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the ROTOGRAPH October 2009

Our 88th year

Carlisle Rotary Club District 7390 P.O. Box 301, Carlisle, PA 17013 Organized May 1, 1921

“Service Above Self” Rotary International Officers 2009-2010 OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2009-2010 (Board meets at 11:00 a.m. on third Thursday) President of Rotary International John Kenny President JEFF CONWAY 243-4805 District Governor District 7390 Concetta Sparks

Group “A” Clubs Carlisle Carlisle Sunrise Mechanicsburg Mech. North West Shore

Th Tu Wed Th Fri

12:00pm 7:15am 7:15am 7:30am 7:00am

BRING A GOOD FRIEND/ PROSPECTIVE MEMBER TO OUR CLUB LUNCHEONS! It's the easiest way to expose our Club to possible new members! We must stay focused on this mission. This is key to the projects we undertake, and in keeping our District 7390 banner where we feel it should be!

President-Elect Vice President Treasurer Asst. Treasurer Secretary Past President RI Foundation Chair Director Emeritus 2007-2010 2007-2010 2008-2011 2008-2011 2009-2012 2008-2011 2009-2012


701-2485 240-0805 249-3414 243-3402 243-8042 701-2485 960-9650 245-2158 245-2622 243-3331 243-4814 249-8092 241-2619 258-8590 254-6448

A CARLISLE ROTARY CLUB VISION STATEMENT FOR THE 21ST CENTURY The Carlisle Rotary Club: A world class Rotary Club that recruits and retains quality members and leaders that meets in the most congenial setting possible and is active across the four lanes of Rotary with emphasis on support of community, international and vocational programs and projects and whose every member contributes to the Rotary Foundation, meets attendance criteria and is actively involved in Rotary service and fel-

lowship events. October 2009

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ROTOGRAPH COMMITTEE Owen Snyder Gayle Christman

Gayle Christman, Chair Programs Committee October 1st SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Professor Barbara Diduk, Vase Project INVOCATION: Hubert Gilroy GREETERS: Wayne Powell, John Powell

October 22nd SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Dave Haag, Anatomy of a Murder, or How I Spent My Winter Vacation INVOCATION: Karen Gunnison GREETERS: Jerry Ogline, Peter Ostrowski

October 8th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Jerry Nichols, Cumberland Valley Habitat for Humanity INVOCATION: Dean Glick GREETERS: Mark Pinker, John Peters

October 29th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Carrie Breschi, Carlisle Arts Learning Center INVOCATION: David Haag GREETERS: Charles Nebel, David Nelson

October 15th SPEAKER & PROGRAM: Classification Talk INVOCATION: Ronald Greenway GREETERS: Brock Overbaugh, Brian Peters

Rotary International News My fellow Rotarians: Lord Byron wrote, “The days of our youth are the days of our glory.” For me, that is the line that springs to mind whenever Rotary’s youth programs are mentioned. In Rotary, September is New Generations Month – a time to focus our attention on our programs for youth and the role they play in shaping the Rotarians of tomorrow. Our youth programs – Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, and Rotary Youth Exchange – are some of the most important programs of Rotary. I say this because of the unparalleled potential they have to influence young minds and souls toward peace, goodwill, and harmony. That potential is the greatest in youth because the experiences of our early years never leave us; they shape who we later become. In the October 2009

words often attributed to St. Francis Xavier, “Give me a boy until he is seven, and I will give you the man.” For myself, I would give it a bit longer than that – but there is no doubt that the experiences of our youth have a greater formative power, and a greater ability to shape character, than any we may have in our adulthood. When a teenager from the United States has the chance to travel to India to participate in a National Immunization Day, or when a student from Brazil spends a year studying in Japan, that person will be forever changed. These young people will have formed connections and affections that will endure. They will never think about their own country, or the world, in the same way again. Their perspective, their priorities, and their values will have been permanently shaped by that experience in a way that no later experiences will have the power to do. Your hard work ensures that these experiences continue to be possible – that these programs continue to be available, to be well run, and to earn the trust of the participants and their families. Page 2

October 3 - Rotary Leadership Seminar – Harrisburg East Holiday Inn, 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. The club will pay your registration fee of $95 if you would like to go. October 24 – District 7390 Foundation Seminar – Everything you wanted to know about your Foundation.

The impressions of youth are strong, and they are lasting. There is never a second chance at them. We may grow and change as we get older, and we are surely changed by all of our experiences. But there is never another chance to build who we are. That happens only once: in our youth. The days of our youth truly are the days of our glory – but through Rotary’s youth programs, those days become the glory of all of Rotary. John Kenny President, Rotary International

November 5 – District 7390 Foundation Dinner – An inspiring event, open to all Rotarians. November 7-Rotary International United Nations Day Information about all of these events is available at the sign-in table. Take advantage of all the opportunities Rotary offers you! Each of us knows someone who would make a great Rotarian. Why not invite him to lunch? Welcome to John Kristel, our newest member. John is the CEO of Carlisle Regional Medical Center. Bets Clever sponsored him. Please help John feel at home in Rotary fellowship. John has just moved her from Bloomfield, PA. Our thanks to Jim Hughes and his able assistant Jan Negley for putting together our Rotary Golf outing. Jim has been heading this up for a number of years, and it has turned into a significant fundraiser for the club. Thanks also to our Rotary committee members who helped with this event.

Club News President Jeff’s Corner Fellow Rotarians, October and November bring us lots of events to participate in. Please take advantage of these District events:

Now that it is fall, an early reminder that we follow the Carlisle School District schedule for closing. When the school district closes for inclement weather, we also do not have Rotary. If they are just delayed, it has no effect on us. Congratulations to all who helped Lucrezia secure the right to graduate from Carlisle High School. It was quite a job getting her transcript translated and lined up with the Carlisle curriculum. Great job! Yours in Rotary, Jeff

October 2009

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Dates to Remember

Dec. 17th

October Song Leaders Bill Spruill Randy Aires Bill Seeley Charlie Stoup Bonnie Berk

1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th

50/50 Salespeople

Christmas Dinner 6:00pm

October Birthdays Paul Baynum Robert Gerard Thomas Houf Carol Lennon Mark Scheneman Webb Hersperger Mark Harmon David Nelson John Powell Kim Shoff Thomas Williams David Twining

1st 2nd 6th 6th 13th 16th 21st 21st 22nd 22nd 22nd 26th

Bill VonIderstein Marsha Burkett

October 2009

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October 2009 Rotograph  

October 2009 Rotograph newsletter

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