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December 2013

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The Petersons: A Dynamic Portrait of Family, Faith and Reno Roots

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Happy Holidays from The Good Life! This month’s issue brings holiday cheer as we celebrate family and our local community. Our cover story spotlights the Peterson family of Somersett, a blended family with strong bonds and deep roots in Reno. We visit the Petersons on the eve of the holiday season and get a peek into their dynamic lives, future hopes and past struggles. We know the type of warmth their family displays is kindling throughout our neighborhoods as the season of togetherness begins. Also in this issue we become acquainted with the Sierra Association of Foster Families, a Reno charity with special needs during the holiday season—a time that can be challenging for youth in transition.

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We visit the River School Farm, a Northwest-Reno “best kept secret” to learn about their farm fresh goodies and mission to bring locally grown produce to Reno. Don’t miss our interview with Somersett resident and interior designer Tori St. Pierre who offers her “outside the box” holiday decorating tips.

December 2013

The Good Life


Feature Story

The Petersons: A Dynamic Portrait of Family, Faith and Reno Roots By Carlie Partridge


Photo By: Photo Wickum


Photo By: Photo Wickum

hen I meet the Petersons at their Somersett home, it’s near sunset and they’re preparing for their traditional Sunday family dinner. Teri and Jeff Peterson are chatting, joking and multitasking—it’s the familiar domestic choreography of cooking, laundry and conversation. They have a full house tonight including their two children Micaella, 17, Dolan, 15, Kylie Ramatici, 23, Teri’s daughter from her first marriage and Ginger Jia, their Chinese exchange student. Kuma and Nala are eager for dinner too-their two omnipresent Pomeranians—the type that are constantly underfoot or panting endearingly in someone’s lap. The Petersons are a blended family with deep Reno roots and strong family bonds. Their home takes on an atmosphere of casual celebration as Dolan begins to riff on his guitar. Soon he’s joined by Jeff—a lifelong musician—and there’s an impromptu guitar duet of a Counting Crows song. “They’re not just doing this because we have a guest,” smiles Micaella, who will graduate in June from Excel Christian School. “They do this all the time.” There is a warm and inviting rhythm to the household as Kylie discusses her homework plans over the live music. Kylie is graduating with honors from University of Nevada-Reno’s Orvis school of Nursing in just a few weeks. Kylie will join her late father, her mother Teri and her stepfather Jeff as the third in the family to become UNR alumnus. Her last semester in school will require some late-night studying—but the end is in sight. She’s excited about her career choice and is in the process of interviewing for nursing jobs in Reno. Kylie anticipates a rewarding career in nursing but is flexible about which specialty to pursue. Not present is Teri’s son Jake Ramatici, 22—but Teri answers a phone call from him while everyone gathers in the kitchen. He’s in Thousand Oaks California studying at Cal Lutheran, where he also played football for a year—a love he shared with his late father, John Ramatici. The elder Ramatici, who passed away in 2007 from Lou Gehrig’s Disease, both played and coached football at University of Nevada-Reno. He wore number 44, a number his son adopted when he played. John Ramatici was inducted into the UNR Hall of Fame just months before he passed away. John had also played football at UNR with Jeff Peterson, at one point coaching him. Jake will be graduating from Cal Lutheran in May with a major in Communication and Marketing. Ginger Jia of Zhangjiakou, China has joined the Petersons this year to further her studies and attend Excel Christian School along with Dolan and Micaella. “She’s become one of the family,” says Teri. Future plans are also on Micaella’s mind. A star volleyball player, Micaella recently took her SAT test and plans to attend Truckee Meadows Community College in 2014. She will miss her involvement with volleyball but looks forward to the journey ahead. December 2013

“Living in the moment, loving people and loving the Lord are key for me,” says Micaella, in imagining her post-high school path. Dolan takes a break from playing his guitar to explain that his passion for music occasionally causes him to procrastinate on school work. “Music is such a gift,” he says. “I can’t imagine what I’d do without it. Music is something Dolan picked up from Jeff, who currently plays guitar and sings during worship at their church as well as in a local band called 2wice on Sundays. Dolan also enjoys his classes at Excel Christian School where he plays basketball. He is grateful to his parents for allowing him to pursue his passions. “I love how in our family, we can share what we feel—we can be social and enjoy the company of other adults and families without feeling awkward—we love being around other people and even as teens we don’t feel the need to look at our smartphones every ten minutes.” Micaella echoes her younger brother’s admiration of their family dynamic. “We’re touchy feely, but in a good way,” she says. “We embrace one another for who we truly are. My mom allows me to be the person I am and pursue what I want—even if I don’t know exactly what that is in the moment.” She appreciates her father’s perspective and gentle way of challenging her. “We’re like two peas in the pod,” she says about their relationship. “Like most teens, we naturally love spending time with friends or at church, but we genuinely love being together.”

The Good Life

A Family is Born Micaella and her older sister Kylie start chatting about how they became a blended family in the first place—which of course involves how Teri and Jeff met. “Can I tell you how our parents met? It’s perfect!” offers Micaella. She tells the story in brief: “So, my mom and dad were supposed to go on a skiing date with a bunch of other people but it ended up being just them. When my

Photo By: Photo Wickum

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dad offered to carry my mom’s skis, she refused and said she could carry her own skis.” At this point, Jeff chimes in and says “not only could this woman carry her own skis, but she had packed a lunch for the slopes. And not just any lunch—a whole cooler of organized goodies. Later when I told my friends about her carrying her own skis they said—Jeff, you need to marry that girl.” Already a mother of two from her previous marriage, Teri was surprised by Jeff ’s interest. “He was cooler than me in College,” she joked about their UNR days— “you know,” she smiles, “a football player.” Jeff had come to UNR to play Wolf Pack football as an outside linebacker. Their romance blossomed through a shared faith and attitude towards life. The smitten couple married months after meeting. A second marriage for both of them, they will celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2014. “It’s gone by so very

fast,” says Teri. “Naturally we’ve had our ups and downs like anyone, but it’s just been so full.” Jeff, a longtime pastor, shared some of his views on family and marriage. “Marriage is a place where one plus one becomes more than two. It’s not just simple addition, it’s exponential. There’s Teri, and there’s Jeff—and then there’s Teri and Jeff.” He explained his perspective about marriage being about mutual enhancement of their shared lives through the tumultuous journey of life. “The journey involves being open to vulnerability and change. Therein lies the richness.” As the matriarch of the family, Teri considers herself a mom-atheart. Having graduated from UNR in family studies she was the first female in her family to graduate with a four year degree. The youngest of seven children in an Irish Catholic family, Teri grew up in Reno where her family established deep roots in the community. Her late father, Bobby Dolan, played professional baseball in the

“Can I tell you how our parents met? It’s perfect!” offers Micaella.

Dodger organization. He is the namesake of the annual Bobby Dolan Baseball Dinner, a Reno fundraiser benefiting the UNR Wolf Pack baseball team. Teri’s 83 year old mother and two of her siblings still make their homes in Reno. Her uncle owns the Dolan Automotive group, one of Reno’s most trusted auto dealers for decades. Teri, who is also a licensed hair designer, has considered going back to work but feels that her heart is with motherhood and involvement in the busy lives of her teens and older children. Teri shares that since 1976, the Dolans have an annual family reunion attended by over 100 people. “I could totally kiss my great aunt and that would be totally natural,” says Micaella, again noting the affectionate nature of their extended family. Facing Adversity Together The Petersons experienced a challenging passage during the economic downturn following the market crash of 2008-2009. At the time, Jeff was a mortgage banker. “With all our investments wrapped up in property, you can imagine that the credit crisis hit us pretty hard,” he explains.

During that time, Jeff changed jobs several times and the family faced having to leave their beloved Reno to seek new work. They were so close to leaving Reno at one point that they even toured high schools in California. Fate conspired to keep them in Reno and they endured difficult years when Jeff was travelling frequently to Florida and New York for work with a hedge funds company. Dolan and Micaella reflected on that time as one in which they missed their father but became more independent, adjusting to his frequent travels. Teri noted that their family’s strong faith brought them through the challenge with confidence and grace. Jeff comments that the trying times truly reveal that “it’s not so much about where life takes you but rather who you’re travelling with.” Shared Perspectives As parents, Teri and Jeff share a passion for providing space for their children to thrive spiritually and become “other centered” with their attention on faith and on other people. Jeff explains it as “living life in a way that creates value for others—in a way that sort of creates something from

nothing.” The idea of creating positive relationships in life is a cornerstone of their family outlook. “If we can move through our lives in a way that adds value to the lives of their others, there’s an ultimate hope and a reason for our story,” says Jeff. The focus on creating an “other centered” family is evident in the care they display for one another and the community. Kylie has volunteered by participating in a support program for new and expecting mothers at Reno’s Crisis Pregnancy Center, and her brother Jake has volunteered cleaning up beaches in Southern California. Outside of his full time job as VP of operations at Guru Dental, Jeff volunteers at life church as one of the worship leaders, and Micaella and Dolan eagerly take on volunteer responsibilities through their school and church. Last year they assisted with flood relief in Reno by filling sandbags and sorting clothes at Reno Gospel Mission. Community involvement is integral to their lives and is expressed through school and church endeavors. Ginger Jia, as part of the Peterson family this year, offers her own perspective on the

family. “I really love living with the Petersons. They make me laugh and sometimes they quietly support me in my academic goals. When I took the SAT, Teri supported me and helped me feel less nervous. I am so happy to be living with them!”

Photo By: Photo Wickum

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December 2013

The Good Life

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Give the Gift of Local Flavors from Your Community Farm By: Carlie Partridge


long the banks of the Truckee River in Northwest Reno, you’ll find Reno’s “biggest little secret”—the River School Farm. RSF is a venue for year round farming and special events that also hosts educational opportunities and classes and workshops open to the public. The farm works in cooperation with other farmers, gardeners and teachers towards a goal of promoting local agriculture to sustain the health of our community’s residents and local food economy. The River School Farm operates several deep organic micro eco-farms and collaborates with other market gardeners in our region to sell their produce. Our goal is that 20% of our food here in the Truckee Meadows will be grown locally by the year 2020. These holidays, you can think “in” the box for holiday gifts—in the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box, that is! Consider giving a holiday gift of a gift certificate

for the river school farm that can be used towards purchasing our weekly produce boxes come Spring! Giving the gift of farm fresh produce grown right here in Northwest Reno can add great cheer to your holiday table. A gift certificate to the RSF can be used towards any of our produce or artisan gift items. Gifts and Goodies from our Gardens and Beyond Our inventory of gifts is constantly changing because we make things in small, handmade batches. We invite you to check our web site for holiday gift items including our locally grown honeys, jams, preserves, body crèmes, salves and candles. If you choose gifts from River School Farm, you are contributing to our mission of operating a functional, year-round organic farm and educating the public about how to grow functional gardens. Gift Basket Ideas You can combine fresh produce items with our artisan food items to create a fresh, local

and entirely unique gift basket. Customize a farm-fresh gift basket for those on your holiday gift lists to make a lasting, local impression. You can choose a large or small gift basket and include the following items:

• Jams and Preserves (Concord Grape, Peach & Plum) • Late Harvest Honey (West Reno grown!) • Beeswax Candles • Salves and Hand Creme (made with farm grown herbs) • Culinary Herb Sachets • Seed Packets • Herbal Infused Honey • Gift Certificates to our Online Market • River School Farm 2014 Wall/Desk Calendar

Both small and large gift baskets are available and prices range from $20-$60 Contact us for customized baskets. Thank you for thinking local and supporting the efforts of farmers and artisans in the Truckee Valley! 7777 White Fir Street Reno, NV 89523 (775) 747-2222

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Charity Spotlight

Dolan Auto Group Finds Home in Community By: Kristin Stith


ommunity. People today use this word often, but rarely do we really examine what this word means to an organization or group. How does an organization support the community in which they do business? For Dolan Automotive Group the word community is deeply rooted in our past, present and future and it starts right from the top. Tom Dolan, planted roots in Reno in 1969 and graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 1972 with a bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology and Social Welfare and Corrections. From the beginning of his career he was deeply embedded in our community, working as a Juvenile Parole Officer, where he served the most vulnerable members of our community. This work forever left a mark on Tom, stressing the importance of education, the importance of giving back and serving the community in which you live, and the importance of fostering and mentoring the next generation of community members. As his position changed he decided to completely change careers and utilize his innate sales skills and began selling life insurance, which lead to an opportunity to work in the car business. He worked his way from Sales, to Finance Manager, to Sales Manager and in 1982 Tom became the General Manager and Vice President at Reno Toyota. Throughout his career Tom has lived by the mantra, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” It is a mantra that he has passed down within his family and his entire business. It is this mantra that he has used to inspire businesses to implement a culture of investment in people and programs that serve our community. One of the most successful and impactful projects that Dolan Automotive Group has implemented is Class Project.

Class Project In this their Third Annual Class Project Giveaway, Dolan Automotive Group will give away $60,000 to 22 schools in northern Nevada. Two top schools will earn $5,000, one based on the most votes from the community and the other by being the Dolan Automotive Group employee pick. The 20 runner-up schools with the most votes will earn $2,500 to help bring their ideas to life. The annual contest encourages area public school teachers to submit a concept for a classroom project on behalf of students. Teacher proposals are then voted on by fans of the Dolan Automotive Group Facebook page. Since 2011, Dolan Automotive Group has given $100,000 to 40 northern Nevada classrooms with Class Project. However, the impact of the Class Project goes far beyond the funds distributed. Class Project provides an opportunity for our area schools to connect with their students, parents, teachers and their neighborhoods. Since voting takes place on Facebook, teachers, schools and students are empowered to connect with their community in a new and different way. Teachers have an opportunity to express their ideas, programs and plans to a much wider community audience, while opening up and expanding conversations regarding education, which is near and dear to the entire Dolan family. As Tom has instilled his mantra in his children’s work and business ethic, sons Ryan and Brady are continuing his established legacy and they know that, “The more you give the more successful you are in life and business.” About the author: Kristin Stith, Community Outreach for Dolan Auto Group.

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December 2013

The Good Life


Charity Spotlight


The Sierra Association of Foster Families

9 Creative Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Enriching the Lives of Foster Children through Education and Equine Therapy

By Tori St. Pierre


Somersett resident and a professional interior designer, Mrs. St. Pierre offers nine unique holiday decorating ideas. Her hallmark is using unexpected twists on classic favorites for the holidays! Bring on the cheer without overdoing the traditional red and green by considering these fun, fresh techniques.

6. Take burlap fabric ribbon to make a large bow. Run wire through the fabric so it will keep its shape. Mount above the center of the door and let the ribbon run down the sides of the door.

1. A hanging basket of evergreens is a good solution for a door with a window. Add a red, gold, or silver bow with ribbons trailing down for the Holidays!

7. Take a small wood chest or dark basket and place dried green hydrangeas, red berry sprigs, and dried twigs to create a memorable table center piece!

2. Take topiaries and wrap the pot with burlap fabric. Tie a ribbon and place on mantle or fireplace hearth. 3. Take a galvanized bucket and place dried twigs with red berries and clear lights. Tie a burlap bow around the bucket to make a simple holiday display. Add natural looking bird or owl ornaments for a delightful touch! 4. Bird bath in the garden? Spray pine cones gold & silver. Then add some holly & evergreens for a creative outdoor display! 5. Place different sized candle holders with red, gold, and silver candles on the fireplace mantel. Place fresh evergreens at the base to add a fresh pine holiday scent.

By: Joseph Galata, Executive Director


8. Take different size apothecary jars and place battery operated LED lights inside. Add different colors of christmas ball ornaments. For a more natural look use fruits for a strong decorative statement. 9. Use old-fashioned colorful buttons on ribbon to give your Christmas packages a vintage look. Victoria St. Pierre Victoria’s Interior Re-Design 408-504-6971

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My tutors are mostly University of Nevada-Reno students majoring in medicine, engineering, family health services and other disciplines. These tutors go to the homes of kids in foster care and to

6275 Sharlands Ave. #6 • Shopper's Square next to Scolari's

(775) 323-9463 • To: Yo u Us

$20 Gift Certificate

Good Towards One Hour or More Massage or Facial Relax and Revive with this fabulous gift! Not valid with other promotions. Limit one per person. Expires 1/31/2014

3888 Mayberry Dr. Suite B • Reno, NV 89519

Phone: 775-746-4100

OPEN: Tuesday - Sunday | Find us on Facebook!


An Educational Need Five years ago when I was asked to come to SAFF as the Executive Director, I discovered that the government only spends approximately 10 cents per dollar on the academic needs of children and teens in foster care. We created a unique program, the only one of its kind that we know of in the entire country. This program is our in home and after school Academic Tutoring Program. In the past 4.5 years since this program launched, SAFF has provided academic tutoring to over 1,500 youth in Washoe County’s foster care system.

“Givin’ You the Edge”


he Sierra Association of Foster Families is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization serving the education and health of abused, abandoned and neglected children in the Northern Nevada foster care system. SAFF also contributes to community support for organizations dedicated to enriching the lives of these children so they can go on to thrive and contribute to our community.

Chimney Safe

A Holiday Fundraiser We would like to acknowledge that the holiday season is the toughest time for kids in foster care. Being in temporary families over the holidays can be challenging. SAFF also does creative fundraisers. For our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday celebration, SAFF is working with various departments at UNR as well as with 10 local organizations and 30 culturally diverse child, teen and adult singers and dancers. We are creating a musical extravaganza titled “Welcome to the Family Table,” and it’s both a benefit for public awareness about preventing violence against kids with disabilities and a fundraiser. The show includes Japanese dancers, African-American dancers and Hispanic, Irish and American singers. It also features East Indian dancers and the Zumba Supremes as well as other local stars.

We average nearly 500 hours of academic tutoring each month here at SAFF. Our programs are funded by deeply appreciated grants from private foundations, donations and fundraising projects. The prestigious Frank M. and Gertrude R. Doyle Foundation is a major supporter of our successful program. SAFF also promotes creativity by arranging opportunities for our foster youth to participate in creative projects such as singing, dancing and theatre as well as using the theatrical arts to promote public awareness about ending stigmatization towards youth in foster care.

This celebratory holiday event is free to the public, but donations are accepted. The event will be held on Tuesday, November 26 at 6:00pm in the Joe Crowley Ballroom at UNR. For more information call (775) 828-9977.

Equine (Horse Assisted Therapy) Another important program of SAFF is our horse assisted therapy program in tandem with Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy. We believe so much in the value of the kids learning trust, hope, loyalty and other life skills with the horses. Children and teens participating in the horse assisted therapy program include those living with Down Syndrome, Anx-

To contribute to SAFF, visit or call our office at (775) 828-9977

Please call us for your next concrete project and together we can build the future!

Colin Gates District Manager,

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Northern Nevada Ready Mix

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December 2013

iety Disorder, Attachment Disorder and Autism.

Having worked in Reno at CEMEX for 10 years, I’ve learned to value the importance of community in our business. With the backing of one of the country’s largest suppliers of Ready Mix Concrete, Aggregates and Concrete Pipe, I feel well positioned to play our part.

This Holiday Season, relax and enjoy the crackling fire in your clean, beautifully maintained fireplace!

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the biological homes of the youth when the family courts permit the teens to be re-united with their parents. We have documented our successes as students have gone from earning Ds and Fs in school to being on the Honor Rolls and passing their mandatory proficiency testing. Our students are walking with their classmates at high school graduations with traditional diplomas in hand.

The Good Life



Stocking Stuffers, Hostess Gifts, Teacher’s Presents and More - Local Retailers Help Tackle Last Minute Holiday Needs Contributed by: The Abbi Agency Powered by Boost


e’ve all been there: we think the holiday gift shopping is all wrapped up, so to speak, and then we find out Billy’s bringing his girlfriend home for the holidays, teacher needs a present and you need a hostess gift for the boss’s wife. Turns out, you’re far from done. But not if you use some of these great suggestions for grabbing last minute gifts – that can all be found locally – that are sure to have friends, co-workers and new-found family members fawning over your flawless gift-giving skills. Get Dirty with Black Rock Mud: Not only is this spa-grade product ultra pampering, it’s harvested from the mineral-rich illite clay of northern Nevada’s Black Rock desert and provides more than 50 naturally-occurring trace elements like calcium, iron and zinc that can benefit the skin. Black Rock products contain no chemicals, dyes or preservatives and come packaged in sleek, recycled containers. Available for a limited time only, Black Rock’s Fall 2013 harvest produced just 2,500 jars of the high-end skin conditioner that can be purchased online now at for just $59 or by calling 775-302-3599.

truly distinct, check out Davidson’s Organics, based in Sparks, a family-owned and –operated company that imports only the best organic, kosher, fair trade teas direct from Darjeeling, India. Available in loose leaf, bagged and flowering varieties, along with cocoas and mulling spices, Davidson’s teas make beautiful gifts both in and out of the pot. For a special, memorable gift, cut two coffee filters into a holiday-themed shape (think Christmas tree, snowman or star), sprinkle your favorite loose leaf tea between the two filters and sew closed with a string at the top to make a personalized, edible ornament. Special holiday blends are also available, including the much sought-after pumpkin spice, and can be

Brew Something Beautiful: If you’re looking for something

purchased starting at just $3 online at, or in person at 700 East Glendale. A Stunning Centerpiece: Don’t know what to get the hostess who has everything; get creative at the local food co-op or CSA by creating a beautiful seasonal centerpiece that can be used on a dining, entryway or coffee table. With all of the colorful squashes, pumpkins, gourds, corn and more than can be found at this time of year, combining them with a couple of candle sticks and some Spanish moss is an easy way to impress even the most seasoned party planner. can help you find exactly what you’re looking for with its directory of farm stands, stores and CSAs that sell seasonal vegetables and you can also find tons of ideas on What’s more, the produce easily keeps for a month or more, so there’s no worry about a spoiled centerpiece. Regional Wines: Let’s face it – everybody loves wine. Fortunately, a variety of vineyards reside just over the hill including the acclaimed Whitehall Lane Winery and Double Bond Wines, both in northern California and available for sale at a variety of grocery and specialty wine shops throughout the area. Whitehall Lane, named for the famous wine road in St. Helena, produces an array of offerings including award-winning cabernets and pinot noir, along with acclaimed chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, is now offering a 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon boasting blackberry, currant, black cherry and oak flavors for just $40 through WhitehallLane.

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Whichever way you go this holiday season, we hope you find these tips helpful when tackling those last minute gift-buying tasks.

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Finally, who doesn’t like gift cards? Give the kids’ teacher a much deserved manicure or massage, grab Billy’s girlfriend a gift certificate to new South Lake hotspot, Gunbarrel Tavern, or stuff those stockings with gift cards to a local coffee shop such as Bibo or the Hub. Campo dining credits are always a welcome card filler, and lift tickets to try out the new terrain at resorts like Sugar Bowl are sure to make everyone happy.

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com. Double Bond, which specializes in the chemistry of blending, combines both science and art in its wine-making process, producing zinfandels, syrahs, and more and is now featuring its 2009 Pinot Noir, a dark-berried wine with a creamy finish, for $48 available online at

Also Ins


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December 6, Friday Choral Christmas Concert at UNR Nightingale Concert Hall, Church Fine Arts Building on UNR Campus 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 The University chorale groups perform a variety of vocal pieces to celebrate the holidays. Call (775) 784-4278 December 8, Sunday Tuba Christmas Concert at the May Museum Wilbur D. May Museum, 1595 N. Sierra St., Reno 3 p.m. Free This family-friendly concert features holiday carols played in four-part harmony and performed by local baritone, euphonium and tuba players. Sip cocoa and cider while nibbling cookies at this free event! Call (775) 785-9561 December 7, 8, 9, Saturday, Sunday and Monday The Nutcracker Ballet Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Reno Various show times Tickets are $25-$50 The stage will come alive with sugar plum fairies and dancing mice as the A.V.A. Ballet Theatre presents their 17th annual Nutcracker Ballet featuring the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra. Call (775) 666-6600



ADDRESS 1250 Firefly Court 9275 Palmetto Court 2050 Heavenly View Trail/ Lot #126 2055 Heavenly View Trail 1455 Orchard Park Trail 9095 Cabin Creek Trail 2035 Heavenly View Trail 2360 Hickory Hill Way 1150 Cliff Park Way 2365 Maple Leaf Trail/ Lot #20 2390 Maple Leaf Trail/ Lot #17 8845 Scott Valley 1830 Sun Shadow Court 8998 Beacon Ridge Trail 7751 Autumn Ridge Circle 8708 Lynrock Circle 1785 Laurel Ridge 8855 Scott Valley Court

December 15, Sunday Holiday Gingerbread Festival Rancho San Rafael Park at the Wilbur D. May Center 1595 N. Sierra Street in Rancho San Rafael Park 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. $10 Ribbons and prizes will be awarded to the best gingerbread houses in three categories. Proceeds will benefit the arboretum and botanical garden. The event also features holiday music and other crafts for the family. Call (775) 823-6500

December 15, Sunday Reno Santa Pub Crawl Throughout downtown Reno Free, Adults Only This event contributes to the local school charity, 7:30 p.m. Visit for more information

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ADDRESS 1650 Woodcrest Court 9170 Heritage Ridge Court 1825 Stone Pointe Drive 8885 Golfwood Court 1910 Champion Hills Drive 1785 Laurel Ridge Dr. 8507 Gypsy Hill 1770 Timaru Court 1850 Scott Valley Road 1850 Laurel Ridge Drive 8540 Gypsy Hill 8625 Eagle Chase 8625 Eagle Chase 8625 Eagle Chase 8140 Twin Eagles Court 8680 Eagle Chase 2195 Candle Rock Court

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SOLD HOMES IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ADDRESS 1455 Orchard Park Trail 2225 Heavenly View Trail 1355 Cliff Park Ct. 9031 Cabin Creek Trail 1460 Centennial Mill Way 1670 Autumn Valley Way 1242 Firefly 10080 Watercress Circle 9106 Mount Pleasant Drive 1100 Cliff Park Way 75 Mule Deer Drive 8798 Lynrock Circle 1225 Cliff Park Way 1250 Hidden River Way

Throughout December Holiday Fun at the Washoe County Library Free The Washoe County Library hosts various holiday-related events for the family including storytelling, Santa visits, holiday movies and more. Call (775) 327-8300

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ADDRESS 8245 Antler Pointe 1205 Tarleton Way 2370 Roanoke Trail 1758 Evening Rock Court 80 Mule Deer Dr. 7790 Harvest Hill 9084 Cabin Creek Trail 8395 Desert Candle 8770 Forest Willow 1871 Laurel Ridge Drive 8580 Gypsy Hill Trail 1955 Champion Hills Drive 8548 Gypsy Hill Trail 2100 Candle Rock Court

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Featured Home This Month:

The Reno Bighorns Reaching Out to the Community

Real Estate Update

$499,000 4 Beds 3 Baths 3 Car Garage Built in 2013 3,169 Sq Ft.


he Reno Bighorns are a part of the NBA Development League and currently affiliated with the Sacramento Kings. Since their arrival in Reno during the 2008-2009 season the Bighorns have been an important part of the Reno community under the local leadership of Herb Santos Jr. Each year the Bighorns staff, players and mascot (Bruno) attend over 150 events in the Reno community. Some of community events the Bighorns attended last year were: Boys and Girls Thanksgiving Dinner, Relay for Life and Scheels- Run For Education. Not only was the team and staff active in the community, the Bighorns strive to provide entertaining basketball and a family fun environment at each game.

1825 Stone Pointe Dr Reno NV 89523 Pembroke model by Toll Brothers in the sought after community of Somersett. No immediate neighbors behind, upgraded like the model including a fantastic kitchen, full covered patio, 3rd car garage and built in vanity in master bedroom. This house was built with all of the builder decorative touches in mind. From the flooring to the cabinets and on through the countertops and appliances…this house is beautiful. Backyard is open and large, but has not been landscaped. You bring your imagination. You can’t buy this model with these upgrades and no rear neighbor for under $500K. Call me to schedule your showing today!

If you are looking to add some life to a community event or inject some energy into your next employee or client outing, reach out to the Bighorns at 775.853.8220. The Bighorns strive to form strong partnerships both on and off the court.

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December 2013

The Good Life


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To schedule your hearing evaluation, please call (775) 682-4000 today.

The Good Life, North Reno, December 2013  

The Petersons: A Dynamic Portrait of Family, Faith and Reno Roots

The Good Life, North Reno, December 2013  

The Petersons: A Dynamic Portrait of Family, Faith and Reno Roots