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Challenge Coins Build Teamwork & Pride Honor your police brotherhood with a tangible symbol of your professionalism and pride. Your own challenge coin, complete with the symbols and creed meaningful to you and your team, will be an enduring emblem of your department that will inspire pride for generations. Help your team step up performance and hit new targets in the coming year with a custom medallion from Northwest Territorial Mint.

How Coins Build Teamwork: A Success Story from the Phoenix PD Officer Victor Rosado, a member of the Phoenix Police Department's Special Assignments Unit (SAU), was attending a training course when a buddy from another department showed him his challenge coin. "The instant I saw the

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coin, I knew that we had to get one made for our team," Rosado said. Since then, Officer Rosado has worked with Northwest Territorial Mint to make sure that every member of the Phoenix SAU gets a coin. "The coin is designed with our unit shield front and center so it's a lasting source of pride for the whole team," said Rosado. In fact, it's become so popular that different versions of the coin in various metals and finishes are also now given out as keepsakes and gifts to family members, visiting officers, and VIPs. See more stunning police commeratives at

What Other Law Enforcement Professionals Have Used Coins For: • Commemorating an important event, meeting or officer’s promotion • Honoring departmental brotherhood • Memoralizing a fallen comrade • Awards • Fundraising • Recognition • Selling at a unit store

Design a Coin as Unique as Your Unit Minted in enduring, precision-struck metal, a custom departmental coin will strengthen the common bonds your members already share and allow you to show your unit pride anywhere you go, on-duty or off. Custom law enforcement coins make a tangible ‘attaboy” that is sure to be treasured forever and can make any special occasion or event, such as a member’s promotion, the passing of a fallen comrade or te accomplishment of an important goal. Custom coins set a unit apart and will be a source of pride for years.

Work Your Beat with the Best Mint in the Industry As the custom coin source for military units everywhere, Northwest Territorial Mint is the ideal choice to turn your concept into a bold physical statement. We’re the foremost mint for law enforcement, the military, an official licensee for the NRA, Harley-Davidson®, Boy Scouts of America© and other organizations who are proud of who they are. Call us today, and let’s talk about how we can honor your department the way it deserves.

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Untitled Document Look for us at the 2010 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Jan 19-22, the Fire Dept Instructors Conference in Indianapolis April 19-24 and the 2010 NRA Annual Meeting May 14-16 in Charlotte, NC.

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