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BRIEF TITLE Raw Type Part 1 The Brief Create a typeface in response to a given theme of either time, sound, light or photography. Concept/Proposition Sound

Considerations What is sound? How can this idea be given substance and more importantly how can the visuals be sustained over a wealth of typographic forms? Literal or subtle? Does the typeface have to be strictly bound within the stereotypical forms of individual character design? Does the typeface event need to be readable? What types of sound are there and which and how many of this sounds can be communicated Is the design more to do with where the sound comes from? How can the range of the brief be expanded into glyphs and numbers?

Background Raw are a design studio within Manchester specialising in strong layout and typographic design for commercial clients. As the origin of Raw Type is based on typographic experimentation, this brief looks to find potentially like minded young designers, encouraging the same process and offering a months placement at the studio in return.

Mandatory Requirements Use of the English alphabet. A2 board deliverables within a PDF format for submission.

Target Audience Raw Type Studio, graphic design students, type enthusiasts (for public judging).

Deliverables A2 PDF delivery showcasing the full typeface, how the typeface was designed and promotional poster.

Tone of Voice Intriguing, thought provoking, inspiring, contemporary.

Duration & Deadlines 15.04

Raw Type Part 1