention Building Edge Width of Highway



250 ft 250 ft Zoning Assesment - Retail - Restaurant - Gymnasium - Bar - Movie Theater - Nightclub - Supermarket - Bank - Housing must include hydroponic farming - Buildings must be 50 feet and above to provide shade - Structures must provide outdoor seating area

180 ft 180 ft Zoning Assesment - Water Square - Ampitheater - Picnic - Playground - Outdoor fitness equipment - Water Fountains - Structures must provide seating area

130 ft 130 ft Zoning Assesment - Drinking Fountains - Bicycle racks - Seating areas - Structures must be permeable

Masters Studio Project: Miami [2100]  

A studio project led by Marilys Nepomechie focused on the issues of Sea Level Rise in Miami. The project suggests a rather extreme yet logic...