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the ROTOGRAPH September 2008

Our 88th

Carlisle Rotary Club District 7390 P.O. Box 301, Carlisle, PA 17013 Organized May 1, 1921 (the club website will be online early Sept.)

“Service Above Self” Rotary International Officers 2008-2009 OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2008-2009 (Board meets at 11:00 a.m. on second Thursday) President of Rotary International Dong Kurn (D.K.) Lee President JUAN L. GARCIA-TUNON 701-2485 District Governor District 7390 Benjamin A. Hoover II, M.D.

Group “A” Clubs Carlisle Carlisle Sunrise Dillsburg Mechanicsburg Mech. North Shippensburg West Shore

Th Tu Th Wed Th Tu Fri

12:00pm 7:15am 7:00am 7:15am 7:30am 12:00pm 7:00am

President-Elect Vice President Treasurer Asst. Treasurer Secretary Past President RI Foundation Chair Director Emeritus 2006-2009 2006-2009 2006-2009 2007-2010 2007-2010 2008-2011 2008-2011


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Dates to Remember

September 2008

Sep. 22

Club Golf Outing — Carlisle Country Club

Nov 18

Career Jamboree — Carlisle High School

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ROTOGRAPH COMMITTEE Ryan Heishman Bonnie Berk

Bonnie Berk Chair Programs Committee September 4th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Dr. Sylvie Davidson “French Cuisine: Yesterday and Today” INVOCATION: Dottie Warner GREETERS: Alyssa Loney, Greg Lunde

September 18th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: David Spivak “The Cuban Missile Crisis” INVOCATION: Stephen West GREETERS: Thomas Merlie, Dan Monken

September 11th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Dr. Benjamin A. Hoover District 7390 District Governor INVOCATION: Linc Warrell GREETERS: Steve MacDonald, Mike McKnight

September 25th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Veera Laine “Living in Finland” INVOCATION: Al Wentzel GREETERS: Becky Morgenthal, Tom Morkin

Rotary International News **Due to Rotary International’s website not functional at the time of printing, RI President’s Message is unavailable.

Club News President Juan’s Corner Carlisle Club’s Golf Tournament on Sept. 22: We hope all the golfers will attend. It is a great event, right through the Awards Dinner. It has become our largest fundraiser for charitable giving. Many thanks in advance to Jim Hughes and his Assistant, Jen Negley. Regardless of whether you play golf, take a brochure with you when you sign in for lunch, and pass it on to a good friend who plays golf! And many thanks to Bill Von Iderstein, for having coordinated the last two District 7390 Golf Tournaments. He’s going to take a break for this Rotary Year. September 2008 : Our Club’s new website will online in early S. Many thanks to Mike Cross for for his endless hours on this effort. Youth Exchange: Our new YE student, Veera Laine, staying with the Lindsey’s, is adapting very well. She started school at Boiling Springs as a Junior this week. Sean Cogan our returning Outbound YE student (son of Sunrise’s Kevin Cogan) will be speaking at our Club on Oct. 30 about his experiences in Tucuman, Argentina. We welcome Sunrise’s Inbound YE, Emmanuel Cordero, also from Tucuman. Carlisle HS Career Jamboree: Bill Blankmeyer and Bob Gerard will again be leading the annual event on Tues., Nov. 18. Announcements will be made at our meetings until then. See related section on this issue. Outstanding program to help orient kids towards a career in life! Seven Gables Park / Thornwald Park Clean-Up: Chairman Dan Monken will be letting me know the two dates for publication on next Rotograph. I’m sure Past Chair Bonnie will help him if needed.

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every 4th meeting. I’ll be talking to Tom Williams about scheduling similar approach for Youth Exchange Meetings. The Board of Directors typically meets every 2nd Thursday, 11:00AM, back room at The Elks (take notice for Blue Badges, new Members).

Student of the Month: Steve West lost two members in his Committee (Eve and Karen) Any volunteers? Any recommendations/ volunteers? The two replacements would be in charge of one area school (effort once every three months). I may be asking a couple of you for help here. Speakers and Attendance: Some of our members have provided suggestions for great speakers. Please continue to do so. Contact the Program Chair for each month (new Member Directory, page 4), VP Bonnie, or myself. Having great speakers makes our meetings fun and helps improve attendance. Most of us know somebody that would be great at this; it’s just a matter of focusing on it. And lets all work on improving our attendance! We have noticed that some members haven’t been signing in upon arrival (including myself!). Please remember to do so. Club Meeting Timing: I will ring the bell promptly at Noon. The Pledge of Allegiance will begin at 12:15PM, followed by Announcements, etc. I will do my best to keep them at max one hour; if we end early, no problem. I think this will give speakers a chance to answer questions at the end of their talks. Remember cell phones that go off during the program generate a $5 contribution to Polio Plus at the end of the meeting (I learned this one by visiting other Clubs). Committee Meetings: Membership Committee will meet after lunch every 3rd Thursday; Membership Minute Announcement will be September 2008

New Members: This week I’ll be announcing our 4th, 5th, 6th new member this Rotary year: Karen Gunnison (Murata Business Center), Owen Snyder (Carlisle Boro), and Mindy Loftus (Orrstown Bank). Unless there are any objections, they will be new members as of Sept. 4. Welcome aboard, all of you! Prior members, please introduce yourselves and make them feel welcome to our Club. Committee Chairs: Consider adding them to your Committee! Reminder: Most of us feel that the best way to bring in a new member is to invite a good friend of yours as a guest to our lunch (no charge). I got here that way 6 years ago, thanks to Jim Sheya. Same with many of us. Flower Watering Project: Many thanks to all volunteers who have signed up through the end of September. And thanks to Tom Frederick, Gary Sausser for spearheading this effort. It’s a highvisibility community project. RI Hqtrs Membership Award: At a District Membership Meeting earlier this week, Joan Dickinson, Mike Cross, Jeff Conway and I were presented with the following award from RI Headquarters (Evanston IL) signed by Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, 2007-08 RI President: “Recognition of Membership Development Initiatives: Presented on behalf of the Board of Directors of RI to the Rotary Club of Carlisle PA USA for its innovative approach to membership growth and development during 2007-08 in RI District 7390” … Congratulations and thanks to all who helped in this effort! District 7390 RI Foundation Dinner will be held in York on November 13. Consider attending. I already have more than 12 that are planning to attend! Fun event!!! Consider bringing spouses Last but not least: New Project (DG Ben Hoover) Page 3

for RI Foundation Giving: I will have labels at sign-in for jars which can be applied to qa quart jar for placing where you will be reminded to deposit loose change as possible. The donations will be collected and reported to District by March 15, 2009. The objective of DG Be’s project is to 1) supplement your usual contribution or 2) if you’re not already contributing, use it as an opportunity to start. Contributions will be used as one of the criteria to determine Best Club Awards. As an additional effort to help DG Ben’s cause, our Board decided to put a jar upon signing in at the Club lunches, for voluntary contributions while at Club, and adding “Brag Donations” every last week of the month to this jar. Yours in Rotary, Juan

7th Career Jamboree at Carlisle High School The Career Jamboree Committee wants to announce that the next Career Jamboree at Carlisle High School will be conducted on Tuesday, 18 November. The focus for this event will once again be to provide career information to both students and their parents based on information provided in the Pennsylvania Career Guide. While previous Career Jamborees have been held in March this year’s event has been moved up to November in an attempt to increase attendance and to help students in their course selections which take place in January. The Career Jamboree provides an important service to the community and introduces Rotary to our next generation. Previous events have had over 50 presenters providing career information to over 500 Carlisle High School students and parents in about 35 different career groupings. Sign-up sheets will be passed around during the months of September and October. Please consider volunteering to September 2008

participate in this event or to help find appropriate presenters from outside the Club. As in the past the Career Jamboree will be a joint venture with the support of our fellow Rotarians from the Sunrise Club.

September Birthdays John Ward Steve Kaufman Thomas Merlie Bill Von Iderstein Rod Frazier Jim Flower Jeff Conway John Carbaugh John Ulsh Hubert Gilroy Kim Shoff Andy Hoke Tom Frederick Gayle Christman Jerry Ogline Charlie Stoup Carol Fox Mike Hurley Ryan Heishman Chuck Nebel Tom Morkin

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September Song Leaders 4th 11th 18th 25th

Bob Gerard Bill Spruill Charlie Stoup Bill Seely

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September 2008 Rotograph  

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September 2008 Rotograph  

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