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the ROTOGRAPH June 2009

Our 88th year

Carlisle Rotary Club District 7390 P.O. Box 301, Carlisle, PA 17013 Organized May 1, 1921

“Service Above Self” Rotary International Officers 2008-2009 OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2008-2009 (Board meets at 11:00 a.m. on second Thursday) President of Rotary International Dong Kurn (D.K.) Lee President JUAN L. GARCIA-TUNON 701-2485 District Governor District 7390 Benjamin A. Hoover II, M.D.

Group “A” Clubs Carlisle Carlisle Sunrise Dillsburg Mechanicsburg Mech. North Shippensburg West Shore

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12:00pm 7:15am 7:00am 7:15am 7:30am 12:00pm 7:00am

BRING A GOOD FRIEND/ PROSPECTIVE MEMBER TO OUR CLUB LUNCHEONS! It's the easiest way to expose our Club to possible new members! We must stay focused on this mission. This is key to the projects we undertake, and in keeping our District 7390 banner where we feel it should be!

President-Elect Vice President Treasurer Asst. Treasurer Secretary Past President RI Foundation Chair Director Emeritus 2006-2009 2006-2009 2006-2009 2007-2010 2007-2010 2008-2011 2008-2011


243-4805 448-0918 249-3414 243-3402 243-8042 249-7677 574-7159 245-2158 240-0805 218-9855 258-6156 245-2622 243-3331 243-4814 249-8092

A CARLISLE ROTARY CLUB VISION STATEMENT FOR THE 21ST CENTURY The Carlisle Rotary Club: A world class Rotary Club that recruits and retains quality members and leaders that meets in the most congenial setting possible and is active across the four lanes of Rotary with emphasis on support of community, international and vocational programs and projects and whose every member contributes to the Rotary Foundation, meets attendance criteria and is actively involved in Rotary service and fel-

lowship events. June 2009

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the ROTARY CLUB OF CARLISLE PROGRAMS Bonnie Berk Chair Programs Committee June 4th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Classification Talk INVOCATION: James DeGaetano Jr. GREETERS: Ray Wolfe Jr., John Ward June 11th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: William E. Harner, Ph.D, Superintendent, Cumberland Valley School District INVOCATION: Joan Dickinson GREETERS: David Winters, Thomas Williams

Rotary International News In this issue of The Rotarian and in all regional Rotary magazines this month, you will find a new edition of Global Outlook. It takes a close look at the problem of child survival, and what Rotarians are doing about it. I hope that you will be inspired by the accounts of what your fellow Rotarians are accomplishing – and motivated to expand your own club’s work against child mortality. When I first chose Make Dreams Real as my theme and asked Rotarians to focus on reducing the rate of child mortality, I was confident that we would be able to make a real difference. I knew that the same areas that are critical for saving children’s lives – water, health and hunger, and literacy – are the areas in which Rotary service excels. And I knew that Rotarians are overwhelmingly the kind of people who would be inspired to work toward this goal. Still, the way that Rotarians have responded has exceeded even my own hopes. Our club and district projects are saving lives, one at a time, with determination and with success. And as we all work together to eliminate polio, we know that we are saving lives for generations to come. June 2009

ROTOGRAPH COMMITTEE Ryan Heishman Bonnie Berk Owen Snyder

June 18th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Joshua Vechhio, Executive Director, Capital Tax Collection Bureau INVOCATION: Duane Duncan GREETERS: William West, Stephen West June 25th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Visiting Chicago Rotarian (Past Club Pres.) impersonating Teddy Roosevelt INVOCATION: Mary Kay Durham GREETERS: Lincoln Warrell, Dorothy Warner In the months since Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge was announced, I have had many opportunities to explain to Rotarians just why it is vital that we work to bring so much new funding to the polio eradication effort in so short a time. The answer, put simply, is that we are at a critical, and I believe final, stage in the campaign. Only four polio-endemic countries remain: Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan. All present obstacles to the eradication effort, such as war, unreliable infrastructure, difficult terrain, poor sanitation, and high birthrates. In India’s Uttar Pradesh alone, 500,000 children are born every month. And in this region, the usual number of vaccine doses required to confer immunity – six – must be doubled. Why? Because the children there are exposed to so many different viruses and carry so many different bacteria, all of which “compete” with the oral polio vaccine. To wipe out polio in these final four countries will take a coordinated effort of intensity and strength, requiring the support and participation of many individuals and organizations. We in Rotary have been part of the polio eradication effort from the beginning, and we are committed to seeing it through to the end. In this way, we know that we will Make Dreams Real – not only in this Rotary year but for generations to come. Page 2

Servicemen at a moment’s notice through a request from a Rotarian in San Antonio, Texas. Great job, fellow members! All of you did your best to get that flag back! Many thanks!!

Dong Kurn (D.K.) Lee President, Rotary International

Club News President Juan’s Corner It was a great honor for me and several Club members to attend the District 7390 Conference this past April 30 and May 1 and to represent the Rotary Club of Carlisle. Our Club was honored when District Governor Ben Hoover presented us the “Best Extra Large Club Award” as well as the “Rotary International D.K. Lee’s Presidential Citation Award”. This year we were competing with Clubs from 100 to 299 members; I thought the possibility of retaining it was very remote. And this years RI slogan is “Make Dreams Real”. How about that! It’s all due to all of our members participating in great projects, locally and internationally! This year we had three record fundraisers: our Golf Tournament, our Roast Beef Dinner, and our Kenya Dental Mission. We gave over 3,000 paperbacks to US Servicemen and packed/ shipped over 15,000 golf clubs to injured US June 2009

Speaking of requests within a moment’s notice, The Salvation Army requested help with a “BellRinging Fundraiser” due to a challenge from our local Kiwanis Club. On Thursday, May 21, Pat LaMarche came to our Club for the announcement, we passed around the sign up sheet, and on Saturday, May 24, we had 20 members signed up for a 10-hour shift at the Carlisle WalMart. This is now an annual event for both organizations, on behalf of TSA. This coming Thursday, at our Club Meeting, The Salvation Army’s Pat LaMarche will return to our Club to present us a trophy, along with Helen Milliron from Kiwanis, and photographers from The Harrisburg’s Patriot News; and possibly from The Sentinel as well. The real winner is The Salvation Army and the 5,300 needy persons that will get these meals. Congratulations and thanks to all! The Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly (“RYLA”) will take place from June 14th to the 18th at Messiah College. Our Club is sending 2 HS Juniors from Carlisle HS and 2 from Boiling Springs. Best wishes to these four local students on this competition! Our 32nd Annual Roast Beef Dinner will take place this coming Thursday, July 2, from 3:00 to 6:30 PM. All members are expected to participate. I understand Jim DeGaetano, Senior is ordering 2,000 meals this year, as we have run out at the very end during the last two years. If we have any remaining meals, they will go to The Salvation Army and Project S.H.A.R.E. Our new ’09-’10 Member Directory is going to Rowe’s Print Shop after this Thursday’s Club Meeting. Make sure and have your picture taken, and sign on for the committees of most interest to you. Otherwise, incoming President Jeff may assign you….. Also, make sure your Dues are paid up, per Treasurer Chuck Nebel’s last mailing. Our new Rotary Year begins July 1, and Chuck Page 3

will be sending new statements shortly thereafter. For personal and business reasons, Club VP Bonnie Berk is stepping down as an officer as of June 30. She has done a great job as our Club VP, including our new 4-Way Test Essay Contest Project for HS Freshmen that even won a prize at our District 7390 competition. Many thanks for all your help! Bonnie will remain an active member of our Club, and is looking forward to expanding the essay competition next hear to include Boiling Springs as well as Carlisle HS’s. I have agreed to fill in as President-Elect in her spot. I’m sure one of our Board Members will step up to the plate and follow incoming President Jeff Conway. As of July 1, I have been appointed District 7390 “Assistant Governor”, 2009-2012, replacing Mark Reilly from Mechanicsburg North. As I close the year, I thank all of you for the great support you have given. I never once had to appoint a member to a task; I always had volunteers! It has been a great honor to have served as your Club President. And I’ve had a lot of fun in the process! Last but not least, I thank my wife Sue for her support as well. (She says that my having been Club President got me out of many “honey: do’s). Many thanks to all. Yours in Rotary, Juan Juan L. García-Tuñón 717-701-2485 cell 717-258-1431 home

June Song Leaders Paul Burkhart Bob Gerard Bill Spruill Randy Aires

4th 11th 18th 25th

Dates to Remember June 21-24 England

2009 RI Convention - Birmingham,

June 30 New Dist. Gov. Installation Dinner (DGE Connie Spark), Club Pres. Juan to be installed as Asst. Gov., ‘09-’12. July 2 CARLISLE ROAST BEEF DINNER at Lamberton School, one of our biggest Club fundraisers! All members expected. Dec. 17th

Christmas Dinner 6:00pm

June Birthdays Robert Black Bill Blankmeyer Gregory Smith Lee Castles Karen Longenecker Bill Harkey Marcus McKnight Zane Finkelstein Griff Hamilton Robert Lundy

1st 1st 4th 8th 16th 17th 18th 24th 26th 26th

Juan, Good evening. I wanted to personally thank you and the members of your organization for volunteering their time and enthusiasm to help out our less fortunate brothers and sisters. The energy they brought helped raise enough money to literally allow us to provide hundreds of meals this month. I think we live in a great community where neighbors help out neighbors who find themselves in need. I think your membership epitomizes that spirit. Please pass on our sincere appreciation and gratefulness. Thank you and God bless. Stephen Bartoli Development Chair of the Advisory Board Carlisle Salvation Army

June 2009

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