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“At Carl F. Bucherer, we are passionate about manufacturing timepieces that represent the future of horology, while also paying homage to our rich history” SASCHA MOERI CEO, CARL F. BUCHERER


hen a reporter asked mountaineer George Mallory in 1923 why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he replied: “Because it’s there.” Those three immortal words sum up the ethos of why humans take on seemingly insurmountable challenges. In this issue, we meet Armin Schelbert, a 74-year-old Swiss man who climbs the Schwyz Alps’ Grosser Mythen mountain several times a day. For Armin, the mountain is as much a feat to conquer as it is a route to connect with his fellow climbers and himself. Each of us has a value that fuels our passions. At Carl F. Bucherer, we are passionate about manufacturing timepieces that represent the future of horology, while also paying homage to our rich history. This is witnessed by our recent partnership with the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH), the ultimate international authority on fine watchmaking. As FHH acknowledges, our devotion to innovation has been ongoing since 1888 here in our home in Lucerne. Another ideal we are devoted to is the protection of the natural world. We champion this through our continuing support of the Manta Trust foundation, which tirelessly works to conserve the enigmatic sea creatures. Because a thriving natural world benefits us all. That is why this issue is dedicated to Treasured Values. From an alpine skier committed to mastering her sport and a photographer who has made it his life’s mission to document the plight of indigenous communities to sustainability minded architects who are using wood to design state-of-the-art structures,

the people on the following pages live and breathe their personal values on a daily basis. Heritage is another hallmark of Carl F. Bucherer, one that we celebrate with the Heritage Collection, which takes inspiration from vintage timepieces from our oeuvre and updates them with contemporary style and sophisticated technology. With this collection, we continue to honour our legacy while firmly planting our flag on the summit that is the future of watchmaking. Enjoy the 1888 magazine by Carl F. Bucherer.

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Why travel as a passenger? I can be a guest.

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 A photographer on a mission; an alpine ski world champion

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 onservationist Guy Stevens on his C connection to the natural world  atch enthusiast Todd Harrell W expounds on his love for the Patravi ScubaTec

Four fashion arbiters share their style philosophies Meet the 74-year-old man who scales a 1,899-metre alpine peak several times daily Wood’s back: high-tech construction rediscovers a traditional material

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Discovering the charms of Cycladic architecture; diving into the ancient sport of skandalopetra

 The Manta Trust studies plastic pollution threats to manta rays in the Mexican Caribbean

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Exploring the culture of innovation at Carl F. Bucherer Li Bingbing designs the Manero AutoDate Love collection

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Manero watches get a starring role in the new John Wick thriller

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The Baikal Ice Marathon, a partnership with FHH and a boutique redesign The directory of Carl F. Bucherer retailers Carl F. Bucherer designs a timepiece for a good cause

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1888 The Treasured Values Issue



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In his latest book, photographer Jimmy Nelson pays homage to indigenous people At the age of 16, Jimmy Nelson developed alopecia. A year later, he travelled to Tibet to spend time with Buddhist monks whose shaved heads he thought would make him feel aesthetically accepted. Luckily, he brought along a camera. “That became my fascination: using the camera as a tool to connect with others but ultimately to reconnect with myself,” Nelson says. Three decades on, the 52-year-old DutchBritish photographer continues to connect to humanity by documenting indigenous people “who throughout history were disrespected,” Nelson says. His photographs allow entry to cultures not readily accessible. In this photo from Nelson’s latest tome, Homage to Humanity, Marquesan horsemen in French Polynesia pose in traditional dress on the Vaioa river’s rocky shore. He argues one of the biggest threats these communities face is technology, which urges many to abandon their homes in favour of the modern world. Nelson, who will exhibit Homage at Fotografiska New York this spring, invests a percentage of proceeds from his projects in the communities. “I want them to feel empowered in their own identity and their own culture,” he says. jimmynelson.com

1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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World champion and Olympic medalist Wendy Holdener prepares for her next alpine ski championship Wendy Holdener was just three years old when she strapped on her first pair of skis. Since then, the now-26-year-old, Swiss-born alpine ski racer and Carl F. Bucherer brand ambassador has claimed multiple world championships and a full set of Olympic medals – she won gold in mixed team, silver in slalom and bronze in women’s combined at the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang. Skiing is a sport that many enjoy but few master. Natural talent and athleticism aside, Holdener says she focuses particularly on the technical side. “In addition to the perfect swing, the set-up must be perfectly tailored to the individual, and this makes the sport very complex,” she says. “At a certain level, it’s all about the details, and precision matters enormously.” Fuelled by the unique adrenaline rush only the slopes provide, Holdener says her main goal is to push her potential. “I am convinced that if I can call up my maximum, then the victories will be mine.” Currently, she is training to qualify for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. When she’s not in the snow, her relationships are what she treasures most. “Health, family and friends are most important to me,” she says. “Especially when you are not at your best, these are the people who stand by your side.” wendyholdener.ch

1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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“At the Manta Trust, our vision is an ocean where manta rays and their relatives live within a thriving, healthy system” GUY STEVENS


grew up in the countryside in the south-west of the United Kingdom. We had lots of pets and animals around. So many of us are increasingly disconnected from nature and if you lose that connection, you lose empathy towards the natural world. One of the most important things I’m trying to do is use manta rays as a way to engage people in the oceans: why they’re important, why we should protect them and, more broadly, what are the consequences if we forget how valuable it is to look after this planet and all of the animals that live within it. You can use the argument that animals are important economically and ecologically, but at the end of the day what makes people protect something is when they care about it. So my values are engendering empathy and care for the natural world. At the Manta Trust, our vision is an ocean where manta rays and their relatives live within a thriving, healthy coral reef and ocean system. We want to ensure that future generations are able to experience the amazing feeling you get when you are able to share this planet with these animals. It saddens me to think that we are losing species and it is because of humans. The only way to protect these animals is to protect the environment they live in. There are very few wild animals you can safely come face to face with – I’m talking about within inches – that you don’t feel threatened by. You might be checked out by a predatory shark or an orca and you’re going to have that sense of: “This is thrilling but I’m also scared.” There’s none of that with manta rays. You can go snorkelling in locations like the Maldives and Indonesia, and be surrounded by


feeding groups of a hundred mantas. Each animal has a three- to four-metre wingspan and sometimes they touch you with their wingtips as they feed. They’re inquisitive to the degree that they will glide past and literally stare into your eye. They exude calmness, gentleness, curiosity and this sort of otherworldly appearance that is so captivating. Few other animals are able to beguile people in the same way. Mantas are able to pull people through the looking glass and enable them to feel connected to the oceans. I’ve been diving with the Patravi ScubaTec for four years. It’s a treasured possession. I used to have another dive watch with a spinning bezel and it would calcify and stop working. When you’re diving you need to know how long you’ve been underwater. I look at my watch every minute or so and it’s reassuring to know it’s reliable. The ScubaTec hasn’t let me down. I’m still here. The most important lesson I’ve learned from the work I do is that you can’t do anything on your own. The goal can be much more easily achieved if you do it together, which is why I’m grateful to Carl F. Bucherer for reaching out to work with us. There is this strange public perception that when you give money to charities it should only go to tangible products. But my staff work hard and deserve to earn money for the work they do. So it’s wonderful to know I can say to Flossy Barraud, who is our Maldives Marine Education Programme leader: “I’ve got your salary for the next year and you can keep educating the students.” That’s very hard to find funding for and having Carl F. Bucherer support her work by giving us financial help has been very refreshing.


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WATCH ENTHUSIAST Todd Harrell leads an adrenaline-fuelled life. The former US Army officer skydives, scuba dives, goes whitewater kayaking and is an avid motorcyclist. But the thing that he enjoys most is strapping on a watch. Here he shares his passion for Carl F. Bucherer timepieces and why the Patravi ScubaTec holds a special place in his heart I’ve seen Carl F. Bucherer in the films John Wick, Atomic Blonde and The Meg – it makes me smile. If I see Keanu Reeves or Sylvester Stallone wearing a Carl F. Bucherer, I think: “Why wouldn’t they?” I was raised in the Special Operations community where trust in your equipment is everything and Carl F. Bucherer pieces are what I choose to wear most often. My holy grail watch has always been the Patravi TravelTec FourX in rose gold. For my next purchase, I’ll stick to more modest goals, perhaps the stainless steel Manero Flyback. Though I have the original Patravi ScubaTec Manta Trust, I’m having a tough time resisting the Black Manta, a new special edition dedicated to black manta rays. Sure, I respect the brand’s partnership with the Manta Trust. But based solely on its design merit, the Black Manta is such a powerful, sexy watch that I may just have to stop resisting.



art of the allure of dive watches is that they possess an air of practicality and durability. Even for diving, where computers have all but replaced traditional watches, I refuse to rely solely on anything with a battery. I’ve had a dive computer fail but never a Patravi ScubaTec. There’s a lot to love about the ScubaTec. I like the tapered edges of the hour markers and the contrast between the lugs’ polished edges, and the brushed surface is stunning. Most importantly, the ScubaTec is not just another “desk diver”. It is the ultimate tool watch that is COSC-certified, rated to 500m (50 atm) and has a helium escape valve. The ScubaTec can handle anything I throw at it. As a retired soldier, budget is always a reality. Fortunately, the ScubaTec offers great value in luxury dive watches. I own three Patravi ScubaTecs and each has its own unique “personality”. Having the variations gives me freedom to choose a watch that fits my mood, outfit or activity. Choosing a favourite watch is like choosing your favourite child, but the fact is that when I put on a watch every morning, I find myself wearing the ScubaTec more than any other model in my collection. Carl F. Bucherer is not a one-trick pony. Within a single watch manufacturer, I am able to enjoy multiple styles and models without having to jump to different labels. That’s why I have more Carl F. Bucherer watches than any other mechanical pieces in my collection.

From left Todd Harrell; the Patravi ScubaTec

12 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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“I’ve had a dive computer fail but never a Patravi ScubaTec… It can handle anything I throw at it” 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 13

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14 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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Cut from the same cloth What makes a man a sartorial standout? At Pitti Uomo, the acclaimed men’s fashion fair in Florence, four arbiters of style share their fashion philosophies – and sustainability is the common thread



Menswear Influencer

Creative Consultant

What’s the one fashion item every man should own? This is a super-easy one: the one fashion item a man should own is a timepiece. Not only that, he should aspire to own a watch with heritage and value, one that can be passed on from generation to generation. How can consumers make sustainable fashion choices? I’m a big believer in quality over quantity. Making conscious sustainable choices starts with not overbuying or investing in items that have no value. Fast fashion can be easy and inexpensive but you will find yourself buying the same pieces over and over. An item that holds value will be built to last and will become a part of your style for years, if you take care of it. When buying clothing, you can invest in items that are timeless and won’t go out of style. What does the power of style mean to you? Style allows us to truly express ourselves as individuals. Even if someone is shy, their personal style can be the outlet for their personality to be seen.

What’s the one fashion item every man should own? It should be a timeless and classic accessory that is sustainably well made in order to pass down and reference for years to come. A wristwatch is a wonderful item to consider for its function and its craftsmanship.  How can consumers make sustainable fashion choices?  It all starts with educating yourself about the industry. Do research to see how the brands you’re wearing make their products. Everything from fair wages to how those goods are looked after during manufacturing is important. As consumers, it’s ethical to care about why you’re choosing a product. It makes the buying process more special and valued. Finding ways to consume in an upright way can be as simple as making sure what you’re buying will last you a long time. In every context, looking to the best way to do the right thing is key.  What does the power of style mean to you? Style lets people feel they can reach their full potential.

Left Blake Scott (left) and Igee Okafor wear the Manero Peripheral and the Manero Flyback, respectively

1888 The Treasured Values Issue 15

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From left to right Richard Biedul wears the Manero Flyback; Franco Mazzetti styles his suit with a Manero Peripheral

RICHARD BIEDUL Model Your biggest style tip? Dress by body type and not by trend. Taking the time to understand your body’s size and dimensions will enable you to choose clothing that emphasises your positive aspects while diverting attention from areas that might be less than desirable. If you don’t know what body shape you are, look it up. Trust me, you’ll thank me. What’s the one fashion item every man should own? A watch, and not just any watch: It should be a watch that is a talking point, and a financial and an emotional investment. How can consumers make sustainable fashion choices? A simple formula to use when shopping to evaluate the true cost of a garment is the price-per-wear method. As an example, if you purchase a cheap item of clothing, you will be able to wear it 10 times before the product begins to fail. This failure is not due to a product design fault; in fact, the product will fail because it is meant to. It’s called planned obsolescence and it’s part of each fast-fashion brand’s business model. Conversely, if you purchased the same item from a brand that is making higher-quality goods, with a longer life cycle, it may cost you more but it will last you longer. A more expensive item of clothing will more than likely give you 100 wears, if not more, making it a potentially cheaper price per wear than that of the lower-quality item.

FRANCO MAZZETTI Menswear Consultant Your biggest style tip? The only advice I can give is to always be yourself. Try to understand which clothes make you feel comfortable. Once you’ve identified your way of dressing, try to practise good manners. They are essential to improving your style. To quote American minister Henry Ward Beecher: “Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.” What’s the one fashion item every man should own? Personally, I love to show a pocket square every time I wear a jacket, but not all men habitually wear jackets. Another

thing I love are cufflinks, but in this case the advice would be applicable to a small number of men. So I would say a wristwatch, if chosen with care, can tell who you are and can be worn with almost any type of clothing. Even in this age when you check your phone to know the time, I believe that no man should give up wearing a watch. How can consumers make sustainable fashion choices? We have an old Florentine saying, if “you buy cheap, you buy twice”. Unfortunately, today everything is bought and consumed at a fast speed. The online purchase is now universal but absolutely unsuitable for clothing and key accessories. I go back to the ancient purchase method where the customer goes to the trusted retailer or, even better, to his tailor and chooses the fabrics, the cut and the fit. Those who spend more will have invested money in carefully made clothing using high-quality, durable components, which in the long run saves money.

16 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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“I believe that no man should give up wearing a watch� - Franco Mazzetti 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 17

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18 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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Man on top For the past 20 years, 74-year-old Armin Schelbert has treasured nothing more than summiting Grosser Mythen mountain several times a day. He has no plans to stop TEXT Adam Robb PHOTOGRAPHY Ben Read

1888 The Treasured Values Issue 19

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t 3am on a dry morning in July, 74-year-old Armin Schelbert slips through an electrified cattle gate without a zap as the herds sleep around him. Schelbert is en route to summit Switzerland’s Grosser Mythen, the heart of a massif overlooking Lake Lucerne. His headlamp casts a solitary glow in the pitch-black night, illuminating a narrow rocky path that snakes up 1,899 metres punctuated by dozens of vertigo-inducing hairpin turns. The faint crunch of stones under his boots and the thud of his hiking poles driving into the ground are the only audible sounds in the eerily quiet surroundings. Schelbert gulps in the chilly mountain air as, with quick, sure-footed steps, he makes his way upward. This is his first climb of the morning. He will summit the mountain three more times that day. Schelbert has never stopped forging tracks for others to follow, not even in retirement. The Swiss native spent the prime of his working life not far from here, as a site manager, laying tracks that weave Swiss trains through Alpine terrains with unmistakable precision. Now retired, he hammers his own two feet up and down the Grosser Mythen as many as four times a day. He has done so for the past two decades and, in the process, become the living embodiment of the mountain. For the climb’s growing

Previous pages Armin Schelbert at the summit of Grosser Mythen From left Schelbert en route to the mountaintop; the summit restaurant overlooks the Schwyz Alps number of devotees, who come from far beyond the sleepy village of Schwyz below, he’s as much a tourist attraction as the sunrise views, a symbol of weathered but unshakeable reliability far removed from modern cares. Schelbert is humbled by his fame and surprised anyone would want his sunburned face to interrupt a radiant landscape photo, but such pauses to smile are what make a community. “The Mythen is my life,” Schelbert says. In the summer, Schelbert climbs the mountain five days a week. In 2018, he counted 486 summits. Last year, he decided to reach 5,000 career ascents. “However, I am a little bit behind because of bad weather,” he says. A quiet, plain-spoken man, Schelbert’s answers to his motivation for the climbs sound elusive. While it is tempting to conflate his daily feats with the stuff of legends, he waves away a mention of any mystical communion with the mountain. Asked if he thinks he has an obsession, he relents: “Yes, a little bit. If I could not go up for a whole week, I would feel sick.” Schelbert has his routine down like clockwork. He sleeps five hours, going to bed not long after his last descent at 8pm, a little bread and cheese in his taut belly. For his first climb of the morning, he wakes at 2am, and promptly pulls on his layers. A fleece marking his membership in the Society of Mythen Friends, a voluntary group of mountain caretakers that dates back to the 19th century, and his mastership of 1,000-plus climbs is worn over a long-sleeved T-shirt that indicates the same. His headlamp is the only light he uses to navigate the sweeping hike to the mountain’s base. He procures his hiking poles from a lockbox at the foot of the mountain, a second set of

“The Mythen is my life… If I could not go up for a whole week, I would feel sick”

20 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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18-23_BUCH_Mountainous challengeNR v2.indd 22

08/11/2019 16:52

feet to accompany him following a knee replacement 12 years ago. Schelbert ascends in 40 minutes, twice as fast as people half his age. Every morning hikers race to the summit against the rising sun. They navigate 46 steep and slippery hairpin turns on the journey. There’s no shortage of politeness, even camaraderie, on the climb, as they graciously make way for one another, gripping chains as those coming and going negotiate for limited footing. “The more people who come, the easier the journey,” Schelbert says, noting that the parade of boots and sticks helps define stones into steps and pound loose rock into a natural pavement. He’s also aware that more people means more risk and the need for greater precaution. The chains are a welcome embrace along the highest turns. The safety feature, like the addition of numbered switchback markers, is one of the lasting contributions of Schelbert and the Mythen Friends. The markers offer quantifiable motivation and a less intimidating vista for hikers overwhelmed by the sight of neighbouring peaks rising and pastures stretching out in all their morning glory from under a blanket of darkness. After the comfortable ignorance of finding their footing in the dark, not everyone wishes to pause and peer down the zigzagged verticality from whence they came. Schelbert doesn’t look down anymore. He makes his way thinking only about the labour that awaits him at the

“The threat of doing a hike several times is that you become careless as you already know the path”

summit restaurant, tasks that are handled by the Friends: dropping off newspapers; registering his ascent with a stamp in the journal he stores at the summit cabin; collecting mail he’s postmarked, like souvenir postcards sold at the walk-up window where coffee and Viennoiseries fragrance the air; and the general maintenance of kitchen and toilets. Some of the tasks give Schelbert pause. “It gets hotter every year,” he says, observing the sun’s glaze across the lake. “Last summer it was so very hot, that we had no water for coffee.” He’s referring to the water towers that collect rain for the convenience of the ever-increasing numbers to the summit – currently 30,000 a year. Over the years, Schelbert carried the pastry until the demand increased and it began arriving by helicopter. Now on occasion water follows suit. The lack of rain collection is the clearest sign life won’t always continue as it has. On a personal level, Schelbert’s descents find him conscious of his own mortality. “The threat of doing a hike several times is that you become careless as you already know the path,” he says. Three close friends have perished on the Grosser Mythen in recent years. It’s on these descents he is cognisant of his greatest duty: to walk with caution so he might keep climbing. “I will do it as long as I can,” he says. At the end of each week, with 20 more registered climbs behind him, Schelbert celebrates life with his first love, his wife, who, after he retired, encouraged him to find a hobby so he wouldn’t sit around the house all day. Now the two amicably live apart during the week. “She’s happier that I am outside, than she is bothered by my passion,” he says. His commitment to the mountain fulfils his promise to her to remain strong and reliable. And because she could never make the climb at his pace, his arrival home, seeing his face, kissed ever deeper by sun and wind, has become her own favourite vista.

Left The Grosser Mythen’s winding trail 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 23

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The age of timber Wood is making a comeback. Once relegated to simple structures, now it takes on steel and concrete for pride of place in high-tech construction thanks to its sustainability. We meet the Swiss players making a case for hugging trees TEXT Zachary Wilson PHOTOGRAPHY Ben Roberts

24 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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From right Bruno Milesi; the Seebad’s last renovation rehabilitated original timber from 1885


othing defines idyllic summer days on the Lucerne Nationalquai like the treasured Seebad Luzern. Celebrating its 135th birthday this year, the famed aquatic outpost serves as a place for swimming, sunning, yoga, massage and refreshments for locals and visitors. But when the idea for the Seebad was proposed in 1884, it was a controversial concept. Those who opposed the idea argued that a public bath would clutter up the area and disrupt tourist activity, while those in favour cited the health and hygiene benefits, as well as the need for a convenient place for women, who didn’t have an outdoor swimming venue at the time, to gather and exercise. The plan passed, and Lucerne-born architect Heinrich Viktor von Segesser devised a functional structure, with its bicubic layout and timber materials, which has remained a landmark on the lakeside since it was completed in 1885. “The seaside resort has been part of the cityscape of Lucerne for decades and is an indispensable part of life,” says Bruno Milesi, co-manager of the Seebad. The building itself has gone through numerous remodels and reworks to better suit the needs of the people at that time in history, including major renovations in 1963, 1984 and most recently in 2010, when Lucerne architects Bosshard & Luchsinger oversaw a complete rebuilding of the Seebad and its supporting structure. Luckily, much of the original interior wood from 1885 was in good enough condition to rehabilitate and incorporate back into the design, and today there is a detailed monitoring and maintenance plan for keeping the building in top shape. “Maintenance work often occurs where the wood is exposed to the elements, and this also includes regular inspection of the underwater construction,” says Milesi. Through it all, the Seebad has consistently served as an example of Swiss wooden architecture and the country’s

love of wood. For more evidence of that love, look no further than the nearby Kapellbrücke, aka the Chapel Bridge, perhaps Lucerne’s most famous landmark. Originally built in 1333, it is Europe’s longest-standing wooden covered bridge, and the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge. “Wood has played a major role in Switzerland since people started building here,” says Dieter Geissbühler, professor of technique and architecture at the Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture. “You can’t talk about Lucerne without mentioning the wooden engineering work – the bridges, covered bridges, the large roofs.”

“Wood has played a major role in Switzerland since people started building here”

26 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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From left Dieter Geissbühler; the Chapel Bridge features restored artworks that date back to the 17th century

What was originally used due to sheer availability and necessity developed into carpentry and craftsmanship, and then eventually into engineering and advanced construction. “That engineering knowledge came out of the work of carpenters, who were refining their processes all the time, and who set up a culture of craftsmanship,” says Geissbühler. “Wood is very much rooted in the culture here.” In more recent history, namely over the course of the 20th century, wood mostly fell out of favour, or at least took a back seat to materials such as steel, concrete and glass, in large or more contemporary structures. But there are those in the architectural, engineering and construction worlds who are bringing about a timber resurgence, relying on new technologies involving engineered wood – essentially, taking smaller pieces of young wood and gluing them together to form larger, sturdier building materials that go toe-to-toe with steel and concrete in terms of strength and fire resistance. Cross-laminated timber, or CLT, and glued laminated timber, often abbreviated as glulam, are two common types of engineered wood.

Many are recognising engineered wood for its versatile quality, environmental sustainability and natural beauty. One such proponent is Swiss timber construction and engineering specialists Neue Holzbau AG. “Timber is renewable, recyclable and does not affect the ecological balance,” says Reto Schneider, an architect for Neue Holzbau. The company works with architects and builders who are interested in using engineered wood that uses a proprietary system called GSA Technology, which connects pieces of engineered wood and is nearly invisible, is resistant to fire and is easy to implement into most construction processes. This system, along with custom glulam, allows the company to build structures, large spans and archways that were previously never thought possible. “Over the last 10 or 15 years, wooden architecture has definitely gained popularity,” says Schneider. “Wooden architecture is finally sexy.” Sexy, yes – and sustainable. Over a tree’s lifetime, it absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2 ) and turns it into oxygen. When a tree dies or is burnt in a fire, it releases its stored, unrefined CO2 back into the air. But a tree that is turned into timber essentially “locks” that stored carbon within itself permanently, cutting CO2 emissions. As the question of energy, climate change and natural resources has risen to the foreground over the last few decades, so too have technological advances. “Innovation is not so much driven by the material, but by the available production methods: new tools, old techniques that can be digitised, new machines, even robots,” says Geissbühler. “I would say the wood industry is where the most advances in construction technology are being made today.” This wooden revolution doesn’t come without its challenges. For one, many governing bodies around the world

28 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

24-31_BUCH_The wisdom of woodNR.indd 28

08/11/2019 16:53

24-31_BUCH_The wisdom of woodNR.indd 29

08/11/2019 16:54

“Wooden architecture is finally sexy”

INTO THE WOOD Trees are turned into state-of-the-art structures at these recent and upcoming buildings around the world

ASPEN ART MUSEUM Aspen, Colorado, United States Completed 2014 Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban, the Aspen Art Museum is a work of art in itself. The exterior’s woven wood screen, made from a natural-wood composite material called Prodema, casts unique shadows throughout the day, adding intrigue to the installations.


limit the height of wood buildings to around four storeys. Generally, these codes were put into practice before today’s mass timber technology was developed or widely popularised. As technology improves, building codes are changing. But it is a slow process, and these are early days. Another challenge is the public perception that wood burns very quickly, and in the past that was true. Who doesn’t remember watching Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral wither in flames just last year? And even parts of Lucerne’s centuries-old Chapel Bridge burned as recently as 1993, when two-thirds of the structure was lost to a fire of unknown origin, leaving only the pillars, the bridgeheads and the neighbouring Water Tower intact. (In addition to its age, the bridge was famous for artworks that were painted under the roofs, some dating back as far as the early 1600s, and, unfortunately, 86 of the 111 works were lost to the blaze.) The bridge was quickly restored and rebuilt in 1994, when updated fire technology, including an advanced alarm system, heat sensors and surveillance cameras, was installed. So while it’s true that old structures may be more likely to burn, engineered wood like CLT and glulam is actually as safe as concrete or steel. “Wood burns predictably,” says Schneider. “It burns on the same level worldwide, whether it’s in Switzerland or Spain or Argentina.” As such, it’s a matter of engineering the wood to the standards of the local building codes or client safety protocols. An engineer can use the latest fire science measurements and calculate the necessary diameter of the engineered wood, then have wood

30 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

24-31_BUCH_The wisdom of woodNR.indd 30

08/11/2019 16:54

From far left Reto Schneider; the tennis court at Bürgenstock Resort; Ana Simunovic

of that diameter produced. “When we have these conversations with architects or engineers, everyone understands this concept,” says Schneider. “When it comes to private investors or the public, however, it sounds like jargon.” But efforts are being made, and minds are being changed. Meanwhile, from a design and aesthetics perspective, wood is universally regarded for its natural beauty. “We see a lot of opportunity for wood in the future because it is a natural, renewable product – it’s a living material,” says Ana Simunovic of Lucerne architecture firm Russli Architects, which recently completed twin tennis facilities at the Bürgenstock Resort in Obbürgen, Switzerland, that feature an interlocking wooden ceiling, taking on a stunning prism-like effect. “Wood gives the people who are living in or interacting with the structure a warm, cosy, feeling; it smells nice; it has a nice texture to touch it, unlike glass or plastic, which have a really sterile feel.”

DALSTON WORKS London, England Completed 2017 Built entirely from CLT, Waugh Thistleton Architects’ housing development weighs in at one-fifth of a concrete building of this size, reducing deliveries during construction by 80 per cent. The 10-storey structure features 121 flats, proving that a functional apartment complex can be made from engineered wood.

Around the globe, architects are using engineered wood to beautifully climb higher and higher. An 18-storey multi-use building in Brumunddal, Norway, designed by Voll Arkitekter and called Mjøstårnet, took the title of world’s tallest timber building when it completed in March 2019. Last May, architecture firm Perkins&Will proposed a hybrid laminated wood and concrete structure called Canada’s Earth Tower in British Columbia that will stretch between 35 and 40 storeys high. And in Stockholm, Sweden, Anders Berensson Architects unveiled a conceptual housing development of 31 towers constructed from CLT. The new mass timber industry is very much in its infancy, but at its core, wood evokes man’s millennia-long connection to nature. “Have you ever seen anyone embrace a concrete column?” asks Schneider. “No. But I’ve seen people hugging trees. We love this material. Maybe it sounds a little bit kitschy, but it’s the truth.”

LUND SCIENCE CENTER Lund, Sweden Estimated 2024 This sustainable science museum, designed by Danish architects COBE to be fully CO2-neutral, uses CLT as its main material. Other green features include solar cells for power, a plant-filled atrium for CO2 absorption and a system that gathers excess heat from connecting buildings to warm the structure.

ODYSSÉE PLEYEL Paris, France Estimated 2024 French architecture firm Jakob + MacFarlane designed this modular, retractable CLT wood and glass extension to showcase new concepts in sustainable building. A zero-carbon structure, the building powers itself with a greenhouse, solar panels and rechargeable zinc batteries. 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 31

24-31_BUCH_The wisdom of woodNR.indd 31

08/11/2019 16:54

18_1101_CFB_Magazin_1888_LBBRG_DE_FR_EN_CN_420x280.indd 18_1101_CFB_Magazin_1888_LBBRG_DE_FR_EN_CN_420x280.indd 11 32-33_BUCH_LiBingbing_Advert.indd 32

08/11/2019 16:54



12.09.18 12.09.18 15:53 15:53 32-33_BUCH_LiBingbing_Advert.indd 33

08/11/2019 16:54

Built to last The charms of Mykonos’ architecture are everlasting


the Greek isle’s allure is the feeling that time seems to stand still on its Aegean shores. Even its colourful wooden doors, sunbeaten flat roofs and bougainvilleadraped whitewashed homes have remained reassuringly the same across centuries. Given such treasured surroundings, it is no wonder people throughout the world value this unique architectural landscape, whose winding lanes and blue-domed churches are as much a symbol of Greece as they are internationally beloved vistas.


he picturesque streets and sapphire waters of Mykonos are the perfect backdrop for Carl F. Bucherer’s latest timepieces. The Patravi ChronoDate and the Patravi ScubaTec for women are inspired by the colours of a day at the beach, while the Patravi TravelTec and Patravi ScubaTec for men place the colour blue centre stage on their dials. Part of

From left A bougainvillea-draped home in Mykonos; the Patravi TravelTec new edition in Petrol Blue; the Patravi ChronoDate in pale blue adds opulence with 56 diamonds and a mother-of-pearl dial 34 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

34-37_BUCH_MykonosNR.indd 34

08/11/2019 16:55

1888 The Treasured Values Issue 35

34-37_BUCH_MykonosNR.indd 35

08/11/2019 16:55

Deep dive The ancient Greek sport of skandalopetra continues to challenge a new generation of divers


he oldest freediving discipline in the world, skandalopetra, dates back to Alexander the Great’s time. The tradition grew from ancient Greek fishermen trying to harvest sponge. The fisherman would dive from a boat and his only equipment would be a flat smooth stone with curved edges, called the skandalopetra, which weighed up to 15 kilograms. The diver would be tied to the skandalopetra, which he used to control direction and speed. A second man on the boat pulled up the diver using a rope secured to the skandalopetra.

Today, skandalopetra has transformed into a competitive sport. It started in 1913, when Greek sponge diver Giorgos Haggi Statti dove down 77 metres to tie a line to an anchor the Italian military was trying to recover near the island of Karpathos. In doing so, he set the first world record in free diving; it would be 56 years before his record was broken. Every year, a slew of international diving organisations

Left A diver participating in a skandalopetra competition 36 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

34-37_BUCH_MykonosNR.indd 36

08/11/2019 16:55



arrange global skandalopetra competitions. The sport’s emphasis on purity means minimal equipment. In ancient times divers dove naked. Today, they are allowed to wear only bathing suits, goggles and nose clips. They gather from around the world to see who can plumb the farthest depths. In doing so, they uphold the timeless values of sportsmanship and achieving one’s personal best.

Above Scuba diving is a chance for most of us to explore the undersea world away from free diving, and the Patravi ScubaTec Black Manta Special Edition, water resistant up to 500m (50 atm), is the perfect companion. The Patravi ScubaTec ladies watch in ocean blue is part of a collection inspired by the colours of a day at the beach

PATRAVI TRAVELTEC The TravelTec gets a sporty update with a blue rubber strap, a 46.6mm stainless steel case with a blue bezel and a Lake Lucerne-inspired petrol blue dial.

PATRAVI SCUBATEC The ScubaTec’s stainless steel and ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel enables the wearer to set the dive time – one of its safety features, alongside the automatic helium release valve. 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 37

34-37_BUCH_MykonosNR.indd 37

08/11/2019 16:56

A trusted relationship Carl F. Bucherer partners with the Manta Trust to study manta ray migration threats


n 2019, Carl F. Bucherer, for the seventh year running, teamed with the Manta Trust to support its mission to coordinate global research and conservation efforts around manta rays. This time, the brand funded the Manta Trust’s partner Manta Caribbean Project in Mexico. Founder and director Karen Fuentes launched

38-39_BUCH_Manta trustNR_NEW v2.indd 38

the Yucatan Peninsula-based project in 2013 to identify manta ray populations and their migration patterns in the Mexican Caribbean. Every year, manta rays aggregate at a feeding site within the Mexican Caribbean Biosphere Reserve, one of the country’s most important natural protected areas. Researchers are trying to identify additional aggregation hotspots that may not be within the protected sphere in order to study the threats manta rays face at those sites. “We’re not going to save this population if we don’t know where they’re going for the rest of the year or what threats they’re being exposed to throughout the rest of their habitats,” says Manta Trust founder Dr Guy Stevens. Part of Carl F. Bucherer’s funds are used for aerial surveys that help locate the aggregation sites. One of the threats is plastic pollution. Unlike most marine life, mantas are not directly affected by ingesting plastic because they can regurgitate unwanted items from their stomachs. However, plastic can degrade their marine environments. The Manta Trust and its partner organisations work with governments to put protections in place for manta rays,

which are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. They also educate local communities on what they can do to reduce threats to mantas. “We tell them these animals depend on healthy reef systems to survive,” Stevens says. “If you pollute those systems and degrade habitats through destructive practices like unsustainable tourism, that is going to create an unhealthy home for

08/11/2019 16:56


“The issue of marine debris needs to be addressed if we hope to maintain healthy oceans” Left & above Oceanic manta rays can grow as wide as seven meters; each manta has unique spots

the manta rays, which ultimately will lead to their extinction.” Fuentes shares her findings with the 5 Gyres Institute in the United States which is compiling global data on ocean plastic pollution. “The issue of marine debris needs to be addressed if we hope to maintain healthy oceans,” Fuentes says. “We hope that as a result of our work, manta rays can thrive in the Mexican Caribbean.” mantatrust.org


AND REUSE The Patravi ScubaTec Black Manta Special Edition has a strap partially made from recycled plastic from the sea. Proceeds support the Manta Caribbean Project. One of the animals they study is the black morph manta ray, whose unusual colour variation (mantas most commonly have a combination of white and black markings) only occurs in certain populations. Researchers are trying to figure out what drives these differences. The watch’s bronze-coloured details on the dial, bezel and strap nod to vintage diving tools, and a new DLC-coated titanium case and COSC-certified chronometer ensure technical prowess remains key. “This watch is a positive signal to everyone to think about how the plastics you consume have a negative impact,” says Manta Trust founder Dr Guy Stevens. “Awareness is the most important factor behind reusing these materials.” 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 39

38-39_BUCH_Manta trustNR_NEW v2.indd 39

08/11/2019 16:56

40 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

40-47_BUCH_innovation manufacture.indd 40

08/11/2019 16:57

Time-honoured craftsmanship Innovation has been a Carl F. Bucherer hallmark since its founding in 1888. More than 130 years later, the company continues to produce watches that merge timeless style with state-of-the-art technology. We take a look at the trailblazing culture that continues to make the brand tick

1888 The Treasured Values Issue 41

40-47_BUCH_innovation manufacture.indd 41

08/11/2019 16:57

Previous pages A movement normally has between 150 and 400 parts From right The bidirectional automatic winding system with a peripheral rotor is a revolutionary approach to watchmaking; hand-assembling a movement

roundbreaking technologies, outstanding craftsmanship and top-notch service have been Carl F. Bucherer’s defining features since its founding in 1888. During the Roaring Twenties, Carl Friedrich Bucherer’s sons Ernst and Carl Eduard Bucherer took the entrepreneurial company to the next level: they started manufacturing their own watches of exceptional technological prowess. Since then, the company has become a unique voice in the watchmaking industry and is beloved by customers worldwide. The business, which three generations later is still run by the Bucherer family, prides itself on its long history of innovation. “We like a challenge, to be pioneers,” says Samir Merdanovic, Head of Manufacture Movement and Customer Service. “We are a true manufacturer of timepieces and our constant quest for technical development and precision is what led to inventions like the CFB A1000 – an automatic movement with a peripheral winding system.” Carl F. Bucherer was the first brand to start series production of this revolutionary technology in 2008. A standard automatic movement winds itself by a centrally placed, V-shaped oscillating weight that winds the main spring when moved. “But

with this system the rotor covers almost 50 per cent of the movement, thus the wearer will never have a full view of it,” Merdanovic says. “A peripheral winding system, on the other hand, places a thin, C-shaped oscillating weight on the periphery of the movement. This makes the watch flatter and provides an unobstructed view of the whole movement.” Another Carl F. Bucherer invention is the Patravi TravelTec. Alongside a chronograph, it features a patented mechanism that allows wearers to set the watch to three different time zones in a userfriendly way – the third time zone can be synchronised by simply pushing the mono pusher located at 10:30. The revolutionary bidirectional automatic winding system with peripheral rotor technology was further refined in the CFB

42 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

40-47_BUCH_innovation manufacture.indd 42

08/11/2019 16:57

1888 The Treasured Values Issue 43

40-47_BUCH_innovation manufacture.indd 43

08/11/2019 16:57

Above The Heritage Tourbillon DoublePeripheral Limited Edition movement bridge features a handengraving of Chapel Bridge

A2000 movement, which is manufactured in-house and COSC certified. The culmination of this innovative developmental work came in the form of the newest CFB T3000 caliber. The latter took five years to develop and debuted in the Manero Tourbillon DoublePeripheral in 2018. This timepiece launched another patented first for the brand and the watch industry: a floating tourbillon, combining the peripheral automatic winding system with a peripherally mounted tourbillon. The cage of the tourbillon, a mechanism designed to compensate for the effects of gravity on the movement, remains invisible because it is supported peripherally by three ball bearings. This gives the tour-

billon a floating appearance. “This watch’s special feature is that it doesn’t have fixed bridges,” Merdanovic says. “The whole cage is moving around the axis and you can see the movement through the sapphire crystal case back.” So what is it about the company culture that allows for innovation to take place on a regular basis? “Part of it is that we can show we have the technological know-how, a quest for precision as well as mastery of the traditional crafts needed to push the envelope in the Haute Horlogerie tradition,” Merdanovic says. Here we explore the Heritage Collection, which not only exemplifies technology and craftsmanship, but also adds a contemporary touch to classical designs.

44 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

40-47_BUCH_innovation manufacture.indd 44

13/11/2019 16:50

Unique engraving The first watch in the Heritage Collection was the Heritage Tourbillon DoublePeripheral Limited Edition. Its handsome retro look is based on the brand’s watches from the 1960s. However, its movement bridge is the pièce de résistance. On it, an 18-karat white gold plate depicts the landmark Chapel Bridge straddling Lake Lucerne. A swan is positioned in a different location on each case back. The animal alludes to Schwanenplatz, where Carl F. Bucherer opened its first boutique. The 18-karat rose gold for the 42.5mm case was chosen to reflect the brand’s expertise in gold, tying

the design back to the company’s proud heritage. “This engraving is unique,” Merdanovic says. “It is very difficult to find specialists who are able to make it.” The brand did, however, find a respected engraver. It took her three weeks per watch to hand-engrave each of the 88 pieces in the limited edition (the number was chosen as a tribute to the company’s founding year). She says that while the entire plate is a work of art, its essence lies in the depiction of Chapel Bridge: “The tower and the bridge are the most crucial parts of the work and the most representative of the story we are telling.”

From top The Patravi TravelTec monopusher; the Heritage Tourbillon DoublePeripheral Limited Edition

1888 The Treasured Values Issue 45

40-47_BUCH_innovation manufacture.indd 45

08/11/2019 16:57

Stylish design

Below The Heritage BiCompax Annual Limited Edition in steel and 18-karat rose gold

The Heritage BiCompax Annual Limited Edition debuted in 2019 as the second timepiece in the Heritage Collection. It is a contemporary interpretation of a Carl F. Bucherer 1956 chronograph. The BiCompax, a nod to mid-century chronographs with sleek and sporty designs, comes in two versions. One is a 41mm stainless steel timepiece with a black-and-silver “panda” dial and a black rubber strap. The other comes in two-toned steel and 18-karat rose gold with a cognac brown calfskin strap. Its champagne-coloured dial is similar

to its forerunner, as are its elongated chronograph push buttons. In homage to the company’s founding year, there are 888 pieces each of this limited watch. Technology-wise, the Heritage BiCompax Annual Limited Edition is powered by the new automatic CFB 1972 movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. The chronograph is coupled with a big date annual calendar, which only needs to be set once per year, a function that enhances the practicality of the watch. The outer perimeter of the dial boasts a tachymeter scale that measures

46 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

40-47_BUCH_innovation manufacture.indd 46

08/11/2019 16:57

SPECIAL the speed at which an object is moving, and the sapphire crystal case back allows the beauty of the movement to show. “The BiCompax is a great example of the current trend featuring chronographs with two subdials,” Merdanovic says. “And with the annual calendar, the chronograph and the big date, technology is at its forefront.” But the revival of a vintage-inspired look and form might just be the watch’s most outstanding feature. Merdanovic agrees: “I think design, first and foremost, is why people like it.” carl-f-bucherer.com


This Carl F. Bucherer midcentury chronograph was the forerunner to the Heritage BiCompax Annual Limited Edition. State-of-the-art for its time, it featured a handwound movement, a telemeter and tachymeter.

The Heritage BiCompax Annual Limited Edition boasts an automatic movement that also powers an annual calendar and has a large date in the centre of the dial, a powerful update to a vintage masterpiece. 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 47

40-47_BUCH_innovation manufacture.indd 47

08/11/2019 16:57

48 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

48-49_BUCH_Li BingBingNR.indd 48

08/11/2019 16:58

A helping hand Carl F. Bucherer brand ambassador Li Bingbing designs the special-edition Manero AutoDate Love collection


arrying style with substance, Chinese actress and Carl F. Bucherer global brand ambassador Li Bingbing designed the brand’s latest special-edition collection of women’s watches, the Manero AutoDate Love. Proceeds from the elegant timepieces will benefit Li Bingbing’s charitable organisation L.O.V.E. Founded in 2008, the operation works with international charities that help impoverished people, endangered animals and environmental causes. Together, these causes are what Li Bingbing, who is also a United Nations Environment Goodwill Ambassador and WILDAID Global Ambassador, calls “caring for life”. With these charitable undertakings, Li Bingbing hasn’t just lent a helping hand but also encouraged a reevaluation of the public welfare model. The acronym L.O.V.E represents both the reason behind Li Bingbing’s philanthropic work and sums up the principles she holds dear, including leadership, originality, volunteering and education. By staying true to those ideals, the charity so far has helped more than 100 million people worldwide. Now Li Bingbing brings those values to bear in physical form in the Manero AutoDate Love. The nine timepieces are grouped in bold-coloured families of fiery reds, royal purples and cool blues. Each group comes in 18-karat rose gold with a sensual alligator leather strap; in sleek

stainless steel; or a combination of the two. Two of the versions have ultra-feminine diamond-embedded bezels. Li Bingbing chose to feature a pattern of leaves on the watches’ seconds subdial that was influenced by L.O.V.E’s logo: a leaf that represents respect for the integrity of the Earth and its inhabitants, especially women. “The delicate pattern symbolises the multifacetedness of a woman: we can be tough and soft at the same time,” she says. carl-f-bucherer.com

From left Li Bingbing; the Manero AutoDate Love timepieces come in colourful hues 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 49

48-49_BUCH_Li BingBingNR.indd 49

08/11/2019 16:58

Race against time Carl F. Bucherer’s Manero watches get a starring role in Keanu Reeves thriller John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

50 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

50-53_BUCH_John WickNR v2.indd 50

08/11/2019 16:58

1888 The Treasured Values Issue 51

50-53_BUCH_John WickNR v2.indd 51

08/11/2019 16:58


ime is not on John Wick’s side. The titular character in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, played by Keanu Reeves, returns in the third instalment of this action-packed series as a man who has a $14 million bounty on his head and a pack of dangerous criminals on his trail. The film features bold-face names like Halle Berry, Anjelica Huston and Ian McShane. Another featured player is Carl F. Bucherer. The 1960s-inspired Manero AutoDate, which was seen in the first two instalments, is back on Wick’s wrist. Berry’s character, Sofia, also sports

Previous pages Carl F. Bucherer’s Manero Flyback takes centre stage in a John Wick fight scene

Right & below Halle Berry in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum; Tourneau and Carl F. Bucherer management mingled with director Chad Stahelski and actor Daniel Bernhardt at the global film premiere

52 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

50-53_BUCH_John WickNR v2.indd 52

08/11/2019 16:59

STARRING IN JOHN WICK 3 Part of the Manero family of watches, John Wick’s Manero AutoDate takes inspiration from classic 1960s designs. The 38mm stainless steel timepiece exudes minimalistic elegance: the white dial stands out against a black alligator leather strap and an automatic CFB 1965 movement emphasises straightforward functionality. Halle Berry’s character, Sofia, wears the 40mm stainless steel Manero Peripheral that shimmers with a mother-of-pearl dial and a bezel studded with 60 diamonds. Its CFB A2050 movement ensures that Berry’s stylish character is always on time to finish the job.

a Carl F. Bucherer timepiece. Wick’s friend wears the more feminine but equally elegant Manero Peripheral. “The watches are absolutely perfect for the movies,” says actor, stuntman and Carl F. Bucherer brand ambassador Daniel Bernhardt, who has played a role in each John Wick. “I’m getting approached left and right because people want to wear the watches in their films.” John Wick’s sets make stylish surroundings for the timepieces. In a scene in a glass room, high-end glamour goes head to head with a sleekly choreographed fight. As Wick faces off with his opponents, Carl F. Bucherer brand movies and animations showcasing the Manero Flyback in rose gold are projected in the background. “I love the look, their craftsmanship and how precise they are,” Bernhardt says. “I keep catching myself looking at

the watch and saying, ‘It’s like a piece of art.’” John Wick director Chad Stahelski is also a longtime friend and brand ambassador. He uses the brand’s watches in his films for good reason. “In my line of work, wardrobe and accessories have to stand up to the physical challenges that actors and stunt people face on set filming intense action sequences,” Stahelski has said. “High-performance, yet stylish, luxurious and modern, Carl F. Bucherer watches are ready for anything – a natural fit for a film like John Wick.” Top, from left Daniel Bernhardt, Sascha Moeri, Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski model their Carl F. Bucherer timepieces at the film premiere 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 53

50-53_BUCH_John WickNR v2.indd 53

08/11/2019 16:59

Enjoying music. Now and in the future. That’s why we support internationally renowned institutions, festivals, and orchestras, such as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Bolshoi Theatre, or the Lucerne Festival. credit-suisse.com/sponsoring

54 1888 The Treasured Values Issue Copyright Š 2019 Credit Suisse Group AG and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

25355_210x280_CFB_Klassik_EN.indd 1 54-57_BUCH_NewsNR v2.indd 54

09.10.19 14:37 08/11/2019 16:59

Going the distance Carl F. Bucherer teams up with the Baikal Ice Marathon to preserve UNESCO-protected Lake Baikal


ustainability in all its forms is a treasured value at Carl F. Bucherer. In 2019, the watch brand joined forces with the Baikal Ice Marathon to encourage the preservation of clean water in Lake Baikal, which is the world’s oldest and deepest lake, and contains 20 per cent of the Earth’s total unfrozen freshwater reserve. Held annually in south-eastern Siberia, the Baikal Ice Marathon is part of the wider Winteriad winter games festival. Last year, around 150 participants from 30 countries participated in a run across the frozen lake. Carl F. Bucherer served as the marathon’s partner and official timekeeper. Athletes’ participation fees went towards maintaining the lake, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additionally, funds from Carl F. Bucherer were used to plant 250 trees in Lake Baikal National Park.

Runners raced 42.2 kilometres across a barren white landscape of ethereal beauty to the opposite lakeshore. Vladimir Voloshin, founder of the international Ironstar triathlon, a four-time Ironman finisher and a Carl F. Bucherer fan, wore the Patravi ScubaTec during the race. In 2017, the ScubaTec was recorded to resist temperatures of -31°C and wind speeds of up to 108 kilometres per hour, making it Voloshin’s ideal running partner for the harsh Siberian weather. baikal-marathon.org

From top Lake Baikal; runners make their way across the frozen water in the Baikal Ice Marathon 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 55

0.19 14:37 54-57_BUCH_NewsNR v2.indd 55

08/11/2019 16:59

A NEW LOOK Mujinga Kambundji helps inaugurate Carl F. Bucherer’s newly renovated boutique in Interlaken Nestled between two lakes and framed by alpine peaks, the resort town of Interlaken is rightly called the Jewel of the Alps. Adding to the town’s lustre is the Carl F. Bucherer boutique, which underwent an extensive renovation in 2019. Sprinter and brand ambassador Mujinga Kambundji, known as the fastest woman in Switzerland, and CEO Sascha Moeri were on hand to inaugurate the store. Originally opened in 2015, the shop has an updated luxurious ambiance that is in keeping with the brand’s rich heritage. Monochrome walls, dark wood floors and gold accents create a suitably elegant background for the timepieces. Reflecting the company’s family-owned ethos, 80 employees were present to celebrate the new look. Moeri thanked the employees for their efforts during the renovation, which lasted several weeks. Kambundji, who holds the Swiss records in 60m, 100m and 200m, often speaks about her link to the brand’s inspiring legacy. “A Carl F. Bucherer woman knows what she wants and how to get it,” she has said.

From top Interlaken boutique director Daniel Gurtner, Mujinga Kambundji and Carl F. Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri cut the ribbon; Kambundji checks out the watches on display 56 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

54-57_BUCH_NewsNR v2.indd 56

08/11/2019 16:59

COME TOGETHER Carl F. Bucherer becomes a Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie partner

Clockwise from top The Carl F. Bucherer manufacture; the Tourbillon DoublePeripheral cage; FHH International Development Director Pascal O. Ravessoud and Carl F. Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri

“We are delighted to welcome Carl F. Bucherer as a partner to support us in our mission to promote the art of watchmaking around the world”

Carl F. Bucherer has joined the prestigious Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) as an official partner. FHH was founded in 2005 to promote and safeguard fine watchmaking worldwide. The industry’s leading think tank recruits new talent, trains specialists in the field and fights product piracy. “We are delighted to welcome Carl F. Bucherer as a partner to support us in our mission to promote the art of watchmaking around the world,” said Pascal O. Ravessoud, International Development Director and Secretary General of the Cultural Council at FHH. “This independent brand has earned its place among the elite names in Haute Horlogerie with its numerous technical innovations over the years.” A partnership with the organisation is a high honour for a watch brand. FHH partners help promote expertise, encourage the exchange of information and protect watchmaking traditions. Carl F. Bucherer has been an FHH member for several years because of its history of innovative design both aesthetic and technical. But the partnership adds another layer of collaboration between the two. “We are proud to have been listed among the top manufacturers recognised by the FHH for some time,” said Carl F. Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri. “Now, with our official partnership, we are strengthening this commitment, and look forward to making an important contribution to upholding the traditions of Haute Horlogerie and the exchange of information in the sector.” hautehorlogerie.org

– Pascal O. Ravessoud 1888 The Treasured Values Issue 57

54-57_BUCH_NewsNR v2.indd 57

08/11/2019 16:59


Liverpool Insurgentes, Av. Insurgentes


Chong Hing Jewelers, 18436 Colima

Abbott’s Jewellery Ltd., 18 Heritage

Sur 1310, Colonia del Valle Sur, Benito

Armstrong Rockwell, 150 Trumbull St.,

Road, Suite A, Rowland Heights, CA

Quay, St. John’s City, Antigua

Juarez, 03100 Mexico City, Mexico,

Hartford, CT 06103, +1 860 246 9858,

91748, +1 626 810 8883

and Barbuda, +1 268 462 3107,

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Clarkson Jewelers, 1306 C. Clarkson/

Liverpool Interlomas, Vialidad de la

Barons Jewelers, 4870 Dublin Blvd.,

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Little Switzerland, Royal Plaza, Lloyd

Barranca 6, Colonia Exhacienda Jesus

Dublin, CA 94568, +1 925 452 1700,

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G. Smith Blvd. 94, Oranjestad, Aruba, +1

del Monte, 52787 Huixquilucan, Mexico,


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Way Unit B, Toronto, Ontario M3M

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del Pedregal de San Ángel, 04500

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Islands, +1 345 949 7477, kirkfreeport.net


South Metro Parkway, Dayton, OH

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58 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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08/11/2019 17:00

MANERO TOURBILLON DOUBLE PERIPHERAL This groundbreaking timepiece boasts a world first: an in-house developed, COSCcertified CFB T3000 movement that combines a peripheral automatic winding system and a peripherally mounted tourbillon that appears to float. The tourbillon cage, placed prominently at 12 o’clock, rotates around its own axis once every minute and has a hand that acts as a seconds display. As stunning as it is tech-savvy, the watch features elegant details like an 18-karat rose gold case and a handsome alligator leather strap that round out the 1960s-inspired look.

Standout feature The stop-seconds function allows for the rotation of the tourbillon cage to be stopped.

Gunderson’s Jewelers, Lakeport

Lester Lampert, 7 E. Huron St.,

Morgans Jewelers, 50-C Peninsula

Provident Jewelers, 331 Clematis St.,

Commons, 4830 Sergeant Rd.,

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Loghman Jewelers, 1555 Camino Del


Gunderson’s Jewelers, Bridges at 57th,

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Moyer Fine Jewelry, 14727 Thatcher

Vegas, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South,

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Harold Jaffe Jewelers, 4211 Talmadge

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Sabri Guven Fine Jewelry, 2225 Old


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Timeless Luxury Watches, 7310


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Kimball’s Jewelers, 6464 Kingston Pike,

King Jewelers, 18265 Biscayne Blvd.,

1888 The Treasured Values Issue 59

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08/11/2019 17:00

Tourneau At Bloomingdale’s Century

Westime, 8569 West Sunset Blvd., West

Changchun International Watch,

Harmony World Watch, Golden Eagle

City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los

Hollywood, CA 90069,

Changchun International Building,

Shopping Center, 8 Qing Nian Rd.,

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Jin Zhu Plaza, 2 West Chuan Shan Rd.,

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District, Kunming 650228, +86 871 6315 8686 Harmony World Watch, International Plaza, 218 Liao Gu South Rd., Qilin District, Qujing 655099 Harmony World Watch, JiuFang, Changzheng Ave., Zhanggong District, Ganzhou 341000, +86 797 848 7137 Harmony World Watch, JiuFang, 101 Changhong West Ave., Jiujiang 332000, +86 792 825 0096

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Zhenxiang District, Hengyang 421001,

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Jiu Rd., Tie Dong District, Anshan 114001,

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Anshan Wisdom Swiss Watch & Clock

Jianghan District, Wuhan 430000

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8200, watchconnection.com

Co. Ltd., New Mart Shopping Center,

Harmony World Watch, Friendship

Wuzhong Rd., Minhang District,

Watch Expo, 980 West Coast Highway,

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Shanghai 201103, +86 150 2666 9992

Newport Beach, CA 92663,

Anshan 114001

District, Tianjin 300000,

Harmony World Watch, MixC, 111 North

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Carl F. Bucherer, 1045 West Nanjing

+86 22 6086 1005

Street, Gangzha District, Nantong,

Westime, 216 North Rodeo Drive,

Rd., Jing’an District, Shanghai 200041,

Harmony World Watch, Gaoxin Wanda

226000, +86 188 5713 8668

Plaza, 719 West Mutasai Rd., Yanta

Harmony World Watch, MixC, 111 North

District, Xi’an 710065, +86 187 928 18726

Street, Gangzha District, Nantong

Beverly Hills, CA 90210, +1 310 888 8880,

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60 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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08/11/2019 17:00

HERITAGE BICOMPAX ANNUAL LIMITED EDITION This chronograph, inspired by a vintage Carl F. Bucherer model from 1950, nods to its predecessor with curved lines, elongated push button and the characteristic BiCompax dial with twin registers. It is available in two editions: the first, with its stainless steel and 18-karat rose gold case with a pink- and champagne-coloured dial and cognac-coloured leather strap, most closely resembles the vintage version. The second, dubbed “the panda”, comes in a stainless steel model that boasts a silver dial, black subdials and a structured rubber strap. Each version is limited to 888 pieces in tribute to the brand’s founding in 1888.

Standout feature The BiCompax, like its mid-century predecessor, comes with a speed-measuring tachymeter scale.

Harmony World Watch, MixC, Huarun,

Harmony World Watch, Wanda Plaza,

Hengdeli Group Ltd., HuaYu Shopping

Linghe District, Jinzhou

111 Xi You Rd., Zhengwu District, Hefei

999 Hui Zhan Rd., Donghu District,

Center, 87 Kaihua Temple Rd., Yingze

230022, +86 551 6587 7697

District, Taiyuan

Liaoning HengJia Watch Co. Ltd.,

Nanchang 330038

Harmony World Watch, Nanchang

Harmony World Watch, Wanda

Hengdeli Group Ltd., Mambat Plaza,

Shuangta District, Chaoyang,

Baisheng Department Store, 177

Shopping Mall, 26 Xin Hua Rd., Saihan

88 Hexi Rd., Zhangjiagang 215600

+86 421 2817878

Zhongshan Rd., Nanchang 330000,

District, Huhhot 10030, +86 471 3255197

Hengdeli Group Ltd., Sanbao Watch,

Nahaoyuan Company Ltd., 1003

Harmony World Watch, Wangfujing

Wangfujing Plaza, 99 Qinxian Rd.,

Wan Da Plaza, East Xin Cheng Rd.,

Harmony World Watch, Nanyafengqing

Shopping Mall, Dongsheng District,

Xiaodian District, Taiyuan 030006,

Xishuangbanna Autonomous Region,

Street Shopping Mall, Dianchi Rd.,

Ordos 17000, +86 155 98661038

+86 351 7887127

JingHong 666100

Harmony World Watch, Xian Kaiyuan

Hengdeli Group Ltd., Taianzhongbai

Nahaoyuan Company Ltd.,

Department Store (Xishaomen), Cross

Plaza, 90 Caiyuan St., Tai’an 271000,

Yangguangyuecheng Yami Star, Simao

Harmony World Watch, MixC, North

Southeast, Xishao Door, Lianhu District,

+86 159 66000865

District, Pu’er 665000, +86 138 88187499

Dengfeng Ave., Ganzhou 341000,

Xi’an 710000, +86 29 62829351

Hengdeli Group Ltd., Taihua Shopping

Oriental Watch Holdings Ltd.,

Harmony World Watch, Xian Kaiyuan

Mall, 360 East Dongfeng Rd., Kuiwen

Department Store (Zhonglou), 6 East

District, Weifang 261000,

Rd., Wanning City 571500

Jiefang Rd., Beilin District, Xi’an 710000,

+86 152 06678199

Prime Time Shanghai Golden Bell

+86 29 87235469

Hengdeli Group Ltd., Xinyibai Shopping

Outlets, 18 East Mozhou Rd., Jiangning

Harmony World Watch, Yinchuan

Mall, 118 Stone Rd. St., Daoli District,

District, Nanjing 211100, +86 25 8717 7220

Xinhua Department Store, 97 Xinhua St.,

Harbin 150010, +86 137 66813722

Xingqing District, Yinchuan 750001,

Hengdeli Group Ltd., Zhenhua

+86 951 6083021

Shopping Mall, 8 West Haiganglu St.,

Harmony World Watch, Yunda Central

Yantai 264000, +86 130 53560368

Plaza, 567 Chang Sha Ave., Yuhua

Hengdeli Group Ltd., Zhongbai Plaza,

District, Changsha 410000,

223 West Shengli Rd., Weicheng District,

+86 136 47414921

Weifang 261000, +86 536 5600605

Harmony World Watch, Zhengyi Fang,

Hengdeli Watch Jiamusi, 134 Zhongshan

Laojie Rd., Wuhua District, Kunming

Rd., Jiamusi 154002, +86 454 8888555

650000, +86 871 68369148

Jilin, Jilin Fortune Center, 1588

Tower, 391-407 Jaffe Rd., Wanchai,

Harmony World Watch, Zhonglian

Chongqing Rd., Changyi District, Jilin

Hong Kong, +852 2815 1968

Dixing Rd. and Ximao Rd., Loudi 417000,

Plaza, Xincheng District, Chifeng 24000

132001, +86 13844656512

+86 738 2882677

Hengdeli Group Ltd., Cuiwei Shopping

Jinzhou XinHaiYuan, 30-52, Zone C,

54-56B Nathan Rd., Tsimshashui,

Harmony World Watch, MixC,

Mall, 33 Fuxing Rd., Haidian District,

Wuhan Street, Jinzhou

Kowloon, Hong Kong,

Beijing 100000, +86 10 68282228

Jinzhou XinHaiYuan, QianSheng

+852 2311 1433, carols.com.hk

+86 791 8673 3236

Fuhai District, Kunming 650100, +86 136 8871 9081

+86 797 516 9540 Harmony World Watch, Park 1903, West Qianwei Rd., Xishan District, Kunming 650228, +86 150 8700 6015 Harmony World Watch, Sand Boat

Harmony World Watch, Shenzhen Fiyta Bldg., Shenzhen 518000, +86 212 7585830 Harmony World Watch, Taiye Int. Plaza, 21 East Jianshe Rd., Bai Autonomous Region, 671000 Dali, +86 130 80966285 Harmony World Watch, Tangshan Department Store, Lubei District, Tangshan 63000 Harmony World Watch, Tianhong Department Store, Marriott City Square,

Wanbailin District, Taiyuan 30002, +86 561 8328812

Chaoyang Wada Plaza, Huanghe Rd.,

KoreaTown, Capital Outlet, 1 Lian Xing

Customer Service Centre, Golden Bell Plaza, 98 Huaihai Rd., Shanghai 200021, +86 21 6023 2525 Shandong Linyi Hengdeli, Lin Yi Hengdeli, 71 Jiefang Rd. Central Section, Lanshan District, Linyi 276000, +86 0539 8202669 Shanghai Sanlian Group, Zhong Lian Mall, 340-372 West Nanjing Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai 200001, +86 21 63502052 Bucherer Hong Kong Ltd., 31/F, Times

Carol’s Watch, Mirador Mansion,

Shopping Mall, 24 Shanghai Rd.,

1888 The Treasured Values Issue 61

58-65_BUCH_PointOfSaleNEW.indd 61

08/11/2019 17:00

Hong Kong Outlet, West 9 Zone of

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co., Prince

Chandigarh, +91 172 466 3008/4008,

Entetsu Department Store, Main Bldg.

Florient Rise, 38 Cherry St., Tai Kok Tsui,

Tower, 12A Peking Rd., Tsimshashui,


7F, 320-2 Sunayama cho, Naka ku, 430

Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2278 3603

Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2369 1178,

8588 Hamamatsu, +81 53 457 0001,

King’s Watch Co. Ltd., 49 Queen’s Rd.,


Ethos Summit, Unit No. G 9A, Palladium Mall, High Street Phoenic,


Central, Central, Hong Kong,

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co., Ocean

462 Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel,

Fukuoka Tenjin ten Daimaru, East

+852 2522 3469, kingswatch.com.hk

Centre, 3-27 Canton Rd., Tsimshashui,

400013 Mumbai, +91 226 615 130 89,

Bldg. 4F, 1-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo ku, 810 8717

Oriental Watch Co. Ltd., 50 Queen’s

Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2736 6636,


Fukuoka, +81 92 712 8181,

Rd. C., Central, Hong Kong, +852 3470


Ethos Watch Boutiques, Shop


0009, orientalwatch.com

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co., Ocean

Number T01-01-0681, DFS International

Hidaka Honten Pro Shop, 3-4-6

Oriental Watch Co. Ltd., 133 Des Voeux

Terminal, 3-27 Canton Rd., Tsimshashui,

Departure, Kempegowda International

Tachibanadorihigashi, 880 0805

Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2311 4432,

Airport, Devanhalli, 560300 Bangalore,

Miyazaki, +81 985 26 1102, hidakahonten.jp

+852 2545 0927, orientalwatch.com


+91 982 097 6762, ethoswatches.com

Ikebukuro Tobu, 6F, 1-1-25

Oriental Watch Co. Ltd., Kowloon

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co., V City,

Ethos Watch Boutiques, Unit No.

Nishiikebukuro, Toshima ku, 171 8512

83 Heung Sze Wui Rd., Tuen Mun, New

In 0102, Terminal 3, International

Tokyo, +81 3 3981 2211,

Territories, Hong Kong, +852 2362 0213,

Departure, Security Hold Area, IG




International Airport, 110038 New Delhi,

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co.,

+91 114 963 343 89, ethoswatches.com

Jewelry & Watch Watanabe, 17-9

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co., Yoho Mall I, 9 Long Yat Rd., Yuen Long,

Ethos Watch Boutiques, Shop No. 8,

New Territories, Hong Kong, +852 2566

Ground Floor, Forum Mall, Adugodi


6180, princejewellerywatch.com

Road, Chikku Laksmaiah Layout,

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co.,

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co.,

Koramangala, 560095 Bangalore, +91

Rd. Central, Central, Hong Kong,

Building, 555 Nathan Rd., Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2384 8103,

16 Kai Chiu Rd., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2895 6688,

K-Point, 1 Tuen Long St, Tuen Mun, New

802 206 7784, ethoswatches.com

Territories, Hong Kong, +852 2793 0020,

Ethos Watch Boutiques, Unit No.



G-4, 5 & 6, Inorbit Mall, Hightech

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co.,

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co.,

City, Madhapur, 500081 Hyderabad,

49-50 Haiphong Rd., Tsimshashui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2367 8871,

58 Russell St., Causeway Bay,

Elements, 1 Austin Rd. West,

Telangana, +91 404 020 2881/82,

Tsimshashui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852



2301 1112, princejewellerywatch.com

Ethos Summit, Unit No. -3, Ground &

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co.,

The Grand Mall, Kwun Tong Harbour

First Floor, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills,

Hong Kong, +852 2776 0688,

98 Castle Peak Rd., Yuen Long, New

Plaza, 182 Wai Yip St., Kwun Tong,

500034 Hyderabad, Telangana, +91

Territories, Hong Kong, +852 2702 6311,

Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2122 9696

88849 08725


Tung Hing Watch Co. Ltd., 617-619

Ethos Watch Boutiques, Unit No. 28

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co., K-Point,

Nathan Rd., Mongkok, Kowloon,

1 Tuen Long Street, New Territories,

Hong Kong, +852 2994 0008

Hong Kong, princejewellerywatch.com

Tycoon City, New Mandarin Plaza,

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co.,

14 Science Museum Rd., Tsimshashui,

Elements 1, Austin Road, West

Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 3963 9100

Tsimhashui, Kowloon, Hong Kong,

Oriental Watch Co. Ltd., 50 Queens


Road, Hong Kong

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co., Bo Yip

Oriental Watch Co. Ltd., The Macau

Building, 10 Peking Rd., Tsimshashui,

Square, 47-53 Avn. di Infante

Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2369 2123,

D. Henrique, Macau, +853 2871 7323,



Prince Jewellery & Watch Co.,

Xu Xing Long Watch Ltd., 345.R/C

Gateway Arcade, Harbour City,

Avn. de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau,

Tsimshashui, Kowloon, Hong Kong,

+853 2835 7081

+852 2311 1878, princejewellerywatch.com Prince Jewellery & Watch Co.,


Landmark North, 39 Lung Sum Avenue,

Ethos Summit, Shop No. G2-3, Ground

Shek Wu Hui, Sheung Shui, New

Floor, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, KG

Territories, Hong Kong, +852 2323 2308,

Halli, D’Souza Layout, Ashok Nagar,


560001 Bangalore, +91 804 099 9621,

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co., MOKO,


193 Prince Edward Rd. West, Mongkok,

Ethos Summit, G 14, Select City Walk,

Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2366 7313,

A3, District Centre Saket, 110017 New


Delhi, +91 114 058 8700,

Prince Jewellery & Watch Co., Prestige


Tower, 23-25 Nathan Rd., Tsimshashui,

Ethos Summit, Unit No. 10, Ground

Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2739 2333,

Floor, Elante Mall 178 178 A, Industrial


& Business Park, Phase 1, 160002

Ground Floor, Inorbit Mind Space Malad (W), 400064 Mumbai, +91 226 640 6991/92, ethoswatches.com Ethos Watch Boutiques, Unit No. G-37, Oberoi Mall, Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, 400063 Mumbai, +91 224 974 1762 Ethos Watch Boutiques, G-13, No. -30A, Inorbit Mall, 400705 Mumbai, Mahashtra, +91 22 27811539 Ethos Watch Boutiques, G-27, Palladium Mall, 142, Velachery Main Rd., 600042 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, +91 90925 99990 Ethos Watch Care, Shop No. 003, Ground Floor, Square One Mall, District Center Saket, 110017 New Delhi, +91 11 41421691 JAPAN Abeno Harukas Kintetsu, Tower Bldg. 11F, 1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno ku, 545 8545 Osaka, +81 6 6627 0102,

Wakamatsu cho, 680 8601 Hakodate, +81 138 23 4111, watanabe-honten.com Jewelry/Watch Boutique IKEDA Plus, 1-22 Higashi Senbacho, 770 0911 Tokushima, +81 88 678 3080, ikd-grp.com Kamine Kyu-kyoryuchi, 3-1-22 Sannomiya cho, Chuo ku, 650 0021 Kobe, +81 78 321 0039, kamine.co.jp United Salon, G-House 1F, 5-7 Tachimachi, Naka-ku, 730-0032 Hiroshima, Japan, +81 82 246 45 60 Kokura Izutsuya, Main Bldg., 6F, 1-1 Senbamachi, Kokurakita ku, 802 0007 Kitakyushu, +81 93 522 3111, izutsuya.co.jp Kyoto Takashimaya, 5F, 52 Nishiiru Shincho, Shinjo Kawaramachi, Shimogyo ku, 600 8520 Kyoto, +81 75 221 8811, takashimaya.co.jp Matsuzakaya Nagoya ten, 3-16-1 Sakae, Naka ku, 460 8430 Nagoya, +81 52 264 2689, matsuzakaya.co.jp Nihombashi Takashimaya Watch Maison, 3-1-8 Nihombashi, Chuo ku, 103 0027 Tokyo, +81 3 3211 4111, watch.takashimaya.co.jp Odakyu Shinjuku, Main Bldg. 5F, 1-1-3, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku ku, 160 8001 Tokyo, +81 3 3342 1111, odakyu-dept.co.jp Okayama Takashimaya, 7F, 6-40 Honmachi, Kita ku, 700 0901 Okayama, +81 86 232 1111, takashimaya.co.jp/ okayama Okayama Tenmaya, 3F, 2-1-1 Omotemachi, Kita ku, 700 8625 Okayama, +81 86 231 7111, tenmaya.co.jp


Okazaki Seibu, 3F, 38-5, Tosaki cho, aza,

Bucherer Japan, Millennium 8F, 2 15 19

Toyama, 444 8710 Okazaki, +81 564 59

Tsukiji, Chuo ku, 104 0045 Tokyo, +81 3

3149, sogo-seibu.jp/okazaki

6226 4650

62 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

58-65_BUCH_PointOfSaleNEW.indd 62

08/11/2019 17:00

PATRAVI SCUBATEC BLACK MANTA Since 2014, Carl F. Bucherer has supported the Manta Trust, a UK-based charity that leads conservation efforts to protect manta rays in more than 20 countries. This diver’s watch is the latest special edition to join the Patravi ScubaTec family and part of its proceeds will go to the Manta Trust. This special edition is an ode to the black manta ray. Two manta ray silhouettes on the black dial are framed by Super-LumiNova indices and hands. The DLC-coated lightweight titanium black case forms a striking contrast with the bronze-coloured bezel and strap stitching inspired by vintage diving equipment.

Standout feature The innovative textile strap developed especially for Carl F. Bucherer is composed mainly of recycled PET bottles from the ocean.

Osaka Takashimaya Watch Maison,

Rd., Dayuan Township, 337 Taoyuan City,

Shi Mei Chai Watch Co., 151, Sec.1,

Tehran, Iran, +98 218 8901721,

5-1-5 Namba, Chuo ku, 542 8510 Osaka,

+886 3 398 3497, everrich-group.com.tw

Meicun Rd. West, 403 Taichung,


+81 6 6631 1101, takashimaya.co.jp

Formosa 06, 115, Dayong Rd., Yancheng,

+886 4 2310 8981

Saikaya Fujisawa, 5F, 555 Fujisawa,

803 Kaohsiung, +886 7 551 8156

Tasa Meng, Taoyuan International

Bareeq Al Shatti Shopping Centre, Al

Airport, 9, Hangzhan S. Rd., Dayuan

Shatti, Muscat, Oman, +968 950 46 623,

Township, 337 Taoyuan City,


251 8558 Fujisawa, +81 466 27 1111 Shinjuku Isetan, 3-14-1, Shinjuku, 1600022 Tokyo, +81 3 3352 1111, isetan.mistore.jp/shinjuku.html Shinsaibashi Daimaru, North Bldg. 12F, 1-7-1 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo ku, 542 8501 Osaka, +81 6 6271 1231, daimaru.co.jp Sun Motoyama, 2F, 6-6-7 Ginza, Chuo ku, 104 0061 Tokyo, +81 3 3573 0003, sunmotoyama.co.jp Tokyo Daimaru, 10F, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda ku, 100 6701 Tokyo, +81 3 3212 8011, daimaru.co.jp

Formosa 11, 171, Zhongzheng Rd., West Central, 700 Tainan, +886 6 225 3184 Jin Shih Tang Watch Co., 310, Zhongshan Rd. North, 300 Hsinchu, +886 3 525 8188 Jing Guang Tang Watches Co., Chungyo Dept Store, 2F, Bldg. B, 161, Sec.3, Sanmin Rd. North, 404 Taichung, +886 4 2223 4621 Jing Guang Tang Watches Co., 239, Zhongyang Rd, East Dist., 300 Hsinchu, +886 3 515 2279, vpd.com.tw Jing Guang Tang Watches Co., 322, Sec. 3, Taiwan Blvd, Xitun Dist., 407


Taichung, +886 4 2313 7755, vpd.com.tw

Carl F. Bucherer Taiwan Ltd., 10F-6, 150,

Jing Guang Tang Watches Co., 459,

Fu Hsing N. Rd., Taipei, +886 2 8772 0122

Sec. 2, Taiwan Blvd., Xitun Dist., 407

+886 3 3383 3133

Muscat Watch Centre, Ground Floor,

Rivoli Doha City Centre, 2nd floor,

Tien Ven Tai Optical Watch Co. Ltd.,

Doha City Centre, Westbay Area, Doha,

202, Zhongzheng Rd., Fengyuan,

Qatar, +974 4483 3679, rivoligroup.com

420 Taichung, +886 4 2525 0428 Time Watch Enterprise Co., 2F, 152, Jiankang Rd., Songshan, 105 Taipei, +886 2 7706 9880 Yuan Henry Watch Co., 742, Dadun Rd., Nantun, 408 Taichung, +886 4 2323 1166 Yung Hsin Watch Co., 28, Sec. 1, Zhongcheng Rd., Shilin, 111 Taipei, +886 2 8866 1975 MIDDLE EAST Khane Saat, Shop No. C06, Atlas Mall, Valiasr St., 5157638791 Tabriz, Iran, +98

Rivoli Prestige, Doha City Centre, 4th St., Doha, Qatar, rivoligroup.com King’s Royal DFS Trading Company Limited (Dubai), Rivoli Group LLC, P.O. Box 121, Office Tower, 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE, +971 4 376 5000 Rivoli Dubai Mall, Sheikh Zayed Rd., Dubai, UAE, +971 4 339 8496, rivoligroup.com Rivoli Mall of the Emirates, Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE, +971 4 341 3121, rivoligroup.com

Taichung, +886 4 2328 2211, vpd.com.tw

413 324 9306, khane-saat.com

Rivoli Prestige Burj Al Arab, Burj Al

Free Plaza Kinmen, 198, Sec. 2, Taihu

King’s Sign Watch Co. Ltd., Poh Ei Shop,

Khane Saat, Shop No 35, First

Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE, +971 4 348 7281,

Rd., Jinhu Township, 891 Kinmen

33, Bo ai Rd., Zhongzheng, 100 Taipei,

Floor, Andarzgoo Blvd., Gheytarieh,


County, +886 82 322 733,

+886 2 2312 2772, kingsignwatch.com

1938736963 Tehran, Iran,

Rivoli Prestige The Galleria,


King’s Sign Watch Co. Ltd., Zhongxiao

+98 212 267 4015, khane-saat.com

The Galleria Mall, Sowwah Square,

Ever Rich D.F.S. Corporation, Duty

Shop, 235, Sec. 4 Zhongxiao E. Rd.,

Shahre Saat, Armitaj Mall, Shop No. 1,

Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE,

Free Plaza, 129, Jinzhuang Rd., Neihu,

Da an, 106 Taipei, +886 2 2751 9866,

Hafte tir Blvd., Mashhad, Iran, +98 513

+971 2 643 2204, rivoligroup.com

114 Taipei, +886 2 8792 3999,


840 0652, khane-saat.com

Rivoli Prestige Zabeel Saray, Zabeel


Pao Yee Watch Co., 51, Nanmen St.,

Shahre Saat, Shop No 260, First Floor

Saray Hotel, The Palm Jumeirah,

Ever Rich D.F.S. Corporation, Taoyuan

Banqiao, 220 New Taipei,

and Second Floor, Corner of S. Aban

Crescent Rd. (West), Dubai, UAE,

International Airport, 9, Hangzhan S.

+886 2 2968 8069

Avenue & Karimkhan St., 1598744146

+971 4 450 8019, rivoligroup.com

Ever Rich D.F.S. Corporation, Duty

1888 The Treasured Values Issue 63

58-65_BUCH_PointOfSaleNEW.indd 63

08/11/2019 17:01

PATRAVI TRAVELTEC Everything about this new edition to the Patravi family is a showstopper: the massive 47.4mm stainless steel case, the petrol blue dial, the blue ceramic bezel and the blue rubber strap. The chronometer-certified CFB 1901.1 caliber epitomises reliability and precision. The sophisticated monopusher switch mechanics can be admired through a window on the side of the case, while a simultaneous three time zone display ensures seamless timekeeping no matter where you are in the world.

Standout feature A patented mechanical time zone display enables the user to switch to a third time zone at the touch of a button.

Rivoli Wafi, WAFI city, Oud Metha,

Bucherer, 12 Boulevard des Capucines,

Bucherer Oberpollinger,

Freyja Oslo AS – Urmaker Wessel,

Dubai, UAE, +971 4 32 46 675,

75009 Paris, France, +33 170 991888,

Maxburgstrasse 7, 80331 Munich,

Stortingsgata 8, 0160 Oslo, Norway,



Germany, +49 89 238 85 4646

+47 960 456 46

Faraday, 7 Rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare,

Bucherer, Hefnersplatz 4-6, 90402

Urmaker Thv. Thorbjornsen, Nytorget

75003 Paris, France, +33 142 778998

Nuremberg, Germany, +49 911 205170,

12, 4013 Stavanger, Norway, +47 900 70

Paris Look, 16 Boulevard Haussman,


268, urmaker.no

75009 Paris, France, +33 158 186130,

Carl F. Bucherer Europe GmbH,

Jubitom, Galeria Baltycka, Ul.


Ridlerstr. 57, 80339 Munich, Germany,

Grunwaldzka 141, 80-264 Gdansk,

+49 89 92 33 99 280

Poland, +48 667 707 715, jubitom.com

Drubba Moments, Seestrasse 39, 79822

Jubitom, Katowice Silesia City Center,

Titisee-Neustadt, Germany, +49 76 51 98

Ul. Chorzowska 107, 40 101, Katowice,

12 631, drubbamoments.de

Poland, +48 667 778 092, jubitom.com

German Style Jeweler, Thomas-

Jubitom, Bonarka City Center, Ul.

Wimmer-Ring 1, 80539 Munich, Germany,

Kamienskiego 11, 30 644 Krakow, Poland,

+49 89 23 24 92 89, gs-jeweler.com

+48 667 778 330, jubitom.com

Juwelier Kühn, Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse

Jubitom, C.H. Posnania, Ul. Pleszewska

211, 79098 Freiburg, Germany,

1, 61-136, Poznan, Poland, +48 667 778 001,

+49 76 13 3810, juwelier-kuehn.de


Juwelier Rödiger, Sack 3, 38100

Jubitom, C.H. Arkadia, Ul. Jana Pawła II

Braunschweig, Germany, +49 531 43 474,

82, 00-175 Warszawa, Poland, +48 667 671


703, jubitom.com

Juwelier von Hofen, Königstrasse 42,

Jubitom, Galeria Mokotow, Ul. Woloska

70173 Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 29 09

12, 02-675 Warszawa, Poland,

88, vonhofen.com

+48 667 778 331, jubitom.com

AFRICA & AUSTRALIA Espiral Relojoeira, Hotel Terminus, Rua Robert Williams 16, Lobito, Angola, +34 913 848 200 Swiss Watch Service Centre Pty Ltd., 343 Little Collins St., 3000 Melbourne, Australia, +61 3 9670 3884

Apollo, Schwangauer Strasse 1a, 87645 Schwangau, Germany, +49 8362 9242970 Bucherer, Friedrichstrasse 176-179,

EUROPE Kruzik Uhren-Juwelen, Universitätsplatz

10117 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 20 41 049, bucherer.com

8, 5020 Salzburg, Austria, +43 662

Bucherer, Kurfürstendamm 45, 10719

842150, uhrenkruzik.at

Berlin, Germany, +49 30 88 04 030,

Bucherer, Kärtnerstrasse 2, 1010 Vienna,


Austria, +43 151 26730, bucherer.com

Bucherer, Königsallee 26, 40212

Isabella Shop, Lazenska 24, 36001

Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 32 80 83,

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic,


+420 353 234 618, isabella-kv.cz

Bucherer, Kaiserstrasse 1, 60311

Altman, Prešovská 338/2, 30100 Pilsen,

Frankfurt, Germany, +49 69 13 88 20,

Czech Republic, +420 377 911 232,



Bucherer, Alsterhaus, Jungfernstieg

Koscom, Na Poříčí 1048/30, 11000

16-20, 20354 Hamburg, Germany,

Prague, Czech Republic,

+49 34 06 88 60, bucherer.com

Pisa Orologeria, Via Pietro Verri 7,

Bijuteria GIA, Iulius Mall, str. A.

+420 736 483 483

Bucherer, Jungfernstieg 25, 20354

20121 Milan, Italy, +39 02 762081,

Demetriade 1, 300088 Timisoara,

Star Jewelry Shop (Prague Star),

Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 34 34 67,


Romania, +40 256 210003

Jachymova 26/2, 11000 Prague, Czech


Rocca 1794, Piazza del Duomo 25,

Chronostyle International SA, 5 Sofia

Republic, +420 224 236 713

Bucherer, Neuhauser Strasse 2, 80331

20121 Milan, Italy, +39 02 80 57 447

St., District 1, 011837 Bucharest, Romania

Bucherer, Illum, Østergade 52, 1001

Munich, Germany, +49 89 29 82 83,

Toricado, 6/1 Stefan cel Mare Str., 2001

El Corte Inglés Ramón Areces, S/N

Copenhagen, Denmark, +45 3318 28 38,


Chisinau, Moldova, +373 22 54 52 31

Puerto Banús, 29660 Marbella, Spain,


Bucherer, Palais an der Oper, Residenz-

Veerman Juwelen, Lindenlaan 28,

Ajaton, Kasarmikatu 46-48, Helsinki,

strasse 2, 80333 Munich, Germany,

1271 BA Huizen, Netherlands, +31 35 523

Finland, +358 407730610

+49 89 23 88 54 60, bucherer.com

0958, veermanjuwelen.nl

+34 96 592 50 01, elcorteingles.es

64 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

58-65_BUCH_PointOfSaleNEW.indd 64

08/11/2019 17:01

MANERO FLYBACK The Manero Flyback stands out from the Manero family with a unique feature: its sophisticated CFB 1970 chronograph movement with flyback function enables the user to record consecutive times with the shortest possible interval between them. Equally as compelling as the flyback is its 1960s-inspired aesthetic: the 18-karat rose gold case features mushroom-style push buttons. The vintage-flair dial with 10 wedge-shaped applied indices is balanced with more contemporary elements like two silver-coloured totaliser subdials and a tachymeter scale. Bold red lettering, seconds hand and stitching on the kudo leather strap make the timepiece pop.

Standout feature The chronograph hands “fly back” to zero, while the movement continues to run in the background, allowing the hands to resume as soon as the reset button is released.

El Corte Inglés de Serrano, Calle

Basel Gallery, 29 Saksaganskogo St.,

Studia Vremeni, TC Hermes Plaza,

Bucherer AG – Carl F. Bucherer,

Serrano 47, 28001 Madrid, Spain,

Kiev, Ukraine, +38 44 287 60 83

Malysheva St.16, 620014 Yekaterinburg,

Customer Service, Gewerbestrasse 1,

+34 91 432 54 90, elcorteingles.es

Noblesse Gallery, 55, Yavornytskoho

+7 343 257 0225

2543 Lengnau, +41 32 653 29 05

El Corte Inglés Sanchinarro, Calle Margarita de Parma 1, 28050 Madrid, Spain, +34 913 84 82 00

Carl F. Bucherer, Grendelstrasse 8,

Dmytra Ave., Dnipro, Ukraine, +38 56 789 80 19, noblesse.com.ua


6004 Lucerne, +41 41 228 8888/6 Carl F. Bucherer Boutique, Höheweg

Noblesse Gallery, 73 Sums’ka St.,

Bucherer, Freie Strasse 40, 4051 Basel,

Paris Look Barcelona, Carrer de Casp

Kharkiv, Ukraine, +38 57 702 13 00,

+41 61 261 40 00, bucherer.com

39-45, 3800 Interlaken, +41 33 826 02 02,

33a, 08010 Barcelona, Spain, +34 938


Bucherer, Marktgasse 2, 3011 Bern,

bucherer.com Kurz, Freie Strasse 39, 4001 Basel, +41 61

29 93 36

Noblesse Gallery, 2 Chervonoarmiys’ka

+41 31 328 90 90, bucherer.com

Santi Pamies, Calle Raval de Jesús 50,

St., Kiev, Ukraine, +38 44 234 19 32,

Bucherer, Quai du Mont Blanc 1,

269 60 60, kurzschmuckuhren.ch

43201 Reus, Spain, +34 977 33 06 97


1201 Geneva, +41 22 732 31 18,

Kurz, Spitalgasse 38, 3011 Bern, +41 31 311

Tagore, 172 Main St., GX11 1AA Gibraltar,

Noblesse Gallery, Sady Peremogy


04 22, kurzschmuckuhren.ch

Spain, +350 200 78505

Shopping Gallery, 10th Kvitnya Square,

Bucherer, Rue du Rhône 45, 1204

Fredmans Ur AB, Strandvägen 15, 11456

Odessa, Ukraine, +38 48 785 37 35,

Geneva, +41 22 319 62 66, bucherer.com

Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 667 44 66,



Noblesse Gallery, 17, Rishelievska St.,

Bucherer Covent Garden, Unit 7,

Odessa, Ukraine, +38 48 716 87 94,

North Piazza, Covent Garden, London


WC2E 8HD, UK, +44 20 7952 2040,

Bucherer, Rue de Bourg 1, 1002 Lausanne, +41 21 312 36 12, bucherer.com Bucherer, Piazza Grande, 6600 Locarno, +41 91 751 86 48, bucherer.com Bucherer, Schwanenplatz 5, 6002

Kurz, 11 Rue de la Conféderation, 1204 Geneva, +41 22 311 70 76, kurzschmuckuhren.ch Kurz, Weggisgasse 25, 6004 Lucerne, +41 41 419 40 20, kurzschmuckuhren.ch Kurz, Glattzentrum, Neue Winterthurerstrasse 99, 8301 Wallisellen, +41 43 233 30 50, kurzschmuckuhren.ch



Bucherer Selfridges, (The Wonder

Akademia Vremeni, Respubliki St. 131,

Room), 400 Oxford St., London W1A

Bld. 4, 625048 Tyumen, +7 3452 503 473

1AB, UK, +44 20 7318 3830,

Rich Time Group, Smolensky Passage,


Smolenskaya Square 3, 121099

Bucherer, Multergasse 15, 9004 St.

Engelberg, +41 41 372 10 90, swisslion.ch

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1888 The Treasured Values Issue 65

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ONLY WATCH 2015 - Logo, font & colors


Time for a good cause

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Carl F. Bucherer designs a oneof-a-kind timepiece to support the Only Watch auction


From top This unique Patravi ScubaTec was specially designed for Only Watch; Diego Benaglio, goalkeeper for AS Monaco FC, admires the Patravi ScubaTec


n November 2019, Carl F. Bucherer participated in the Only Watch charity auction. Only Watch was founded by Luc Pettavino, president of the Monaco Association Against Muscular Dystrophy, and is under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. The organisation funds research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic disorder that causes progressive muscle degeneration. Every two years, leading watchmakers create a special timepiece to be auctioned off. Only Watch has raised CHF 40 million for muscular dystrophy research efforts since 2005. Last year, Carl F. Bucherer offered a one-of-a-kind Patravi ScubaTec edition. The 44.6mm case made from 18-karat white gold adds a touch of splendour, while the dial, the unidirectional rotating bezel and the rubber strap in a striking shade of blue enhance the sporty appeal of the diver watch. The silhouettes of eight manta rays – a nod to the number of times Only Watch has been held – grace the dial. To top off the personalisation, the DLC-coated case back boasts an engraving that acknowledges the timepiece was part of Only Watch 2019, a lasting reminder of a good deed. onlywatch.com

66 1888 The Treasured Values Issue

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Be part of the unmissable show where novelties are revealed and trends are set



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Profile for Carl F. Bucherer

The treasured values issue  

Magazine by Carl F. Bucherer in English.

The treasured values issue  

Magazine by Carl F. Bucherer in English.