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July 14, 2011 | 52 Pages

Making CP a more pedestrian friendly town

The forecast is for fair all weekend. Almonte Fair, that is. The fair kicks off Friday at the Almonte Fair Grounds with plenty of excitement both Saturday and Sunday. 19


CELTFEST There was music, dancing and food at the Celtfest held last weekend in Almonte. 16

CARLETON PLACE – A local graduate student is urging Carleton Place town council to stand up to developers and tell them that they can build, but only if it makes the town a more walkable community. “Carleton Place is at time when people want to move here, they want to build here,” said Kerry Hamilton, after a special meeting of town council July 7. “You’re in a prime time to say, ‘No, we want it this way’ … You can take a step back and not say yes to everything.” Hamilton, a lifelong Carleton Place resident, pointed out that a proposed Wal-Mart in Cobourg was delayed until the proposals were changed to make the new development more pedestrian friendly and green. Hamilton is a graduate student at Queen’s University in Kingston, and is an MSc candidate pursuing studies in health promotion and the ‘built environment’. She did commend council for encouraging paths along the side of McNeely Avenue as a way to keep people See TELL, page 3

Tender awarded for Phase II of Beckwith Street work DESMOND DEVOY


The newspaper’s graduation coverage continues this week with two more Grade 8 graduations and a page of congratulations. 24, 25 & 41

CARLETON PLACE – R.W. Tomlinson Limited has won the contract to reconstruct the section of Beckwith Street from Albert Street to Lake Avenue East, beating out two other companies. See BECKWITH, page 6

HERITAGE WINNER Alexandre Audet, of Carleton Place, was the winner in the Heritage Run 10-km race Sunday. Audet beat 43 other participants in the 10-km run, a fundraiser for the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital foundation, with a time of 39:58. For more photos from the Heritage Run, see page 4.

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July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


hearing is important to me. Due to my reduced vision, “ My I need all the hearing I can get. When I recently moved to Kanata I needed someone who could help with my overall hearing care. I was told to go to Capital Audiology because of their reputation for good service. I was lucky to find them. After trying a few sets of hearing aids, an FM system and some amplified phones we settled on solutions that really worked for me. Thank you to Eric and Lori for spending all that time and going beyond my expectations.

— Stan

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McNeely Avenue fared better at 45 per cent, since it was walkable, close to green space and, of course, plenty of stores. Hamilton said that the big box stores along Highway 7 could still be made more green and pedestrian friendly, by adding more walking paths, crosswalks, and infilling apartments and other stores in existing parking. “We need to make active choices easy choices,” said Hamilton. She asked if any of the councillors had ever walked or cycled to the big box stores. Coun. Jerry Flynn said that he had cycled there, once. “I took a taxi back,” Flynn said. Even Hamilton, herself an avid cyclist, said that while she loves the ice cream at the Balderson shop near Franktown Road and Highway 7, she has only made that trek on cycle once, and would not want to repeat the experience. In order to make Highway 7 more inviting – and maybe encourage people to stay a while and shop – Hamilton suggested a green median could be installed in the middle of the road. She even suggested that, in the future, a pedestrian bridge could be built over Highway 7, and that housing developments within walking distance could be build along the highway’s southern edge and beyond. The intersection of Moore Street and Lansdowne Avenue was an area where Hamilton Photo by Desmond Devoy felt that the town had regressed A family makes its way down Bridge Street in Carleton Place after at somewhat and lost its walkable show at the town hall auditorium. Bridge Street scores very high in appeal. As one drives south as terms of walkability. Bridge Street becomes Moore,

Continued from front page moving and active, and to offer an alternative to the car to get up and down the street. “Carleton Place has done a lot with their new developments, so I commend them for that,” said Hamilton. The main thrust of Hamilton’s speech was to highlight how an area’s built environment could impact – positively and negatively – on the health of the people in that area. If a child has no place to exercise, then they will not exercise, for example. “We’ve really been building a lot of parking lots instead of pedestrian walks,” said Hamilton. “We’ve been building a lot of roadways, but not a lot of walkways … We’re promoting physical activity but not a physical environment.” She pointed out that she has used her family home on Joseph

Street near Notre Dame Catholic High School in the town’s north end as a guinea pig in an online computer program that measures how pedestrian friendly an area is to pedestrians. Joseph Street itself scored 22 out of 100. “We don’t have enough gridlike intersections,” said Hamilton of the score. “I only have a school that I can walk to,” she said, adding that a five-to-10 walk window was good to have. The school was not the only walkable thing in her neighbourhood though. “I know we have a Mac’s Milk in our area,” said Hamilton. “My mom walks to it whenever we run out of milk. We need more stuff like that.” A walk from Joseph Street to the downtown core of Bridge Street scored a low six out of 100.



The final tax bills for 2011 are now being mailed to property owners. The first installment date will be August 31, 2011 and the second installment date will be October 31, 2011.

REQUEST FOR QUOTATION SUPPLY OF HANGING BASKETS AND PLANTS FOR FLOWER BOXES, WATERING, GARDEN AND TREE MAINTENANCE The Corporation of the Township of Lanark Highlands is seeking proposals from qualified firms/individuals to supply hanging flower baskets and plant materials for existing flowerboxes in the Village of Lanark for the 2012 season. This quotation will include watering, maintenance of the municipal office gardens and maintenance of new trees as required. Copies of the Request for Quotation (RFQ) may be picked up at the Township of Lanark Highlands Municipal Office and can also be found on the Township website. Deadline for submission of the proposals is 4 p.m. on August 12, 2011. Submission instructions are included in the RFQ. The Township of Lanark Highlands reserves the right to reject any or all Quotations at its sole discretion.

If you have not received your final bill by the end of July, or there has been a change to your billing information, such as an address change, please contact the Tax Department at 613-259-2398 or 1800-239-4695.

ed out that someone was already hit by a car at the crosswalk near the post office on Bridge Street. Hamilton said that courtesy crosswalks take some time for a community to get used to and that even she is guilty of not always noticing them. “I’m totally not used to it and I drove right through it,” she said of a recent driving experience. “We’re trying to change the culture. (But) I would stick with it. I think it is the right idea.” “These are in every town across the country and they work everywhere else,” said Flynn. “Why don’t they work here?” Antonakos pointed out that the courtesy crosswalks are not consistent with provincial standards.

“it kind of dissipates.” She remembers going to the Tim Hortons at the intersection, and shopping at the Giant Tiger store that used to be in The Mews. “I don’t see a lot of pedestrians down there any more,” said Hamilton. Bridge Street, however, fared very well, at 88 per cent walkability, with plenty of shops and houses mixed together. “We want environments like that,” said Hamilton. Hamilton is a big proponent of courtesy crosswalks, but some councillors had their reservations about them. “We have an issue here with courtesy crosswalks,” said Coun. Rob Probert. Coun. Louis Antonakos point-


613-259-2398 or 1-800-239-4695

NOTICE – 2011 Final Tax Bills

Photo by Desmond Devoy

Queen’s University graduate student, Msc. candidate and Carleton Place native Kerry Hamilton gestures during her presentation to Carleton Place town council on July 7, encouraging a more walkable town.

For further information contact: Township of Lanark Highlands Scott Norton, 75 George Street, Lanark, ON, K0G 1K0 T: 613-259-2398 ext. 242 • F: 613-259-2291 E: • Note: Personal information collected from applications is collected under the authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and will be used to determine qualifications. Questions about the collection of Information should be directed to the CAO/Clerk at the address indicated above.

Council Meeting Schedule: There are no meetings scheduled for July Tuesday, August 2 at 2:30 p.m. – Committee of the Whole

THINKING OF BUILDING? If you are planning a building or renovation project, please contact the Building Department at the Township Office prior to doing any work. Calling ahead can save you money and a great deal of aggravation later! If you build without a permit a $500 charge will apply. (Making an appointment is recommended)

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

Tell developers to build walkable places: Hamilton

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


Heritage Run

Photo by Brier Dodge

HERITAGE RUN 2011 The annual Heritage Run was held in Carleton Place on Sunday. The run is held as a fundraiser for the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital Foundation. The event was run by the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce and Somersault Events in conjunction with the Graham Beasley

triathalon, both held at Centennial Park. The 5 km run had 95 participants, and the 10 km had 44. Above, participants got off to a sunny start for the day, starting the road race next to the park, beginning their long trek down McRostie Street.

Above: Carleton Place’s Jeff Seaby won the 5-km race with a time of 17:50. Top left, Ben Kelly of Carleton Place competes in the 5km race. Bottom left, Kirk Belisle was the second Carleton Place resident to cross the line in the 5-km race, finishing in seventh place. At right, Carleton Place’s Sydney Low takes part in the 5km run on Sunday. Low placed 14th out of 95 participants.

5 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

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Carleton Place



July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


Beckwith Street work could last until November 1 Continued from front page The tender, which also includes site development for 7 Beckwith St., closed at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, July 5, and the winning bid was approved at a special meeting of Carleton Place town council on July 7. The Tomlinson bid was for $1,305,488, while the second lowest bid was for $1,337,000 from Dalcon Enterprises Incorporated. The highest bid was from Beckwith Township-based Thomas Cavanagh Construction Limited. “It works out well,� said Dave Young, the town’s director of public works, since Tomlinson is already doing work currently on the project, and that the next stage of the project was due to be executed on the morning of Monday, July 11. Treasurer Phil Hogan pointed out that the demolition of the old Canadian Tire store and the laundromat was part of a separate tender, and that extensive work on the next phase needed to be carried out, including environmental, transportation, sewer, etc. The possibility of selling some land on that site could bring in between $300,000 and $500,000, which would mean that the town would only be $800,000 in debt on the project, instead of the current projected $1.2 million deficit. “It continues to seem to me that the reserves get nickled and dimed, but I’d like to see it (the reserves) built back up,� said Deputy Mayor Ed Sonnenburg. The town’s chief administrative officer, Paul Knowles, added that the Albert to Lake portion of work was all that was planned for the area this year. While he did not have a firm end date from the company, the contract states that work must be completed by Nov. 1.

Right, construction workers put their backs into it as they work under a hot sun to tear off the remains of what little roof remains at the old Canadian Tire site near the intersection of Lake Avenue East and Beckwith Street in Carleton Place last week. Below right, work crews clear up the remains of the former laundromat at the intersection of Lake Avenue East and Beckwith Street. Below, Beckwith Street as it looked on July 6, looking northbound. Photos by Desmond Devoy


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News on Kidd Road in Beckwith Township, when the early afternoon fire struck. Both the Beckwith and Mississippi Mills fire departments responded to the fire call. McIntosh was located inside with no vital signs.

Motorcyclists to ride in support of cat rescue A local motorcycle ride will be held on Sunday, Aug. 14 in support of a cat rescue organization. The ride will start at 10 a.m. from Levi Home Hardware in Al-

monte. Register from 8:30 to 9:45 a.m. It will support rescued cats and kittens at Country Cat Sanctuary, a non-government funded registered rescue home.


The woman killed in a house fire south of Ashton June 30 has been identified as Karen McIntosh. McIntosh, 51, was well known in the Carleton Place area as she was a former employee of the Leather Works Pub. She was living alone in the home

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

Beckwith fire victim identified



July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette




What’s your favourite road trip memory?

The true value of free fishing week

BRIER DODGE Through Bri’s Eyes


here has long been a rather strange tension between two groups one might expect to share common goals, if not common means for reaching those goals. For simplicity sake we will label one group “environmentalists” and the other “conservationists.” Both want the best for nature. However, generally speaking, environmentalists prefer a hands-off approach. So long as humans don’t get involved in natural processes, or at the very least remove themselves from processes that have become horribly corrupted - nature will rehabilitate itself. Conservationists, again generally speaking, prefer taking a management role. People should make use of the bounty offered on Earth. Obviously there is much overlap. Not all environmentalists spend their time in large cities lobbying governments to prevent even good work getting done to restore wilderness areas. And not all conservationists release their catch, so to speak. There are less than ideal candidates on both sides. Still, we champion many of the activities that are conceived and administered by conservationists. One such activity, Ontario Family Fishing Week, officially ended last Sunday. Ontario Family Fishing Week is a chance for families that wouldn’t normally consider spending time in Canada’s great outdoors to pick up a rod and reel and hit the water. It is the one week of the summer that fishing licences are unnecessary. There are also a number of programs offered that teach people how to tie a line, that loan tackle, and remove other barriers. It’d be nice for anglers in Carleton Place or Almonte to have their own derby on the Mississippi. We could wax on about how fishing is a great way for families to spend time together; about how fishing is a great way to spend solitary time on the water, maybe contemplating life or letting all the stress of life slide away. We could also talk about how the economic spin-offs from non-commercial sport fishing does wonders for rural economies. But we won’t delve deeply into the reasons conservationists are right when it comes to fishing (when practiced in moderation). Suffice to say the best way to save the environment is the age-old ‘useit-or-lose-it’ principle. Only those who make use of, thus benefit from, the environment understand its true value.

Editorial Policy The Canadian Gazette welcomes letters to the editor. Senders must include their full name, complete address and a contact phone number. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published. We reserve the right to edit letters for space and content, both in print and online at To submit a letter to the editor, please email to or almontenews@, fax to 613-257-7373 or mail to The Canadian Gazette, 53 Bridge St., Carleton Place, ON, K7C 2V2. Carleton Place • Almonte

Canadian Gazette


Will and Kate brings memories of earlier royal visits To the Editor: The visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was a great success, and thanks to TV it was enjoyed by most of the population. This was not the case in earlier times, but local papers spread the news. In 1860 when the Prince of Wales came to Ottawa to lay the cornerstone for the new Parliament buildings, it was reported in local papers. Writing in the book, Our past Is Looming, which was recently published by the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, John Dunn describes the journey of the prince on the Ottawa River to Arnprior and his return trip overland by horse-drawn carriage to Al-

monte where he boarded the Brockville train, since Almonte was the terminal point at the time on the Brockville and Ottawa Railway. Dunn quotes the Rideau Gleaner as reporting a 15-minute delay because the train “moved off amidst deafening cheers of the crowd who had collected to do honour to the future king of England as for his mother’s sake (Queen Victoria) as on his own behalf.” Crowds cheered the prince’s train as it passed through other communities on the route including Carleton Place and Smith Falls before reaching Brockville. Herb Pragnell Almonte

CORRECTION In our July 7 story “Plans afoot for CP spring home show in April 2012,” we stated that Bob White was no longer employed by the Town of Carleton Place. In fact, he is still very much employed with the town as a senior facility operator in their parks and recreation department. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. 53 Bridge Street,Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 2V2 Phone: 613-257-1303 • Fax: 613-257-7373 •

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Canada Day usually makes us patriotically reflect on the most Canadian things. Hockey, a cold beer on the dock of the cottage while the heavy scent of bug spray is ignored, and our warm summer days in start contrast with the snowy winters. There is something that seems to remain classic year after year, and that is the summer road trip. There is a difference between a commute and a road trip though, and that’s in the glory of the drive, no matter the destination. For example, my short drive to the cottage in White Lake becomes a road trip with the addition of a couple friends, a well chosen playlist, and a stop at Scoops in Pakenham. On a recent weekend, I set off with a couple friends for a well executed road trip. We chose the best trip vehicle of those between us, stocked up on food and drink, and all came prepared with our pump-up playlists. The final destination was set aside as we loaded in the car, and amped up for our first pit stop destination along the way, in Brockville. After a quick stop at the slots, we made the decision the road trip was in full swing and a stop at the Big Apple would make it a full-blown adventure. Armed with my camera and legs to stretch, we hopped out and did the tourist thing for half an hour – and, of course, picked up a couple apple pies to stick in the cooler. We did have a final destination and purpose, but the weekend turned into a true Canadian summer road trip, memorable from the time the duffel bags landed in the trunk, and not just when we arrived at the point B on our Google maps. What’s your favourite way to spend the summer and place to road trip to? Check out our poll on the rural south section of and let me know. Publisher’s Liability: The advertiser agrees that the publisher shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising from errors in advertisements beyond actual amount paid for space used by the part of the advertisement containing the error. The publisher shall not be liable for non-insertion of any advertisement. the publisher will not knowingly publish any advertisement which is illegal, misleading or offensive. The contents of this newspaper are protected by copyright and may be used only for your personal non-commercial purposes. All other rights are reserved and commercial use is prohibited. Permission to republish any material must be sought from the relevant copyright owner.


July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

Turn school into affordable seniors housing

Why change things when we can ignore the problem? To the Editor: Sunday, June 5, World Environment Day, has come and gone. That the event appeared on a few calendars doesn’t mean anybody cared about it. And why should they? It’s easier to revel in how things are than to change them. Everyone gets to work by car; their own car, cars that create obscene emissions, pollution, and greenhouse gases that are supposedly harmful. Though it’s clear that carpooling or biking would reduce these significantly, that would require change, an uncomfortable and inconvenient shift, from what we do now. Changing our behaviour would change who we are, a proud people, triumphant in world affairs, peacekeeping, and hockey. We exhibit this pride by having a trim lawn. A lawn that’s weed-free screams “I’m Canadian!” So for all of us who use pesticides, don’t stop! The supposed risks pesticides have on human health do not outweigh the benefits to our lawns. Do a few kids getting cancer or future generations growing up on heaps of mutated soil and crops really warrant us having to walk by lawns riddled with dandelions? The lawn is a temple. It reflects outside what we are inside. With Canadians using gas mowers every summer, producing roughly 350 million pounds of CO2, we can see clearly how important lawn care is. The lawn tenders aren’t ignorant to the costs


of their obsession - they know what mowing does to the environment and gas to their pocket book; they choose to defy it! Though the motorless hand mower boasts zero emissions, it just doesn’t cut it like gas. For what is a man without a perfect lawn? A sickly hermit, breathing clean air, but unable to look himself in the mirror! When we take a break from this battle against long grass, we visit the closest fast food column. An outsider may say it doesn’t make sense the amount of packaging used for a burger that will be consumed in five minutes, the plastic bag for a sub already secured in two layers of paper, or the superfluous lid for a drink that if it falls will spill anyways - but we know better! This is our time, to relax and feel comfortable. It is easier to revel in this than to change it. So when you see the next calendar, do not feel obliged to do a half-hearted something for World Environment Day but laugh at it, because you have a right to. The masses have a right to their ease and apathy; they’ve worked hard all day! These pathetic attempts to depose what we think and how we live threaten the death knell to a way of life that has served us for generations. To consume is to prosper; to pollute is to relax. Things are made simpler by what’s being put to the axe on the environment’s behalf. Our lives are hard enough, why change what we know? Change is difficult; ease is easy. Nick Grover Carleton Place

Subletting part of the building To the Editor: The date to close Carambeck to a related social services agency School has been officially set for would further reduce the costs. Parking is already available. The September 2012. Now would be an opportune time proximity of the pool would lend to for council to look at utilizing avail- expanded therapeutic programs for able CMHC funds to convert this seniors. Any number of school into an afunits built would fordable housing at least be a start complex. on providing new E x p e r i e n c e s “The availability of affordable housin other Ontario affordable housing is ing for our senior communities citizens. have shown that becoming more and The availabilconversion of ity of affordable surplus public more critical.” housing is becombuildings, espeDoug Smith ing more and more cially schools, critical as the cost create affordable of food, transporhousing for 5% tation and electricto 15% less than ity eat into what is building new. The school is wheelchair acces- left of some seniors fixed income. The Town Council of Carleton sible, great wide hallways, wide doorways, high ceilings, and a sol- Place established a Seniors Affordable Housing Committee, id, well maintained structure. CMHC has forgivable loans and comprised of Mayor LeBlanc and funds available within their Rural Councillors Flynn and Antanakos, Rehabilitation and Repair Program in January. Our council, with its inand forgivable loans programs, for fluence at county and the province, adding features for persons with is where the impetus needs to start and start now, before some commerdisabilities. The previous work of the Seniors cial enterprise snaps up the school Affordable Housing Committee for their own purposes. Doug Smith would not be lost, as most of the inCarleton Place formation would still be useable.

Municipal Matters Thursday, July 14, 2011

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July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


Devout Catholic, family man and hockey fan Art Byrne mourned BRIER DODGE

them special,” said Byrne, and two greatgranddaughters, lit up his life. “His great granddaughters were his shining stars,” she said. “They brought him to life, even in his sickness.” Part of his reasoning behind opening A.J. Byrne and Sons Hardware was to include his sons, who both worked at the store. Byrne and Coe opened the hardware store after he took early retirement from Stats Canada at 55, and Coe left her job at Lee Pro Hardware in Almonte. “He was really the books guy,” Giles said, but noted “he loved talking to people” who came in the store. Besides his family, Byrne had two strong passions: hockey and his church. “Detroit Red Wings have been his team since he was a little boy,” Giles said. A fan of the Red Wings and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, he had gone on road trips

ALMONTE – Family and friends in the Almonte-Pakenham area are remembering Arthur Joseph ‘Art’ Byrne, who passed away in his sleep on Canada Day. Byrne lived in Mississippi Mills all of his life, growing up and raising his family in Almonte before moving to Pakenham after he opened the Home Hardware in 1978. His daughter, Cathy Giles, remembers him as kind and caring gentleman. “Everything he did, it was usually for somebody else,” she said. Giles said family was everything to Byrne, the youngest of seven children. Married to Jean Coe, he and his wife had four children, Giles, Tim Byrne and Christine Pierce, as well as a son Terry, who predeceased his father. His seven grandchildren, “each of

to see both of his favourite teams in person. He followed local junior A hockey and travelled over all over the valley, Giles recalled. While he was a great hockey fan, he devoted much of his time to the church and helped found the local Catholic School Board. Giles said once funding was available for separate schools, he wanted to make sure that his own area could get the funding. The only problem was there wasn’t a second school board. He, along with several others, started the Lanark, Leeds and Grenville County Roman Catholic Separate School Board.

In 1998, the board amalgamated with Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry board and the Prescott-Russell English board to become the present day Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario. He spent many evenings and weekends working as a board trustee, Giles said. He remained dedicated to his faith, from his early days at St. Mary’s Church as an alter boy, to his older days when he continued to drive to Almonte from Pakenham to continue to attend the church, and volunteer as an usher. “Everything he did, it was usually for somebody else,” said Giles.

Teen dies in ATV accident STAFF CARLETON PLACE – The funeral was to be held today (Thursday) in Carleton Place for 18-yearold Justin Makivirta, died following an all-terrain-ve-

hicle (ATV) crash on Saturday. Police released the teen’s name Monday, following the weekend incident that saw Makivirta overturn his ATV north of Buckingham. The police said that he

was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. There have been multiple ATV accidents in the area and across the province over the past few weeks, prompting OPP detachments to stress the importance of ATV safety.

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The Meeting Dates are as follows: 6:00 PM All Committees Reeve Richard Kidd 7:00 PM Council Reeve Richard Kidd

Detailed agendas for meetings are available for review on the Township website at or at the Township Office 24 hours prior to the meeting TOWNSHIP OF BECKWITH Employment Opportunity PLANNING ADMINISTRATOR/DEPUTY CLERK









D^KEd,dZ͕ϭϯsŝĐƚŽƌŝĂ^ƚ͕͘WĞƌƚŚ d/<d^͗ϭͲϴϳϳͲϮϴϯͲϭϮϴϯŽƌǁǁǁ͘ĐůĂƐƐŝĐƚŚĞĂƚƌĞ͘ĐĂ  

The Planning Administrator/Deputy Clerk, reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer, will be responsible for the planning functions and assisting with the day-to-day operation of the Clerk’s office in accordance with municipal policies, budgets and provincial legislation. Applicants must have the academic credentials suitable with the responsibilities of the position. Preference will be given to applicants who have accreditation in a planning field and have attained an AMCT designation. A minimum of three years experience in a municipal or similar environment, with demonstrated communication and management skills. This is a full time position with a competitive salary and benefits. For a copy of the complete job description of the Planning Administrator/Deputy Clerk, please visit the Career Opportunities section of our website at To apply, please forward your resume and cover letter to the attention of Cynthia Moyle, CAO by 4 pm on July 18th, 2011, by email to or by fax to 613-257-8996. Township of Beckwith 1702 9th Line Beckwith R.R. #2 Carleton Place, ON K7C 3P2 We thank all applicants and advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Personal information will be used to determine eligibility for potential employment and is pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.




The Township of Beckwith, located in the County of Lanark and situated on the western boundary of the City of Ottawa, is looking for a Planning Administrator/Deputy Clerk.

11 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

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Arts and Culture

Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo set to take the Bluesfest Stage

Certain things just go together in pairs, when neither would be quite complete alone. Local band Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo and Bluesfest are one of those pairs. The band will participate in Bluesfest again this year, as they have almost every year since the festival began. “The only time we haven’t played at Bluesfest was last year, so 15, 16, 17 times,” said Steve Lund, the lead singer. “Last year the Bluesfest gig we did do was for the Blues in the Schools dinner. We’ve been almost 100 per cent there every year since the beginning.” The four-piece band has had a few changes in members over the years, but it is currently composed of Lund, who hails from Almonte; keyboard player Peter Brown from

Carleton Place; saxophone player Brian Magner from Ottawa; and bass player Grant Tomkinson from Westmeath. The band is a New Orleans style blues group that aims “to be bluesy, but different,” said Lund. Lund is a full time – or “fool time” as he likes to call it – musician. He said the band aims to entertain at Bluesfest, and get the crowd into it. “The purpose of Mumbo Jumbo is for our musical jolies,” he said. “But if the audience doesn’t have fun and dance, there’s no point to it.” He has had many Bluesfest highlights over the years, from playing with special guests to introducing friends and idols to the stage. Jerry Mercer from April Wine even joined them on stage one year. “He inspired me as a drummer, and then years later he’s coming to see my shows and coming up to

play with us,” Lund said. “That was a highlight.” This summer the Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo will take several stages, including the Wilno Tavern on July 22 and Canafest in Merrickville on Aug. 1.

Custom Made Window Fashions Manufactured on our premises • Roman Shades • Shutters • Motorized available

JULY 17 Steve Lund and his band, the Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo, will take the Hard Rock State stage at 1:15 p.m. this Sunday, July 17. Also playing on July 17 are Death Cab for Cutie and Cheap Trick of “I Want You To Want Me,” fame among others. Lund said the Bluesfest bands he’s looking forward to seeing this year include The Funky Meters from New Orleans, John Fogerty and Leon Russell. “Playing there is great, you get to play on a stage when you can really do, that you’ve been practicing for all that time,” Lund said. “It’s bigger than normal life.”

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Live it. Love it. Share it... Tourism starts with you.


Contest winning entry!

Whitewater rafting Submitted by Lyndon the Ottawa River a Larsen-Baldry

Dragonfly Golf Links would like to invite our current and new friends for a

It is fun and you can get all your friends and family together for a day or a weekend and see what they are made of. You can let it all hang out and after it is over you can relax and have fun talking about how it went.


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July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

12 Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO) is a new regional tourism initiative designed to drive economic growth through tourism in the areas of Renfrew County, Lanark County, Haliburton County, as well as parts of Hastings County, County of Lennox & Addington, and Frontenac County.

955 Opeongo Road Renfrew, Ontario

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Carleton Place • Almonte

Canadian Gazette

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13 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

Rideau Regional Centre sale finally complete The Rideau Regional Centre’s sale was finalized on Friday, July 8. The former home for adults with developmental disabilities was sold to Joe Gallipeau, owner of Gallipeau Construction of Smiths Falls, by the Ontario Realty Corporation. The company plans to develop a unique community for active seniors at the site near Smiths Falls, as well as commercial enterprises on the site. The 354-acre property east of Smiths Falls includes 50 buildings with more than 800,000 square feet of space. “It’s good news, tremendous news,” said Smiths Falls Mayor Dennis Staples. “Now we’ve got two left on the agenda (Stanley Tools and Hershey’s facilities).” The RRC originally opened in 1951 under the name, Ontario Hospital School. It was renamed the Rideau Regional Hospital School in 1967, then changed again in 1974 to the Rideau Regional Centre. The RRC closed in March 2009. Randy Hillier, MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, wrote in a press release he is pleased the RRC was sold to a “local, family owned company.” “Plans are underway to develop a unique community for active seniors,” he said. “There will be opportunities for leasing sections of this facility, which features multiple buildings totalling over 800,000 square feet on 350 acres of land.” Tracy Gallipeau said the first project Gallipeau Construction is planning is the

commercial laundry facility that once existed inside the RRC. She said they hope to have the facilities up and running by Sept. 1. “We’re hoping to get that up and running for local businesses and provide some jobs,” Tracey said. “I think they had 20 people working there when it closed, so we’re hoping to have that up and running again.” She said Gallipeau Construction also hopes to have a pool and recreation facility up and running by Sept. 1. Businesses compatible with the vision for the project are welcome to contact Gallipeau Construction at 613-283-3717. This includes health services, legal and financial consulting, food service and merchandising. “I want to congratulate Joe Gallipeau on his perseverance through a very delayed and difficult process,” said Hillier in a news release Monday. “Mr. Gallipeau’s foresight and vision for this property faced many obstacles of ineptitude and incompetence by the government agencies and ministries who were involved in the sale.” In a deal that was supposed to close last March, the province discovered it had not fulfilled its mandate to perform a heritage study of the building prior to putting it up for sale, and delayed the sale “with a great number of expensive and intrusive demands upon the proponent,” said Hiller. He claims that it was only though Gallipeau’s persistence and assistance from himself that the sale was completed.




This magnificent vacation includes a deluxe cruise that reveals the best of Europe along the Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers. Enjoy a canal cruise past Amsterdam’s 16th-century merchant houses and through the impressive Main Danube Canal. Sail through the dramatic Rhine Gorge. Cost includes: 12 Night Cruise, Transportation from Perth All transfers in Europe, all inclusions per Brochure.

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July 15, 16, 17 2011 Visit downtown Perth for more than 30 FREE outdoor concerts IN STEWART PARK ON THE TAY RIVER For festival information call 613-264-1190 Friday 12.00 pm ....................... Youth Showcase 4.00 p.m. ...................... The Heartbroken 5.00 p.m. .............................. Royal Wood 6.00 p.m. ....................................Eric Bibb 7.00 p.m. ............................ Dan Mangan 8.00 p.m. ........................................H’Sao Saturday 11.00 a.m. ...................................... PAMT 12.00 p.m. .............................Al Simmons 1.00 p.m. ............................. Wade Foster 2.00 p.m. ................................David Celia 3.00 p.m. ............................... Jenn Grant 4.00 p.m. .............................NQ Arbuckle 5.00 p.m. .................................Jaffa Road 6.00 p.m. .........................Adonis Puentes 7.30 p.m. ........................... Jimmy Rankin Sunday 12.00 p.m. .........................Arts in Motion 12.30 p.m. .............Notre Dame de Grass 1.30 p.m. ................................. Kim Dunn 2.30 p.m. ..................................Mill Street 3.30 p.m. ............................Kellylee Evans 4.30 p.m. ...................... Hannah Georgas Plus workshops, children’s events, Sunday brunch, evening concerts, patio and market 482489-28-11



July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette



Arts and Culture

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


Photos by Brier Dodge

SWEET SOUNDS OF CELTFEST Celtfest was held in Almonte this past weekend, with music, dancing, workshops and activities. Above, a performer with The Boxty Band plays the fiddle on Saturday afternoon at Gemmill Park.

Above left, Gabrielle Malis, left, and Dawn Dewar, danced the afternoon away on Sunday at Celtfest. Right, Connor Murphy was matching his dad, Sean Murphy, as the two Scottish boys enjoyed the music.

AXIA HR Consulting Partnerships • Excellence • Results AXIA HR Consulting was launched in 2011 by Connie Joynt. She is a local resident in Almonte having moved here in 2009. As Principal Consultant, she offers expertise to small and medium size businesses with a wide variety of human resources solutions tailored to individual client’s needs. She also provides quality results for special projects and ongoing support to organizations with no official human resources framework. Background: Connie is a certified human resources professional (CHRP) through the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario (1999) as well as a certified personnel consultant (CPC) through The Association of Professional Placement Agencies & Consultants (1993) now known as The Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS). While adhering to a strict code of ethics administered by the HRPAO, she is required to recertify every three years through the Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario. Experience: Connie spent nine years as a full time recruiter and ten years as a Manager (HR Generalist) of Human Resources and Administration in two Intellectual Property/law firms in Ottawa. Services: 1) Permanent and contract recruitment 2) Special Projects 3) Building Human Resources Departments

4) Document Analysis and Revision 5) Policy and Procedure Design and Implementation 6) Legislative Compliance and Risk management Policies 7) Health and Safety Call today for more information or visit AXIA’s website at

Serving the Lanark and Ottawa area Contact Information: Connie Joynt, CHRP, CPC

AXIA HR Consulting Two Locations: Constitution Square III Centre 340 Albert Street Suite 1300 Ottawa, ON K1R 7Y6 181 Fairbairn Bros. Street Almonte, ON K0A 1A0 Tel: 613-799-7805 Email:

FORE! Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament 31 August 2011 Mississippi Golf Club Appleton Register online at: Or call: Reliable Heating & Cooling (613) 256-4328

“As a fairly new member of the Chamber of Commerce, I’ve found it’s an excellent way to meet other business people from the surrounding area. I was made to feel welcome and part of the group from the start. The meetings are interesting and fun to attend. I highly recommend it!” - Connie Joynt 484004

Arts and Culture

17 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

Above, the tiny dancers get involved in Hawkins’ performance.


Chartwell K anata

Photos by Brier Dodge

SHOWTIME AT THE STATION The very first Showtime at the Station, hosted by the CP Chamber of Commerce kicked off on Coleman Street in Carleton Place on July 6 with Maria Hawkins, the Blues Lady. Hawkins got the young crowd very involved, dancing and singing alongside her. Showtime at the Station has performances every Wednesday through July and August. July 13 was Junkyard Symphony, and July 20 will be magician Chris Pilsworth.

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Arts and Culture

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


Photos by Brier Dodge\

CARLETON PLACE AND DISTRICT COMMUNITY BAND AT THE STRAWBERRY SOCIAL Guests were treated to a musical performance by the band at the Strawberry Social that was held in Carleton Place on July 9 at the Carleton Plaec and Beckwith Heritage Museum garden (formerly the Victoria School Museum).

20 Bridge St. Carleton Place 613.253.0879

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Cuisine, like art, demands passion and focus. With an atmosphere to make you feel right at home our goal has always been to provide the best quality and unique daily features available from fresh local producers and micro brewed beer and VQA wines always make Ballygiblin’s a cool destination for a sip. Come on in to indulge and relax.

Seasonal Menus From-Scratch Desserts Organic Coffee, Espresso Mon Closed, Tues-Thurs 8am-4pm, Fri 8am-10pm, Sat and Sun 9am-4pm

The Waterford Tea Room




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19 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

READIED FOR THE FAIR Work on the new barn to replace the exhibit barn that burned last fall is well underway and should ready for the Almonte Fair this weekend. On Monday, Miller Construction had close to 10 workers on site at the North Lanark Agricultural Fairgrounds. Work on the tin roof was about to begin, with the painting of the barn red to start by mid-week. The Almonte Fair opens this Friday and runs through Sunday. Photo by Jenny Flegg

95 Mill Street, Almonte (corner of Mill St. and Bridge St.)

Mon – Wed: 7am to 10pm Thurs – Fri: 7am to 11pm Saturday: 9am to 10pm Sunday: 9am to 9pm

7 Mill Street, Almonte (In the Victoria Woolen Mill)

Subway in Almonte, on Mill Street has been serving customers for more than 15 years. Subway Restaurants are known for made-to-order 6 inch and foot long submarine sandwiches. These are available on a variety of fresh baked breads including flatbreads, baked daily. Include one of our fresh made salads as a lunch option and you’re in for a delicious meal made only from fresh ingredients.




Start your day off right with breakfast at Subway! Enjoy a delicious omelette sandwich on an English muffin, topped off with your favourites! For a limited time we will be offering sensational new yogurts with berries and granola or tempt your tastebuds with our fabulous new Cookie Raspberry Cheesecake!



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Make organizing any occasion easy and delicious by ordering our party platters, perfect for meetings, family gatherings, parties of all kinds. Your Almonte Subway is pleased to announce that it is under new management. Bipin and Jay Patel are the proud new owners and are looking forward to meeting all the residents of Almonte as well as guests from all over the region who visit Almonte. They invite everyone to stop in and say hello and enjoy the quality world-famous submarine sandwiches that Subway is known for.

Saigon’s Delight Vietnamese Cuisine

Come celebrate with us on Sunday July 17th, 2011 from 11am to 7pm!


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ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET! Mon. – closed Tues. – 3pm to 10pm Wed. & Thurs. – 11am to 10pm

Fri. – 11am to 12am Sat. – 3pm to 12am Sun. – 3pm to 10pm

Chinese & Canadian Food

licenced under the LCBO


1 Bell St., Corner of Bridge St., Carleton Place

Place your business card on the Dining Guide page and have your establishment featured in future articles on the page by calling Jamie Rae-Gomes or Carla Sheedy at 257-1303

465215 482751


Herbfest 2011 goes back to the land, as always

ALMONTE – What do you do when the salt you love doesn’t love you back? No need to be stuck with dull, un-spiced meat for the rest of your days. You can still follow doctor’s orders, and keep a bit of spice in your life with just a dash of oregano. “A pinch of oregano easily replaces salt,” said Jerry Bedard, organizer of the 2011 Herbfest at his farm, The Herb Garden, near Almonte. Another benefit of oregano is that, like rosemary and thyme, you benefit from the herbs’ antioxidants. With an aging population, and the changing dietary requirements that aging sometimes entails, Bedard feels the herbal message will grow. “There are more older people now,” said Bedard. “As we get older, our sense of taste is diminished,” but introducing herbs can make a big difference and keep food tasting great. “The culinary uses of herbs have been around for thousands of years … because of the lack of refrigeration,” said Bedard. And now, the humble herb is making a comeback. “They were way ahead of their time,” said Bedard of the festival’s founders. “In regards to the fact that they wanted to promote local family farms and businesses.” Some area animals appear to be heeding Bedard’s pro-herb message, to an extent – unfortunately for him. “The deer will not touch herbs, except parsley,” said Bedard, of the 179 other varieties of herbs he grows. “They will come in and clear out the parsley down to the root,” while a nearby field of basil remains untouched. The 16th annual Midsummer Herbfest runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., come rain or shine, on Sunday, July 24. A new feature at the festival this year will be two presentations by Reptiles at Risk, at 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Other old favourites, however, will still be on tap.

“One thing about Herbfest is that it is pretty consistent in the programming,” said Bedard. “It is just the names and the faces that change.” Three well-known cooks will face off for a cook-off, using the freshest ingredients from the gardens nearby, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Also, more than 100 entrepreneurs will be setting up shop, temporarily, at the gardens. “We’ve had to turn away at least 10 potential vendors because we’re completely sold out,” said Bedard. The annual festival is run by the Ottawa Valley Herb Association as a not-for-profit venture, and it relies on the support of more than 60 volunteers, though Bedard is still looking for a few more volunteers. “Originally, it was for herbal-related products,” said Bedard. “It was expanded to include more of a wellness lifestyle event … But herbal is still the biggest component.” Bedard said that, in the seven years he and his wife George have run The Herb Garden, he has been amazed at the level of community support for the festival, but he also has a kind word for Mother Nature as well. “The venue is very mystical and magical,” he said, with an air of reverence, looking around his gardens. “We’re probably one of the few places where these log farm buildings, 180 years old, are still in use for their original farming purpose … So, the magic is still there.” The main gift shop, for example, built in 1865, predates Canada by two years, and one of the barns was erected in 1830. Other events at the festival include: • Introduction to Deva Yoga with Swami Devaprasad, 9:45 to 10:30 a.m. • Growing Garlic is Not for Sissies with Diane Bradley, 10 to 10:45 a.m. • Garden Tour, 10:30 a.m., with Grandmother Alma Lo. • Family Yoga with Anamda Sly, 11 to 11:45 a.m. • The Pilgrim’s Garden, noon to 12:45 p.m. • Wild Herb Walk, 1 p.m., with Martha Webber.

• Introduction to Folk and Novelty Dance with Ellen Youle, 1 to 2:30 p.m. • Lanark County Live Poets Society performance, 2 p.m. • Labyrinth Walk, 3 p.m., with Bhuvaneswari Devi. • The Great Ontario Cheese Discovery with Vanessa Simmons, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. • The Power of Greens with Natasha Kyssa, 3 to 4 p.m. There will be several musical acts performing in the food court, including: • Marimba Band, 9 to 10 a.m. • Lucas Haneman, 1 to 2 p.m.

• Drumming Circle, 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. • The Ottawa Valley Special, 4 to 5 p.m. • Dance performances by Garden Fairies. Advance tickets are on sale at The Herb Garden, 3840 Old Almonte Rd., Almonte; The Table Restaurant, 1230 Wellington St., Ottawa; Reid Landscaping, 142 Pick Rd., Carleton Place; and Rainbow Foods, 1487 Richmond Rd., Ottawa. Tickets cost $5 for adults, $4 in advance, $15 for a family at the gate, $12 in advance, and on-site parking is $2. (Parking is not available on Old Almonte Road.)

!,5-).5-2!),).'3 MANUFACTURER


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July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette



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July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

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July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


FREE FISH It was free fishing weekend this past weekend, and Dalton McMullan took advantage of it as he fished off the Queen Street Bridge on Saturday. He said he caught lots of fish - though he wasn’t eating any for dinner, and threw them all back. Photo by Brier Dodge




August 27 and 28, 2011 For info email

No festival like this is attainable without great Sponsors and supporters. Listed are just a few of ours. O’Brien Theatre, Arnprior BIA, Giant Tiger. Reid Bros, Lorne’s Electric, Logs End. Please check our web site and you will see our great support and sponsor groups. Also following the web site will keep you up to date on what’s happening, when & where!

A Lob ball tournament will be held all day @ the MacLean Ball Diamonds 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Vendors set up 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. O’Brien Theatre film festival film Movies from the 20’s to present $2.00 chg. 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 OPP Golden Helmets: Precision riding, John St. N 11:00 a.m. – 11:50 Junk Yard Symphony, John St. N. 12:00 a.m. – Midnight: Beer garden, sponsored by Arnprior Optimist. $5.00 cover charge. 12:00 a.m. –1:30 p.m. Karaoke, by All 4 One Entertainment. Giant Tiger Stage. 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Jake Differ will present music for children entertainment. Jake was nominated for a Juno award and has a Canadian Children’s Award. Giant Tiger Stage 4:00 p.m. – 4:50 p.m. Missed them the first time? Junk Yard Symphony, John Street North 8:00 p.m. – Midnight: Country Music Show & Dance featuring The Countrymen who are celebrating 50th Anniversary of the band. They will have 4 special guests with them. Make sure you bring your lawn chairs and dancing shoes. On stage at Giant Tiger parking lot. Once again the Giant Tiger Train will be touring downtown all day Saturday. All the rides you want. Donations appreciated, for this and all other events.

Sunday, August 28 (Robert Simpson Park) 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Arnprior Lions Club Pancake Breakfast @ The Masonic Lodge on James St. 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 pm Classis Car & ½ Ton Truck Show. Up to and including 1969. There will be awards, Dash plaques, etc Registration fee $5:00 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. O’Brien Theatre Film Festival continues up-town $2:00 entry fee. 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Arnprior River of Life Christian Fellowship Band will be playing on the Gazebo & yes “ELVIS” will be In The Park!!!! 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. as per Sat Jake Differ will be on the Gazebo. 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 pm Arnprior Line Dancer’s will be dancing up a storm on the Gazebo. 2:15 p.m. - ??? The Funk Blues Band, “To Be Determined” will be on the Gazebo. A can’t miss for all you Blue’s Fans. Again Lawn chairs should be brought along. DRAGON BOATS will be racing on the Ottawa River at various times. These are the same style, that are at the big races each year in Ottawa. As well as per Sat there will be numerous food vendors on site. There will be numerous food vendors for both days at the festival. Should be able to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.


The following is a partial listing of events planned for Friday, August 26 There will be a fishing derby starting Friday evening & continues this year’s Arnprior White Pine Festival. until Saturday evening, sponsored by Ottawa Valley Muskie Club. Changes may be made in regards to events (Ottawa River & Madawaska River) such as times & locations. Saturday, August 27 (Downtown) Please check our web site for all events and updates. 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 Breakfast @ Arnprior Legion

23 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

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2008 NISSAN SENTRA 2.0 Sedan Great fuel economy with tons of space for the growing family. $118 BI-WEEKLY @ 4.9% 81,700 kmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s


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2007 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5S Sedan Consumerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Report top pic four years running. Come ďŹ nd out why. $139 BI-WEEKLY @ 2.9% 78,500 kmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s


[ [ ÂŚ\Â&#x203A;Ă­foĂ&#x2DC; ÂŚ\Â&#x203A;Ă­foĂ&#x2DC; AÂŚ AÂŚ Ă­ÂŚ\ÂŤÂĄÂźĂ&#x201D;ÂŤÂĄÂ&#x2019;Ă&#x2DC;Â&#x2019;ÂŚÂ&#x2020; Ă­ÂŚ\ÂŤÂĄÂźĂ&#x201D;ÂŤÂĄÂ&#x2019;Ă&#x2DC;Â&#x2019;ÂŚÂ&#x2020; ³  Â&#x2018;ŸÂ&#x2019;Ή ³  Â&#x2018;ŸÂ&#x2019;Ή Â&#x2019;ÂŚĂ&#x2DC;Âźo\âÂ&#x2019;ÂŤÂŚ Â&#x2019;ÂŚĂ&#x2DC;Âźo\âÂ&#x2019;ÂŤÂŚ [ [ AĂ&#x201D;-Ă&#x201D;ÂŤÂŤ}O

AĂ&#x201D;-Ă&#x201D;ÂŤÂŤ}O ĂťoÂ?Â&#x2019;\Â&#x203A;o Â?Â&#x2019;Ă&#x2DC;âĂ&#x201D;Ăž Ă&#x201D;oŸĂ&#x201D;â [ ĂŞÂ&#x201E;Â&#x2018;Â?ÂŤĂ­Ă&#x201D; Ă&#x201D;ÂŤAfĂ&#x2DC;Â&#x2019;fo AĂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x2DC;Â&#x2019;Ă&#x2DC;âAÂŚ\o [ ÂŤĂťoĂ&#x201D;AÂ&#x2020;o Ă­Âź ⍠§Ă? ¥ŒâÂ?Ă&#x2DC; ÂŤĂ&#x201D; ÂłĂ?Ä&#x201E;cÄ&#x201E;Ä&#x201E;Ä&#x201E;Â&#x161;ÂĄĂ&#x2DC; [ ÂŤĂź ~ÂŚAÂŚ\o Ă&#x201D;AâoĂ&#x2DC;


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2007 NISSAN MURANO 3.5 SE AWD You get new tires and brakes at this price along with the lowest rates in the market!!

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2007 NISSAN SENTRA 2.0 Value Package Great car at a great price. New tires just installed. Nissan CertiďŹ ed! $111 BI-WEEKLY @ 4.9% 54,800 kmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s


-Ă&#x203A;qÂ&#x2013;$Ä&#x2021;ÂŤqg Â&#x2013; Ă&#x203A;qÂŤĂ&#x2DC;ĂŤ Ä&#x2030;¹ø Â&#x2039; Ag 1ÂŞÂĽĂž Ă&#x201C;@Â&#x17D;@  Ă&#x;q  Ă&#x; Â&#x2014;ĂŤ~~ 484510

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Graduation 2011

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


Caldwell celebrates its graduates Award - Matthew Goodell, and the Most Berndt, Avery Billings, Damon Black, Riley Bourck, Kyle Connell, Taylor CurImproved - Jenna Warren. This year provided the graduates with ran, Spencer Downey, Karlie Drummond, lots of memorable moments, as well Kevin Fraser, Matthew Goodell, Jamie as a time to look back at their years at Groth, Julia Guevremont, Quincy JohnCaldwell. During the ceremony, all of the son, Isaac Kennedy, Fletcher Kwissa, Casmemories were presented in a slideshow sandra Lague, Clayton Lainson, Brooke Leary, Delane MacPherthe students had made. One of their most memorable was the son, Jared McGregor, Brandon end-of-the-year class trip to the Toronto Zoo, Hockey Hall of Fame, and CN Tower. It’s “Poison Ivy” season again. There is no need to suffer. All of the staff and We’ll prepare you now and eliminate toxic drugs. Heilkunst students of Caldwell is safe for young and old. Try it... Street School would like to congratulate the graduates and wish them the Manuela Mueller-Code DMH, DynBC, DHHP best of luck in all their Doctor of Medical Heilkunst & Dyn Blood Analysis future endeavours. Good luck! HAHNEMANN CENTRE FOR HEILKUNST 946 MILL RIDGE ROAD Graduating students ARNPRIOR, ON K7S 3G8 in alphabetical order: Phone: 613-623-8804 Josh Bedard, Amber 485046

McIntosh, Spencer McLaughlin-Ferrill, Brendan McMunn, Emily Puckett, Tara Sadler, Carrie Savard, Kaia Sequillion, Avery Thompson, Jenna Warren, Cody Wells, Kelly Westrate, Calvin Williams and Kyle Wilson.

Poison Ivy Season


On the evening of Tuesday, June 28, Caldwell Street Public School celebrated its graduates. There were 34 graduates in total from both the Core and French Immersion programs. The night’s valedictorian, Brendan McMunn, gave an impressive speech. Along with all the diplomas being handed out, many awards were also given. The evening’s award winners included: English - Carrie Savard, Core French - Kaia Sequillion, Les arts de language - Carrie Savard, Mathematics - Brendan McMunn, Science - Emily Puckett, History - Amber Berndt, Histoire - Taylor Curran, Geography - Kyle Wilson, Geographie - Avery Thompson, Art - Kelly Weststrate, Proficiency - Carrie Savard, Athletics (female) - Tara Sadler, Athletics (male) - Kyle Connell, Principal’s Leadership - Delane MacPherson and Avery Thompson, Character Always - Quincy Johnson and Paul Drummond Volunteer

AGH partnerships improve the delivery of health care

This ad is generously underwritten by the

“continuum” to describe our collective efforts to improve the health status of those we serve but the concept is the same. No organization, or Health Service Provider as the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) calls us, is an island. By working together with others we provide better care. Over the years, Almonte General Hospital (AGH) has developed a number of partnerships for exactly that purpose. One example is our relationship with Lanark County Mental Health. Their staff provide outpatient counselling from an office located inside the Hospital, which means that they are available as an on-site resource to our patients and staff when we need them. More recently, the Mills Community Support Corporation included AGH in its Neighbourhood Tomato Program. Throughout the summer, clients/patients in our

Day Hospital and Rosamond Unit will be able to enjoy gardening, an activity they may have given up due to difficulty reaching the ground safely. The raised garden beds provided by the Mills and its generous donors allow people in wheelchairs and those with balance problems easy access to the plants so that they can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening. Last week, we established a different kind of partnership. AGH physicians and staff worked with staff from the Ottawa Heart Institute to develop a plan for collectively caring for a patient with a specialized device so that he can spend the summer at his cottage, which is in our area. Whether they help many people, a few people or just one, the relationships we develop enrich our lives and those of our patients. I’m glad we’re not an island. Mary Wilson Trider is the President and CEO of the Almonte General Hospital/Fairview Manor


No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; This phrase, written by John Donne in 1624, has endured over almost four centuries. If you Google the phrase, you will find Mary Wilson Trider singers, filmmakers, writers and individuals who have used it in their work and in their lives. The themes running through all of the references are about helping, supporting and getting to know people for mutual benefit – and the notion that we’re all on the journey together. Our health care system isn’t any different. We use words like “integration”, “collaboration” and

Graduation 2011


Red carpet affair at Carambeck Carambeck Public School held its Grade 8 graduation ceremony on Tuesday, June 28. With a ‘red carpet’ theme, the 19 graduates of the Carleton Place school were the “stars” of the evening. Principal Stephen Ferguson and Grade 8 teacher Shelley Lynch welcomed family and friends, and reflected on the growth and accomplishments of the students, as well as the future that lies ahead. To the delight of their parents, students were presented with their elementary school diplomas. In addition, individual students, who through talent, ability and a consistent effort achieved outstanding results in various area of endeavour were recognized. Adrianna Dowdall was named outstanding Grade 8 student. Student council president Carina Hochgeschurz received the Ontario Principal’s Award for student leadership. Awards for academic excellence were earned by

Kyle Ford, Mati Ruus, Carina Hochgeschurz and Adrianna Dowdall. Mati Ruus won the outstanding French student award and Tyler McLaren received the most improved student award. Outstanding male athlete award-winners were Terran Carruthers and Kyle Ford, while Carina Hochgeschurz was outstanding female athlete. Joshua Knowles was given the ‘Character Always’ character education award. The year’s events and special moments were captured in photos during a slide show presentation put together by Hayley Fortier. Speaking on behalf of the graduates, valedictorian Trevor Smissaert remarked that he and his classmates learned so much more than reading, writing and math while at Carambeck. They learned valuable life skills and, even more importantly, much about themselves. It was truly a red carpet affair!

Mills Community Support Corporation

We are seeking tenants for Country St. Phase II at 411 Country St. Almonte, Ontario. Occupancy November 2011 The affordable seniors market rent units will be filled using a lottery process. Please visit our head office at 67 Industrial Dr. in Almonte, On. or visit our website at to get a printable application form. Application forms will be available from July 11, 2011 at 9:00am to July 29, 2011 at 12:00 noon. Completed applications for the lottery must be submitted to the Mills Community Support Corp. head office at 67 Industrial Dr. Almonte Ontario. from July 11, 2011 at 9:00am to July 29, 2011 at 12:00 noon to be eligible for the draw. 482601

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

The Canadian Gazette has asked all area elementary schools to submit coverage from their Grade 8 graduations. Check back throughout July for our ongoing publication of 2011 graduations.


Entertainment producer proposes performance fund for CP DESMOND DEVOY

CARLETON PLACE – Local singer/ performer Lyle Dillabough is promising to donate any profits from a concert by famed Canadian singer Murray McLaughlin this fall to establishing a performance fund for the town. McLaughlin is slated to perform at the Carleton Place town hall auditorium on Oct. 28, with Lori Cavanagh of Cavanagh Construction agreeing to provide upfront funding for the concert. “He’s not asking the council for any money,” said Coun. Rob Probert at the policy review committee meeting June 28. Dillabough, the self-titled ‘Ottawa Valley Troubadour’, was seeking the council’s permission to waive the hall rental fee for McLaughlin’s performance so that more proceeds could be donated. “I think it’s great that we have someone of the calibre of Murray McLaughlin coming,” said Mayor Wendy LeBlanc. “I think it will be great to furthering entertainment in the town. It’s just the start of the quality entertainment.” The committee endorsed Dillabough’s application, and Coun. Jerry Flynn noted that “This fund is something we have discussed for a long time,” adding he supported Dillabough’s request to waive the town fees.



“I think that we’ll make good money on the McLaughlin concert,” said Flynn. The proposed purpose of the fund would be to provide seed money for performance fundraisers benefitting the town hall auditorium. It is also hoped that, in time, the performance fund would provide money to kick start a series of high calibre performances, which would generate profits that could then be directed towards renovation projects at the auditorium.

Farmersville Exhibition July 15(eve), 16, & 17, 2011 Featuring International Harvester Ontario Chapter 20 Vintage Tractors, Trucks and Equipment And All Other Makes Main Events Steve Curtis & Bettin’ The Farm 6:00-9:00pm, Friday Evening Saturday & Sunday Grounds Open 9:00am

Steam Engines in Operation Vintage Machinery, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles Boats and Motors, Craft Fair Festive Gardens under Special Occasion Permit Special Events – Sat July 16th Shriners Breakfast 7-10:30am Vintage Tractor Pull - 12:00 pm start Music by Dennis Whitteker & Country Comrades in afternoon Special Events – Sun July 17th Shriners Breakfast 7:00-10:30 I81 Horse Draw - 11:00 am start TO SYRACUSE Music by Cnty Rd 5 in afternoon NEWYORK On Site Camping available

Photo by Desmond Devoy

Singer and entertainer Lyle Dillabough, seen here is helping to bring famed Canadian country and western singer Murray McLaughlin to the Carleton Place town hall auditorium at the end of October.

Contacts: Exhibition Co-Chairmen Bob Croxall 924-9680, Peter Vanderlinden 613-498-7606 Admission: Adults $10.00 good for the weekend, Children 12 & under free.



July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


8th Annual Not-2–Bawd Volleyball Tournament Saturday, July 23, 2011 at the Army, Navy, Airforce Club Entry fee is $150 per team or $25 per individual (Organizers will help individual registrants form a team) Registration is from 8:30 – 9:30 am Teams must have a minimum of 6 players with 2 of the players being female For more information please e-mail

The tournament will include a cash bar provided by the Army, Navy, Airforce Club, C&D Chip Wagon on site, prize draws, and live music throughout the day. A prize will also be awarded to the team that brings in the most non-perishable food items for the Food Bank. The proceeds from the event will be split between the Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Not Too Bawd Bursary for the Carleton Place High School.


27 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

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, y a d o T p U n Sig ! E E R F itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

a e r a r e h t o f o s Join the thousand o t p u g n i v a s y d a e r l a e r a o h w s t residen t h g i r d e r e v i l e d s l a e d l a c o l t a e r g 90% on to your inbox!

r e t s i g e r o t m o c . g a J g Visit Wa /wagjagottawa

Buy together and we all win! 467799

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


e h t r ly!! o f n ami u F eF ol h W

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1 of 2

Family Hoedown Each Package Includes:

• 4 tickets to the Saturday August 13th’s events

(Performing are Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans, Easton Corbin, Justin Moore and the Keats)

• Fairmont Chateau Laurier accommodations for four • $80 in Hoedown Chow Down Dollars • Lugg Travel bag and accessories


CONTEST RULES: Go to and take note of the main WagJag of the day’s details.

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Then go to > click on the top right banner to enter.

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Contest closes August 4th, 2011 at 11:59 pm.

OR – cut and fill out the ballot and mail it to us.

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Deadline to enter is August 4th 2011.

Mail to: 4–80 Colonnade Rd, Nepean, ON, K2E 7L2 All fields are required to enter the contest and are used solely to contact the winners.

No purchase necessary. Contest open to Ontario residents 18 years of age or older, except for employees, their immediate families and anyone living with any employee of the Sponsors or its corporate aff iliates, advertising or promotional agencies. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. Two (2) grand prizes will be awarded. Approximate retail value of the grand prize is $886. Entrants must correctly answer, unaided, a mathematical skill-testing question to be declared a winner.

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28th Annual

Even though her message is positive, she will get negative too. “I’ll teach people about negative consciousness,” said Day. Sometimes, people find themselves in a negative work or home environment. Day admitted that by connecting to ones inner energy, “they (can) change their relationship with those negative people…the person feels a little better.” But negative workplaces can constrain a person’s ability to become fully self-fulfilled. “Is that the right place to be working in?” she asked. “The higher self will guide the self to a better place. Their gift to the web of life is being constrained,” if they continue working there.

Thursday, July 28, 2011 9 am to 8 pm Picton Fairgrounds Over 200 jurored vendors Free parking Wheelchair accessible Home-style lunches, dinners, snacks Adults $3, Under 12 free

Proceeds to Womens Institute community work

If the worker is seeking a better place, spiritually and workwise, “the web of life configures to get them to a place to where their gifts are recognized.” All are welcome to her talk, but she advises that people come with an open mind. “A person has to feel an inner calling for it, a yearning,” she said. While she has done a lot of research on the effects of violence against women, she has not yet offered her spiritual energy techniques to women who have experienced violence, though she would relish the chance. “Spiritual healing might not be at the top of the list when you’re protecting your kids,” she said.


Contact Tracy for assistance with your severances and land use planning projects.



ALMONTE – On July 25, forget your hydro bills and find some free energy. And who better to know the value of your own, built-in energy than a former economist, Tanis Day, who will be speaking on Monday, July 25 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Heritage Court, 14 Mill St., Almonte, giving a free talk on human energy fields and connecting with higher spiritual energies. Day has a PhD. in economics from Queen’s University in Kingston, the same school where she taught women’s issues for nearly 20 years. “I think to anyone, it would seem like a big leap,” said Day of her move from academics to the more spiritual side of life. She is also the founder of the School of Energy Enlightenment in Kitchener, Ont., but her academic background is never far removed from her current teachings. “I was a very unusual economist,” said Day. “I was looking at the human side of economics, which is not a very valued part.”

path came while living in the real world, “being a single mother with bills and driving kids around.” “Modern spiritualism is not removed from the world,” added Day. “It is not meditating on mountain tops.” Her talk later on this month, she says, will help people connect to powers within themselves that many did not even know that they had. “I’ll teach people about their own energy field so that they will know that they are much more than just their physical body,” said Day. She said that connecting to such energy fields can help bring a person “peaceful, unconditional love that we all need.”


She looked at the value of unpaid work, and the price society literally pays for violence against women. “(It was) eye-opening to show people the money and human side,” of the problems, she said “There’s not a market for it, but there is a cost to it. Showing that there are a lot of costs…it is powerful.” Around 1992, her marriage ended and she left with four children in tow. “Now, what do I want to do with the rest of my life?” she asked herself. She continued her teaching until her retirement in 2000, but she still does academic research and the occasional talk on economics and women. She started working on her spiritual teaching full-time in 1997. “I would say that it wasn’t the beginning of my journey, it was the re-starting of my journey, which was put aside during my marriage,” said Day. “I did a lot of intensive spiritual work.” One aspect of her former academic life that she wanted to bring with her into her new life was the “inspirational” aspect of working with students. For Day, finding her own spiritual


Y A RD U Ne MON DAY TO SAT gual wP a in tients il Welcome • Mult

Comprehensive Family Dentistry • Orthodontics • Zoom Whitening Endodontics • Periodontics • Dental Implants • Cosmetic Dentistry Invisalign • Lumineers

613-592-2900 418731



Dedicated to excellence since 1983

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

Finding your inner energy in Almonte

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette



2011 GRAHAM BEASLEY TRIATHALON TESTS ATHLETES The Graham Beasley Triathalon and Duathalon was held in Carleton Place on Sunday, July 10. Local and out of town participants competed in several events, from the Olympic Triathalon to the Tri a Try event. Top left, Jamie Elford and Christine Gordon are in sync as they cross the finish line. Top centre, Kyle Miersma dismouts from the bicycle portion of the race to start on the run. Top right, Shelley Rossetti celebrates as she runs her last three steps of the last leg of the triathalon. Bottom right, Phil Rogers competes in the first leg of the triathalon, the swimming event. Photos by Brier Dodge

31 Helping More People Be Fearless & Find Peace For Their Soul

Visit downtown Perth for more than 30 FREE outdoor concerts

Summer not working out quite the way you planned?

IN STEWART PARK ON THE TAY RIVER For festival information call 613-264-1190

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Stewart Park Festival July 15, 16, 17

for a reading that will help you love your future Don’t be disappointed... Call for an appointment

Come in and redeem your Stewart Park Festival coupon Donations arrive daily. 484810

5 Wilson St. W., Perth 613-812-5501


Plus workshops, children’s events, Sunday brunch, evening concerts, patio and market

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

July 15, 16, 17 2011



11.00 a.m. ...........................PAMT 12.00 p.m. ................. Al Simmons 1.00 p.m. .................. Wade Foster 2.00 p.m. .................... David Celia 3.00 p.m. .................... Jenn Grant 4.00 p.m. ................. NQ Arbuckle 5.00 p.m. ..................... Jaffa Road 6.00 p.m. ............. Adonis Puentes 7.30 p.m. ................Jimmy Rankin

h t r Pe


Within walking distance to the

Stewart Park Festival Mon. - Fri. 9-5:30 • Sat. 9-4:30 • Sun. Closed 57 Foster St., Perth • 613-267-1578

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trict ha

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We welcome you to experience the hospitality and value that Perth and District has to offer.


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Sunday 12.00 p.m. ............. Arts in Motion 12.30 p.m. . Notre Dame de Grass 1.30 p.m. ......................Kim Dunn 2.30 p.m. ...................... Mill Street 3.30 p.m. ................ Kellylee Evans 4.30 p.m. ...........Hannah Georgas





45 Gore St. E., Perth 613-267-1835


12.00 pm ............Youth Showcase 4.00 p.m. ...........The Heartbroken 5.00 p.m. ................... Royal Wood 6.00 p.m. ........................ Eric Bibb 7.00 p.m. .................Dan Mangan 8.00 p.m. ............................ H’Sao

e to com es you enjoy m o lc e yw and mmunit ere a r, stay Our Co lore, discove d District, whrld of p n o a w ex th a r u e eP g yo Heritag rive will brin ces. n ie r e shor t d p x e thcham r e .p w ww 4 19-320 1-888-3 OPEN: Monday - Friday 9 - 7, Saturday 9 - 4

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including Stewart Park Festival performers

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK • Open late Thursday & Friday 67 Foster St., PERTH • 613-267-6817 •


mo per ther pro e. One h any o sh valu * No ca onjunction wit c d in be use Not to

613-264-9948 484285


91 Drummond St. W., PERTH (between County Auto Parts & Ontario Hydro One)


, 2011 ept 5th 1st to S e n u J ly p from s ap rt valid ome restriction er. Passpo *s tion. custom


Community Calendar

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


The community calendar is free public service the Canadian Gazette provides for non-profit groups. Notices appear as space permits. Please submit your information at least two weeks prior to the event and include a daytime contact name and phone number in case we need to reach you for information or clarification. Keep submissions under 30 words. Notices can be e-mailed to desmond.devoy@metroland. com or dropped off at our office at 53 Bridge St. in Carleton Place.

luncheon, general meeting, noon, third Wednesday of each month. For information, please call Doug Smith at 613257-7483. Get W.I.T.H. It walking program, Mondays and Wednesdays, Carleton Place High School, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 to 8 p.m., at Almonte and District High School. Civitan Club bingo, 7 p.m., upper hall, Carleton Place Arena, every Tuesday. Elevator accessible.

SATURDAY, JULY 16 Carleton Place Canoe Club regatta, today and tomorrow, Riverside Park.

The Ontario Early Years Playgroups in Carleton Place will be held at St. Gregory’s School on Mondays, the Carleton Place Arena on Tuesdays, 30 Bennett Street on Wednesday and back at the Carleton Place Arena on Thursdays, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. all four days. If you have any questions, please call 613-283-0095 or click on

Charity barbecue for Christie Lake Kids, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at 355 Franktown Rd., Carleton Place, at the Beckwith Mall, during Guildcrest Homes’ retail grand opening.

MONDAY, JULY 18 Drive-in Bingo, Stewart Community Centre parking lot, 112 MacFarlane St., Pakenham. Gates open at 6:30 p.m., games start at 7 p.m., sponsored by Pakenham District Civitan Club, as a fundraiser for the Almonte General Hospital and Arnprior General Hospital.

TUESDAY, JULY 19 Party in the Park today, tomorrow and Thursday with inSPIRE Church of Carleton Place, 6:30 to 8 p.m. with games, food and entertainment.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 20 Magician Chris “Born to Amaze” Pilsworth performs at the Old Train Station, 132 Coleman St., Carleton Place, 6 to 8 p.m. Free family event. For information, please call 613-257-1976 or visit www.

FRIDAY, JULY 22 Four-hand bid euchre tourna-

Submitted photo

CARLETON PLACE COMMUNITY IN BLOOM YARD OF THE WEEK 49 Queen St. S. - Imagine not having to cut grass! Our winners, Denis and Elizabeta Hayes prove that this idea can be both environmentally responsible and very attractive. The neutral colour of the natural stone is a great contrast to the vibrant colours of the mixed perennials. If you would like to nominate a front yard garden, please call Audrey at 613-253-2095. ment, 7 p.m., Almonte Royal Canadian Legion branch 240, 100 Bridge St., in the upstairs lounge. Charge is $5, lunch included. Fundraiser for the Appleton Women’s Institute. Call 613-256-1744 for details.

MONDAY, JULY 25 Drive-in Bingo, Stewart Community Centre parking lot, 112 MacFarlane St., Pakenham. Gates open at 6:30 p.m., games start at 7 p.m., sponsored by Pakenham District

Civitan Club, as a fundraiser for the Almonte General Hospital and Arnprior General Hospital. The Neighbourhood Tomato: Mississippi Mills Community Gardens program will host bread and butter making with seniors and youth at TYPS Youth Centre, 65 Mill St., 3 p.m. RSVP to either Hannah or Katelyn at Mills Community Support Corporation office, 67 Industrial Ave., Almonte, 613256-1031, ext. 37.

“Go Anywhere, Do Anything, Comic Daredevil,” aka The Checkerboard Guy, performs at the Old Train Station, 132 Coleman St., Carleton Place, 6 to 8 p.m. Free family event. For information, please call 613-257-1976 or visit www.

THURSDAY, JULY 28 Blood Donor Clinic, Almonte Civitan Club, 500 Almonte St., main hall, 2 to 7:30 p.m.


WATERSIDE MUSIC FESTIVAL The Rivermen, Conrad Moss and Don Snedden, perform at the Waterside Retirement Community in Carleton Place on June 23 during the Waterside Music Festival.

Carleton Place arena public skating starts.



Photo by Desmond Devoy


Sights and Sounds of Downtown, Arts Carleton Place fundraiser. BIA Bridge Street Bazaar, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Children’s Walk for Autism and community fun day, Carleton Place High School track, 9 a.m. Registration, 8 a.m. Sponsored by Lanark Autism Support Group. Rain or shine. Motorcycle Ride for Rescue Cats leaves Levi Home Hardware, 476 Ottawa St., Almonte, at 10 a.m. Registration between 8:30 and 9:45 a.m. $20 per rider, $10 per passenger. Ride to support cats and kittens at Country Cat Sanctuary. Prizes to be given out after the ride. For information, please call Al or Fran at 613-256-3726.

WEDNESDAY, AUG. 17 McDougall Insurance will be hosting a free barbecue from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for their 65th anniversary at 95 Bridge St., Carleton Place. Donations to Lanark Animal Welfare Society will be accepted.

Market Corn Festival, 8 a.m. to noon.

SATURDAY, AUG. 27 Olde Thyme Fair, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., grounds of Zion-Memorial United Church, 37 Franklin St., Carleton Place, and at Memorial Park. Free admission. Pies, preserves and jam contest. Meatloaf lunch, $5, served in church upper hall, starting at noon. For some fun, dress in a 20s, 30s and 40s theme. Vendors, music and exhibits galore. For more information, email com or call 613-253-0975.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 10 Dragon Boat Race Festival, Carleton Place Canoe Club, Centennial Park.

SATURDAY, AUG. 20 Carleton Place Farmers’

The Lanark Woodworking Club in Almonte would like to welcome anyone interested in woodworking, carving or any other type of wood crafting. The club meets on a monthly basis. For more information, contact Jim Paul at 613-2563877 or Don Coldwell at 613256-1950. The Carleton Place Royal Canadian Legion branch 192, 177 George St., hosts a number of activities throughout the month. The Tuesday night Ladies and Mens’ Dart League sign-in is at 7 p.m., with play starting at 7:30 p.m., while the Thursday night mixed darts league also has sign-in at 7 p.m., with play starting at 7:30 p.m. The Legion also hosts a monthly breakfast on the second Saturday of each month, from 8 to 11 a.m.

ONGOING The Army, Navy Air Force Club, 315 Town Line Rd., Carleton Place, has line dancing starting at 7 p.m. every Tuesday, with darts and a blind draw at 7:15 p.m. the same night. All welcome. For more information, please call 613-253-5097.

FRIDAY, AUG. 19 SRC Music Camp Show at Carleton Place town hall auditorium.

The Friends of the Cedar Hill School would like to create a memory book to be kept at the school. If you have any memories or anecdotes to share, please send them to us, along with any photos you may have. Please send to Ria Ralph, RR#1, Pakenham, ON, K0A 2X0, or call 613-256-2014.

The Carleton Place Sunset Club, for people aged 50 plus, Wednesdays at 1 p.m., Royal Canadian Legion branch, 177 George St. for cards, games and socializing. Pot-luck

Overeaters Anonymous Meetings are held every Sunday from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Almonte Baptist Church, 207 Reserve St. For more information, please contact Aprile at 613-259-5536 or Cathie at 613-256-2348. The Rotary Club of Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills meets every Monday at 6 p.m. upstairs at The Thirsty Moose in Carleton Place. Visitors and potential members are welcome at any meeting.




The Kanata Stallions will have their own version of Don Cherry behind the bench for next season – minus the colourful suits. The Central Canada Hockey League (CCHL) team announced on July 7 that it has hired as coach Pakenham resident and former NHL right-winger Randy Pierce, who broke into the league with the Colorado Rockies in the 1977-78 season under the now-famous broadcaster. Pierce has deep roots in this area and coached the Arnprior Packers to two Valley titles in the late 1990s. The Stallions, the Fred Page Cup hosts, have been without a bench boss since last season’s coach of the year Adam Dewan resigned shortly after the team’s opening-round playoff exit to the Cornwall Colts because he wanted to spend more time with his newborn daughter. “I’m not babysitting. You’ve got to play my game,” Pierce said. “I was coached by Don Cherry and my theory and his theory are pretty much the same. Respect your coaches and everything they want you to do and give 110 per cent every time you step on the ice.” Pierce, a Pakenham native who played for the Smiths Falls Bears in 1974-75, finished his professional career in 1986 after stints with Colorado, New Jersey and Hartford, and turned to coaching. After stops in the American college ranks and the International Hockey League, Pierce

guided the Eastern Ontario Junior Hockey League’s Arnprior Packers to two Valley division titles from 1995 to 1999. Although Pierce has spent most of his time scouting since his son, Matt, graduated from the Stallions seven years ago to attend and play hockey at Mercyhurst College in Pennsylvania, he has applied for several vacant CCHL coaching jobs in the last couple years. This familiarity with the community and owner John Russo from his role on the coaching staff when Matt was a Stallion were contributing factors in the hire. But Pierce cited his ability to develop future NHLers like current Minnesota Wild winger Darroll Powe – who played with his son – as one of his biggest strengths. “I haven’t been coaching for a while, but that means nothing,” he said. “I played the game long enough and watched it long enough. I’m here strictly for teaching these kids how to play the game. “I’m a player’s coach. For all the players on and off the ice, no matter what the issue is, let’s resolve it. We’re out here to play hockey and make you the best hockey player we can.” Pierce said he was able to take in a few of the team’s game last

season and noticed a drop-off in their play from the start of the

year. He added that he plans to help the players pace themselves better, especially since they are scheduled to play in the Fred Page Cup in late April. It’s that type of thinking that will makes the Stallions excited about their new hire. “He brings a vast knowledge of the game in his coaching and his playing days,” general manager Lou Nistico said.

MADDEN Hearing Centre

Given that the Stallions are the host team, Pierce said he recognizes the pressure the team will be under this season. With the defection of top scorer Kyle Rankin to the United States Hockey League’s Sioux Falls (South Dakota) Stampede and the loss of overage goaltender Scott Shackell – who will attend Adrian College in Michigan – Pierce acknowledges there will be holes to fill. Because he plans to rely more heavily on defenceman and team captain Curtis Watson and last-year’s second leading scorer Brent Bisdee and expects Nistico to be very active at the league’s trade deadline in January, Pierce expects the loss of Rankin to be easier to cope with. “Goaltending has to be No. 1,” he said. “If we can find two good goaltenders, I don’t think we’ll have too many problems upfront.” Pierce’s contract will be reevaluated on an annual basis, but that doesn’t mean he is trying to use this job as a stepping

stone to the higher ranks. “If I can’t do the job that’s supposed to be done then I don’t deserve to be there either. I’m the same as a hockey player in my eyes. You’re hired to be fired as a coach,” he said. “My plans are to be here for three to five years and get this association back to the way it used to be when Archie Mulligan was there.” Mulligan was the first head coach when of the Kanata Valley Lasers when they joined the league as an expansion franchise in 1987. He guided the team to two league championships and a Fred Page Cup in 1997. For the Stallions to return to glory, Pierce said the team must play as a five-man unit, with emphasis on aggressive, positional play. “We’re out to win and we’re out to improve guys,” he said. “If these guys want to buy into my plan and do what I expect them to do, then our team will improve by the end of the year.” Pierce lives in Pakenham with his wife Danielle. They have three children, sons Matt and Brett and daughter Bridgette, Matt, an Arnprior District High School graduate, split his time last year playing forward for the American Hockey League Rochester Americans and the East Coast Hockey League Cincinnati Cyclones.

The Hub is currently seeking applicants for

Established Family Business Since 1989


Eastern Ontario’s Leading Hearing Health Care Provider

Applicants for this $1000.00 bursary must meet the following criteria: 1. Be a resident of Mississippi Mills 2. Be an adult learner returning to education after at least a 3- year break 3. Have successfully completed at least one year of post-secondary education 4. Preference will be given to those studying for an undergraduate degree or diploma in any field 5. Preference may be given for study in the medical, educational, or social services field. Please submit written application to: Glenda Jones, President, the Hub 118 Mill St. Almonte, ON. K0A 1A0

JUDO THROWDOWN FOR 4-H P.L.A.Y. was hosted in Almonte on Sunday by 4-H. Here, Kaitlin Cavanagh gets tossed onto the mats by Almonte Judo Club instructor Gord MacDonald.

130 Lansdowne Ave., Carleton Place, ON


Ask the MADDENS!

Application must be received no later than July 29, 2011. Successful candidate will be notified in early August 2011. 462185

Photo by Brier Dodge

For further information, please call (613) 256-6479. 482743

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

Stallions hire Pakenham’s Pierce as bench boss

34 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

Grahame’s Bakery The Family’s Choice Original Wood Fired Brick Oven - Circa 1885

– we do take holidays too


Custom Designed Wedding Cakes, History Cupcakes, Birthday and All Occasion never tasted ~ Elegant or Fun ~ Famous for our Butter Tarts so good! Orders accepted and suggested Specialty Breads & Rolls, Hours Tarts, Squares & Cookies - Organic subject to change Fresh Baked In Our Heritage Wood-Fired Brick Oven! Hours: Tues. - Fri. 5:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. • Sat. 5:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Come in and visit us! 115A Clothier St. E., Kemptville

Tilley Hats

Shop, Dine & Explore! Welcome to Old Town! Discover picturesque Old Town Kemptville – an eclectic blend of bookshops, cafes, pubs and storefronts overlooking the South Branch of the Rideau River. Since the early 1800’s Old Town Kemptville has been a bustling centre of activity within North Grenville and surrounding areas. We invite you to come stroll along our streets and discover the variety of shops and services awaiting you.

Rowland Leather 103 Clothier St. E., Kemptville 159 St. Lawrence St., Merrickville


To Be Continued Cent’sibly Chic Consignment

Classic Graphics? Bodhi Tree????

Spring/Summer clearance: Women and children's clothing and footwear 50% OFF Shop early for the best selection in quality clothing!!! Don’t forget our selection of great gifts for children from Educational Games to Arts & Craft Supplies.

138 Prescott Street, Kemptville • 613-258-0166

Fall Fashion s: Arriving Daily


2nd Anniversary Sale July 18-23 All Swimwear 50% off Sun dresses up to 50% off 75% Off Selected Items




July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

Live Music on the Patio every Thursday 6-9 p.m. with John Wilberforce Best All Around Restaurant 2011

Restaurant, Pub & Catering 482655

Dine in for lunch, supper, midday or late night snack.


28 Clothier St. East, Kemptville, ON 613-258-2630

Delicious pizzas (over 20 different specialties), pastas, wings, poutines, salads and more!

Open from 11AM daily.

Old Town offers an outstanding selection of restaurants to choose from with something for every taste and budget. You can park your car and walk to them all within a few short minutes.

Take-out and delivery also available.

Large groups and orders are welcome.

Why not pick up the Old Town Walking Tour and explore the heritage of the buildings as you have a relaxing stroll. And reward yourself with an Old Town coupon on the brochure for the tour as our way of saying

103 Prescott St., KEMPTVILLE

“thanks for visiting!”

Audrey’s Antiques Keith Last 613.774.3802 119 Prescott Street Kemptville, ON

OPEN THURS-SAT 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 484735

Since 1962 we have helped thousands of families just like yours get the most out of their home. We’re here to help with quality products at unbeatable prices... EVERY DAY! I look forward to serving you. Blair Hamilton, Home Owner.

Diamonds are Our Business JEWELLERS & GIFTWARE

107 Prescott Street, Kemptville On 613-258-1118 Fax: 613-258-1171 - Toll Free 1-877-506-9359

Jewellery Repair • Watch and Clock Repair


Custom Design

301 Prescott St. 613-258-3520


Diamond Winner Best Jellewer


Watch Batteries

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


Monthly Newsletter

132 Coleman Street, Carleton Place, ON, K7C 4M7 Voice: 613-257-1976 • E-mail: Hours:

September to June: July and August:

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Classic Monday, September 12, 2011 Mississippi Golf Course Summer is now here and before too long it will be time to tee it up at the Carleton Place Chamber Golf Classic to be held at the beautiful Mississippi Golf Course. It is a great opportunity to get a group of friends, clients or business associates together for a game of golf and celebrate the end of summer and help your Chamber help you. Book early to avoid disappointment! Our prices have stayed the same this year – $110. – which includes HST. This price includes golf, cart, lunch and dinner and most on course games! There will be a live auction with great prizes along with raffle prizes.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Donations for the Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Classic Thanks to the generosity of our members, our Annual Golf Classic raises money to assist the Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce to operate year round promoting business, economic development and tourism in Carleton Place & area. We are once again calling on you to help make this year’s tournament a success. A hole sponsorship or donation means that your business will get great exposure at the tournament as well as in the Thank You ad following the tournament. Thank You to those who have already so generously sponsored the tournament – Eagle Sponsors – The Canadian Gazette/Metroland Media, Tomahawk Technologies, TD Canada Trust and The EMC. To register, sponsor a hole or donate a prize, please contact Jackie Kavanagh at Chamber office 613-257-1976 or e-mail Liz Taylor at

Chamber Mixer to take place July 26th at Ballygiblin’s Our next networking event will take place on July 26th at Ballygiblin’s Restaurant from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Join us for this casual night of networking fun with other Chamber members. Bring your brochures for our networking table and your business cards to hand out to all of your new contacts. All those in attendance have a chance to be featured in our August newsletter that gets sent out to our membership and runs as part of the Chamber profile every month in the Canadian Gazette.

Community Events July 13th - Join us for Showtime at the Station. Our featured performer is Junkyard Symphony and tonight’s show is sponsored by Thomas Cavanagh Construction. Park opens at 6pm for fun and games. Show begins at 7pm. For more information contact the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce at 613-2571976. July 16 and 17 - Carleton Place Canoe Club Regatta. Come out and cheer for your favourite paddler. Canoe and kayak races, various age categories. Clubs from across Eastern Ontario will participate. War canoe makes an impressive finale. Info 613 257-1838 or

July 20th - Showtime at the Station featuring the magic of Chris Pilsworth. This night is sponsored by AL Car Sand and Gravel. Bring a picnic and join us in the park for a night of amazing illusions. Bring the whole family. For more information contact the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce at 613-2571976. July 21st - Flippin Art Night at Ballygiblin’s. See the art on the wall change (a.k.a. flip) form one local artist to another. Chat with the artists. Enjoy the ambience while enjoying free munchies. For more information Arts Carleton Place at 613 257-2031. July 30th - Annual Bridge Street Bazaar. Sponsored by the BIA, this unique shopping experience in downtown Carleton Place features entertainment, local artisans, local merchants, Kids Zone and lots of fun. Info at 613-257-8049 or

Business Profile

Join today! Call the Chamber office at 613-257-1976 to find out more!

Graham Beasley Triathlon, Duathlon and Heritage 5K and 10K. It was sunny skies at Centennial Park for the annual Graham Beasley Triathlon, Duathlon and Heritage 5K and 10K run on July 9th. Over 500 competitors hit the course to take part in the race, many from Carleton Place. The run would not have been possible without the support of our many volunteers from the Chamber and the Community.

Word Source Marion Taylor WordSource gives voice to your vision! A writer with over 20 years of project experience, Marion Taylor’s versatility is a distinct asset to her clients. Specializing in proposal writing, business profiles, newsletters, video scripts and procedural guidelines, Taylor’s skills bridge the gap between technical business writing and creative marketing copy. Over the years her proposals have brought about $200,000 to the local economy, with one client earning a $50,000 grant this past spring. Of late, she’s been experimenting with video – filming, scripting, sound & visual editing – and the results are promising. “While it’s a first effort, the videos have earned just under 300,000 views on YouTube, and YouTube invited me into their revenue sharing program,” she says. Taylor attributes a strong background in writing instructional material with the videos’ success. “I’ve written for agriculture, broadcasting, publishing, high tech, non-profit, legal and government agency sectors, and the principles of effective communication are the same across the board.” She takes particular joy in the creative side of her business, recently venturing into magazine copy. She is currently chief contributor to the newsletter for Farmers’ Markets Ontario, and writes business profiles and best practices for the agricultural sector. Proposal writing is another area where Taylor’s technical background serves clients well. “Understanding the technical requirements of an RFP, RFSO or grant application is an acquired analytic skill, but matching them to client strengths and showcasing those strengths is more of an art,” she claims. “And it’s always exciting to help a client earn hard-won dollars with a successful proposal: there’s nothing quite like it,” says Taylor, who benefits from the resulting referrals. For more information contact Marion at

Join Us The Chamber is always on the lookout for issues that could affect Carleton Place and District businesses and our community. The Chamber engages in dialogue with representatives at all levels of government. The Chamber provides information and feedback to help promote increased understanding of our member’s concerns. There are lots of other reasons to join as well. We offer... • Networking Opportunities • Member-to-Member Discount Program • Free Business Listings

• Marketing and Promotional Opportunities • Group Health Care Coverage • Community Involvement and Betterment • Discounted Training • Lobbying and Representation • Business Tools and Resources • Helps you to stay informed

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to help out at the run. See you next summer!

52 Things Enjoy Carleton Place to Your hearts content all summer long…. If you haven’t already done so drop into the Information Centre, Gallery & Gift Shop at 132 Coleman St and let us help you plan your summer staycation. With 52 exciting things to see and do in Carleton Place you don’t need to leave home to have a fun filled summer. The hearts suit is devoted to Arts and Culture in Carleton Place, local theatre, storytelling for kids, street festivals, art exhibitions, live music and books and films. The six of hearts card is the Carleton Place Library. Take advantage of the different programs for children and adults, borrow a book, cruise the internet or rent a movie. They also offer special programming this summer for kids. For more information call 613-257-2702 or

New Members The Granary 107 Bridge Street Proudly serving customers with quality bulk and natural alternatives since 1978. or call 613-257-5986, 107 Bridge Street Jill Walker, Massage Therapist With over 19 years experience, Jill Walker offers deep, therapeutic and specific massage in a tranquil setting. Contact Jill at 613-621-2056. LAKE 88 CHLK FM 88.1 Lake 88 serving Perth/Carleton Place and the surrounding area with a mix of local waves and soft hits. 613-264-8811 or Kicking Horse Media Kicking Horse Media is a web design and development company, owned and operated by Cathy Gordon. or 613-264-8811

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Canadian Gazette 613-257-1303 Proudly serving the communities of Carleton Place, Mississippi Mills and Beckwith since 1867

37 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


Rabbit Rescue needs your help for 103 rabbits ny to the family, this would be a great opportunity to foster a rabbit in need to see if a permanent home full of love is something you could offer. It’s a wonderful organization that is worthy of support. For more info: or call Pam from the ‘Don’t Litter’ Spay/Neuter Cat Rescue Program: 613-253-MEOW (6369).

On June 27 Rabbit Rescue assisted the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals by taking in 103 rabbits that were seized from a very bad situation. They are in desperate need of permanent and/or temporary homes to help with the influx of bunnies to their organization. As there are extensive medical bills along with this seizure, of course, donations (no matter how little) will go along way. If you have ever considered adding a bun-

Submitted photo


HERITAGE WAY REALTY BROKERAGE - Independently owned and operated

We specialize in SOLD signs Carleton Place 613-253-3175 • Almonte 613-256-5677 T








Sunday, July 17 • 2-4 p.m. Victorian home in Almonte. Riverview! 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. Updated wiring and furnace. Much more! $359,900 • mls# 797593

Sunday, July 17 • 1-3 p.m. Waterfront 2+2 bedroom. 2 fireplaces, walkout to hot tub and pool and shoreline. $436,900 • mls# 785441

Located in Munro Meadows. 4 bedrooms, loads of hardwood and tile, open concept. Vaulted ceilings in living room, finished lower level. $389,900 • mls# 799289

Waterfront on Mississippi Lake, Cookes Shore. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fireplace. Great boating. $469,900 • mls# 799736

3 bedroom split close to town on 1.45 acres. Unique layout, hardwood floors, huge family room with loads of windows. $289,900 • mls# 798883

Marly Burke

Jason Coleman

Jason Coleman

Gerry Coleman

Robin Ferrill












Delightful family home with private yard, oversized single garage, large living and family areas. $299,900 • mls# 799059

Grand professional home on treed lot highlighted with gardens and special features. $729,900 • mls# 788424

Great open concept bungalow steps from the park and river. All brick with full basement. $264,900 • mls# 798530

Enjoy wonderful sunsets from your totally updated waterfront home. 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. $424,900 • mls# 794473

Very nice waterfront home with sandy beach, large lot and a separate guest chalet. $379,900 • mls# 795803

Jason Coleman

Gerry Coleman

Jeff Wilson

John Coburn

John Coburn












4 bedroom, 2 bath split level on 80 acres. Open concept, vaulted ceilings and hardwood. Heated and insulated garage. $399,900 • mls# 798891

Adult lifestyle bungalow close to all amenities. Hardwood and tile floors. Open concept kitchen/eat rooms. Pick your colours. $319,900 • mls# 799621

Why rent when you can own this super solid home w/lots of upgrades. $209,900 • mls# 794177

Fantastic curb appeal for this spacious bungalow sitting high on a beautifully landscaped lot. $329,900 • mls# 794747

Robin Ferrill

Robin Ferrill

Jeff Wilson

John Coburn

Community Yard Sale

at Gardiner Shore Saturday, July 16 at 9 a.m. Rain date of Sunday, July 17. Go west on 10th Con. Beckwith right to the end. Lots of great items!!

Walter Renwick

Gerry Coleman

John Coburn

Rhonda Brunke

Marly Burke

Robin J. Ferrill

Jeff Wilson

Carolyn Renwick

Jason Coleman

Karen Duncan


Broker of Record


Sales Representative


Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Sales Representative






2 Wilson St. E., Perth

Great opportunity to own your business and still stay at home ‘Cooks Camp and café’ located on the Elphin/maberly Rd on the Mississippi River - campsites with drinking water, ele., Fire pits & picnic tables - 5 rental trailers, boat and canoe rentals - laundry & bathroom facilities for campers - cafe/coffee shop could be full restaurant - maintenance equipment, 200 amp service, truck with plough, 5500 watt back-up generator - two bedroom apartment, workshop & screened porch - call listing agents for more details. $439,000. Call Joanne Bennell 613-812-0505 or Barb Shepherd 613-326-1361

613-264-0123 1-800-552-7242 e-mail: PERTH IN TOWN



71 Wilson St. - $279,500 - Spacious home in historic Perth on beautiful oversized lot features 4 bedrooms, updated eat-in kitchen, dining room. Circular staircase ads to the charm of this lovely large family home. Main floor family room with rustic beams and cozy gas fireplace enters a large fenced well treed backyard with detached insulated garage with loft. Cathie McCabe, 613-284-6263 Julia Scotland, 613-390-0401

$169,000 - PARENTS OF ALGONQUIN STUDENTS TAKE NOTE: 5 br, 3 bath home plus basement rec room, laundry and second kitchen area, large living room and dining room with built-in cabinetry, updated kitchen, natural gas furnace plus fireplace, attached garage, house is bigger than it looks, quick closing available. MLS#769759. Oral Pretty, 613-264-0123

$329,000 - Built around 1890 this Tay Riverfront home is tastefully renovated and is situated in the core of heritage Perth-while retaining the character and charm of the period this home has had updates to plumbing, wiring, roof, windows with a newer hot water broiler installed summer 2010. Oversized riverfront lot. MLS® #: 092101003510400 Paul Martin, 613-264-0123



$264,500 - 12 Victoria St. - This beautiful 3 bedroom home has been upgraded & renovated throughout while maintaining its original character. Main level features large living room with stone fireplace, gorgeious kitchen, new rear entrance to back yard with a convenient 2-pc bathroom, 2nd level features 3 bedrooms and an office/nursery. No carpet! Hardwood and ceramic throughout. Partial list of upgrades within the past 4 years include custom kitchen, all new windows, new vinyl siding – central air, hot water heater, furnace and oil tank 10 years old. Fenced child-safe rear yard with garden shed. MLS # 797946 Andrew Rivington 613-812-3280

BUNGALOW ON DUFFERIN RD. EDGE OF TOWN - $196,500 - Just a great 3 Bedroom bungalow on a country sized lot. Super sunporch for summer relaxing off the dining area, 1.5 baths, lots of light. Oversize single garage. Enjoy lower taxes in a lovely neighbourhood almost in town. MLS # 792485 Call Barbara Shepherd cell – 613 326-1361


11 Moran Road – Square Log Charmer! 2 roomy bedrooms, open concept living/dining/kitchen for relaxed entertaining – breakfast and or wine bar in the island. Comfy and spacious family room on the lower level with cosy woodstove. Private country setting close to town. Gorgeous! $219,900. Call Barbara Shepherd, cell – 613 326-1361



610 West Point - Dr. $339,000 - Nature and the Rideau at your back door this custom built home offers fantastic scenery while situated in a desirable sub-division. 3 br, 2 1|2 baths bright and spacious with vaulted ceilings and warm oak kitchen, bright part finished basement for entertaining or the kids to play. Water access without waterfront taxes! Cathie McCabe/Julia Scotland, 613-264-0123

Renovated bungalow on quiet Sherbrooke St. $169,000 - 100 Sherbrooke St. Renovated 2 bedroom bungalow with carport and detached garage! Private yard, new kitchen, new bath, etc! MLS# 796184 Call Barbara Shepherd • cell - 613 326-1361.




$314,900 - Terrific 5-year-old family home shows like new, 3 br, 2 bath, main-floor laundry, hardwood floors throughout, propane fireplace, large master br with ensuite and walk-in closet, double attached garage, central air, highspeed, 2 acre lot, move in condition. MLS#778246. Oral Pretty, 613-264-0123

$319,000 - 620 Anglican Church Rd. 50 Acres of peaceful living on this hobby farm with picturesque laneway crossing creek, leading to large 4 bedroom home, uniquely mixing old and new. Evidence of stacked log adds rustic charm combined with the large bright addtition that lets the sunshine in! A separate cottage/studio offers a perfect place to set up a home business, craft area or In-law suite. Become self sufficient with chicken coop, 3 greenhouses. Propane and wood fireplace, auxiliary outdoor wood furnace with radiant hot water baseboards. Screened side porch overlooks pool and neighbouring hillside. Cathie McCabe, 613-284-6263 • Julia Scotland, 613-390-0401

BURGESSWOOD ESTATES – LIGHT AND BRIGHT open and spacious 5 bedroom home - 2 on upper level, 3 on lower walkout level along with full bath and family room - on a pretty 2.81 acre lot in this wonderful community only 1015 minutes to Perth. Separate dining room or another bedroom on upper level. Many updates. 200 acres of recreational land and 4000 feet of gorgeous waterfront for residents. $328,900. MLS# 786557 Call Barbara Shepherd, cell: 613-326-1361




$259,000 - 3185 DRUMMOND CONC. 7 (1 KM OFF HWY. 511) - lots of living space-every rm in this 4+ bedrm 4 level split. Sunfilled & spacious. Super location just minutes from Pperth on paved road. Perfect family home or take the bright lower level & utilize it for an in-law suite with its own entrance. 2 Sided firepl between kitchen & living rm, formal din rm, updated flooring, country sized eat-in kitchen with cherry cabinets & access to rear deck & backyard. 3 Upper bedrms are big & have lge closets, main bath was totally renovated, houses laundry facilities, stone firepl in lower level l-shaped fam rm, office, bedrm, 3 pce bath & extra room as well, lowest level has high ceilings & built-in shelves for great storage plus access in from dble insulated & heated garage. Fenced backyard, paved driveway, + separate single garage. MLS# 091991903001001. Sheri, 613-812-1215

$266,000 6071 HWY. 43 JUST PAST FOSTER SIDE RD.) - Absolutely fantastic home for you & your family, extremely well maintained & cared for by the current owners, 4 bedrm is ideal for an active family, features: master bedrm with juliet balcony, built-in cabinets & cupbds & gorgeous ensuite bath, lovely hardwood floors & ceramic in many of the rms\, golden oak cabinets, newer counter top & an efficient 5 foot island/breakfast counter in the spacious kit. Newer bay window in the bright liv rm. Separate formal dining rm with terrace door to rear deck, pickwick pine & a lovely corner gas firepl. Highlight the cozy lower level family room-separate den/office, bright laundry & storage area plus a large utility/storage room-double attached garage is insulated & drywalled-gorgeous inground pool & concrete patio. Gas heat and hot water!! MLS# 091990801556350. Sheri, 613-812-1215

$239,000 - 223 5th Line of Kitley, near Toledo - recently renovated, new flooring throughout, 2 new baths, new counter top & sink in kitchen, freshly painted, new fixtures & fans throughout, new dishwasher, newer wood/electric furnace, roofing & water softener - sunken living room, large kitchen/dining area and main floor sun room - 3 +1 bedrms, master bedrom has 3 piece ensuite and 4 piece bath on main level - lower level has family room, bedrm / den, tool room - and lots of storage. Call Joanne at 613-812-0505





NEW PRICE $435,000 - Perfect Big Rideau setting, sandy frontage, level lot, million-dollar sunsets. The 76x224 foot lot has a well appointed 2 bedroom bungalow featuring a covered verandah overlooking the lake - newer family room addition. Paul Martin, 613-264-0123

$289,000 - Excellent cottage getaway hidden from road offers endless summer fun with sandy beach for the kids long dock and swimming raft. Carefree perennial gardens offer a private setting with 3 bedroom cottage nestled perfectly on pretty lot. Large deck faces spring fed Otter Lake, perfect to sit and relax while you watch the kids play or listen to the loons call. 4 pc bath, side sun room, paved carport!! Cathie McCabe, 613-284-6263 Julia Scotland, 613-390-0401

691 Christie Lake North Shore Rd. - Privacy, 140 feet of wonderful waterfront, low maintenance year-round, plus approx. 18x30 boathouse with rooms for bedroom and bed/sitting for guests or the kids. So many extras - efficiency plus - heat pump and masonry fireplace; garage and workshop; boat ramp; automatic generator, etc. Glorious waterside glassed and screened room for relaxing and entertaining. $309,000. MLS# 091191601012500 Call Barbara Shepherd Cell – 613 326-1361

$125,000 - Cute home in Lanark Highlands, nice one-acre lot, 2 br plus extra room on second level, bright renovated ktichen, refinished hardwood floors, cozy woodstove in sunroom, 2 storage buildings. MLS#799632. Oral Pretty, 613-264-0123

* Sales Representative

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*** Broker of Record



Over 114 acres on Pike Lake with 2 waterfront lots on the southwest shore - acreage has mixed vegetation of oak, maple, pine & cedar, several beaver floods & ponds - both waterfront lots are hard at shoreline, one lot is high off the water - excellent recreational property - access via Pike Lake Route 16. Call Joanne 613-812-0505

10.54 ACRES VACANT LAND SOUTH OF OMPAH ON 509 – Great recreational land, lakes nearby, K&P Trail, hydro at road. $29,900. Call Barbara Shepherd cell – 613 326-1361


July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette



Sunday, July 17 • 1-3 p.m. Hwy. #511 north of Hopetown, turn left on South Lavant Rd., then 2 miles to property on left. - $385,000 - Hobby farm on 50 acres, totally renovated century old farmhouse, formal dining room and living room with hardwood flooring, 4 br, 3 bath, extra large master with ensuite, large deck and expansive lawns and gardens, oversized 2-car garage with insulated workshop, log barns and many outbuildings. MLS#794378. Host: Oral Pretty, 613-264-0123

1-800-552-7242 e-mail: OPEN HOUSE




SATURDAY, JULY 16 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.. Reduced $239,000 765 CHRISTIE LAKE RD. - Neat & tidy, located only a couple of minutes from Perth, this is an ideal location to live. 3+1 Bedrm home is in great condition with lots of features to make it a perfect home for your family. Park like setting provides lots of room for kids to play, great dble det. Garage with wood storage area at back & paved drive. Inside has been well cared for with spacious eat in kitchen with patio door & side door entrance in from driveway. Spacious living rm with lge picture window & newer berber carpeting. 3 Good sized bedrms & 4 pce bath on the main level. Lower level is bright with a warming woodstove & 2 windows in the family room, 3 pce. Bath, 4th bedrm, office/den area plus great storage. Shingles 2010, central vac, 200 amp with 100 amp to garage. Directions: just east of Glen Tay. MLS# 091191601512901 Sheri, 613-812-1215

SATURDAY, JULY 16 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.. $244,000 - 394 KENYON RD. What a lovely setting, sits up on a little knoll with beautiful 6.84 Acre grounds & wooded area surrounding it. Excellent access on paved road only 10 minutes to Perth. This 1536 sq ft log bungalow has seen many updates & renovations completed in the past few years. Very bright & cheery interior with the log walls exposed, new flooring throughout most of both levels. Beautiful fieldstone firepl. With pine mantle highlights the spacious liv rm. Country sized eat-in kitchen has loads of counter & cupboard space & has a new counter top & built-in dishwasher - main level laundry, 2 bedrms & 4 pce bath finish off the main level. Lower level is mostly finished including fam rm with exterior access, bedroom & recreation room (could be 4th bedroom) - 24x24 det gar. + sep. att. garage, gazebo, studio & greenhouse. Directions: Scotch Line to Otty Lk North Shore Rd. Follow to Kenyon Rd. MLS # 091191101021304. Sheri, 613-812-1215

SUNDAY, JULY 17 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. 374 WATSON’S CORNERS RD. - $264,900 The setting is gorgeous. Lovely, open concept 15 yr old cedar sided bungalow sitting on 5 ac will surprise you. Lots of updates & care have gone into this home & property over the past few years. Features include hardwd flooring & vaulted ceiling in the liv rm, open kitchen/dining area with oak cabinets & patio door to rear 2 level decking, master bedrm has patio door to 12x16 ft 3 season sunrm, corner jacuzzi tub, dble sinks & oversized shower in main bath, lower level has been totally renovated & includes l-shaped fam rm, 3rd bedrm, bath/laundry & big workshop/utility area with covered stair access from outside. Underground dog fence, new shingles & window wells, dble det garage, perennial gardens & small fish pond. Directions: Watsons’ Corners Rd at Dalhousie Conc. 6. MLS# 094000202528510. Sheri, 613-812-1215

$379,900 - Beautiful custom quality built energy efficient home - the design & construction reflect the care & efficiency in which this home was built. Hardwood floor and ceramic throughout. This 3 bedroom, 2.5 Bath home has finished lower level, attached insulated 2 car garage, gorgeous perennial beds and landscaping. This home has all the construction extra’s you would include if you were building it for yourself. MLS® #: 92103007513402 Paul Martin, 613-264-0123




CHRISTIE LAKE SOUTH SHORE – 192 FEET OF PRIVATE WATERFRONT – sandy beach area, contemporary wood and stone structure blends with nature. 3 bedrooms, 2 .5 baths, lower level walkout family room, decks, open concept kitchen/dining/great room – soaring ceilings. Wow! $488,000. Call Barbara Shepherd Cell – 613 326-1361 NEW LISTING - 100 ACRES

$179,000 1741 DALHOUSIE CONC. 8 - Unbelievable recreational property or weekend retreat. Located in lanark highlands close to Purdon’s Conservation Area, Dalhousie & Patterson Lakes. Very private location set approx. 1.2 km off main road. Building sits on knoll allowing gorgeous view over wetland area, lots of wildlife, great for hunting, trails through mixed and hardwood bush. Updates include new shingles, installing drywall, poured concrete basement floor, framing in garage with doors. Rooms are large, sunken living rm with woodstove, family rm on main level, upper level suite with kitchenette & 4 pc bath, well and septic installed. MLS# 094000303006900 Sheri, 613-812-1215


101 Sherbrooke St. at the corner of Halton – 3 bedrooms, plus den or office. Open concept kitchen/dining – with room for sitting area by the bay window. Double car garage, finished family room on lower level with gas fireplace. $219,000 Call Barbara Shepherd, Cell – 613 326-1361 Call Barbara Shepherd • cell – 613 326-1361

Bob Ferguson • 613-812-8871

Bob Ferguson • 613-812-8871

Paul Martin, 613-264-0123

$209,000 - 109 COUNTY RD. 8, BELLAMY LAKE - Nature lovers paradise, your own little piece of heaven on Bellamy Lake. Almost 1000 feet of frontage & treed 2.95 Acre property allows for ultimate peace, quiet & privacy. Walk through trails to put your canoe or kayak in this quiet lake. 2 Storey wood sided home fits right into the setting, open concept living, dining & kitchen area with vaulted ceiling & open to the 4 season sunrm & dec. 2 Bedrms & full bath on main level, lge master on 2nd fl. Wett compliant woodstove heats the house with electric heat for backup. Full unfinished, walkout basement has big windows & laundry hookups, tremendous finishing potential. Wood storage building & shed/kennel/chicken coop on property. Buy it now & enjoy the balance of the summer season! Just west of Toledo. MLS# 080182403407707. Sheri, 613-812-1215


$219,000 - Small but fully equipped 2 bedroom home on the river portion of Pike Lake. Concrete foundation with framed 2 level house. Completely renovated main level offers custom kitchen with open living/ dining area plus large 4 piece bath/laundry. 2 Bedrooms and storage/den/rec room (finished) on the lower level as well as large utility area. Large shed for outdoor storage is included. Nicely landscaped with great patio area. Dock is in, just a small boat ride to the big water! MLS# 799441

MLS® #: 091191101556800



$211,900 - Recently renovated 2 bedroom open concept home in a quiet area of town, a block away from last duel park. 2008 New flooring throughout home, new colonial doors & trim, freshly painted, extra insulation in attic. 2009 - High efficiency gas furnace & central air. Newer windows, light fixtures & ceiling fans. New berber carpet downstairs in family room. Oversized single car garage with electric garage door opener & second garage door to access private yard and 2storey workshop / studio with hydro.

$224,900 - Great affordable 4 bedroom cottage on beautiful Pike Lake - excellent sandy frontage perfect for a young family - great view from the dock right up the lake - cottage is insulated & serviced by drilled well, septic system and cozy woodstove plus a recently installed propane wall furnace.


Lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, energy efficient brick bungalow in beautiful Perth. Finished basement with kitchenette (great craft area) and full bathroom. Features include: vinyl clad windows and garden doors, instant hot water, natural gas furnace, nicely updated bathroom and spacious eat-in kitchen. Very clean and well maintained. Great lot, great street. $219,000. Your local “A” Team, Christian Allan & Norene Allan 613-207-0834, 613-812-0407


$274,500 - SCHOOL’S OUT ... Time to make your move to the south shore of beautiful Pike Lake. 86 feet of pristine shoreline at your doorstep with great swimming, fishing and boating. Level along shore, pretty lot with mature trees and quite private. Curl up on cool nights by the woodstove while enjoying the beautiful view. Cottage living made convenient with full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 3-piece and main level 2-pc bath with laundry, septic system, large bedrooms, lakeside decking and patio and good sized shed. Andrew Rivington 613-812-3280 NEW LISTING - WATERFRONT


$227,500 - Welcome to the beach! Beautiful sandy shoreline and a great view of Dalhousie Lake. Great family cottage with rustic half log exterior & bright pine interior offers 3 bedrooms and even a family room with stone fireplace to complement the kitchen/ dining/living area - 3 piece bath, septic system and lake water pressure intake - cottage is just a few steps away from the shore so it’s prefect for the young and old alike! MLS# 799081 Bob Ferguson • 613-812-8871

$139,000 - 20 Mins. Northwest, Mcdonalds Corners. Great starter home or for those downsizing. Recent upgrades include propane forced air furnaced, flooring, bathroom, some drywall & paint. Master bedroom has a large walk-in closet. Hot tub on back deck off a nice sun-porch. 20` X 16` detached garage / workshop has woodstove & power. MLS#798774 Bob Ferguson • 613-812-8871



4 Queen St., Portland - Pretty Town of Porland-on-th-Rideau. 3 br brick bungalow close to docking on Big Rideau Lake. This home is set amidst perennial gardens and mature trees. Separate heated workshop 20x16 with upstairs loft. Four season sunroom with fireplace. $189,000! MLS# 799237 Call Cathie McCabe, 613-284-6263

$494,500 - Lakeside living on Beautiful South Shore Otty Lake - enjoy the gorgeous sunsets from your choice of multi-level decks - 5 year old walkout bungalow within steps of the lake - excellent shoreline, rock pebble/sandy base, good depth at dock - great boating, swimming & fishing - features of the home include cathedral ceiling in living room, open maple kitchen with direct access to large deck, 3+2 bedrooms, 3 full baths, beautiful clawfoot tub & stained glass window in main bath, main level laundry, covered porch at front entrance - developed lower level with separate entry, ideal for family gatherins or potential granny suite - plenty of storage space - cute bunkie with power and view of the lake - township maintained year round road access, within 10 minutes of Perth & one hour to Ottawa. MLS# 799663. Andrew Rivington 613-812-3280

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SUNDAY, JULY 17 1 - 2 p.m. PORT ELMSLEY HOME PARK ,687 PORT ELMSLEY ROAD, (33 LAKE DRIVE) You would never guess you are walking into a modular home when you step through the front door of this 1120 sq ft, fabulous 3 bedrm 16’ x 70’ bung. Gorgeous interior including golden oak type cabinets with lots of room for your dining table, vaulted ceiling adds to the spaciousness of the kitchen, dining & living rm area, master bedrm has lge closet & 4 pce ensuite bath, the other 2 bedrms are located at the other end with their own 4 pce bath. Spacious foyer with dble closet, main level laundry with upper cabinets, central air, 4 new appliances included, 8x12 workshop building, 2 new decks, all new vinyl thermopane windows, shingles approx. 6 Yrs old, beautifully landscaping including trees, shrubs & raised flower beds. MLS# 201150838. Sheri, 613-812-1215

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

2 Wilson St. E., Perth


Health Unit encourages tobacco-free recreation

# LS 1 M 961 79 # LS 1 M 907 79 # LS 7 M 456 79

Photo by Brier Dodge

# LS 2 M 9 29 78

Robert Parent finishes the sprint tri event of the Graham Beasley triathalon on Sunday in Carleton Place, with a cigarette in his mouth. The health unit wants to discourage smoking, though they would approve of the triathon’s cardiovascular benefit.

OPEN HOUSE: JULY 17TH, 1-4 PM $270,000. 179 Beck Shore Rd, Mississippi Lake. West facing. shallow shoreline, NO Weeds. 20ft deeded lake access, 3 bdrm + den, 1 bath, 150 x 120ft lot, Large Double Garage, perennial flower beds, sprinkler system. Open Concept, Many windows. Decks. Steel roof. Land Lease $2160/yr until 2020. Call Grant Scharf today! 613-323-4862.

NEW LISTING $615,000. Prestigious Wolfe Lake, near Westport. Completely private 295ft x 2.6 acre property. Dramatic and modern 3 bdrms + loft, 3 bth Viceroy home w/ walkout basement and Southern exposure. Deck & balcony overlooking lake, volleyball court, 3 car garage, 6ft wide ATV/ walking path to weedless, rocky WF, sweeping lake views. Janice Hastie-Waugh 613-283-5435.

NEW LISTING $375,000. 123 Oak Shores Cres, Bob’s Lake. Year round home. 3 bdrms, 2 bths, Jet tub. Lots of Natural light. Deep waterfront, rocky shore. Great swimming, fishing. Garage. Entertaining size deck. Landscaped yard, perennials. Living room windows on 3 sides. Large lower level sunroom lake side. Call Grant Scharf today! 613-323-4862.

Algonquin College Theatre Arts Program GRADUATED WITH HONOURS Congratulations and best of luck in all your future endeavours! We’re so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Zach & Jen

$599,000. Gorgeous Log Home on Bob’s Lake. Located on a Peninsula property boasts WF on both sides w/ 300ft frontage. Clear, deep swimming + shallow, sandy entrance on other side. Many custom details. Master bdrm w/ 2-way FP to living rm, ensuite w/ laundry. Upper level balconies. Enclosed screen porch, deck w/hot tub. Sweeping lake views. Janice Hastie-Waugh 613-283-5435

$459,900. Established 1.5 storey Stone B&B overlooking Sharbot Lake. Very bright and sunny house w/4 guest bdrms with lake views, 3 w/ensuites. Games room. Separate owners suite w/privacy & sauna. Large gourmet kitchen. Living room with field stone FP. Spacious dining rm. New roof & furnace to be installed before closing. Janice Hastie-Waugh 613-283-5435

Coldwell Banker Rideau Heartland Realty Ltd.

An Independently Owned and Operated Member Broker of Coldwell Banker Affiliates of Canada


613-283-7788 ext. 27


$365,000. 213 577 Little Crosby Lake Rd, Crosby Lake. 9 year old year round home 3bdr+1 bth close to waters edge. West facing, Gorgeous Sunsets, Marvelous Shallow, Sandy Waterfront. Flat, mature treed lot, 130ft frontage. Full unfinished basement, Well and Septic. All Appliances and most furnishings included. Bunkie and garage/storage shed. Call Grant Scharf today! 613-323-4862.


# LS 6 M 820 79

Saturday, July 16 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. 10 Armstrong Dr., Unit 305

Saturday, July 16 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. 5 Florence Street

MLS® #787352 • $165,500

MLS® #788936 • $249,900


OPEN HOUSE # LS 3 M 661 79

Saturday, July 16 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. 54 First Street

MLS® #794052 • $137,900.

MLS® #795108 • $174,500.



# LS 2 M 131 79

Saturday, July 16 2 - 3 p.m. 59 Abel Street

$259,900. Century old farmhouse w/ 16ft x 35ft addition, charming & updated. Kitchen, dining, bthrm, laundry rm w/basement in add. Old portion has been refinished. New septic. Furnace & oil tank. Double car garage w/loft. Log barn circa 1850’s solid & dry, fenced pasture. Lilacs, asparagus, rhubarb, apple trees. Beautiful views of rolling pasture! Vicki Behn-Belland 613-257-8856.

Sunday, July 17 2-3 p.m. 30 Kelly’s Road, Lombardy

MLS® # 793211 • $259,000

MLS®#797555 • $219,000

# LS 5 M 568 79

Sunday, July 17 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. 170 Bay Road

Sara Warren Gary & Nancy Warren are pleased and proud to announce the graduation of their daughter from Nipissing University with a B.A.Honours degree in Psychology. Sara is continuing her education at Nipissing towards her Bachelor of Education. Love, Dad, Mom, Scott & Grandma Trombley


Sales Representative***

# LS 46 M 59 79

Lisa Brennan-Trudel

$229,900. Affordable waterfront, year round cottage w/100ft frontage on the Clyde River, near Lanark Village. A great place to relax and enjoy nature. Open concept living area w/ huge windows & view. Brand new cedar siding and deck. New full walkout basement (2009). Shallow, gradual waterfront, good swimming! Janice Hastie-Waugh 613-283-5435.

$169,000. Lot 43, Goode Island, Bob’s Lake. 100ft west facing, marvelous waterfront. Gorgeous Sunsets. 3bdr+1 bth cottage, boat access only, treed lot with excellent deep waterfront and no weeds. Deck overlooking Lake. Woodstove. Lake fed water and septic. Storage shed. Most furnishing included. Only a very short boat trip from the marina, in the NoWake zone. Call Grant Scharf today! 613-323-4862.

$45,000. A beautiful view of Calabogie Lake and Calabogie Ski Hill atop of this lovely lot, what better place for a year round home or cottage! Deeded access to Calabogie Lake. Vicki Behn-Belland 613-257-8856.

Lauren Brierley Perth & District Collegiate Institute Ontario Scholar - June 29, 2011 Congratulations, Lauren, on your Grade 12 graduation! Good luck, as you further your education at Dalhousie University! Your future is bright. Continue to follow your dreams. Love, Your proud parents.



23 Beckwith St. N., Suite 203, Smiths Falls, ON, K7A 2B2

MORE INFO For more information on making sports organizations or municipal fields smoke-free or for support with implementation of a smoke-free outdoor policy, contact

Matthew Peter Beaubien


# LS 5 M 814 79

The Champlain Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Network has released its 2011 Atlas of Cardiovascular Health, and with it comes a reminder that the case for tobacco control cannot be restated often enough. It is well known that unhealthy lifestyle habits begin at a young age in the home and at school. In a survey of participants from Eastern Ontario’s Champlain Region who smoked, the overwhelming majority (85.5%) began smoking between the ages of 11 and 20 years of age (Champlain Community Heart Health Data [CCHHS], 2011). In Leeds, Grenville & Lanark, 37.5% of the general population started smoking between the ages of 5 and 14 years – above both the provincial and national average of 33.7% and 36.9% (Canadian Community Health Survey, 200708). Achieving widespread success in youth tobacco control requires a change in the surrounding environmental conditions. Offering opportunities for physical activity and play free from second-hand smoke exposure is a prime example of a favourable condition for which the community must strive. Tobacco-free sports and recreation discourages youth from smoking, protects people from second-hand smoke exposure, supports those who are trying to quit, and promotes tobaccofree living while giving people a chance to perform at their best. With summer upon us, it’s a great time for coaches, parents and organizations to encourage healthy behaviours by discouraging the use of tobacco products and reducing exposure to secondhand smoke. “With adults acting as role models for our children and teens, any action that prevents exposure or clearly supports non-use of tobacco products is a step in the right direction,” says Paula Stewart, Medical Officer of Health for the Health Unit. “With 27.6% of the LG&L population self identifying as daily smokers (RRFSS, 2010), our youth are exposed to tobacco on a regular basis. “A recreation area free from tobacco products and exposure to second-hand smoke would ensure everyone enjoys the full health benefits of physical activity and play.”



July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


41 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

Mom always had a special bond and adoration for animals. With tremendous love and pride, we celebrate Laura Anne’s graduation with honours as a Veterinary Technician Assistant. Congratulations to the brightest mom, you’re a shining inspiration! Krystal, Amber & Jayde



Jaclyn Drynan

Notre Dame Catholic High School

Congratulations to Jaclyn who received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Ottawa, June 14, 2011. Jaclyn is presently working as an R.N. in the I.C.U. department of the Queensway-Carleton Hospital. We wish you much success and a long and rewarding career. Love, Mom & Jordan

Best of luck at Ottawa University in Aboriginal Studies. We are so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Dalton.


Devon Sicard

Tatyana Flick



Maxine & Rick Topping are proud to announce the graduation of their son, Andrew, June 15, 2011, from McMaster University. Andrew graduated with Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Summa Cum Laude). He has accepted a position with Deloitte Accounting Firm in Burlington.

Jamie Allan

Scott Ferguson

Laura Ellis-Legault

Congratulations Tatyana on graduating from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Science (Highest Honours) in Biology.We are very proud of your accomplishments and wish you continued success in your studies at Iowa State University.

Congratulations to Scott Ferguson on receiving his Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering at University of California Santa Barbara, June 12, 2011.

Holy Name of Mary School

With love Dad, Mom & the whole family.

Love, Mom, Dad, Melissa, Adam & Alison

We are so proud of you!

Laura graduated from Grade 8 with High Honours and received the Academic Achievement Award in English and the School Council Citizenship Award. Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad, Brian, Paul & Grandma


Laura Anne Blanchette




Andrew Rick Topping

Ontario Scholar Jaime graduated from Grade 12 at P&DCI on June 29, 2011. She will be continuing her studies at Queen’s University, Kingston, in nursing. Congratulations Jaime! Love, Mom, Dad, Steven & Laura, Grandma & Grandpa

Wayne and Sandra Nicholson are pleased to announce their daughter, Lyndsey, completed her B.A. in Linguistics at Carleton University, receiving a Senate Academic Award. Lyndsey is the eldest granddaughter of John and Ann Hamilton, Carleton Place and Donald and Doreen Nicholson, P.E.I.

Jim & Sharon are proud to announce the graduation of their daughter from St. Lawrence College. Jamie received her diploma from the Community & Justices Services Program. Jamie is currently employed with Terrace Youth Residential Services. Love, Mom, Dad & Tony.


Evan H. Barr Congratulations on receiving your Honours B.A., Bachelor of Education and Geomatics Certification from Nipissing University on June 9, 2011. Evan plans to pursue a teaching career and Masters of Educational Technology. Love, Grandma, Carrie, Laura, Emily, Mom & Dad.


Carrie-Ann Barr Congratulations on receiving your Honours B.A. in Psychology and Linguistics from Queen’s University on June 6, 2011. Carrie will attend University of Toronto in September to pursue a career in Speech-Language Pathology. Love, Grandma, Evan, Emily, Laura Mom & Dad.

Kari & Norm Clarke are proud to announce the graduation of their daughter from Carleton Place High School. Katie will be pursuing a degree in Political Science and Psychology at Mount Allison University. Congratulations, Katie! Love, Mom, Dad & Kristian.




June 12, 2011 Gord and Tracy Palmer, along with Mitchell, are extremely proud to announce the graduation of Amanda from the University of Ottawa with Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences in International Development and Globalization (Co-op) Magna Cum Laude

Lyndsey Nicholson

Jaime Lyn Gardiner

Katie Clarke


Amanda Rose Palmer

Canadian Gazette - July 14, 2011



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$183,900. Semi-detached in Carleton Place. Private house, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom. With the new construction of #7 Highway, this beautiful, bright and spacious 2-3 home makes a very easy commute to Ottawa in just 30 minutes. The property has been totally renovated and boasts a large, fully fenced private backyard. This home is located at 392 Joseph St. in Carleton Place, seconds from schools, shops and all amenities. This is a must see for any first-time buyer or retiree. Go to WWW. and enter Sign # 159326. $183,900. 613-2574659.

FIREWOOD FOR SALE, $80/cord for nibbins. Also 16” and 14” available. Bulk orders discounted. Call $62,000 buys solid for details. 613-257- 3,000 sq. ft. five bed5095. room country building. Commercial retail area. GERRY BLAIR & SON Easy commute/Perth. Firewood, all hard- Low-interest seller fiwood. Cut, split and de- nancing. Gerry Hudlivered. 613-259- son, 613-449-1668, 2723. Sales Representative, Town & Country Realty Ltd. Brokerage, 613MIXED 273-5000. HARDWOOD 8’ lengths, excellent quality, by the tanINDUSTRIAL dem load. We also COMMERCIAL SPACE purchase standing timber and hard or soft pulp wood; land STITTSVILLE VILLAGE and lot clearing, tree PLAZA, 950 sq. ft., trimming, and out- available immediately. door furnace wood Very busy location with available. Call 613- various existing businesses. Fred, 613-820432-2286. 1250 or 613-2278811. HUNTING

HUNTER SAFETY Canadian Firearms Course. Courses and exams held throughout the year. Free course if you organize a group; exams available. Wenda Cochran, 613-2562409.


3 BEDROOM, 2 BATH, garage, single family home (Carleton Place). Near park, schools and downtown. Nice yard. $1,100/month. Call Bill, 613-223-0798.

NEWLY RENOVATED SPLIT LEVEL TOWNHOME, downtown Carleton Place. 2 bedroom + den, 5 appliances. $1,060/month plus utilities. No pets, no smoking. Application, references and first/last months’ rent required. Available July 18 or Aug. 1. 613253-3534. APARTMENTS FOR RENT

2 BEDROOM APARTMENT in Almonte, excellent condition, very clean. Big living room. Available immediately. Call Steve, 613-2350105, 613-7909001 (cell). DOWNTOWN ALMONTE: 2 bedroom apartment, 4 appliances, central air, parking, suitable for mature nonsmoking, no pets. First and last with references. $800/month plus utilities. 613-256-3324. LARGE 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT, Carleton Place. Newly renovated, centrally located, private entrance, small balcony, no pets, references. Available September 1. 613257-5173.


Private, modern, fully equipped cottage for rent on Leggatt Lake, 40 minutes west of Perth. $625 weekly. Call 613335-2658 for details.

• Sweet corn soon • Strawberries

Secure 50’s Plus Building Carleton Place No Smoking No Pets $685 & up

CedarHill Berry Farm

Pakenham 613-256-3029 Pick your own & SAVE or visit our stands: Almonte Francis Fuels - Get Go Perth new Ultramar - Hwy 7 Renfrew Home Hardware on O’Brien Smiths Falls at Pizza Hut/Subway Carleton Place Canadian Wool Growers

Seniors’ Discounts

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HOCKEY SCHOOL For those with super will power,


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MEN’S 10K GOLD RING found with diamond chip, has an initial on it plus a woman’s name on the inside. Found in the river by the bridge in Carleton Place. To NEWLY RENOVATED claim, call and describe. 2 bedroom upstairs 613-253-7863. apartment, downtown Arnprior. Washer/ MUSIC, DANCE dryer in unit, INSTRUCTIONS secure building with intercom, parking spot, heat and hydro extra, WORLD-CLASS DRUM$750 month, first/last. MER (of Five Man Electrical Band) is now ac613-302-1669. cepting students. Private lessons, limited enUPPER-LEVEL 2 BED- rolment, free consultaROOM + den, balcony tion. Call Steve, 613overlooking river. Quiet 831-5029. www.steve adult-only building. In- unit laundry. $950/month plus utilities. 613-257COURSES 7041.

1&2 bedroom apartments

MARIAM’S DAYCARE located on Corkery Woods Carp/Almonte area. Spaces available Aug. 1. Warm meals, references, all ages welcome. 613-7915795 or mariamsdaycare@


ESCAPE THE CITY by IT. MORTGAGES FIND going to an Ontario re& LOANS IT. sort. Enter to win a $300 Resorts of Ontario gift certificate at A DEBT SOLUTION. w w w. r e s o r t s o f o n t a MONEY FOR ANY PURPOSE! DEBT SOLIDATION. First, secSERVICES ond and third mortgages, credit lines and LOST & FOUND loans up to 90% LTV. CERTIFIED MASON Self-employed, mort- 10 years’ experigage or tax arrears. CUSHION FOR PATIO DON’T PAY FOR 1 YEAR ence, chimney reSET (new), found Sun- PROGRAM! #10171 pair and restoration, cultured stone, parging, day, July 3 on Lake ONTARIO-WIDE FIPark Road., Carleton NANCIAL CORP. CALL repointing. Brick, block Place. Call 613-257- 1 - 8 8 8 - 3 0 7 - 7 7 9 9 . and stone. Small/big job specialist. Free esti1016. www.ontario-widefinan mates. Work teed. 613-250-0290. GIRL’S RING, approximate size 4, found in front of Bud’s Taxi. Claim at the Canadian VACATION PROPERTIES Gazette, 53 Bridge Street, Carleton Place.

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Raspberries -








Every Saturday July 2nd – Aug. 27th 12:00 - 3:00 pm in Arnprior

Don Dennaught 613-623-4439 Chris Finnerty 613-294-7237


EXPERIENCED CHILDCARE provider, 21 years, has full/part time spaces, Sarah Street, Carleton Place. Fenced yard, central air. Block to St. Mary’s/Caldwell Schools. Heather, 613253-1784.


Concrete repair and restoration. Concrete slabs, pads, walkways, patios, garage floors. Interlock stone repair. We are the small job specialist. Residential and commercial. Free estimates, fully insured. Moniz cement and tile finishing. 613-2000100.


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Voyageur Colonial Reunion Saturday July 16, 2011 in Crosby (Portland) Ontario. Potluck For Information call Glen - 613-272-2525 after 7pm or email


Painting by Brent Reid

Satisfaction Guaranteed For more information Visit:

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613.227.4335 CL22092


Job Posting Job Title: Permanent Full-Time District Service Representative Department: Circulation Department Location: Ottawa Job Summary: This is a challenging role that requires an enthusiastic and energetic individual who is a self starter with strong communication, organizational, computer and problem solving skills. Experience is not necessary as on-the-job training will be provided for the right candidate. Position Accountabilities: • A flair for dealing with customers in a patient and understanding manner • Excellent verbal & written communication skills • Detail oriented and highly organized • Ability to handle multiple demands and prioritize tasks • Address timely concerns in a timely and professional manner. • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint • Valid driver’s license and ability to provide his /her transportation • Previous customer experience an asset • Bilingualism in English and French an asset Competencies, Competencies: Action oriented, Drive for Results, Composure, Customer Focus, Creativity, Learning on the Fly, Time Management • Excellent attention to detail • Ability to build and develop effective relationships within the team and with carriers • Strong communication skills • Exceptional customer service skills • Solid organizational skills and time management skills with the ability to multi-task • Ability to work in a fast-paced, dead-line oriented environment What we can offer: • We offer competitive compensation package including mileage allowance • Comprehensive benefits package • We offer rewarding opportunities for development and advancement Interested and qualified candidates should forward their resume and cover letter no later than August 2, 2011 to the attention of Janet Lucas at / Fax: 613-224-2265. No phone calls please and only those selected for an interview will be contacted. CL24279

HUGE 2-DAY AUCTION!!! HWY. 401 & HWY. 2, WOODSTOCK. July 22, 10 a.m.: construction equipment, excavators, dozers, loaders, trucks, attachments and more. JULY 23, 10 a.m.: boats, trailers, RVs, PWCs, ATVS, utility trailers and more! CONSIGNMENTS WELCOME. 705-715-3812. Barrie, Ont.

1-877-298-8288 ottawa region

25 YEARS EXPERIENCE Licensed/Insured



COMMUNITY YARD SALE. GARDINER SHORE ROAD (off 10th Line of Beckwith). Saturday, July 16, 9 a.m. Rain date July 17. Lemonade and refreshment stand available. 59 PATTERSON CRES., Carleton Place. Saturday, July 16, 7 a.m. to noon. Household items, small appliances, furniture, too many items to list. ULTIMATE GARAGE SALE, MOVING! Over 1,000 items, furniture, antiques, rugs plus usual. Saturday, July 16, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 54 Roycroft Way, Kanata. Off Second Line north of March Road.


Are you bright? Are you hard-working? Do you feel you have potential? Perhaps you haven’t found the right company to “click” with or the right opportunity to really show what you can do. We may have a career for you as a member of our multimedia sales team. Some of the things you’ll enjoy about working as part of the sales team at Metroland: • Being part of Metroland’s adventure in the online and offline world • Working in a fast paced innovative working environment • Advising clients on cutting edge technologies and industry trends • Becoming an expert in the Web, publishing, and delivery • Self-directed earnings potential In this position, you will be called upon to: • Identify and discuss advertising needs with prospective customers • Understand and promote METROLAND MEDIA products and services relevant to each new potential client acquisition • Design proposals for customers based on needs assessment • Maintain positive and effective customer relationships Requirements: • A can-do attitude with a drive for success • Good Internet skills - SEO/SEM knowledge is an asset • The desire to earn the income you want based on sales results • Excellent communication skills • Media experience is an asset, but not required. Metroland Media attributes its success and winning culture to its dedicated employees. We are committed to offering you a best-in-class total rewards package, ongoing growth and development opportunities, plus a dynamic and innovative working environment. Forward your resume in confidence to Nancy Gour (ngour@metroland. com) by July 30, 2011. We thank all applicants, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.



Job Posting Position Title: Regional Human Resources Manager- 12 month contract (Maternity Leave) Department: Human Resources Location: Metroland – Ottawa Area: (Arnprior, Carleton Place, Kemptville, Nepean, Perth, Renfrew, & Smiths Falls) Metroland Media currently has an opening for a Regional Human Resources Manager supporting the Ottawa region. Reporting to the Director, Human Resources, the incumbent will be responsible for providing expert Human Resources consultation to the Region ensuring all Human Resources needs are successfully met. Consulting with the regional businesses, the primary responsibility of this role is to provide guidance and consulting to ensure that business practices are promoted and supported by HR practices. Key Responsibilities: • Promote the business strategy & vision by acting as a business partner to assist in the implementation of key initiatives •

Employee Engagement - further develop a learning culture through effective succession planning, objective setting, performance development, talent review & development planning as well as one-on-one coaching

Employee Relations – Coach Managers & employees through effective listening, counseling, being supportive & making appropriate recommendations in accordance with company policies, government legislation & the requirements of the business unit.

Labour relations – provide guidance and support to the management team on collective agreement interpretation & administration. Lead the grievance & arbitration process & assist in collective bargaining. Maintain a strong labour relations climate.

Ensure legal compliance is met with respect to all relevant employment and contractual legislation.

Facilitate learning & development by organizing and/or conducting training sessions and workshops.

Promote excellence within the HR function with respect to performance management, compensation planning, benefits administration, health & safety and WSIB, STD/LTD claims management.

Manage the recruitment & selection and on-boarding process to ensure the recruitment of top talent in a timely, cost-effect manner.

Participate in Corporate HR Initiatives and projects as assigned.

Skills & Experience: •

University degree or equivalent education in Human Resources

CHRP designation or working towards

Minimum 3-5 years management experience

Previous labour relations experience

Proven leadership and strategic thinking

Demonstrated track record of innovation and continuous

Strong communication skills both written and verbal

Strong Interpersonal skills

Strong project and time management skills;

Managerial courage & political savvy

Results-oriented with the ability to think and learn on the fly.


Interested candidates should forward their resumes on or before July 29th, 2011 to Nancy Gour: Job Category: Human Resources


RENOVATIONS CONTRACTOR DRYWALL, TILE, PAINT, stipple, carpentry, doors, finished basements, bathroom makeovers. Insured, experienced, reliable. PROMPT, FREE ESTIMATES. Ian, Tri-Mac, (c) 613-795-1918.


Canadian Gazette - July 14, 2011



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Kourier Standard Barrhaven•Ottawa South

THIS WEEK Carleton Place • Almonte

Canadian Gazette Proudly serving the communities of Carleton Place, Mississippi Mills and Beckwith since 1867


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Construction Crew - Leaders - Labourers - Excavators Required immediately. Must have own transportation, driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s licence, WHMIS, Fall Protection & Confined Space. Excavator must have DZA licence. Good pay. Phone: 613-223-2303 Fax: 613-839-7415 Email miki.membra EARN UP TO $28.00/HOUR Undercover Shoppers needed to judge retail and dining establishments. Experience not required - if you can shop, you are qualified! www.MyShopper


NEEDED NOW: AZ DRIVERS & OWNER OPS. Great career opportunities. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re seeking professional, safetyminded drivers and owner operators. Cross-border and IntraCanada positions available. Call Celadon Canada, Kitchener, 1-800-332-0518. www.celadoncanada. com MATURE, EXPERIENCED SERVERS required. Drop off rĂŠsumĂŠ in person to 73 Bridge Street, Carleton Place. CAREERS

ALLERGY NURSE IN KANATA Private allergy practice in Kanata seeking a nurse (RN preferred) for three days a week beginning in August or September. We also are seeking a part-time research nurse. Please forward your resume to Dr. Charles Frankish at




Superintendant Couples Superintendent Couples As a couple, you will both be responsible for leasing, administration, customer service, cleaning, minor repairs, and maintenance of the interior and exterior of a residential property in Ottawa. Related experience and good communication and computer abilities are a must. A competitive salary and beneďŹ ts package including on-site accommodation await you!! Please send your resumes (one from each partner) to: fax (613) 788-2758


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HAPPY 13TH Birthday,

Sweetheart! Love Mom, Dad, Tye and all of your extended family.


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Card of Thanks

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POSITIONS AVAILABLE HIGHWAY COACH DRIVERS Based out of Carleton Place, Ontario. If you have: - BZ or CZ Operators Licence - Excellent Abstract - Minimum 3 years experience - Good Driving Record with References

The family of the late Roy Morrow would like to extend our sincere thanks to family and friends for the support and kindness we received after his sudden passing. A special thank you to Dr. Spooner and Mark, who not only gave our father comfort and support, but also his family. Forever, our sincere gratitude and respect. You made a difficult time easier. Thank you to Rev. Jeff de Jonge for his kind words, which Dad would have appreciated. To Reg & Josh Gamble for all your support and for following Dadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wishes. The family of the late Roy Morrow.

We Offer: - Full and Part Time Positions - Competitive Salary - BeneďŹ t Package - Late Model MCI Fleet * No applications by telephone please*

Please bring or send your C.V. and related documents to:

100 Industrial Avenue, Carleton Place, On, K7C 3T2

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your celebration? CL19838

 ! ! ! ! 76 ,6 96<G8 / 6 (9 96 ;>B7<<<7<<<9<<96 6 $6 +06 6    ,+6 6 ,+6 0 8><GF"6+ 666( 6 ,66 "6 66 66 6 , &,+616,++66 "6  69666 $/,76! !#!!!! ! !#76 "6+6 96 -8<G8=@ABG76 $2$1.22./22#2 *+320+222+*292 + 666, 6 " 6 "6 6)"76, 6  ! !!! !#! ! 976 "6 +6 96 ><<8<D8<<<=>=8<GF76 + 6 6 6 " 6 "6 6 66 '2 '566%6 "6/+" 6 "+6 6? 8 "7C6 "6*++66 "H176 +,6 ,&6 4,&6 6 "6 , 6  06  6,0761"6 "6*++6166 6"6%6 6 "6 *6,1 "66+,06 *6 6 +6 6 1"+ 76  076  76 6 6 ""6 6 " 6 6 6 96 6  6 " 6 6 /+" 6  "+6  06 6 +07666 6 06 6 6***9'+09 06 66 *6 .6 06 ,&6 6 , 6 16 ,++ 56 ,++ 6 ,6 6 .6 06 0,"," 6 6 1" 616 6 61,+6 6%6  ,6 " 6 8"6  096 6 $6 , +6  6 6 "6 6 016 @<76 ,6"1#6 6 1+60,"6,+"6"+66+,'6 6 ,0,6 6 ><==96 6 ""96 6 %6 6 6 ,++, 6 , 6 ,6 ,6 6 .6 66( #566%6 "6 6 6*6 6/+" 6 "+6 066 +061"6 06 ,6 6 6 ,6 6 , 6 *++6 +,6  " "6 6 *,,6  "6'6 06,6 66   6+06,6 1# ,1+76 "6  966%6,6><==76%6 ,6, 66,&6+,6 ,6+6,6 0,+6 1# 6*66, ,6 "966 6" 6 6 , 6,6   6+,6, 6+06 6 +&66 "9666,6 1#6  6 6 +076 6 6  6  06 6 6 "+6 66+0766 "6,&6 6+,6, 6 "6 "+ 6 ***9'+09 096 $6 , +6  6 1#6  6 6 +06 6 '6 ***9'+09 06 , 6 6 "++6  6  6 6 6 016@<76><==96

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Call now for more information 1.877.298.8288


 2!+*2)2 22 2 2202-2*!./2.2 +%22$+** 2


Canadian Gazette - July 14, 2011


45 Canadian Gazette - July 14, 2011


Call Email



1980 - Crawshaw, Wilfred 2002 - Gosset, Edmond Joseph Xavier

17th 1973 - Smith, Mary 1973 - White, Elizabeth 1978 - Templeman, Annie Hawthorne

18th 1970 - Bradley, Edmund 1972 - Hawkins, William Charles 1993 - Ferguson, Dorothy Marion Grace 2005 - Campbell, Marjorie 19th 1997 - Greenwood, Gladys 2001 - Forsythe, Lola Beatrice 2005 - Visser, Pilomena Maria

Almonte, Ontario 613-256-3313

You may also download a copy at


Kelly. You did things you didn’t have to do! You did things you shouldn’t have had to do! For this, we thank you. You were there for your Papa, the late Roy Morrow, always. For this, know that with all our hearts, we love and thank you. Mom, Dad & Tasha.

A booklet of commemorative verses is available for viewing at our office to help you get through this difficult time.

We wish to express a very special thanks to our daughter/sister,

Cherished wife of Dan Hourigan and dearly loved mother of Kelli and Michael. Beloved daughter of Mike & Nora (Honeyborne) Vaughan. Loved sister of Jim (Eileen), Danny (Allison), Don (Mariel) and Donna Telford (Barry). Lovingly remembered by her many nieces & nephews. Friends may call at the



With dignity, following a courageous struggle with cancer and surrounded by the love of her family on Monday, July 4, 2011.

Dianne Vaughan of Almonte, age 53 years.

20th 1970 - Wood, Emma Louise 1970 - Ellis, Elmer Carson 1989 - Barr, Alfred George 1992 - McArthur, Annie 1994 - Keleher, Edna Fabiola

C.R. Gamble Funeral Home & Chapel Inc.


LAROCQUE: In loving memory of George W. Larocque, who passed away July 6, 2006. This day is remembered And quietly kept. No words are needed We shall never forget. Lovingly remembered, Fran and family


MCKAY, Alex In loving memory of a dear brother, who passed away July 13, 2003. God took him home, It was His will, But in our hearts, We love him still; His memory is as dear today As in the hour he passed away. We often sit and think of him When we are all alone, For memory is the only friend That grief can call its own. Lovingly remembered, Charlie and Rose

C. R. GAMBLE FUNERAL HOME & CHAPEL INC. 127 Church Street, Almonte, Ontario. (613)256-3313

for visiting on Thursday, July 7 from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm. Funeral Friday, July 8 to Holy Name of Mary Church, Almonte for Mass of Christian burial at 11 am. Interment, Holy Name of Mary Parish Cemetery. For those who may want to make a donation in memory of Dianne, please consider the Almonte General Hospital or the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Condolences & Tributes


Doug James Edward Douglas Gibson

Justin Daniel Makivirta

(May 4, 1930 - July 5, 2011)

(February 7, 1993 - July 9, 2011)

Gibson, James Edward Douglas “Doug” May 4, 1930-July 5, 2011

Justin Daniel Makivirta

Born in Carleton Place ON. Life Member of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 192, Carleton Place Member of Army, Navy and Air Force #396 Carleton Place Member of St. John’s Masonic Lodge #63 A.F. & A.M. Carleton Place. At Stoneridge Manor, Carleton Place at the age of 81. Loving husband of Iona (nee Fergusson). Dear father of Rob (Marlene), Garry (Penny), Cathy (Ed), Lynne (Mike), Laurie (Dave) and Tricia. Proud grandfather of 17 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Doug will be sadly missed by his nephew Doug Forbes (Janice) and his niece RaeAnn (Peter Sims). Predeceased by his parents Ted and Katie Gibson, his sister Beryl and his brother Eldon.

The Funeral Friends were invited to join the family for a celebration of Doug’s life on Friday July 8, 2011 at the Alan R. Barker Funeral Home, 19 McArthur Avenue, Carleton Place in the chapel at 11:00 a.m. Interment to follow at United Cemeteries. A reception will follow at the Carleton Place Legion. In lieu of flowers, a donation to Stoneridge Manor would be appreciated. The family wishes to thank the staff of Stoneridge Manor for their care.

Tragically as the result of an accident, on Saturday July 9, 2011 at the age of 18. Loving son of Kim. Dear brother of Erik. Cherished grandson of Lynne and Murray Newman and Irma and Jorma Makivirta. Predeceased by grandfather Leo Daniel Gerox. Justin will be especially missed by uncle David Hentschel and aunt Bonnie and uncle Shaun George, and Marcel and Christine Pinard. He will also be sadly missed by his many friends and extended family. Friends visited the family at the Alan R. Barker Funeral Home, 19 McArthur Avenue, Carleton Place on Wednesday July 13, 2011 from 1 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 9 p.m. Mass of Christian Burial Thursday at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church at 11:00 a.m. For those who wish, a donation to St. Mary’s Church, Carleton Place or Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society would be appreciated by the family.

We can help 1 877 513-5333 SMOKERS’ HELPLINE


14th 1974 - Wilmot, Lillian Elizabeth 1982 - White, Joseph Lloyd Milton 2001 - Seward, William Robert 2004 - Tosh, George Raymond 2006 - Drynan, Louella Edith


way of saying “thank you” to the many families who have shown confidence in us since we came to Almonte in 1973. Some families are unable to visit this book on the anniversary of the death of those they love. For this reason we are proud to publish these names weekly as our way of saying...“We Remember”.

16th 1998 - LeClair, John Raymond



Just inside the main entrance of the C.R. Gamble Funeral Home is a book of remembrance. Each day we turn a page in the book. The names of those we have served are inscribed on that date along with the year in which they passed away. It is our way of honouring and remembering a life that was lived. It is also our

15th 1979 - MacDonald, Allan Orville 1982 - Naegele, Willmer Albert 2005 - Blakeley, Earl William 2009 - LeClair, Timothy Earl






Call Email






Opening Doors...

For People with Physical Disabilities Call 1-800-263-DIME (3463)

Ronald Harry Brown

(September 5, 1926 July 8, 2011)

Wilma May Boyce

(August 2, 1937 - July 8, 2011)

McNaughton, Lloyd

Boyce, Wilma

Brown, Ronald

The Funeral Friends called at the Alan R. Barker Funeral Home, 19 McArthur Ave., Carleton Place on Tuesday July 12, 2011 from 12 noon until the funeral service in the chapel at 2:00 p.m. Interment followed at United Cemeteries. For those who wish, a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Diabetes Association would be appreciated by the family.

Unexpectedly at Stoneridge Manor, on Friday July 8, 2011 at the age of 73. Loving father of Dan, David, Kenny and Angel. Proud grandfather of Steven, Robert, Rebecca, Katelyn and Marcus, and ten great-grandchildren.

The Funeral A family graveside service will be held in Perth at a later date. For those who wish, a donation to the Carleton Place Hospital Foundation would be appreciated by the family.


Peacefully at Almonte Country Haven, on Friday July 8, 2011 at the age of 84. Dear brother of Joyce Tennant (Bob Haines), Murray (Barbara), Phyllis (late Lawrence Donnelly), and Geneva (late Ronald Doyle). Predeceased by his sisters Edith (Alex Jerome) and June (Dave McInnis – surviving), and by his brother Harold. Lloyd is survived by several nieces and nephews.

Gloria Giles

Cancer will attack over 173,000 of us

(September 14, 1948 July 7, 2011)

(August 30, 1922 - July 8, 2011)

this year. It does not discriminate. It has taken our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our children and

Giles, Gloria

our friends. Cancer is relentless. But

Peacefully at Stoneridge Manor Carleton Place, with her family by her side, on Friday July 8, 2011 at the age of 88. Predeceased by her husband Barney. Dear mother of Jane (Carl O’Brien), Murray (Sharon), Stephen (Ruth), Wendy Munro (Jeff Lally) and Wayne (Katherine). Proud grandmother of 12 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by her brother Lyle Leavitt.

After a courageous battle with cancer at the Carleton Place Hospital, with her family by her side, on Thursday July 7, 2011 at the age of 62. Loving wife of Les. Dear mother of Cliff (Darla), Marc (Shirley) and Shawn (Ashley). Proud granny of Kelcy, Rourke and Ava. Survived by her sisters Marline Kirkby and Ethel Reid.

The Funeral

At Gloria’s request there will be no visitation. A family graveside service will be held at a later date. For those who wish, a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Diabetes Association would be appreciated by the family.

Friends called at the Alan R. Barker Funeral Home, 19 McArthur Avenue, Carleton Place, on Monday July 11, 2011 from 10 a.m. until the funeral service in the chapel at 12 noon. Interment followed at St. James Anglican Cemetery. For those who wish, a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society would be appreciated by the family.

so are we. We are the Canadian Cancer Society and we are fighting back. We have more impact against more cancers in more communities than any other cancer charity in Canada, yet there is still so much more we need to do. Cancer threatens us all. But we reject cancer’s attempts to strike

The Funeral

the lives of so many Canadians. That’s why we promise to do everything we can to prevent cancer. We promise to save lives. And we promise to empower, inform and support those living with this disease. We fight back by funding clinical trials and research into better treatments and cures. CL25374

Lloyd McNaughton

We educate and advocate. And we encourage Canadians to volunteer and



Heads Up for Healthier Brains


flower. To us, it is a symbol of strength and courage, a symbol of life. It says we will not give up. It says we will fight back. It says we will beat cancer.

Are you ready to join the fight?

Challenge Your Brain Improve your lifelong brain health & help reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease by giving your brain a daily workout – such as solving word puzzles or doing tasks with your opposite hand.

BECAUSE CANCER IS IN YOUR COMMUNITY, SO ARE WE. Your donation is needed to fund life-saving cancer research and vital support services for people living with cancer. Please give generously when a Canadian Cancer Society volunteer knocks at your door this April.


donate. To some, the daffodil is just a CL25378

Canadian Gazette - July 14, 2011


Make the connection for a healthier brain. Visit or call your local Alzheimer Society

Please give.

To avoid losin g that precious mem ory,

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Canadian Gazette - July 14, 2011



July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


Mystery bird a white-faced ibis LYNDA C. BENNETT Strictly for the Birds

A southern stray has arrived in the Carp area, a bird normally seen in the s o u t h we s t e r n United States. At first glance it was thought to be a glossy ibis. Bird expert Bruce diLabio had close looks at the bird and could see distinguishing field marks that identified it as an immature white-faced ibis.

Georgina Doe and I both spotted it on July 5, with brief views. We returned July 6, to obtain close views as the ibis fed by the Carp River. A photo of this ibis flying accompanies the column, taken by Georgina. The ibis had bronze tones in its chestnut plumage, lovely in the sunlight, with the long decurved bill. The Facebook page is called ‘Lanark Bird Spot’, and is open to anyone. When in Facebook, do a search. If you have bird pictures to share, please put them on this page. I’ve had whip-poor-wills reported from Lanark-Highlands this June and July, and now two sandhill cranes. On the evening of July 7, I drove to the areas and tried to see or hear these birds. No luck, but spotted five white-tailed deer, one skunk and one raccoon. One must always try again.

It is surprising how many bird species are singing late in the day. Song and field, plus white-throated sparrows were all heard and at least two very loud American robins. In Blakeney July 3, Stewart Langstaffe observed a green heron at the edge of the road in a wetland. Beside Clayton Lake, Bev Cairns has a merlin nest with six youngsters. Three of them Submitted photo by Georgina Doe were pushed out of the nest into the lake and drowned.Rap- White-faced ibis spotted on July 6. tor young can be quite vicious towards their nestmates. Moving into Beckwith Township, Ste- bill. Please call Lynda: 613-256-5013, or phen Dormer reports a purple gallinule in the wetlands along Ashton Station email: Road. This bird species had a bright red

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49 July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

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July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette


YOUR GUIDE TO LOCAL HOUSES OF WORSHIP Almonte United Church 106 Elgin Street, Almonte Tel: 256-1355 Rev. Jeff de Jonge Organist & Music Director: Neil Milnes 10:30 a.m. - Sunday Worship & Sunday School • Child Care Available Website: Email: offi Office Hours: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Mon-Fri. For Transportation call the office. All Welcome!

St. Paul’s Anglican Church 62 Clyde St. Almonte Parish Office 613 256-1771 Incumbent: Rev. Pat Martin SUMMER SUNDAY WORSHIP 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Following the 10 o’clock Service, we enjoy refreshments on the lawn. Come and be welcome. Almonte Presbyterian Church 111 Church St. 613.256.2184 Rev. Alison & Rev. Brian Sharpe Mr. George Stewart Organist and Choir Director Sunday 10:30am Worship Service & Sunday School Nursery care Available ALL WELCOME! Transportation is available by calling Elford Giles 613.256.2460

Cornerstone Community Church A Free Methodist Congregation (Just east of Tim Horton’s) Lead Pastor: Rev. Glen Snider Youth Pastor: Andrew Klinger 613.256.4995 SUNDAY 10:00 a.m. Worship Service & Sunday School FRIDAY 7:00 p.m. Youth Group Almonte Baptist Church 207 Reserve St. 613.256.5655 Pastor: Paul Benson Summer Schedule 10:00 a.m. - Sunday Morning Worship Nursery Care and Junior Church Available

Holy Name of Mary St. Mary’s Parish Almonte 613.256.1034 Father Lindsay Harrison SATURDAY MASS 4:30 p.m. SUNDAY MASS 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Reformed Presbyterian Church 273 Almonte St., Almonte Services: 10 am. each Sunday 11:30 am. Sabbath School Classes Second services at: 2:00 pm. 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays. 6:00 pm. 2nd & 4th Sundays Weekly Bible Studies For Information613-256-2816 – Pastor Matt Dyck

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church 28 Hawthorne Ave., CP Fr. Augustine Mendonça, 613-257-1284, 613-257-1630 MASS SCHEDULE Saturday 5pm Sunday 9am & 10:30am HANDICAP ACCESS

Ottawa Valley Vineyard Church Loving God, Loving People, Having Fun When: 10:30 a.m. Sunday Where: Carleton Place High School 613-257-6045


St. James Anglican Church 225 Edmund Street, Carleton Place, Ontario • 613.257.3178 Web site: Sunday July 17th, 2011 5th Sunday after Pentecost 9am Morning Prayer Thursday July21st, 2011 10am Holy Eucharist The Ven. John Fowler, Celebrant and Preacher Rector The Rev. David Andrew Organist Mr. Ralph Langtry Choir Director Pat Grainger The Bridge @ Kanata (The Wesleyan Church) 285 Didsbury Rd., Kanata (Behind Canadian Tire) 613-592-7635 Summer Worship Services: Sunday at 10:30 am Bridge Kids (ages 3- Grade 5) Nursery Care available Sr. Pastor: Rev. S. Allan Summers Pastor of Spritual Development: Rev. Dave Kornelsen Pastor of Student Ministries: Ben Margeson Director of Children’s Ministries: Lisa Summers Grace Anglican Church An Anglican Network in Canada Church You are invited to worship with us Sunday Morning @ 9:30am Clayton Community Hall Clayton Lay Pastor: Trudy Hardy 613-256-2644

Zion-Memorial United Church 37 Franklin Street • 613-257-2133 10:30 a.m. - Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. - Sunday School Nursery FULLY ACCESSIBLE Minister: Rev. Peter W. Dahlin, B.A., M.Div. Organist: Mr. Tony Stuart WARM WELCOME TO ALL! The United Church of Canada Ashton-Munster Pastoral Charge Ashton, Munster & Prospect Sunday July 17th, 2011 Ashton - NO SERVICE Munster - 9:30A.M. 613-693-1849 Rev. Matt Gallinger Everyone Welcome The Lighthouse 355 Moffatt St. 613-257-4255 Pastor: Doug Anderson W-mail: Web: Sunday Services 10am Celebration Service & Children’s Church Contact us for more information. Seventh Day Adventist Church 117 Victoria St. 613-257-5109 Pastor: Adriaan van der Lingen 613-979-1161 SATURDAY SERVICES Sabbath School - 9:30 a.m. Divine Service - 11:00 a.m. EVERYONE WELCOME Parish of Franktown & Innisville Anglican Churches Sunday Services: Rev. Robyn Cuming 613-257-1340 St. James, Franktown 8:30 a.m. St. John’s, Innisville 10:30 a.m. All are welcome!

Carleton Place Baptist Church 299 Bridge St. Carleton Place 613-257-1889 Pastor: Brian Affleck July-August Worship 10am Children’s Church provided Prayer & Bible Study Wednesday 7pm All Welcome! Handicap access Air Conditioned Eternal Hope Anglican Church Affiliated with the Anglican Network in Canada Come, worship with us! JULY Sunday Services at 10:00am 3rd, 10th, 24th and 31st Morning Prayer 17th - Holy Communion Worshipping at 117 Victoria St. Carleton Place Info: Dave Kemp, Lay Pastor 613-257-5490 Destiny House Church Network Speaking to your potential your past does not determine your future for more information call 613-978-5723 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 39 Bridge St. • Tel. 613-257-3133 Minister Rev. Tony Boonstra B.ED, B.TH., M.DIV. Organist and Choir Director Susan Harron Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m. The porch lamp is lit. Nursery Available Every Sunday Handicap Access Calvary Pentecostal Church Phone: 613 257 3484 Email:


Until July 17, the OPP is holding week two of its four-week Phone in One Hand, Ticket in the Other Distracted Driving Campaign to ensure those who do not comply with distracted driving legislation are dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. During week one of the campaign in May, OPP officers throughout the province laid more than 1,600 Highway Traffic Act charges relating to distracted driving, with many more to come this week. During the campaign, the OPP is ramping up enforcement efforts, stopping any drivers caught using a hand-held communications or other entertainment device. They will also be watching for and stopping motorists who exhibit careless driving due to distractions such as adjusting the radio, eating while driving. Using a cell phone or device capable of texting while driving can result in a fine of $155. Watching an entertainment device can result in a fine of $110. The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) ranked the distracted driver as its number one concern on the roads in 2010.

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette

OPP target texting


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Municipal Matters • Thursday, July 14th, 2011

TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2011 There will be no meetings this week. Meetings will resume on July 26, 2011

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Police • Fire • Ambulance


Emergency Only


Public Works Emergency Number 24/7 613-257-2253 175 Bridge Street, Carleton Place, ON K7C 2V8 613-257-6200

GARBAGE STICKERS The new allotment of garbage stickers is now available. The Town Hall will be open until 7:30 p.m. on Monday, July 18 to collect garbage stickers only. Please bring identification with your address clearly visible. If you are sending someone in your place, please provide authorization in writing. Your designate must also provide identification.

PROPOSED CLASS II DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION DP2-03-2011 – 205 Bridge St TAKE NOTICE that an application for a Class II Development Permit has been received. The Development Permit By-law of the Town of Carleton Place outlines that a Class II Development Permit request is subject to notice of said proposal and a period for the submission of comments from the public. Comments must be received by noon (12 p.m.) on July 26, 2011. The subject land is legally described as Pt Lot 133, Plan 276, Town of Carleton Place. The property is designated Central Business District. It is proposed to renovate the existing building to create a mixed commercial/residential use. This designation allows this form of development. The primary emphasis will be commercial with two accessory residential units. The

commercial use will be for office purposes. Any person may request that a Class II Development Permit application be referred to Council by means of written request to the Director of Planning and Development. Requests may be forwarded by personal service, ordinary mail or facsimile and must include the name and address of the person or organization requesting the referral to Council as well as the reason(s) for the request. Additional information in relation to the proposed development permit is available for inspection between 8:30 am and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday and between 8:30 am and 4 p.m. Friday in the office of the Director of Planning and Development at the Town Hall, or by calling 613-257-6213. DATED AT THE TOWN OF CARLETON PLACE THIS 13th Day of July, 2011 L. Young Director of Planning and Development Town of Carleton Place 175 Bridge Street Carleton Place, Ontario

July 14 2011 Canadian Gazette



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Carleton Place / Almonte Canadian Gazette  

July 14, 2011

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