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Carlmont High School

Carlmont Key Club Newsletter Issue 1, April-May 2018

Editor - Andrew Shao

April Focus: Community Outreach Club Website: California-Nevada-Hawaii District


Table of Contents Page 1. Title Page 2. Key Club Info Page 3. President & Editor Notes Page 4. Member of the Month Page 5-6. Upcoming Events Page 7. April Spotlight on Service Page 8-9. Meet the New Board Page 10. An Experience in China Page 11. D34N Annual Banquet Page 12-13. DCON Page 13-14. Past April-May Events Page 15-18. Board, Advisors, & Division Contact Info

Key Club Motto Caring – Our Way of Life

Core Values  Leadership  Caring  Character Building  Inclusiveness

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Editor’s Note: Hey Carlmont Key Clubbers! I’m Andrew Shao, the new editor of the 2018-2019 club term. It is my first year being an officer, and I am just a freshman. I look forward to spending the next school year serving the community with all of you enhancing Carlmont Key Club! If you are reading this right now I highly urge you to tune in for each bimonthly Key Club newsletter. This is a great resource to explore what other Key Clubbers are up to and what events and activities are happening in the next few months. As this school year draws to a close, and the summer beckons, Key Club continues to be active, and there are many activities and events we will be involved in over the summer months that we highly recommend you attend! This summer includes events such as the “A Taste of Summer” Kiwanis fundraiser in June, the Ice Cream Social, the PTP fundraiser (where you get to pie your Key Club officers) in July, and the Tour de Cure in August. But before summer finally rolls around, there are still a few dates left in May you might want to mark on your calendar: Special Games, an athletic competition for challenged students, on Friday, May 18th, the San Carlos Hometown Days Parade and Kiwanis Hometown Days dinner fundraiser on Saturday, May 19, and the End of Year Celebration on Thursday, May 24. That’s everything for this month, and I will see all of you again in July!

President’s Note:

This has been the first official month of the new 2018-2019 term. So far we’ve successfully trained all new officers and began committee member application process. We still have an open slot for an assistant secretary. Events this past month include multiple School Force events and officer trainings.


April Member of the Month

Congratulations to Andrew Pon, our April 2018 “Member of the Month”. Andrew joined Key Club to become a more involved part of his community and to meet other like-minded individuals. He is super enthusiastic, and a great role model for any Key Clubber. Q. Why did you join Key Club? A. I joined because I wanted to find a service group at Carlmont and was attracted by what I saw at Key Club. Q. What are some memorable moments you've had in Key Club? A. My favorite moment so far would have to be DCON. Q. How has Key Club impacted your life? A. I made new friends and grew closer to others. Key Club has allowed me to become part of an amazing community and has helped me to step out of my comfort zone. It has also taught me the impact and importance of community service. Q. What advice would you give to other Key Club members, especially new ones? A. Step out of your comfort zone! You don't need to go to events with your friends, as you can meet new people there. I meet so many awesome Key Clubbers at events because the club is such a nice and friendly community. If you would like to nominate anyone for next month’s Member of the Month, just let President Emily Nguyen ( know. 4

Upcoming Events in May-June

 Division Council Meeting (DCM), May 12, 1:30-4pm, Hillsdale High School

 Special Games, May 18, 7:30am-1:30pm, West Valley College


 San Carlos Hometown Days Parade, May 19, 8-10am, Central Middle School

 Kiwanis Hometown Days BBQ Fundraiser, May 19, 4pm-7:30pm, Burton Park

 "A Taste of Summer" Kiwanis Fundraiser, June 30, 4:30-9:30pm, San Carlos Adult Community Center


April Spotlight on Service: Community Outreach Community outreach is the support and service for the local community with the intent of assisting and bettering it. While Key Club is invested in making a positive impact on the world internationally, it is important to reach out to our local community and do our part to contribute to it, whether it be for our school, our city, or the general area. Our community and local organizations depend on volunteers, so as a service organization, it would be in our best interest to fulfill this need. But above all, we are all members of our community, and as so, we should help it grow and develop for the benefit of all within. We hope to see many more community outreach events organized by Key Club!

Being a part of a service organization, it would be no surprise to hear that Carlmont Key Club has participated numerous times in volunteering to serve the local community this month of April. Our community oriented events this month included: assisting and preparing a School Force fundraiser, serving lunch and cleaning up for a Pedro tournament at the Adult Community Center, cheerleading for those in the March for Babies, and supervising children for Celebrating Science.


Meet the New Board! Q: What are your plans and what do you want to achieve in the new term? This term I’d like to spread my passion for community service and educate people all about key club. I hope to serve our club with passion, support, dedication, and success. Apart of this is going to increasing communication and reaching out to less active members. Q: Why did you run?

Emily Nguyen President

One of the main reasons I chose to run for President is because I love the act of service. It helps me acknowledge what my community gives me and allows me to extend that help to others around me. Though physically in my own, it is impossible to make a large impact, but as President I can serve Carlmont Key Club and its members, to spread service and provide opportunities to volunteer. And together we’ll make a greater impact than I ever could as an individual. Q: If you could be a morph of any two animals, what would they be? A bird, so I could fly and a really fluffy Samoyed because they’re my favorite dogs.

My plan this term is to increase the amount of service hours in our club to benefit towards our division on the district level. By the end of the term, I would like for the club to achieve at least 20 hours average per member. I was inspired to run for Vice President after being a part of the Service Committee. I really do enjoy giving back to our community and looking at the smiles on children’s’ faces. I would be a morph of a giraffe and a cheetah because I would love to be taller and run a faster mile.

Millicent Ku Vice President


One of my plans for the new term is to strive for early bird submission for the MRF. I also want to help plan and coordinate events. I ran for this position because I wanted to be more than just a member of Key Club and be a more involved part of the community. I would probably morph into an eagle because I want to experience flight, or a starfish so I wouldn't be required to move around a lot.

Sanika Modkhakar Secretary

My plans as the new treasurer of Key Club are to increase net income through fund raisers and to create more opportunities for Key Club members. The money raised from these fund raisers will go towards more opportunities for Key Club members to serve their community and towards their potential scholarships. I ran for Key Club Treasurer because I felt like I needed a greater part in this Volunteering organization, and what other way to do it than combining one of my favorite subjects at school with service to my community. I’d definitely choose a cheetah and a raven hands down.

Karan Gaglani Treasurer

I ran not just as I believed I had ample skill in writing and design, but because I believed I would have fun with this position and have the motivation to fulfill my duties to the best of my ability through the entire term. In addition, I myself believe in the importance and good of service and enjoy serving the community and volunteering! My main goal aligns with the common one Key Club is generally always striving for: to increase club membership while increasing the participation and activeness of existing members. I believe a well produced and informative newsletter is instrumental in helping towards this intention. I plan to familiarize myself on the process of producing the newsletter and strive to improve it throughout the year learning more and more each time I release another edition.

Andrew Shao Editor

I’d choose to morph into a cross between a hawk, as I’ve always dreamed of flying like them, and a bear, for its raw strength.

My plans for the new term is to do my best possible job as webmaster, which includes creating a website that is beneficial to the club and every individual member. One of my goals is to improve the participation of each club member. I choose to run for webmaster to get more involved with the Key club organization. I wanted to be part of an organization that is bigger than myself. Key club showed me a way to help others around me and the community. I would choose a lion because they are strong. I would also choose a panda because they are very relaxing and chill.

Dylan Ramos Webmaster


An Experience in China Article by Suzanne and Joan Nii Last summer was our first time volunteering with Peach Foundation, and we didn’t know what to expect. A family friend had introduced us to the program, which was founded to help children in the poorest parts of China get a college education and break the cycle of poverty. Teenagers can volunteer by teaching English over 10-day sessions at summer camps. We went to Huize, Yunnan Province. On the first day, we were assigned groups of 12 students each. They attended classes of English, Chinese, and music, as well as lectures about happiness. The first thing we noticed was how polite, respectful, and hardworking they were. They had genuine intellectual curiosity and a strong willingness to learn. But they were still shy and scared to take risks when speaking English. As the session progressed they became more comfortable and opened up. Especially in music class, you could see growing friendships within classes and friendly rivalries forming between them. When someone did something well, the rest of the class was more motivated to work hard. When someone made a mistake, they took it with humor and created inside jokes. There were so many inside jokes. Many of the kids had never had a birthday party before, so the foundation held one for each class, with cake and candles. As a class, we sang happy birthday and each said our birthday wishes. Many wished well on the entire class or that we’d all remain friends. At the end of the session, classes performed in a talent show which included singing, dancing, and poetry. The spirit in the crowd was greater than that of ten assemblies. Everyone cheered, clapped, and laughed for everybody else and gave them their full support.

When it was time to say goodbye, tears were shed and I felt closer to these people than I could’ve imagined after only 10 days. It may sound cliché, but perhaps we learned more from them than they from us. Ask our mom, when we came back, we’d changed. Maybe we finally truly learned about gratitude, hard work, and adversity. We really saw the meaning of privilege and used the money we earned from summer jobs to support something that profoundly impacted us and sponsor a few kids’ educations. Often times in our culture we see school as a burden and college as a chore. We don’t see how easy we have it and what many would give to get up in the morning and go to school. We try to keep in touch with the friends we made whenever we all can. This summer, my sister and I will go to another session, and I’m sure we’ll learn even more.


D34N Annual Banquet Carlmont Key Club celebrated the conclusion of our former Lt. Gov’s one year term and all our accomplishments this year at Division 34 North’s annual Lt. Gov’s banquet. We reconnected with and met new Key Clubbers one last time before this term ended. This was also the night outstanding clubs and individuals were recognized and the new Lt. Gov., Kristie Poon, was installed.


DCON 2018 (District Convention) The week of spring break for some Key Clubbers concluded with an eventful flourish as we attended the annual DCON, or District Convention, in Reno, Nevada this year. Events included the election and welcoming of the new district cabinet, numerous educational seminars, and the Governor’s Ball. I encourage all Key Clubbers to attend next year's DCON in Ontario, CA! Article by Rebecca Jiang

The CNH District Convention 2018 in Reno, Nevada was utterly amazing. This was my second DCON, and now that I was familiarized with the main functions and schedule of the convention, I was able to reinvigorate my passion for Key Club on a much deeper level. I was a lot more spirited and involved this year, and I made a larger effort to reach out to people from other divisions and regions that I had never met before. The caliber of spirit I felt during the general sessions was one that I had never seen before; it was like stepping into an isolated world that I belonged in. Watching the district executives, lieutenant governors, and everyone who walked on the convention stage inspired me to have stronger dedication to becoming a better Key Club member, officer, and servant leader. DCON 2018 has given me clarity on the goals I want to set for the 2018-2019 term, and I can’t wait to make that impact.


Article by Millicent Ku

DCON 2018 was a weekend full of fun, learning, dancing, and losing your voice. This was my first district convention and I was a delegate to vote for the 20182019 term. The speeches given were so inspirational and proved how dedicated every member was; this made me really want to do more in my club and community. The best part of District Convention was the amount of people I got to meet and the spirit that went along with this. I made so many new friends who had the same servant-leadership interest in the Cal-Nev-Ha District. DCON further strengthened my interest for Key Club and serving our community. I had one of the best experiences in my life and I’m so excited to attend the Ontario Convention in 2019.

Past April/May Events Celebrating Science, April 24 & May 2 Article by Dylan Ramos

School Force with the assistance from Lawrence Hall of Science hosted their own event, Celebrating Science at Fox Elementary on April 24th, and Redwood Shores Elementary on May 2nd. The event was to educate elementary students on different aspects of science in a fun way. At the event several stations were set up that provided separate tools and materials to create models of objects in real life, for example bridges made of wooden blocks, rockets made of paper, roller coasters which consisted of paper and marbles, and so much more. Volunteers began by setting up tables and their own model for each station. After, volunteers monitored each table, and encouraging each child who participated. Volunteers did not do the work for the children, but simply showed them how each model worked, allowing 13

each child to think on their own. Finally, volunteers helped clean after each shift, and put away the materials. I took much enjoyment out of the service event because I was able to interact with children by teaching them science which is also fun and educational. Everyone worked hard to make sure each child was having fun, and to make the event run smoothly. I would absolutely participate in this event again, and encourage others to volunteer as well seeing how insightful and fun the event was.

School Force, April 20 I attended the “Night in Havana� School Force fundraiser. Sunya, Rachel, Amir, Emily, and I (pictured) sold Pooka Shell necklaces to attendees. The necklaces offered a ticket into a game in which the last one standing won $200. This event raised a lot of money for School Force, which funds a lot of programs in the Belmont Redwood-Shores School District, one of the the lowest funded school districts in the state. Sanika, Rebecca, Ashlyn, Melody, Emma, Cathy, and Andrew also attended to help with set up and check in. We all had fun.


Board, Advisors, & Division Contact Info President – Emily Nguyen,

Vice President – Millie Ku,


Vice President – Rebecca Jiang,

Secretary – Sanika Modkharkar,

Treasurer – Karan Gaglani,


Editor – Andrew Shao,

Webmaster – Dylan Ramos,


Faculty Advisor – Matt MisKelly,

Kiwanis Advisor – Rosie Jimenez,

Division 34 North LTG – Kristie Poon,


Carlmont Key Club Newsletter April-May 2018  

first newsletter of the term y a y

Carlmont Key Club Newsletter April-May 2018  

first newsletter of the term y a y