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The Po and Adige Valley

GEOSOPHICAL FRAGMENT 01 Landscape Through The Tears Of Our Lady

A lot of gardens have a statue of Our Lady. They are all identical (a serial, industrial production). The eyes are half closed, facing an inner horizon. The arms stretched out, the palms of the hands upward, as if to give themselves. When the tears flow, the cheeks are striped first. Then they run along the arms to they gather in the cups of the hands.

Two rivers Four dreams Seven sisters in a winter sky Seven landscapes throught the tears of Our Lady

DREAM 01 Is there a cat at the bottom of my bed? I feel his breath ... ... RON-RON RON-RON ... ... but I don’t find anything.

I get up. Anything. I come back to bed. Still RON-RON. Anything. All the night the same story. RON-RON. Anything. RON-RON. Anything. RON-RON. Anything.

DREAM 02 I’m on the roof of my house. The night is full of stars. I feel the warmth of the Pleiades on my face. The planets are huge floating balloons and I can touch them stretching my fingers.

DREAM 03 There is thick fog this evening. I’m coming home. At the usual intersection, everything is strangely dark. No houses. No dogs. I stop the car and I go out. I breathe deeply. I don’t know where I am

DREAM 04 My parents’ house has a double There’s something wrong with that house I don’t like to go there

Landscape Through The Tears Of Our Lady

Landscape throught the tears of our lady  
Landscape throught the tears of our lady