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WINDOW GLAZING Expanses of glass doors and windows create lovely light filled spaces and can be a real design feature for your home. However, they can also be major contributors to the cost of your energy use by allowing unwanted heat gain in summer, and heat loss in winter. Up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost and up to 87% of its heat gained through glass. Double glazed windows and doors (sometimes referred to as IGU’s, Insulated Glass Units) are sealed units made up of two pieces of glass, separated by a sealed air gap and filled with argon gas. The air gap acts as a thermal break between the inner and outer pieces of glass, reducing the flow of hot or cold air between the inside and outside of the home. These units also help prevent condensation from occurring inside the house when it is cold outside and warm inside and can help reduce noise attenuation by reducing the ability of outside noises to pass through the glass. Depending on characteristics of your chosen block and design, such as orientation, window location and neighbouring homes, you may be required to include some double glazing to achieve your required 6 star rating. You can also upgrade to more units, either select windows or complete elevations to achieve further efficiencies and noise reduction.


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