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VERTICAL BLINDS Are adaptable, provide great coverage and are energy efficient. They are ideal for hard-to-reach spaces and are able to cover large areas while still providing great views of the outside. They are also easy to repair if damaged, there’s no need to replace the whole blind, you can simply replace the damaged section.


ROMAN BLINDS Offer a luxurious look with no visible joins and are Teflon coated and have a mould resistant UV retardant finish. Combining many years of window covering tradition with the benefits of contemporary engineering, the roman blind is a timeless regulator of both light and privacy.

ROLLER SCREENS Vertical blinds

Timber venetians

Roman blinds

Cellular Blinds

Blockout and roller screens

Plantation Shutters

Are a great modern solution, they are easy to operate, with an energy efficient design which will complement any dĂŠcor and environment. Roller blinds are available in translucent or blockout materials. You can also combine these benefits by installing a combination of translucent and blockout blinds on selected windows.

TIMBER VENETIANS Are a classic choice made from high quality cedar. They are easy to operate, durable and offer total light control. Completely washable, this product will not absorb moisture and is suitable for wet and humid areas including bathrooms and kitchens.

CELLULAR BLINDS Provide the practical benefit of insulation and are ideal for any architectural application. They are made using fabric that is honeycomb/cellular in shape giving superior heat reflection properties to assist in maintaining an energy efficient and comfortable living environment.

PLANTATION SHUTTERS Plantation Shutters offer warmth, style and a sense of timeless chic, and have the ability to regulate light entry into your interior. Providing a clean, finished look and an atmosphere of seclusion. Plantation Shutters provide unique style and appeal, privacy and light control, versatility, ventilation and increased energy efficiency.


Carlisle Homes - Spectra Selection Guide  
Carlisle Homes - Spectra Selection Guide