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Project Description

Transparency of Space

Once streets and houses are inundated, and Sea Level Rise has taken its toll, the citizens of Miami will encounter a change in reality and space. In order to accommodate these extreme changes, its inhabitants must be educated in both these realms. In terms of reality, we are already stepping into a stage where information is easily attained. This tool gives transparency to the type of world we are living in. In terms of space, we learn that cities grow to the demand of its inhabitants. Miami has more than doubled its inhabitants With this being acknowledged, we learn that transparency of space determines the condition of the Miami River. In the mouth of the river, the conditions are suitable for its visitants, riverside pathways and parks are kept clean but as one moves up the river the well kept condition starts to deteriorate, it becomes a sketchy industrial territory. The proposal focuses on a more transparent living, where private industry intertwines with recreational public parks. It is a place where housing and infrastructure become a typology. All this has to be accomplished with a slow space and educate its inhabitants as these changes occur.


Masters Studio Project: Miami [2100]  

A studio project led by Marilys Nepomechie focused on the issues of Sea Level Rise in Miami. The project suggests a rather extreme yet logic...