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Day 1- The great catastrophe covered the world with smokes, dusts and turned into pre-ice age. Almost all living animals and humans are dead. Many cities are now endangered. I migrate to the line of equator, the only place left for me to survive. My name is Melbourne.

Day 3- All other cities around the world are migrating to the line of equator for new civilization.

The first week of disaster, smaller houses used fire and hot air balloons to flee. A fire is one of the first inventions discovered by human and hot air balloon is the oldest successful flight aircraft. Houses are transformed and reconfigured to fly from emergency.

Day10- Take off. The skeletons of houses are evolved to withstand the forces of gravity.

Day 12-Rescued human species

Day 13- The houses saved buildings and heritages which are crucial components of me.

Day 18- Rescue operation-RMIT, which is located at my heart-and must be saved

Day 24- Pulling them out from the catastrophe and turning into ruins. Facades of the buildings are pulled to enhance the performance of flight.

Day 26- I am evolving to migrate to the equator-looking at the bird migrations and flight patterns.

Day 30-35- Now I have wings, tails and wind controllers

Day 40- During the migration, landing for food and fuels are necessary. Farming and harvesting crops from the floating facades.

Day 42-Emergency- dropping wastes and weight to travel further

Day 43-Floating Across different topographies-

The journey to the equator provides new experience.

Day 44-The view from inside of my body looking out, humans have to adapt to new orientation and survive reusing walls and facades as wings, feathers and skins.

Day 50- Different formations, change depending on the weight, types of buildings and wind speed. Distorted corridors, emerging facades, elongated streetscapes and new networks shows the ability of adaptation.

Day 80- finally reached the equator. Nesting and settling at the equator changed how I used to operate. My performance as city-allows humans to interact and experience an unfamiliar space which makes them to imagine another possibility.

Draft Folio  

Draft Folio-Emergent Cities

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