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YOUR SPECTRA GUIDE Your Spectra Selection Guide provides a comprehensive reference covering every aspect of Spectra, including all your colour and product options. In a way it’s like your virtual Spectra tour, it’s even presented in exactly the same format as the showroom flows, as you make your selection journey starting from the front door, through each room in detail and finishing with lighting and electrical options. Take the time to read all the information and utilise the suggested tools. The more time invested into your preparation, the more rewarding and enjoyable your Spectra experience will be – and of course, the result will be your dream home becoming a reality. Throughout this guide, for every decision you’ll need to make, we have provided important information on your standard inclusions and upgrade options. We look forward to sharing your Spectra experience and watching your new home come to life.


Carlisle Homes - Spectra Selection Guide  
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