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Speciale Edition Fiera IFS 17- 18 May 2012

Fiera IFS

Villafranca di Verona

17-18 May 2012

Fiera IFS The number of May of our school magazine Loft* is always the richest and most waited. This issue is the richest because it collects all the information and the materials of the large number of activities done during the second part of the scholastic year (competitions, cultural Internship, projects, school trips and many others). This is also the most waited number because, in some way, it advances the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer holydays! Our editor has decided to write this number in English and German for all the foreign students we have the opportunity to welcome and know. We are so glad to have so many different cultures in our classrooms and corridors.

Villafranca di Verona

17-18 May 2012

Not everybody has the magic chance to meet foreign students and share their life even if for a short time, laugh, know and learn everyday with them. This special number of Loft* was also thought in occasion of the famous IFS fair which every year

Editorial staff:

welcomes students from all over Italy and Europe in

Tamizi Xhessika Da Campo Giulia Massalongo Francesca Leva Giorgia Cappellozza Maria Chiara Ciccarino Mario Castiglioni Alessia Fasolin Sara Noto Vanessa Porcu Marika Bertasi Cristiano Finamore Manuel Maria Grati Naima Bolcato Linda Bertaiola Sweeti Singh Gallina Asia

our pretty town. So, that’s all folks, it’s such a pleasure to have you here! Good reading, mates!


Sfoglia la versione virtuale del giornalino online

M M A R I O our school my first earthquake music in our blood theatre at school jast a click for the world!

aus dem verschneiten veneto in das tiefgefrorene bayern köszönöm schüleraustausch programm: schüleraustausch - villafranca di verona spielecke

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Tamizi Xhessika 1BLA

C. Anti School is located in Villafranca that is near the beautiful city of Verona.


n our institute you can learn many things also with the help of extra curricular activities such as the school magazine, a wide range of courses such as theatre, music, or English courses aimed to obtain different grades of English certifications or the ECDL Licence. For each course there are aimed laboratories, such as the chemistry lab, the computer labs and the photo lab. Moreover if you don’t understand something during the lessons or if you are weak in some school subjects tutoring is available after school. There are state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards in all the first classes of every course which allow interesting interactive activities and a certain number of students in initial classes follows the  lessons through an e-book  instead of traditional paper books! Our institute takes part in  many projects in order   to improve the students’ skills required by the labour world. In addition to this there’s the possibility to meet other students who live in different European countries and to share educational 4

experiences with foreign schools in Germany, Croatia, Sweden and Hungary through school exchanges. We think that this is a great opportunity for our future! Starting from the 3rd year the students experience also internships periods in local companies in order to learn how to behave with unknown people and get in touch for the first time with the work environment. On the last day of school before Christmas holiday and at the end of the school year, students always organize parties with music, play station and cards tounaments and also football and volleyball matches!

All this is very fun! by Naima Bolcato and Linda Bertaiola.


chool plays an important role in everybody’s life. Nowadays to get a job is such a competition that you need a high level of education. If you want to have a good start for your future life, ISISS Carlo Anti, located in Villafranca near Verona, we think is the right choice.. In our institute you can choose bettween different branches of study: the liceo, the technical institute and the vocational school. There are about 1.200 students and according to our experience we can say that the staff is very friendly, understanding experienced and competent. Teachers

do not only teach us their school subjects, but they give advice and useful ideas in order to help us to build the basis for our future. They are also available for extra classes during the afternoon if you need additional explanations. Our teachers also teach us how to behave and be involved in the different field of professions participating in events or activities linked to our future profession. Our school is hosted in a huge building with 2 courtyards. It has many different laboratories which are divided according to the different courses, a very big conference hall and two gyms. Our institution also gives students the opportunity to interact with other countries encouraging school exchanges in different European countries. In our

school there are many foreigner students and according to our personal experience (we are two foreign girls) our teachers are really helpful with students from abroad. So come to CARLO ANTI School because it offers a lot for your future. by Maria GRATI and Sweeti SINGH




esterday January 25th a magnitude 4.9 earthquake took place in northern Italy. The event took place in a wide area which comprises mainly the cities of Verona, Milano, Genova, Mantova and Firenze.

I was at school with my mates and we were following our second lesson. At about 9 we sensed something strange: the floor started trembling for a few interminable seconds. It was the earthquake. The school bell rang and we quickly went out of the school. Since we were on the second floor, it took about two minutes to go down the stairs. All the students left the building and gathered in the school courtyard and in the front garden. The headmaster was very worried. He wanted to evacuate all the people who were in school as soon as possible. In few minutes the spaces outside the school became crowded and some students started panicking. I saw 2 girls crying uncontrollably because they fea-


red for their dear ones. There was noise, disorientation. The teachers tried to reassure students. Through mobile phones the students tried to communicate with their parents and acquire information about possible aftershocks. The headmaster told the students and all the people working in the school to remain in the courtyard because it was not safe to go inside or near the buildings. It was a winter sunny day and so we didn’t have problems to stay out. Finally at one o’clock we could leave the school and go home. Fortunately there were no injured people and only small damages to the school. Anyway it was a terrible day, one of the worst in my life. It was the first time I had this experience and I had never felt like this before. Besides, I was also worried about

my younger brother who also studies in this school. I searched but I couldn’t find him. I saw some guys from his class and I run from them to ask about him. They said that he was fine and was on the other side of the school with his friends. So sorted out this problem, I reached my brother and I convinced him to come with me where I was with my classmates in a safe place. .... what a day!


MUSIC IN OUR by Giulia Da Campo



hanks to the passion of our headmaster, who loves to play the piano, music is always welcome in our institute. At “ Carlo Anti” we have a classroom complete of drumset , keyboards, stringed instruments, percussions, a system of amplification with amplifiers, spy cases, radio and scenic microphones , mixers... a well equipped classroom. At the beginning of every year musical bands are formed; they are composed of the most original and extravagant students of the school. Try to enter the class while they are rehearsing and think like a musician. You will meet the drummer that blasts beating on the floor tom ( thinking he is playing the Portnoy’s drumset). You will meet the egocentric guitarist and feel lucky if you meet only one. Then there are the keyboardist and the bassist in a 8

corner and finally some crazy singer. You understand that someone who coordinates with mastery, firmness and musical knowledge is a must. So teachers Fronteddu Gianfranco and Mazzi Chiara enter the game and regardless of soft riffs, improvisations, all of the blues, and the sudden strikes of collective anarchy, manage to do a great job. The musical activity, over being fun, is an opportunity to get involved, a chance to exchange musical knowledge. And , why not form bands that could continue to play outside of the scholastic context? This year we HAVE formed three bands that are working on three different themes. There is a band that is working on the past and will resurface the

most representative bands of the seventies such as The Rolling Stones, the Beatles , the hard rock of ACDC and the Italian progressive of PFM ( Premiata Forneria Marconi). Another band is working at present: the boys will have to search and find among the vast musical production of our days songs that represent the reality of our days. The third band, last but not least, is working on the future and will have to expose their ideas with original themes and arrangements. What are our projects for this year? We will participate at the “Musica nel sangue” contest promoted by Avis, Fidas and Abvs that permits the bands to make themselves a name by charging their songs or covers using the site www. The bands will also play in occasions like Christmas festivities and the end of scholastic year party to entertain the parents and the students. Keep playing that music !!!!!



by Giulia Da Campo


he pleasure of the theatre now is not diminished because of the lack of good actors. Ordinary people act in offices, in meeting places, in streets. Every day we act on the stage of life, we are all actors.

And this is what we do in the drama group of CARLO ANTI: we give free rein to ourselves, we compare ourselves, we work together for a common goal and this is an activity that teaches us a lot. The  drama group  participated in the ‘’GABER NATIONAL AWARD FOR NEW GENERATIONS’’ in 2009/2010. It achieved excellent results and won the national contest among  Italian high schools.

The theatre is one of the most beautiful and exciting extra-curricular activities at CARLO ANTI, you’d better try it!


at School

Thanks to drama activity, throught a selection we have the opportunity to spend  3 days in Grosseto where we experience workshop activities with the help of professionists. We represent also our play like all the other selected Italian schools involved. At the end a jury awards the best play.

The theatre group this year is preparing a modern ironic version of the Iliad. The activity is coordinated by the teachers Alessandra Adami and Carla Vicenzoni who are always ready to stimulate our attention and help in the conduct of the activity. The theatre is one of the most beautiful and exciting extra-curricular activities at CARLO ANTI, you’d better try it!

Theatre is: a choral entity, synergy, involvement, a way to learn many things and to find yourself,  and above all ...  an interesting way

to have a lot of fun.


Just a


veryday, everyone, from the computer experts to those who are at the fIrst steps wIth the pc, are hIt, more or less aggressIvely, by the InteractIve raIn made of socIal networks and web sItes whIch clog the, so called, world wIde web.

for the WORLD! by Giorgia Leva

the most common definition of “social network” is the one which means an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or reallife connections. a social network service consists of a representation of each user (often a profile), his/ her social links, and a variety of additional services. most social network services are web-based

and provide means for users to interact over the Internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging. social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks. nowadays virtual social networks have surpassed the reality of interpersonal relations and made them a game of numbers, photos, comments. we all know famous social networks service like facebook or myspace, but not everybody knows that there




is a music recommendation service. you use by signing up and downloading the scrobbler, which helps you discover more music based on the songs you play. a scrobble is a little note the scrobbler sends to to let know what song you’re playing. scrobbling helps the website tell you what songs you play most often, which songs you like the most, how much you’ve played an artist over a certain amount of time, which of your friends have similar tastes… all kinds of stuff. by focusing on the music you already play can help you discover more music.

is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. simply find the accounts you find most compelling and follow the conversations. at the heart of twitter are small bursts of information called tweets. each tweet is 140 characters long, but don’t let the small size fool you—you can discover a lot in a little space. you can see photos, videos and conversations directly in tweets to get the whole story at a glance, and all in one place

is an online reading community built by readers for readers allowing you to shelve, find and share books. Its mission is to bring book lovers together and encourage reading. use the anobii website and apps to find your next read and tell your friends about it. don’t worry if some of your friends aren’t on anobii yet as we integrate with facebook and twitter. the word “anobii” comes from anobium punctatum, the latin name for the most common bookworm.


are hundreds of different variants of this kind of web sites. so, I’ve decided to list some others sites which might be not well known as the two aforementioned social networks but offer a wide range of activity and entertainments too!

Virtual networking is really funny, useful, entertaining and maybe relaxing but always remember that the internet is an infinity mystery world and might be dangerous!

... Connect with moderation!




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Aus dem verschneiten Veneto in das tiefgefrorene Bayern Das nächste Mal lieber im Sommer


ieben Jahre erfolgreicher Schüleraustausch mit Villafranca – aber wohl der letzte Besuch der italienischen Gäste in einem Februar! Seit sieben Jahren kommen Schüler aus dem italienischen Villafranca im Veneto ins Wettenhausen St. Thomas Gymnasium. Diesmal war es aber wohl der letzte Besuch der italienischen Gäste in einem Februar. Die 19 Mädchen und ein Junge, die zusammen mit ihren Lehrern Cristina Fiorentini und Fioravante Losco angereist waren, wurden in 17 Gastfamilien aufgenommen. Die begleitenden (deutschen und italienischen) Lehrkräfte freuten sich sehr


über die positive Resonanz der Schüler auf beiden Seiten und verständigten sich darauf, das Austausch Projekt auf jeden Fall fortzusetzen, den Aufenthalt in Deutschland aber möglichst bald in eine etwas wärmere Jahreszeit zu verlegen und, wenn möglich, um einen oder zwei Tage zu verlängern. (aus der lokalen Zeitung) by Gallina Asia, 4ATT

Schüleraustausch Dienstag, 27 März : Ausflug nach Rivoli Veronese:

Besuch vom Fort von Rivoli auch Fort Wolgemuth genannt



Das Fort von Rivoli: Zwischen 1850 una 1851 nordöstlich von Rivoli auf der Anhöhe des Monte Castello erbaut, hatte das Fort die Aufgabe, die Straßen, die von Affi gegen Rivoli und die Etsch führen, zu sichern, indem es ein Kreuzfeuer mit den Forts von Ceraino und Monte unterhielt: tatsächlich war der größere Teil der Artilleriekasematten gegen Süd und West gerichtet, aber es bestand auch die Möglichkeit, die Geschütze in einem Aktionsradius von 360° zu postieren.

Nach dem Besuch der Fort, eine kurze Pause. Nach dem Mittagessen Abfahrt zum Besuch der “Azienda Agricola Gamba” des Valpolicella. Das Weingut “Gamba” der Brüder Giovanni, Giuseppe una Martino Aldrighetti betreibt seit Generationen mit großer Leidenschaft und Kompetenz den Weinanbau. Der familiengeführte Betrieb verfolgt aufmerksam alle Produktionsschritte: Anbau, Kelterung, Gärung und Flaschenabfüllung. Im Herzen der Valpolicella, auf Terrassen angelegt schmiegt er sic han weiche Hügel, produziert werden Trauben hoher Qualität, aus denen dank des besonderen Anbaugebietes Weine einzigartiger, unnachahm licher Charakteristiken erzeugt werden. Ihre Produkte sind: Valpolicella Classico und Ripasso, Amarone, Recioto, Passito, Grappa Amarone und Olivenöl Extra Vergine. Wir konnten auch einige dieser Produkte genießen.

Der Hauptteil des Forts “Wohlgemuth” besteht aus einer doppelt überlagerten Zylinderkasematte, ähnlich der des Forts Trombetta von Verona. Es war in Besitz von 17 Kanonen. Vom Fort aus ging eine Straße nach Rivoli, eine andere zum Fort Chiusa, mittels einer Ponton-Brücke über den Fluss Richtung Ceraino. Das Fort wurde in lokalen Steinquadern und Gewölben aus Ziegeln erbaut. Sehr schön und fein bearbeitet sind die Artillerieschießscharten und die inneren Kasematten. 1866 wurde es mit 16 Kanonen bestückt, hatte aber auch einige Artilleriegeschütze für die Esplanade, (wo die Italiener später die “Batteria Bassa” konstruierten) zur Verfügung.

Nach dem Besuch der Weinkellerei, Abfahrt nach Salò. Nachmittag zur freien Verfügung für Shopping, See, und Sonne und Spaziergänge. Rückkehr am Abend. Es war ein schöner Tag zu erinnern!!

Hier wurden wir ermutigen die jenigen, die diese Objekten näher kommen, die verstecken Geschichten zu entdecken, die jedes einzelne Objekt erzählt. Jedes einzelne Objekt ist auf seine Weise für jemanden wichtig gewesen: von dem Besteck versehen mit den eigenen Initialen bis zum angeschlagenen Helm, von den vor andern Menschen explodierten Bomben bis zur einfachen Mundharmonika, dem melancholischen Begleiter auf der Reise. Die Rhetorik, die oft von den Ereignissen des ersten Weltkrieges erzählt hat, wird sich mischen mit den unbekannten Geschichten der jenigen, die im Krieg von 1915-1918 gekämpft haben und die von diesen Objekten überlebt worden sind.


Schüleraustausch - Villafranca di Verona

25 März – 30 März 2012

St. Thomas Gymnasium – IS Carlo Anti

Programm Sonntag – 25 März : Ankunft gegen 15.30/16.00 Uhr, und Empfang der SchülerInnen im Institut, herzliche Begrüßung mit Musikunterhaltung und Buffet, Unterbringung bei den Gastfamilien Montag – 26. März : Erste Stunde Unterricht, Abfahrt um 9 Uhr nach Verona: Stadtbesichtigung zusammen mit den italienischen Partnern, Rückkehr gegen 13 Uhr, Nachmittag frei. Dienstag – 27. März : Erste Stunde Unterricht, Abfahrt um 9.00 Uhr nach Rivoli Veronese, zusammen mit den italienischen Partnern. Besuch der unter österreichischer Herrschaft errichteten Festung Wohlgemuth: am Nachmittag – gegen 24.30 Uhr – Besichtigung der Weinkellerei Azienda agricola GAMBA Gnirega Valgatara in Marano di Valpolicella, Rückkehr gegen 16.30 Uhr. Mittwoch – 28 März : Abfahrt um 8.30 Uhr zum Gardasee zusammen mit den italienischen Partnern; Gardone Riviera : Besuch von Il Vittoriale degli Italiani, einer Gedächtnisstätte, die Gabriele D‘Annunzio zwischen 1921 und 1938 errichtet; es handelt sich nicht nur um ein Wohnhaus, sondern auch um ein ganzer Komplex von Gebäuden, Wegen, Platzen, Theatern, Garten, Parks und Wasserläufen. Transfer zu Salò; Mittagspause und Heimkehr gegen 17.00 Uhr. Donnerstag – 29. März : Zwei Stunden Unterricht, von 9.00 Uhr bis 10.30 Uhr, nur für die deutschen Schülerinnen, Spaziergang durch die pittoreske Ortschaft Borghetto di Valeggio sul Mincio. Die Fraktion Borghetto liegt an beiden Seiten des Flusses Mincio unterhalb der Visconti-Brücke und ist besonders bekannt für ihre Wassermühlen, die zum Teil noch in Betrieb sind. Von 11.30 Uhr bis 13.00 Uhr im Institut Aula Blu, Gruppenaktivität. Rest des Nachmittags zur freien Verfügung; Abendessen und Grüβe. Freitag – 30. März : Abfahrt und Auf Wiedersehen....bis nächstes Jahr ! 16

MATHEECKE 1? 76 3 98?

… Und jetzt bist du dran! Spiele mit der Logik! In einem völlig dunklen Raum liegen drei Käppchen, zwei rote und ein weißes. Anna und Brigitte setzen sich je ein Käppchen auf und verlassen den Raum, Anna als erste, dann Brigitte. Brigitte sieht die Farbe des Käppchens, das Anna trägt; Anna sieht aber diejenige von Brigittes Käppchen nicht. Brigitte sagt : “Ich bin mir der Farbe meines Käppchens nicht sicher“. Anna antwortet : “Dann kenne ich genau die Farbe des meinigen“. Welches ist die Farbe von Annas Käppchen ? Erkläre warum !






1. reclamare 2. materia 3. India 4. supporre 5. scambiare 6. crescere 7. cameriere 8. deodorante 9. dispiacersi 10. tosse 11. regina 12. incontrare 13. moglie 14. prenotazione 15. umano 16. parlare 17. professione 18. bicchiere

20. bicicletta 21. presumibilmente 22. veloce 23. Italia 24. nervoso 25. dicembre 26. fallire 27. passeggero 28. stretto 29. caffè 30. monumento 31. doppio 32. diabolico 33. meravigliato 34. paura 35. cattedrale 36. padella 37. aereo 38. facile 39. desiderare 40. occhio 41. pigro 42. denaro



Englisch – Deutsch… so ähnlich! !


come ! give ! learn ! eat ! sing ! drink ! go ! hear

______________! ______________! ______________! ______________! ______________! ______________! ______________! ______________! hör




gib lern

geh iss


SIMULAND 2012 Elenco Espositori Nome IFS Agriturismo "La Quercia" srl ALAVINO srl Arredo & Design srl BEAUTYFREE SAS Big Store snc Calvi Cotton società cooperativa Coop. Soc. PLURI.MAX Darkness Z Style Domus Chancellery Electrodomus Fajanko Fashion Style FERMI-X Srl FRESHMAKER SAS Fun & Food GIMME VOICE GirovagAnti Glazzes GLOBAL OFFICE SRL Graficamente srl GRAPHIX Hakuna Matata Soc. Coop. r.l. I&G STYLE (vedi elenco) IDEA ifs IFS BUERODILLO IFS Cosmic IFS FLOWERS AND MORE La Boutique degli insaccati LEDERCOMPANY SAS Mak Even Malizie di Gola NeedArt New Age Travel srl Padova zum F(l)uβ S.R.L. Phoenix Glass SYN-COMP SNC THEMI S.r.l. WAP WebZ EvolutionBusiness

Simuland 2012 Elenco ESPOSITORI

Denominazione Istituto IS C. Anti ITCS L.B. Alberti IS De Amicis- M.Polo ITE H. Kunter WFO Brunico ITC Calvi IPSIA G. Giorgi - Sede Coord. Bovolone IS L. Einaudi IS L. Einaudi IS L. Einaudi IT Radnóti Miklós IS L. Einaudi IS E. Fermi ITE H. Kunter IS L. Einaudi IS C. Anti IS C. Anti ITC Tosi IS C. Anti IS C. Anti IS C. Rosselli IPSSS S. De Lilla IS L. Einaudi ITE-LL D. Romanazzi ITC e Scuola Superiore Gen. A. Cantore ITE R. Geistener ITC ITC Tosi ITE H.Kunter IS L. Einaudi IS L. Einaudi IS C. Anti IS C. Anti ITSCT Einaudi - Gramsci ITCS L.B. Alberti ITE H. Kunter IS L. Bazoli - M. Polo IS C. Rosselli ITIS E. Barsanti

Città Villafranca di Verona San Donà Di Piave Rovigo Bolzano Brunico Padova Bovolone Badia Polesine Badia Polesine Badia Polesine Pecs Badia Polesine Mantova Bolzano Badia Polesine Villafranca di Verona Villafranca di Verona Busto Arsizio Villafranca di Verona Villafranca di Verona Castelfranco Veneto Bari Badia Polesine Bari Brunico Bolzano Bressanone Busto Arsizio Bolzano Badia Polesine Badia Polesine Villafranca di Verona Villafranca di Verona Padova San Donà di Piave Bolzano Desenzano d/G Castelfranco Veneto Castelfranco Veneto




loft special edition fiera IFS 2012  
loft special edition fiera IFS 2012  

Edizione speciale con articoli in inglese e tedesco di Loft