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All Aboard Records Brief Revitalise the image of All Aboard Records through a redesign of the identity. Concept Give a hand. Tone of Voice Professional, eclectic, informative, friendly. Audience New Bands, currently signed bands and listeners, Co-directors of All Aboard Records Bob Cooper and Holly Bray.

Carl Holderness Rationale An identity, typeface, promotional poster and proposed merchandise. This brief’s direction ended up being very type and layout driven with a more functional body typeface being produced as part of the brief. Based on early illustrative work the typeface was based on a ‘blocky’ form of the life-saving ring used as their new logo.

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Carl Holderness Visual Style As requested by the client an event was to be orgainsed to showcase the re-brand to hopefully bring more bands to the label. For the re-brand using the new typeface was essential, the visual style of the poster format was based upon a circus-esque eclectic style, using a distinctive long format and rows of text in a layered ensemble.

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Carl Holderness Merchandising Being a nautical based record label it comes naturally the possibility of producing nautical based merchandise to sell, to profit on the look of the label. A sampled range of coloured tees using the lifebelt icon were created to showcase the logo design.

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Carl Holderness Stationary As requested by the client, stationary is required for the company’s documentation. Lit within fluorescent orange and blue, the stationary has a relatively simple design approach, making use of the colour and type as a key indicator for the brand.

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Carl Holderness Web Presence To reflect the clean style of the brand the web site ids designed to be clean clear and relatively simple. Mainly text based the web site’s colouring is used only in tones of blue, imagery is represented in monotone gradients with roll-over colour imagery to add and interesting interactivity.

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All Aboard Record Boards  

Submission boards for OUGD303.

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