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FIREPLACES Fireplaces can create a lovely warm ambience and a dramatic focal point in a room. The warm glow adds an additional lighting aspect to a living room and provides a style anchor for the remainder of your décor and furniture pieces. For a classic yet stylish look, opt for a square fireplace with black surround that will deliver the ultimate in visual appeal. You also have the flexibility to add a luna mantle which not only acts as a beautiful frame for your fireplace, but also gives you extra space to display your favourite ornaments. Or, for an ultra modern and streamlined look, you can opt for a rectangular or double-sided fireplace to ensure that your fireplace is the centrepiece of your new home. The different available textures of the fireplace surrounds, size variations and colour schemes means there is a product to suit most home styles. However, fireplaces are not suitable to all house types and locations. Your Interior Designer will let you know where a fireplace would be suitable in your chosen home design.


Carlisle Homes - Spectra Selection Guide