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SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEMS Solar hot water systems use the power of the sun to heat your water. Australia is renowned for its hours of sunshine so it is logical to maximise this plentiful free energy source. Solar water systems include collectors mounted on the roof of your home to absorb the sun’s energy. Cooler water from a storage tank is heated by being fed past these collectors and then returned to the tank and circulated via pipes around your home for you to use. When there isn’t enough energy from the sun, your system reverts to a back-up gas system to ensure hot water is always available. Depending on the climate and your system configuration, solar water heating can provide up to 90% of your household’s hot water for free. Many larger families upgrade to additional panels and larger tanks to further maximise on this natural energy source and reduce reliance on electricity and gas hot water. To reduce water wastage and inconvenience, you may want to consider adding a second instantaneous water heater to key bathroom areas.


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