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Carl Forssell TOK 11 01 Mr Glover Overseas Family School April 24th 2013

CAS Activity: Moral Obligations Do you personally believe that service is a moral obligation? What reasons can you use to support your personal opinion? Please use examples from your own experiences in CAS. (Answer in paragraph format—1-2 paragraphs) ! Personally, I believe that service should be a moral obligation to a certain extent. This extent, I feel, should be different for each individual. I think that a person should do more good for the environment around them than bad, so therefore, the more bad that the person does, such as littering, the more good (or services) this person is morally obliged to do. An extreme of this is that if a person commits a serious crime, such as murder, they have done a great deal of bad to their surrounding environment. This would mean that they should be morally obliged to do a great deal of service to make up for the bad that they have caused. On the other side of the spectrum, if a person does nothing bad to the environment, and is environmentally friendly in all aspects of their life, they should not be obliged to serve the community. ! I feel this way because if everybody in society did more good than what they did bad, the society would constantly be improving. If a person takes enough care to make sure to not damage anything around them, then they should be rewarded with not being morally obliged to serve the community. However, this does in no way mean that they shouldn’t. Service is a great thing and I think that people should be motivated to serve their community only because it makes them feel good, and it improves the living standards of not only themselves but everyone around them. ! For example, the biggest service project I have been part of so far was a charity run for breast cancer, where we collected donations that would go to charity as well as spent a total of 24 hours running and spreading awareness of breast cancer and it’s health risks. I do not feel that I was morally obliged to be a part of this event, but I enjoyed doing don’t feel that I have a bad effect on my environment, but I am looking forward to this taking place as it will be a great experience to have and I feel like it will make me a stronger person mentally, to help these poor families.

CAS Activity: Moral Obligations  

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