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Graphic Design Portfolio 2015

Carley Baker



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Logo Design

Carley L. Baker

3404 Brightstone Ct. Flower Mound, TX 75022 Cell: 214.735.5208 Email:


Obtaining a position that will allow for development and experience working in a retail environment. The intent would be for that position to identify future employment opportunities in retail and/ or marketing upon graduation in May 2016.


University of Arkansas 20012-present Senior Apparel Merchandising and Product Development with a minor in Business Marketing Fayetteville, AR; GPA 3.2 Flower Mound High School Flower Mound, TX


Work Experience B-Unlimited Fall 2015-Present Inventory Manager/Customer Relations Riffraff Fayetteville Fall 2014-Summer 2015 Public Relations Director February 2015-August 2015 Customer Relations Assistant February 2015-August 2015 Intern October 2015-August 2015 Fayetteville, Arkansas Anthropologie Summer2014/Winter 2014/Winter 2015 Sales Associate Southlake, Texas Crosschurch 2012-2014 Childcare worker Fayetteville, Arkansas

Skills and Attributes

Carley L. Baker

Proficient with multiple social media platforms

Optimistic and energetic; willing to take on any assignment

Ambitious and hardworking; prompt at responding

Compassionate heart and love for working with people

Organized and efficient at managing tasks

Educated in retail math, trend forecasting and brand management

Creative and artistic; eye for design

Adoration for all things home décor, textiles, clothing, and accessories

Experience in outfitting and personal styling

Familiar with Shopify online resource

Experienced in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Skillful in Kaledo



BEST DAY EVER How to make your wedding day the best day EVER.


ired of seeing burlap and masion jars at every single wedding, shower and celebration? We are too. Here are a few up and coming bridal trends that will never go out of style and leave your guests in awe. Pick what you love. That’s what the entire day is about anyways. Too many brides try to decorate their big day to cater to the tastes of their guest (or worse...their mother-in-law), forfeting their own style. When you do what you love, you will continue to love it for years to com. Pick for you. Choose rich colors. When you use too many soft colors nothing stands out. Choose a few of your favorite colors and try them in different shades. We definitely suggest going to Sherwin-Williams and snagging color samples to help you add richness to your palette. MARQUEE SIGN. Enough said here. These are so cool and will not only blow your guests away but also help add romance to the atmosphere by their soft lighting. You can find a million DIY’s on Pinterest or if you’re not the crafty type Etsy will be your best friend.

Tents were once a thing of the past but they are making a speedy comeback. A lot of brides think these can only be used in the warmer months but if you live somewhere mild you can definitely used these in the winter if you rent a few heat lamps. Tents give your wedding an intimate, romantic feel and are an instant decoration due to the natural beauty of the outdoors. Raw cakes. These are a huge trend right now and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The rustic charm of one of these cakes will really add that unique flare many brides are looking for. Luckily the layers are filled with icing so you don’t have to worry about missing out on the best part of the cake. One of these will surely allow you to have your cake and eat it too. The very best way to make your wedding memorable is to remember the reason, you get to marry your soul mate, best friend and love of your life. Don’t ever lose track of that.


LOGO DESIGN Primary Logo

Personal Logo

This logo is created for personal use on a business card, resume or website. It was createed using InDesign. CARLEYBAKER

Color Palette

L i f e s t y l e


B o u t i q u e

Business Logo

This logo was created in InDesign for a potential business. It was designed for a contemporary/ simplistic women’s boutique.


Personal Logo Hang Tag CARLEYBAKER

This tag was created through InDesign and desplays my personal logo on the front and bar code on the back. This tag design could be used in the future should I chose to open my own store.


CARLEY L. BAKER 214.735.5208

Graphic Design Portfolio 2015  
Graphic Design Portfolio 2015