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Carl Holderness

Brief Using the Doppler type as a basis for the design direction, propose how the typeface could be used in context.

Rationale Within a market that currently saturated of indie genre music groups and individuals it is more important now to be different from the competition.

Concept Breaking Waves

The rationale behind Foxx was to create a desirable identity through use of typographic elements, craft and attention to detail to reflect the needs of a teen, ‘indie’, eclectic audience.

Tone of Voice Professional, high-spec, minimal, intellectual. Audience 18+ Adults, Science orientated career men.

Logo & Type Design The logo and type design for the Foxx identity was based on initial proposal ideas met by the client, suggesting fox-based imagery. From research it was found that foxes were regarded by folklore as animals of cunning and trickery. From this I developed type designed to reflect a mythical appearance by using dot elements, duplicated lines and other irreguler character elements to reflect a more symbolic type treatment.

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Carl Holderness Deliverables Aswell as the typeface and logo design the visual style has been applied to a variety of merchandise material originally specified in the brief:


A black screen-printed t-shirt design, complete with embossed detail tagging and spot-varnished tissue-wrap packaging.

Board 02/04

A black and white print poster design with clear belly band. Custom business card designs 85mm x 45mm respectively, black foil finish, tri-plex card stock.

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Carl Holderness Merchandise The identity of Foxx is lit only in black and a crisp white. The t-shirt design uses a half tone imagery with a pangram text layer reversed out. High spec detail finishes are applied to give consideration and appeal to direct the band’s teen orientated audience to a more eclectic audience who would pay more.

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Carl Holderness Poster Design The typographic identity visual aesthetic passes through onto possible other formats including poster formats. Here using a simple A2 format to showcase the typography in a type specimen way. The poster is printed gloss with extra detail added using the band to showcase the logo and item details.

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Foxx Boards  

Submission boards for OUGD303.

Foxx Boards  

Submission boards for OUGD303.