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carles garcía




Polytechnic University of Valencia Architecture Degree 2013-2018

selected project by university´s department of architecture + exhibition in faculty´s main hall 2015_2016/2016_2017 best academic projects_Polytechnic University of Valencia

Revit Course by Autodesk Fbs arquitectos Academy RWTH University Aachen M.Sc. Architecture 2017-2018 Polytechnic University of Valencia M.Sc. Architecture 2018-2019


selected thesis by university´s department of architecture + exhibition in faculty´s main hall 2017_2018 best academic projects_Polytechnic University of Valencia european 2017_2018




Fundación ARQUIA 2019 “second hand house”

Autocad Revit


Grasshopper Photoshop InDesign 3d Max

VRay Render

publications “selected projects” annuary_dparq_UPV 2015_2016 anuario-2015-2016/pr3-2015-16 “selected projects” annuary_dparq_UPV 2016_2017 anuario-2016-17/pr4-2016-17 Development of new construction techniques, sheetmetal 2017_2018 Bachelor final thesis

languages Spanish Catalan English Deutsch

experience Internship at ERRE arquitectura 2017 Involved with the design of different projects, from small to large scale, rendering, site visit, developing an architectural project from the beginning. Collaborator in Mediciones y montajes 2018 Collaborator in NCD Interiorismo 2019 Involved with several facets of the compay, including measurements surveys.


Over the last five years I have been studying, I have realized that architecture must surprise by their uniqueness, complexity and vanguard, but also by their capacity to be useful and functional. I can define myself as enthusiastic but with a great sense of responsibility, skilled in participation in work groups when coordination and leadership at the same time is essential, with a great work attitude and ability to face and solve complications that may arise in each project with good results.

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School of architecture

A School of Architecture is proposed on the border between the Carmen neighbourhood and the Turia garden, exactly between Guillem de Castro, Liria and Na Jordana streets. The site characterized by its “triangular� shape is in a really good position and curiously is almost

invisible to the city. Gutenberg street enters into the interior properties and in contrast, the tower takes off upwards, taking with it any order. It is a place that has been set aside, that has never been taken care of and that has become an opportunity to create city.

Housing in Velluters Looking towards the Guillem de Castro Avenue, in Valencia. The proposal aims to fill a gap in the city, giving a certain prominence to the building so it can be used for multiple activities. The division of spaces leaves the service elements in a strip at the back, and allows the entire exterior faรงade to be spaces of enjoyment for the public. Here the sec-

tion also gives a very interesting value to the spaces. The structure plays an interesting role for the building, acting as a filter, sun protection and giving the building a very interesting aesthetic value, playing with the shadows and making it slender.

The proposal aims to unify the two plots, opening up two green spaces to the street, allowing it to breathe into the network of narrow streets of the center of Valencia. The buildings adapt to those typical fronts of the residential blocks of the center, with high and narrow openings. The faรงade is completely modulated by the aluminum panels and

perforated folding ones are used in the openings to give privacy given the short distance between buildings. Towards the inside, the faรงade is treated in a different way. The facades are all covered with folding panels, which act as a filter and give the user the opportunity to open his or her house to the outside.

Student residence

The plot is located in the heart of Valencia, exactly in the district of El Carmen. And it’s a very long, narrow hole. The proposal has to create a student residence, with kitchen, common rooms,

library... Due to the difficulty of the site, it was necessary to think the space mostly in section, thus creating multiple connections between all directions.

The faรงade has a concrete treatment that gives it the elegance of the surrounding buildings and homogenizes the view from the outside. It is intended to play with the holes in the faรงade, identifying the public and pri-

vate spaces, creating a natural interest in the building. The main entrance creates a place of connection with the street acting as a filter and thus providing a space in which to enjoy and share with Valencia.

Second hand (competition)

Cultivation of rice in the Albufera of Valencia generates a dynamic landscape in constant evolution that redesigns it self again and again over the course of months. Land, water and cultivation are the protagonists depending on the time of year. It is a place that makes you part

of a natural process, an evolution, of the essential. The intervention in a former warehouse located between the fields of cultivation, looks for the immersion in the place, an experience with history, a look at the past, the present and the future.

The operation consists of adhering a volume of with the same dimension and materiality, generating a dialogue between the new and the existing. This volume is able to embrace part of the of the outside by blurring the inside and the outside, acting as a filter and sifting through privacy. The the limit is not really

clear, while the enveloping places you on a cozy scale, the horizon abstracts you to the farthest. It is an exercise of minimums, where a discreet house is configured to focus the protagonism to the outside, to the place, to the moment, and that makes you become a witness of the time.


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