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«Ahead of the times.» The visionary EvoTec Manufacture Concept from Carl F. Bucherer.

Insight by Carl F. Bucherer N° 3, March 2010 Published by Carl F. Bucherer a brand of Bucherer Montres S.A. Langensandstrasse 27 CH-6002 Lucerne Phone +41 41 369 70 70 Fax +41 41 369 70 72 Editor in Chief Gabriela von Malaisé, Marketing Director International Editorial Team Gabriela von Malaisé Sara Gianella Artwork Brenneisen Communications, Basel



4 “Ahead of the times.” Editorial BY Dr. Albrecht Haake, EXECUTIVE Vice President Technologies Carl F. Bucherer. 6 “Evolution Technology.” Carl F. Bucherer’s visionary Manufacture Concept. 10 “We think differently from the rest.” Insight talks to Dr. Albrecht Haake and Joachim Mutrux.

14 A focus on technological innovation. Carl F. Bucherer presents its new communication campaign. 16 Taipei 101. Boutique in the world’s second-highest skyscraper. 17 Kindred spirits. Cooperation between Stallion and Carl F. Bucherer. 18 UC? FROM Rinspeed. Carl F. Bucherer Manufacture movement in new UC? from Rinspeed. 20 Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. The dawn of a new age for the Hotel of the Year 2009.

22 Market News. – Atul Kasbekar new Carl F. Bucherer ambassador for India. – Lucerne-based origami artist wears watch from Carl F. Bucherer. – Austrian Chrono Award for Patravi T-ChronoGrade. – Patravi TravelTec for Australian globetrotter. – Successful events for watch aficionados in Hong Kong and Taipei.

4 Editorial


Ahead of the Times.

Dr. Albrecht Haake, Executive Vice President Technologies Carl F. Bucherer


When can you justifiably claim to be ahead of your times? Simply by changing your claim to “Ahead of the Times”, as Carl F. Bucherer has just done for its future advertising campaign? Words alone, of course, can never be a substitute for deeds. Nevertheless, I believe we can take pride in saying that our claim is a concrete reference to the progressive way in which we think and act. This is reflected above all in the trailblazing technological developments we have made in watch movements and functional mechanisms as well as the singular aesthetic appeal of the timepieces at the focus of our new campaign. But why not discover them for your­ self in this latest issue of “Insight by Carl F. Bucherer”. Being ahead of the times is also a constituent part of the philosophy to which Carl F. Bucherer subscribes with its visionary – one could say “holistic” – Evolution Technology Manufacture Concept and an integrated, methodical approach by the name of “Smart SimPlexity®”. Our aim, our aspiration is simply this: to rethink existing technologies and, wherever possible, to improve them and to find more intelligent and, above all, more reliable solutions. We have no interest in “art for art’s sake”, but in generating genuine value added for our customers. The most eloquent proof of this lies in the CFB A1000 movement, which was manufactured entirely in the company’s workshops, and in the Patravi models that bear the suffix EvoTec. Needless to say, there is a heavy burden of expectation on the skills and expertise of every watchmaker and design engineer at our center of manufacturing excellence in Sainte-Croix and our workshops in Lengnau. But they, like everyone else at Carl F. Bucherer, are driven constantly by passion and by fascination: the passion and fascination that come with the acceptance of new challenges and of endeavoring to ensure that, in whatever we turn our hand to, we remain always “Ahead of the Times”. Yours

Dr. Albrecht Haake Executive Vice President Technologies Carl F. Bucherer

Editorial 5

We can take pride in saying that our new claim “Ahead of the times” is a concrete reference to the progressive way in which we think and act.

6 Carl F. Bucherer


“Evolution Technology”

from Carl F. Bucherer.

Taking a visionary, holistic view of manufacturing mechanical masterpieces. Carl F. Bucherer differs from other watchmakers in purely geographical terms: domiciled in Lucerne, it is the only watch brand in Central Switzerland. Its two production centers, on the other hand, are both in the western, French-speaking, part of the country. While the watch ateliers in Lengnau are responsible for assembling the watches, the company’s manufacture workshops in Sainte-Croix in the Canton of Vaud is a center of excellence that focuses on research, development and the in-house manufacture of mechanical watch move­ments and functional modules. The company has wide-sweeping expertise, outstanding creativity and a state-of-the-art infrastructure. All the stages and sequences in the production process at SainteCroix are based on the holistic Manufacture Concept known as “Evolution Technology”, or EvoTec for short. This means, firstly, focusing on a philosophy for which the company laid the foundations many years ago: the development and manufacture of attractive mechanisms and useful additional functions. It also means that projected, or traditional, existing technologies are re-thought, redesigned and, wherever possi­ ble, improved to create more intelligent and, above all, more reliable solutions. It is a concept that flies in the face of a motto – “the more complicated, the better” – that prevailed for years in the watchmaking industry. The development process is based on Carl F. Bucherer’s own and copyrighted method known as “Smart SimPlexity®”.

The most compelling proof that this approach is a reality at Carl F. Bucherer can be found in the CFB A1000 Manufacture movement. This symbolizes Carl F. Bucherer’s 90-year tradition as well the brand’s innovative dynamism, and is thus the expression of a philosophy that is destined to leave a lasting mark on a new era in the art of watchmaking. Thanks to its peripheral rotor, it successfully combines the aesthetic appeal of a hand-wound movement with the comfort of an automatic winding. But the technically innovative mechanism for switching the big date found in the three Patravi EvoTec models is also based on the “Smart SimPlexity®” approach. The mechanism has a moveable finger integrated into the date-change ring, which makes it possible, when changing the date from the 31st to the 1st of the following month, to change only the disk with the second digit while the disk bearing the first digit stays still. The second aspect of the EvoTec Manufacture Concept relates to the production process itself. The workshops of Carl F. Bucherer Technologies SA strive for professional production of movements at a capacity that guarantees maximum quality and reliability. Below a certain critical level, consistently high quality is not possible.


Carl F. Bucherer 7

8 Carl F. Bucherer


The CFB A1002 caliber is based on the EvoTec Manufacture Concept and the “Smart SimPlexity®” approach.


A striking additional function: the Patravi EvoTec PowerReserve. The Patravi EvoTec PowerReserve is the new icon among the timepieces from Carl F. Bucherer that are based on the brand’s Manufacture Concept and therefore feature the suffix EvoTec in their name. Like the Patravi EvoTec DayDate, which Carl F. Bucherer unveiled in 2009, this latest model comes with the CFB A1000 Manufacture movement, which is fitted with a new functional module. Apart from a big date, day of the week display and small seconds, it has a further complication in the form of an eye-catching power reserve indication. A small red hand sits on a rack powered by a differential mechanism. This protrudes through an aperture in the dial that describes a gentle arc between the index marks for 2 and 4 o’clock. When the watch is wound up, the hand moves up towards “High” on a scale that distinc­tly resembles the raised grandstand in an amphitheatre. As the watch winds down, the hand moves back towards “Low”. In order to indicate the power remaining in the barrel more effectively, the rack is coated white, while the surface below it is finished in a red that perfectly harmonizes with the Carl F. Bucherer logo. As the power reserve is used up, the rack with its hand moves downward and the red area increases correspondingly. It is thus immediately obvious, when the watch has only a little power left. The outer edge of the power reserve indication has a silver-colored frame, which perfectly harmonizes with both the big date and the small seconds subdial. The date display is prominently located in the top left-hand quarter of the dial and is generously proportioned even for a big date. The equally striking small seconds at 6 o’clock cleverly echoes the shape of the case, while the day of the week display at 9 o’clock rounds off the calendar. The design concept of the Patravi EvoTec PowerReserve is intentionally minimalist and underscored by the geometrical index marks, which follow the slightly convex sides of the case. All in all, the dial of the Patravi EvoTec PowerReserve fully satisfies Carl F. Bucherer’s aspirations to maximum legibility. The eye-catching cushion-shaped case is the perfect companion to all this. Available either in cool, modern stainless steel or in luxurious rose gold, it has a bezel and crown made of black natural rubber, making it even more striking and unmistakable. It owes its iconic character not least to the design elements that have become the signature of the Patravi collection, namely the flowing contours of the lugs and the bold protrusions protecting the crown.

Carl F. Bucherer 9

Technical specifications of the Patravi EvoTec PowerReserve Movement automatic, CFB A1002 Manufacture caliber, diameter 32 mm, height 6.3 mm, 33 jewels, power reserve 55 hours Functions power reserve indication, big date, day indicator, small seconds Case stainless steel or 18 K rose gold, rubber bezel, rubber screw-down crown, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides, caseback with sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 50 m (5 atm), size 43.75  44.5 mm, height 13.95 mm Strap calfskin, stainless steel folding clasp or 18 K rose gold pin lock folding clasp

10 Carl F. Bucherer



“WE THINK FROM THE REST OF THE WATCHMAKING INDUSTRY.” When you are aiming to design revolutionary new mechanical movements and functional modules, you need smart minds, capable of independent thinking. Like Dr. Albrecht Haake, Executive Vice President Technologies with Carl F. Bucherer, or Joachim Mutrux, a design engineer with Carl F. Bucherer Technologies SA in Sainte-Croix in the ­Canton of Vaud. “Insight by Carl F. Bucherer” asked these two specialists why they are so fascinated by the endless stream of new developments and designs. The history of horology goes back about 800 years, and a lot has been invented, developed and manufactured in that time. Where do you find ideas for new mechanisms and technologies? Dr. Albrecht Haake, Executive Vice President Technologies Carl F. Bucherer: The point of departure for any new design is its function. Here, it is important whether a display will be running continuously – like a seconds-hand, for instance – or whether it should be discreet, like a date display. Another significant source of ideas is existing ­solutions – both those that function well and also others, which are not yet entirely satisfactory. I always find it helpful to talk to colleagues, because ideas often crop up in the middle of a discussion. Alternatively, I may try to explain the issue in question to someone else. Apart from that, the best ideas frequently come when you least expect them: on the train, cooking dinner, or over lunch. Where’s the incentive for you to take on new challenges in watchmaking technology? A. Haake: It’s only worth our while to look for a new solution if the existing one doesn’t entirely satisfy our requirements. The problem may lie in the technical approach that has been used. For example, other people had made a peripheral rotor before Carl F. Bucherer, but it was never a reliable, long-term solution. Nevertheless, this particular arrangement uniquely combines the aesthetics of a hand-wound move­ ment with the comfort of an automatic winding, which is why we de­ cided to take on the challenge. Perhaps it has to do with ergonomics, or with the way a function is displayed. Then we’ll ask ourselves how we can make the display user-friendlier or more unique. The large, eye-

catching power reserve indication on the new Patravi EvoTec PowerReserve shows the wearer at a glance how far the spring is wound. Apart from that, it is extremely motivating to develop a technical solution for something that has never existed before in quite this form. Joachim Mutrux, designer Carl F. Bucherer Technologies SA: During the development process, we make use of principles we’re all familiar with from the car industry or aviation. The motivation comes from tackling complex challenges with intelligent mechanisms, and solutions of our own. Sometimes, we get new ideas when we are confronted with a specific problem that’s begging for a solution. In this respect, we at Carl F. Bucherer tend to think differently from the rest of the watch industry. What kind of challenge do new developments represent? A. Haake: As with any technical development or design, the aim is to strike a balance between a structured approach based on clearly defined specifications and creativity. At the same time, we use an approach developed in-house and known as “Smart SimPlexity®”, which we have also registered. This provides us with guidelines when we are caught up in long, drawn-out development processes. Its purpose is to help us find intelligent solutions to technical challenges. We are not looking for complicated solutions: that’s not at all difficult. In an ideal case, the solution is ingeniously simple. The main thing is that we are not satisfied with a result too quickly. You always have to ask yourself whether the answer you come up with couldn’t be better. We’re always happy to spot potential for improvement and make use of it.


J. Mutrux: A very important part of the process is when we apply the specifications we’ve been given to the basic mechanisms and functions. This phase always marks the start of a long process and since the decisions we make here can rarely be amended at a later stage, we spend a lot of time and energy on it. Only once we’ve laid this foundation can we get on with the actual business of design. The move­ ment starts to assume concrete shape. We develop the individual components in detail and make decisions about dimensions, acceptable tolerances and materials. A. Haake: The technical solutions we find for the desired functions must also harmonize with the design of the dial. But the manufacture

Joachim Mutrux (standing) in the design office of Carl F. Bucherer Technologies SA.

of the parts and their assembly must always be taken into consideration. The aim is to find the perfect balance between production, assembly and the stability of the design. J. Mutrux: At this point, we use prototypes or models to test the functions and, depending on the results, make modifications where necessary. This cycle of building prototypes, testing, analysis and improvement of the design is repeated until we are fully satisfied with the result. And what if difficulties crop up? A. Haake: We always try to spot problems in advance so we can react swiftly and effectively. To help us, we use methods like FMEA

Carl F. Bucherer 11

(failure mode and effect analysis), which involves a team discussing every aspect of a design, point by point. Components or sub-assemblies that we identify as possible weak points are always tested as soon as possible. J. Mutrux: Difficulties often occur when you’re assembling the first prototypes or during testing. These may be caused by the combination of individual parts or the materials used, mechanical failure, the surface treatment, the shape or function of a component or excessive wear and tear. If this happens, we have to look for alternative solutions and technologies. There is no standard procedure for this, but the first step is always a thorough analysis of the causes of the problem. When it comes to the design and manufacture of mechani­ cal timepieces, what distinguishes Carl F. Bucherer from other watchmaking companies? A. Haake: Carl F. Bucherer thinks independently and goes its own way. We don’t wish to be seen as a traditional watch brand. Our aim is to apply a creative, progressive approach to the art of watchmaking, a traditional skill that has been passed down through the generations. This approach is expressed perfectly in our independent, holistic EvoTec Manufacture Concept and in our “Smart SimPlexity®” metho­ dology. But we have no interest in “art for art’s sake”: we always aim to give our users added value. Whether it’s practicality and functionality, or reliability. Needless to say, our aim is always to find the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, traditional craftsmanship and progressive technology. J. Mutrux: Yes, and it’s this independent approach that gives the Carl F. Bucherer brand its honest and authentic identity: the quality you feel immediately, when you look at or wear a watch from Carl F. Bucherer.

The Patravi EvoTec DayDate and the new Patravi EvoTec PowerReserve are both technologically and aesthetically advanced.

14 Carl F. Bucherer


For relaxed East-West relat

the highest watchmaking of character, developed with full hine mac e tim g osin imp An onometer certification, c is a chronograph with chr passion: the Patravi TravelTe comfortably thanks to the es simultaneously. Simply and which displays three time zon twards or westwards – eas – n ctio o’clock, the travel dire ed patented monopusher at 10 ss. The mechanism develop vidual time zones jump acro side a ugh thro can be pre-selected and indi ble visi ains highly complex case and rem for this is integrated in the useful functions and mechaphilosophy of the intelligent, er’s her window. Carl F. Buc implemented more perfectly. nisms could not have been


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Carl F. Bucherer 15

Ahead of the Times.

a new focus on our ability to develop innovative technologies. For the Baselworld 2010 international watch and jewelry fair, Carl F. Bucherer is presenting an enhanced brand communication. The Lucerne watch Manufacture will be placing its technologically advanced innovations in the fields of mechanical movements and functional mechanisms, as well as the unmistakable design of its timepieces, at the center of its advertising campaign.

Ambassadors from within. To this end, the existing advertising campaign has been further developed. Ambassadors, such as Boris Blank, Daniel Bernhardt and Nela König, who have previously been “faces” for the brand in the advertising, perfectly embody the wearer of a Carl F. Bucherer watch – these are people who go their own way, rather than going with the flow of the times. They will therefore continue to support Carl F. Bucherer in areas such as the print media, the Internet and events. In the advertising campaign, however, they will be replaced by “ambassadors” from the Manufacture itself – by watches, mechanisms and timepieces from Carl F. Bucherer. Objects of beauty: mechanical masterpieces. Their presentation in the new brand communication will be just as progressive and future-oriented as the timepieces themselves. “Usually, mechanical movements are shown closed, which means that their technical sophistication remains hidden under bridges and bars. We want instead to open up the beauty of the mechanical microcosm to observers, so that they can become immersed in it, continually finding something new,” explains Gabriela von Malaisé, Marketing Director International at Carl F. Bucherer.

With its own workshops for the development and production of watch movements and innovative mechanisms, Carl F. Bucherer belongs to the exclusive circle of Swiss watch Manufactures. The Lucerne brand is now making its high level of technical competence and the progressive methods it uses in its own developments – as expressed in the EvoTec Manufacture Concept (Evolution Technology) and the copyrighted “Smart SimPlexity ®” methodology – the main focus of its communication activities.

Forward-looking communication campaign. Alongside the new range of pictures, the previous campaign claim “For people who do not go with the times.” is also giving way to the pithier “Ahead of the times.” On the other hand, the campaign layout has been left as it is. Thus, a logical further development of the well­ known image that has been tried and tested over the years emerges, supporting the positioning of Carl F. Bucherer as a progressive Manufacture brand with an innovative and independent approach to the tra­ ditional watchmaker’s art – very much in keeping with the brand promise of “technological leadership”, “independence” and “continuity”.

16 Carl F. Bucherer



101 A boutique in a landmark of progress and self-assurance. The boutique that opened in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei in June 2009 fully lives up to the “Feel at home at Carl F. Bucherer” philosophy. It is situated in the famous, and extremely prestigious, shopping mall at the foot of the Taipei 101 skyscraper. The 73 square-meter (785 square-foot) store features a get-to-know-the-brand zone and a sales area in a timelessly classic design inspired by buildings from architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Meier and Mies van der Rohe. Apart from materials such as natural quartzite from Vals, this latest addition to the select group of Carl F. Bucherer boutiques also features luxurious dibetou wood, which imbues the room with warmth and charm. The get-to-know-the-brand zone with its “Barcelona” chairs and a library with decorative and informative elements is the ideal place to browse and chill. The atmosphere is relaxed and laidback, and offers Taiwanese watch lovers and connoisseurs an ideal opportunity to dive into the world of Carl F. Bucherer, to discover more about the company’s timepieces together with its technical and watch­ making expertise. Destined for success from the start. Asia is an enormously important and relevant market for Carl F. Bucher­ er, so a promising future for the boutique in Taipei is assured. Despite the world economic crisis, outstanding sales during the first ten months have made for excellent figures. Even at this early stage, the boutique in Taipei 101 is already one of the most successful of a total of six Carl F. Bucherer boutiques worldwide.

Since the completion of the Burj Khalifa, the 509-meter (1670-foot), 101-story Taipei 101 is now “only” the secondhighest skyscraper in the world. In view of the fact that Taiwan registers around 40,000 tremors per year, making it one of the most active earthquake regions on the planet, and is battered by up to four typhoons annually, the idea of putting up a building on this scale probably seems more like the brainchild of a lunatic than a genius. But we should remember that its creator, C.Y. Lee from Taipei, is the country’s most famous architect. Not only that, Taipei desperately needs to demonstrate its importance as an economic and financial center in Asia and to keep pace with metropolises like Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. It is hoped that the 400-million-euro project will provide the country with a gateway to the entire world. Tourist attraction and hallmark. To ensure that the building can withstand the stresses and strains to which it is exposed, its design and load-bearing structure were based on those of bamboo. Suspended from the 92nd to the 88th floor is a spherical tuned mass damper weighing 660 metric tons with a diameter of 5.5 meters (18 feet). This is fitted with oil-filled hydraulic dampers that counter swaying movements in the building. The vibrations and distortions caused by storms, which may cause the building to sway by up to 1.3 meters, are roughly halved by these dampers. Despite losing its title of “world’s highest building”, Taipei 101 is still far better known than any other structure in Taiwan. Since its inauguration it has, for many, become a hallmark and a symbol: a symbol of a new Taiwan, of national self-assurance and of a strong economy. And of the highest possible respect: at least as high as Taipei 101.

Cooperation 17


Stallion and Carl F. Bucherer –

kindred spirits.

Boots have fascinated Carl F. As a result, its weekly output of Bucherer’s new ambassador, Peboots is limited to around 70 pairs, dro Muñoz, all his life. It began in but these are of inimitable quality Zaragoza, Mexico, when he was and their lifetime legendary. “I five years old and his grandfather combine traditional cowboy boots, Traditional craftsmanship paired with innovative ideas; presented him with the first pair which have a rich and varied hisperfection at all levels from aesthetics to production; the he could call his own. At college, tory, with new ideas and in the desire to realize ambitious visions, and to resolutely go Pedro Muñoz designed a pair of process make modern classics. our own way: these are values Carl F. Bucherer and boots entirely to his own specifiEvery single item made by StalAmerican leather manufacturer Stallion have in common. cations and had them made by lion oozes passion and blends And it is for this reason that Stallion designer and foundhis father’s shoemaker. In the pro­ top-quality materials with dedier Pedro Muñoz recently became an enthusiastic brand cess, he discovered his passion cation and meticulous attention for the long and arduous process to detail,” explains Pedro Muñoz. ambassador for the independent watch manufacturer. in which a pair of skilled, experienced hands is able to transform Active cooperation. the finest leather into a boot that fits to perfection. The same fastidiousness and enthusiasm during design and production, the authenticity and independence, and the same sense of aesSelected materials and traditional craftsmanship. thetics are what Pedro Muñoz finds so inspiring about the timepieces Five years after the completion of that first pair, he founded the Stal- from Carl F. Bucherer. “The company’s watches express the same aslion Boot & Belt Co. in El Paso, Texas. Today, the company’s boots, belts piration to be unusual as my own work. They radiate the same spirit as and leather accessories are must-haves at all the best fashion houses our products.” Not surprisingly, he takes enormous pleasure in wearing in Paris and New York and feature regularly on the catwalks in the a Patravi TravelTec on his own wrist. world’s fashion metropolises. Pedro Muñoz travels the globe in search of exotic varieties of top-quality leathers such as alligator, crocodile, In summer 2010, Carl F. Bucherer will be unveiling a limited watch caiman, lizard, elephant, hippopotamus, python, ostrich or stingray. model created with the help of Pedro Muñoz. An active, long-term He combines these with selected metals or stones to make outstand- cooperation between Carl F. Bucherer and Pedro Muñoz: as regards ing creations. Stallion is one of the last companies in the world that materials and production quality, the two partners will strive towards still makes boots and belts using the traditional methods of the artisan. nothing short of total perfection.

UC 18 Sponsoring


Carl F. Bucherer

Manufacture movement

in UC? from Rinspeed. If you spot a visionary concept car or some other mold-breaking piece of engineering at the Geneva International Motor Show, you can be pretty sure Frank M. Rinderknecht won’t be too far away. After all, he and his company, Rinspeed AG, have been renowned for trailblazing automobile design for some 30 years. At the 2010 show, for instance, he unveiled his latest creation: an electrical vehicle known as the Rinspeed “UC?”, which stands for “Urban Commuter”. Or, depending on how you look at it: You see? The UC? is Frank M. Rinderknecht’s response to the issue of ­sustainability.

At first sight, it seems like a hybrid of the Smart ForTwo and the Fiat 500. But that’s only on the surface. Take a second look, and you’ll find the car oozes innovation and imaginative ideas. Thanks to its length of just 2.5 meters, the UC? will help to prevent traffic jams in big cities. Apart from this, the UC? isn’t merely a car, but an all-round, all-inclusive mobility concept. The UC? comes with an inspired system that will allow the owner and passengers – particularly on long trips between big cities – to take to the railroad. And that means no-stress travel with radically reduced energy consumption. Passengers can spend their time in the car or in the lounge of a railway carriage working, making phone calls, surfing the Web or simply relaxing. And there’s something else that Rinspeed fans will be glad to hear: the UC? is Rinspeed’s first concept car that is expected to go into series production with a major car manufacturer.


Sustainability, technology and passion. Innovative, independent thinking, a commitment to going its own way and sustainability – the big topic of the moment – are likewise enormously important to Lucerne-based Carl F. Bucherer, which is the reason why the company has decided to work on another project with Frank M. Rinderknecht. “The ‘UC?’ is a further example of out-of-thebox thinking, forward-looking technology and incredible passion. That’s what makes Rinspeed so fascinating,” explains Thomas Morf. Perhaps more important, however, is a shared belief in distilling sophisticated technology, top-quality materials and unusual forms into a final product that is both unique and conceptually brilliant. A perfect symbiosis: mechanics and electronics. The fact that Rinspeed and Carl F. Bucherer have a philosophy in common and actively work together is immediately clear from the UC?’s interior. The dashboard is transparent and integrates a painstakingly skeletonized Carl F. Bucherer Manufacture movement. To show off the components in this mechanical gem to their best advantage, the movement is housed in a Plexiglas case without a dial. The time – in hours and minutes – is indicated by a pair of hands that are characteristic of the Patravi collection. As Frank M. Rinderknecht points out,

Sponsoring 19


“An electrically powered and controlled vehicle should have room for both traditional and innovative features. The combination of highquality mechanics and electronics in the UC? is incredibly exciting.” The decision to integrate the Carl F. Bucherer movement, then, embodies the credo that underlies the UC?: first-class Swiss quality and innovation coupled with an unending quest for perfection.

20 Sponsoring


The dawn of a new age for the

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Visitors and tourists seeing Bad Ragaz for the first time will probably think of it as romantic and picturesque, with very close ties to nature. The village, which has 5,000 inhabitants and is situated against an impressive backdrop of mountain peaks, is the sort of place you’d expect to find Heidi. But it also boasts another superb attraction: the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Following all-round renovations and an extension, the hotel opened in June 2009 and, last summer, was named “Hotel of the Year” by GaultMillau and its main sponsor, Carl F. Bucherer. The investment and renovations have clearly paid off. Facelift at the highest level. But what is it that makes the place so special? After all, this is the second time it has been voted “Hotel of the Year” – the first time was in 1998 – and that, strictly speaking, is against the rules. Has it something to do with the impressive size of the hotel grounds – a park running to over 120 acres? Or could it be the state-of-the-art Medical Health Center, the two golf courses or the spacious new Tamina Therme, which are almost 80,000 square feet in area? One thing is certain: when it comes to scale, there are few hotels in Switzerland that can match the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

Then again, its attraction could have something to do with the 160-million Swiss franc investment, making it the biggest renovation and extension project in the hotel’s history. The work of refurbishment included the construction of 56 exclusive spa suites and lofts and a total renovation of the Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz and Tamina Therme. This went hand-in-hand with the long-term positioning of the house as an international center of wellbeing and medical health resort in the five-star luxury class. Where modernity and tradition meet. The reason for its success can probably be found in the refurbishments combined with the region’s captivating charm and the superb service, which the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers its guests. Another possible reason is the fact that the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in its new guise is way ahead of its times. This is brought home perhaps most impressively in the new nine-story Spa Tower. The 56 spacious and luxuriously appointed lofts and suites in this building integrate sophisticated state-of-the-art elements featuring the best-quality materials and above-average high tech features. Apart from this, all the spa lofts and suites come with a bathroom resembling an oasis of wellbeing with taps that are fed by pure thermal water.

Sponsoring 21


Most importantly, while benefiting from all these new, stateof-the-art features, guests can continue to enjoy Switzerland’s legendary grand hotel culture and its atmosphere of traditional savoir-vivre. Striving for perfection, innovation and individualism. It is a hotel, then, that has much in common with Carl F. Bucher­ er and perfectly mirrors the watch brand’s philosophy. “We support people and companies that go their own may – like ourselves – and for that reason are ahead of their times. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is a unique combination of a traditional Swiss grand hotel, exclusive elegance, discerning quality and an innovative approach to hospitality. And that’s why it fully deserves its accolade from GaultMillau,” said Thomas Morf at the award presentation ceremony in August 2009. However, the similarities are not restricted to the fusion of traditional and modern. The ongoing quest for perfection and individuality as well as a passion for creating their own mythology are central to both the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and Carl F. Bucherer. Another characteristic they share is their fearlessness when it comes to tackling the new and unconventional. Or having the courage to be always ahead of their times and the competition.

Carl F. Bucherer and the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz are pleased to make an attractive offer to readers of “Insight by Carl F. Bucherer”: Romantic Days for Two 2 nights at the Grand Hotel Quellenhof & Spa Suites, including a lavish breakfast buffet  Romantic breakfast served in your room  Fresh fruit and Ragaz spring water daily  Free admission to the 60,000-sq.ft “To B. Wellbeing & Spa”  Free admission to the 78,000-sq.ft Tamina Therme  Daily fitness and relaxation sessions  Aphrodisiac love potion and magical herbs  Romantic gourmet dinner in the Bel Air Restaurant (15 GaultMillau points)  Romantic decoration in room  One luxury spa treatment of your choice per person CHF 2,330 for 2 persons As a reader of “Insight by Carl F. Bucherer” you will also enjoy an upgrade from a Junior Suite to a Spa Loft of the Grand Hotel Quellenhof Spa & Suites. This offer is valid from April to October 2010 (by request; to take advantage of this offer, please book under the keyword “CFB customer offer”).

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Atul Kasbekar

new Carl F. Bucherer ambassador for India. Working closely with the brand’s distribution partner, Ethos Swiss Watch Studios, Carl F. Bucherer has succeeded in securing leading photographer and celebrity manager, Atul Kasbekar, as its new brand ambassador for India. Carl F. Bucherer and Atul Kasbekar will be working together from September 2009 until the end of 2010. The photographer will be the face of the brand in its advertising and represent it at events. Like all the other personalities selected to represent the company, he is the perfect embodiment of its philosophy. “Watches are a successful synergy of art and technology, passion and precision. This is expressed through all the watches made by Carl F. Bucherer, which is the reason I am so proud to represent the brand in India,” explains Atul Kasbekar.

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For public appearances, Lucerne-based origami artist wears watch from Carl F. Bucherer. Internationally acclaimed origami artist Sipho Mabona, who lives in Lucerne, recently started wearing a Patravi TravelTec from Carl F. Bucherer for public appearances. Now 28, he delights audiences around the globe with his skills. He came to fame on the strength of numerous TV appearances, newspaper reports worldwide and an advertisement made for sports shoe manufacturer Asics. Since then, his origami creations have been shown at galleries in New York, Vancouver and Tokyo. A young man with an unusual passion who goes his own way. Uncompromisingly. Which is why he and the Carl F. Bucherer philosophy fit together so well.

Chrono Award for Patravi T-ChronoGrade. The ChronoAward, Austria’s most prestigious watch accolade, was presented in November 2009. The prizewinner is selected by public ballot and since 2002 has been reserved for the world’s best and most beautiful timepieces. In the category for watches up to EUR 10,000 the readers of two business magazines, trend and FORMAT, gave second place to the Patravi T-ChronoGrade from Carl F. Bucherer, a mechanically innovative wristwatch that radiates an unusual aesthetic appeal. Gregor Hüni, Sales Director International, accepted the award in Vienna.

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Patravi TravelTec for globetrotters. From May 2008 to December 2009, Carl F. Bucherer was the exclusive sponsor of HD TV travel program “City by City” from ON Networks. “City by City” is an invaluable virtual guide to cities and entertainment for individual travelers who want to get off the usual, well-beaten tourist trails when visiting European or Asian metropolises. The concept blends information of historic interest with the lowdown on inplaces, culture and places to eat in an attractive and appetizing mix. For three months, anyone visiting the “City by City” website also had the chance to win a Patravi TravelTec from Carl F. Bucherer. From a total of 754 entrants, the winner was Australian Ian Newton, who lives and works in Tokyo. David Vallata, Managing Director Asia Pacific (left), presented him with his watch at the end of 2009.

Successful events for watch aficionados. In a joint action with the top people at, the biggest Internet platform for watch lovers worldwide, Carl F. Bucherer hosted exclusive events in Hong Kong and Taipei in December 2009. A select group of collectors and watch lovers were invited to a presentation featuring CEO Thomas Morf, Dr. Albrecht Haake, Executive Vice President Technologies, and David Vallata, Managing Director Asia Pacific, who not only unveiled the new Patravi EvoTec DayDate with its integrated CFB A1000 Manufacture movement, but also explained the independent, holistic EvoTec Manufacture Concept on which the company’s technical developments are based. The events provided participants with important background information that would help further consolidate Carl F. Bucherer’s international positioning as a progressive fine watchmaking brand. Further details of the PuristSPro-Events can be found at:


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Mobilizing its energy reserves.

With its unmistakable design and its distinctive power reserve indication, the Patravi EvoTec PowerReserve is the new icon among those watch models, which are based on the holistic “Evolution Technology” Manufacture Concept. This is a further demonstration of how Carl F. Bucherer is going its own way with its development of movements and mechanisms. The CFB A1002 represents the expression of this philosophy, challenging the existing and striving for more intelligent solutions, with creative developments, such as the first reliably functioning, peripherally positioned rotor and the innovative mechanism for changing the big date.


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