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She’s a Tough Act To Follow Isagenix is Ellen’s first venture into network marketing.


Ellen worked in Latin America for five years as a successful actress. She can now be seen in film and television in North America.

“You learn, you earn and you return.” — Ellen, california

Ellen is starring in the role of her life, giving back and loving it. Ellen considers herself a blessed person. With a husband of 21 years, two beautiful children and a fulfilling career as actress, she has much to be thankful for. And in turn, she feels a strong obligation to uplift and inspire others to also fulfill their dreams. “I want to be worthy of the wonderful life I have been given. I hope I am able to fulfill my human potential on earth without letting my creator down,” Ellen says. For Ellen, Isagenix is the perfect way to make that contribution. As she shares the Isagenix products and business opportunity she is able to help others transform their mental, physical and financial health. This is Ellen’s first venture into network marketing. Isagenix was a gift from a friend that had a value greater than anything she had ever imagined. She immediately enjoyed its health benefits. And just a few years later, she also benefited from the generous Isagenix compensation plan. It was at this time that she amassed a serious debt, due to the unforeseen journey of her son’s battle and recovery from a life-threatening blood disease. One of Ellen’s favorite maxims is “You learn, you earn and you return.” The gift of Isagenix is allowing Ellen to create a founV o l u m e

Ellen enjoys beach time with her husband, son and daughter. dation for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the institution that was home for her son during his 2-year health battle. She is also passionate in her service with Childhelp, an organization dedicated to ending child abuse. Ellen hopes to encourage people to step outside the box of their 9-to-5 realities and into a paradigm that allows them to regain their personal power and time freedom that most don’t enjoy.

All About Ellen • Ellen’s husband and two children are also working actors. • Ellen has a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Northwestern University. • Ellen has appeared on several radio shows and is currently completing her book “Mom to Millionaire.”



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