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We are a company located in Ahuachapรกn, we were born by the idea of offering an optimal space for social and business events. Our attractive is offer a natural space, surrounded by trees and gardens, with view of the Ataco hill, wich gives a sensation of calm and recreation.


MISION Give the best service to our clients, giving a natural and unique environment for social and business events.


Commitment Responsibility Innovation Quality Teamwork .

To be a recognized company in the area of social and business events, for giving various alternatives for each necessities of our clients.

BREAKFAST MENU - Scrambled eggs with vegetables (tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper), - fried beans - fried plantain -fresh cheese and cream.


2 cheese pupusas, fried beans, fried plantain, cheese and cream.




Scrambled eggs with ham, fried beans fried plantain fresh cheese, cream breakfast sausage

OPTION 5 - Ham and cheese Omelette, - fried beans, - cheese and cream


1 Chicken tamal scrambled eggs with vegetables, fried beans fried plantain, cheese and cream

OPTION 6 - 2 pancakes with bee or maple honey, - season fruit.

All breakfast includes 2 breads, coffee or orange juice

LUNCH OR DINNER MENU OPTION 1 - Cordon Bleu (chicken breast filled with ham and cheese) with mushrooms sauce, - rice with sweet corn or vegetables, - fresh salad and balsamic vinaigrette

OPTION 4 - Filet mignon - Baked potatoe or rice - sauteed vegetables

OPTION 2 -Grilled chicken fillet with mushroom sauce or red wine, - mashed potatoes or garden rice, - fresh salad.

OPTION 5 - Stuffed loin (pork) - mashed potatoes or rice - fresh salad

OPTION 3 (TĂ?PICO) - 6 Oz of grilled beef steak, -2 sausages, -casamiento (rice with beans) -chirmol (chopped tomatoes with onion)

OPTION 6 - Bolognese or chicken lasagna - fesh salad

All our food plates includes 2 breads or tortillas, 1 soda with refill

MENÚ INFANTIL OPTION 1 - beef or chicken hamburger - Fries

OPTION 4 - 4 Chicken Patties - Fries.

OPTION 2 - Cheese burger. - Fries.

OPTION 5 - Ham and cheese personal pizza

All menús includes soda and Jelly

OPTION 3 - Ham and cheese sandwich - Fries.

OPTION6 - Hot Dog with fries.

MENÚ DE TÉ OPTION 1 - 2 tacos of beef, chicken or pork (only 1 option) - Tortilla soup -Corn quesadilla

OPTION 4 - Yuca with pork rind - 1 enchilada


OPTION 2 -2 pupusas revueltas - Chipilin Tamal - Plantain patty


Stuffed bread Corn toast Beans Avocado Cheese Plantain cake

OPTION 5 - Ham and cheese Panini - potatoe salad - Three milks cake or cheese flan

Todos los menús incluyen un coctel de bienvenida, soda y café sin refill


Corn Quesadilla Cheese flan three milks cake fuits Tartlet pineapple “volteado” Yelly


Chocolate Soda Coffee bottled water Natural Refreshments

Menú Los Cerezos Eventos  

Menú de Los Cerezos Eventos en Ahuachapán, El Salvador

Menú Los Cerezos Eventos  

Menú de Los Cerezos Eventos en Ahuachapán, El Salvador