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CARPET FIBRE TYPES Loop pile Durable and ideal for heavy traffic areas. It will not show footprint indentations and the tightly packed loops prevent dirt penetrating deep into the pile

Level cut loop Offers a variety of different styles and patterns, it has a lovely textured feel and is great if you’d like to make a feature of your carpet

The type of carpet fibre you select will determine how long your new carpet will maintain its condition. Different fibre types come with different benefits and level of quality.

POLYPROPYLENE Polypropylene is a solution dyed yarn and feels coarser than other fibre types. It is stain resistant and offers good value for money.

POLYESTER Polyester is a solution dyed yarn and feels exceptionally soft to touch. This fibre is stain resistant and offers great colour clarity.

WHITE NYLON White nylon is versatile and has great appearance retention. It offers a large colour range and is durable and resistant.

SOLUTION DYED NYLON (SDN) Twist pile Is hard wearing and will not flatten as much as plush pile. Joins are least visible in this type of carpet

Solution dyed nylon is extremely durable, it is stain and fade resistant and comes in a large range of colours.

WOOL BLEND Wool blend feels soft like wool carpet but is more cost effective and durable due to the 2 fibres being spun together.

WOOL Plush pile Offers a soft luxurious feel and can soften the appearance of a room. This is one of the most traditional styles of carpet


Wool is a soft and resilient fibre which is naturally stain resistant. This is the only type of carpet which is renewable and biodegradable.

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